2012 best BOXING fight – Lucian Bute vs Carl Froch – full fight Video IBF title

4_stars_boxing_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2012-05-26, exciting fight with two impressive rounds (3rd and 4th) and a good TKO: Lucian Bute vs Carl Froch is definitely one of the best boxing fights of the year. The undefeated Lucian Bute (30-0-0) entered as the No.2 super middleweight in the world while Carl Froch (28-2-0) entered as the No.3. Bute vs Froch is valid for the IBF super middleweight title (Bute’s tenth defense). Watch the video!


Date: 2012-05-26

Where: Nottingham Arena, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Division: super middleweight (168 lbs, 76.2 kg)

Title: IBF super middleweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Carl Froch def. Lucian Bute (TKO at 1:05, round 5)


Bute’s previous fight: Lucian Bute vs Glen Johnson

Froch’s previous fight: Andre Ward vs Carl Froch

Bute’s next fight: Lucian Bute vs Denis Grachev

Froch’s next fight: Carl Froch vs Yusaf Mack


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21 thoughts on “2012 best BOXING fight – Lucian Bute vs Carl Froch – full fight Video IBF title”

  1. Froch did good in this fight, but he will have hiss a*s whooped in the remach… I can t wait to see when Bute will clean the floor with his british a*s.

    1. You make me laugh, to get a rematch the fight has to be a close one he was whooped. He had nothing to reply to frotch punches

    2. Retarded is the word you was looking for tog. Froch is an iron bar not many people if anyone out there could smash Froch… yes they might win/outclass Froch definately not smash and certainly not bute

  2. why is there always a bimbo girlfriend who seems to want the limelight more than the boxer who did all the work?

  3. Two rounds of punches and Bute was still there, What a champion ! We wil see Carl Froch In Bucharest or Quebec. He will regret all the stupid comments he made after the fight. for sure ….

  4. froch was way 2 strong he has fought the best fighters in the world in the past few years and it showed in this fight great stoppage

  5. carl,you fought like a raging mexican,keep up the good work,and please put a restraint on your manager,he would have cost you the fight.

  6. bute has avoided big fights his whole career..he finally took a big fight and got out classed by a lot…the same thing will happen in the rematch…bute has a glass jaw 

  7. I think that its not fair to Blame Bute for not fighting the kind of opponenets as Froch they were both eligable for the Super 6 Bute took a few bad shots early he played catchup the rest of the fight where he realy never got even a solid punch off, It wasn;t his night froch is a Champion we all know that a modern day gladiator! Bute will be back he wanted to Fight Ward its Ward that didn’t want to fighht Bute…Do your homework guys Ward has only fought 2 South Paws his whole career… and NONE IN HIS LAST 15 FIGHTS!!!!

    1. It is fair to blame Bute. He declined to enter the tournament and judging by this fight we know why! and in genuine disgust at that obscene statement about ward (who entered and won super 6) dodging bute, your not serious are you? the only thing your right about is froch being a gladiator, what a performance by a great guy. 

  8. Congrats to Froch for a great victory. Bute was exposed. Just imagine how much worse it could’ve been had he faced Ward.

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