2012 MMA fight – Junior Dos Santos vs Frank Mir – full fight Video UFC 146

2_stars_mma_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2012-05-26, even with some good shots in the first round and the TKO in the second period, the fight between Junior Dos Santos and Frank Mir has not been particularly exciting: two stars. Junior Dos Santos (14-1-0) entered as the No.1 heavyweight in the world while Frank Mir (16-5-0) entered as the No.5. Dos Santos vs Mir is valid for the Ufc Heavyweight Championship title; main event of UFC 146. Rate the video!



Event: UFC 146: Dos Santos vs Mir

Date: 2012-05-26

Where: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, United States

Division: heavyweight (265 lbs, 120 kg)

Title: Ufc Heavyweight Championship title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Junior Dos Santos def. Frank Mir (TKO at 3:04, round 2)


UFC 146 fight card (main fights):
Junior Dos Santos vs Frank Mir
Cain Velasquez vs Antonio Silva
Roy Nelson vs Dave Herman
Stipe Miocic vs Shane del Rosario
Lavar Johnson vs Stefan Struve
Duane Ludwig vs Dan Hardy
Paul Sass vs Jacob Volkmann

Dos Santos’ previous fight: Junior dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez

Mir’s previous fight: Frank Mir vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira 2

Dos Santos’ next fight: Junior dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez 2

Mir’s next fight: Daniel Cormier vs Frank Mir



Video: Official video

Official highlights

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32 thoughts on “2012 MMA fight – Junior Dos Santos vs Frank Mir – full fight Video UFC 146”

      1. haha either one of you guys know what your talking about..ive been a martial artist for 27 years,,been competing since i was 10 in boxing, mauy thai, and mma..for one, dont knock a top pro fighter unless you have experienced what they go through 2-3 months prior to these fights..what you see during that fight is beyond the potential of your everday man..,they have been pushed by a team of the worlds best for 3 months straight..getting beat on and beating on by 4 or more of top contenders in the world..give it a shot!!! compete even in a ammy bout..i bet you will think twice after a few months of training as an ammy before you run down some of the best fights the walk

    1.  Guess you will be waiting a long time , Overoid is just a roided freak . Werdum is a submission guy and he was better in stiking then Overiod was and that fight went to the Judges  ,   JDS destroyed Werdum easy in there fight , my point is Overiod is over rated and with out his steroids he will get knocked out by JDS.

  1. another rigged fight this every day is worse, the acting of frank mir has beenpainful. Worst actor Oscar for the UFC.

    1. lol. keep your incorrect and ignorant comments to yourself. Once you’ve been in a fight, come back and type.

  2. At Nasa you are so dumb, I bet my grand mother can beat the sh*t out of your smelly a*s!!! You think what these guys do in the cage is acting?? Go f*ck your dog otherwise if you even feel you are half a man get into the octagon and see if you’ll not be dead on arrival within the second you piece of sh*t!

  3. Mir began to give up in the first round and gave up altogether in the second, he was looking for his way out of the fight.

  4. haters haters haters lmfao santos knocked the mother f*cker out period. critics will always be critics and for my amusement lol santo is the sh*t i bet he can do good in pro boxing ssay lets imagine ummm hmm mike tyson in prime vs santos lol that would be crazy lol but i think santos would take the win

      1. Buster Douglas beat him and Buster was a bum.Oh but Mike was past his peak then at 22,right? Lets see small Evander Holyfield smashed him twice and he had to start biting,then Lewis pummelled him.His best victories were against bums Bruno and Ruddock who Lewis made short work off.Oh yes Danny Williams ko’d Mike-in fact who didnt or who did the little fella beat? Dos Santos would  have been considered a huge heavyweight in Tyson’s day,bigger than Bonecrusher who staggered Tyson.Different times and eras.Ill grant Tyson this.He looked amazing beating tin cans of the type Kimbo beats-in fact one of the guys was a chubby 185 pounder who could easily have made the UFC welterweight division

    1. Mate…….. I love my top notch boxing, just as much I love MMA…… however I think that’s pushing it a bit. JDS is a legit HW MMA who can stand up against any guy on its game and come out still latching on (or velcro-sticking) his belt 9 out 10 times. I truly think Junior “Gipsy” Dos Santos can even outreach and win most of his fights against top tier K-1, Chute Box and Muay Thai specialists, however Elite Pro boxing may me just a little too much out of its comfort zone. Guys like the Klitschko bros would wear him down and probably stop him in the second or third round. A Tyson in its heyday would do so much quicker, I think.
      On the other hand, I think top tier HW Pro-Boxers like Alexander Povetkin, Wladimir Klitscko and Vitali Klitscko would last just as short, if not less time, in a UFC HW title fight against “Cigano”.      

  5. listen u dumb a*s little kids…. u wait until he fights cain again… cains not going to do a damn thing but take him down and if he dont get the first shot in he will the second and if he has to lay on him for 5 rounds he will and he will take that f*ckin belt back.

  6. Hopefully CAIN can knock out Junior Next Time They Fight If Not.. Overeem Needs to Lay  Off The Nut Shrink-er and fight JDS…

  7. Hell yea Frank Mir got his a*s handed to, good job Junior Dos Santos. frank should just quit already ….Frank Mir is GAME OVER for u

  8. jds a top class and determined fighter…it was awesome to watch mir get knocked like that after his comments at jds in ufc primetime…. cain you better be prepared 

  9. JDS is a good fighter.  I think Cain could’ve done better against him if Cain didn’t choke.  Mir has untapped potential, I think, but it seems it will remain untapped for the rest of his life.  JDS can’t take Tyson in a boxing match and still needs to work on his ground game; one of these days, a ground fighter is going to hurt him.  Overeem has no chance against JDS, so I hope they never put that fight together.  

    Cain is a bad dude; I believe he choked in the fight against JDS because of all the hype surrounding JDS; I really believe Cain can take out JDS if his heart stays in the fight.  All that said, JDS is one of my favorite fighters, but he’s far from invincible.  Somebody that has the skill and heart and doesn’t care about JDS’ mystique is probably on his way…

    1. Cain didn’t “choke” in the JDS fight and it was him that was hyped. He can’t take JDS down to the ground and will lose again in the rematch. Plus his chin is MUCH worse than JDS’ who’s never been rocked.

  10. there all on juice, brock, overeem, del santos and cain. just cause there not huge doesn’t mean they don’t take it. There is roids that make you stronger but not bigger im a body builder i know all about roids. All those guys you see them over powering the opponent by pure strength and domination all are on juice. Either take juice or dont compete. It shows up in all sports but usually they protect the super stars from getting caught. Thats there money maker so they can just pay people off to cover for them. Sucks but thats truth about sports. Even mj juiced. Juice came out in the early 1900s when it was first discovered. So if you think only one guy in ufc is juicing cause hes huge get real they all do it. I know a guy on juice who almost looks like a stick and he does for marathon running.

    1. there are some fighters on roids. but cain and dos santos are definetley not. they use technique to overpower their opponents. learn some technique and you will understand why it seems easy for them. learn a little something before you try and bash on someones success

      1. You are wrong, I am almost 100 percent certain both these men are on performance enhancing drugs.  You are not on the level to see what a lot of guys at this level do.

        1. That’s only your speculation. Tell me something: if JDS is on steroids, why is that he keeps saying he believes all fighters should be tested at ALL TIMES?

  11. dang that s*cks u guys can’t show full fights anymore. Who the hells gonna donate now? Thanks it was great while it lasted.

  12. JDS maybe could go down a weight to fight Jones, both look unbeatable, or at least find a catch weight so they can fight.

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