2012 BOXING fight – Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley – full fight Video WBO title

3_stars_k1_muay_thai_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2012-06-09, good fight, especially the central part of the bout from fourth round to the eighth, but unfortunately the judge’s decision was outrageous: Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley gets three stars (fight ended by split decision). Compubox punching statistics showed that Pacquiao landed a total of 253 of 751 punches compared to 159 of 839 for Bradley; moreover Harold Lederman scored the fight 119-109 in favor of Pacquaio: so how is that decision made? Probably before the fight happened, just for money, since the rematch was already set for November…and Bob Arum himself confirms this version, here’s what he said after the fight: “I’m going to make a lot of money on the rematch, but this [decision] was outrageous”. Manny Pacquiao (54-3-2) entered as the No.1 welterweight in the world while the undefeated Timothy Bradley (28-0-0) entered as the No.2 light welterweight. Pacquiao vs Bradley is valid for the WBO welterweight title (Pacquiao’s fourth defense); they also faced each other a second time on April 12, 2014 (=Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley 2). Rate the video!


Date: 2012-06-09

Where: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Division: welterweight (147 lbs, 66.7 kg)

Title: WBO welterweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Timothy Bradley def. Manny Pacquiao (split decision, 115-113, 115-113, 113-115)


Pacquiao’s previous fight: Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez 3

Bradley’s previous fight: Timothy Bradley vs Joel Casamayor

Pacquiao’s next fight: Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez 4

Bradley’s next fight: Timothy Bradley vs Ruslan Provodnikov


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118 Replies to “2012 BOXING fight – Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley – full fight Video WBO title”

  1. good morning po sa inyong lahat bilang isang masugid na taga batangas city na isa sa masugid na taga subaybay ni many pacquiao o congresman isa lang po ngayon ang aking katnunngan kung papaano tinalo at tinang gap ni cong.manny pacquiao ang kanyang pag katalo sa larangan ng sport boxing .bilang ako p[o na isang taga subaybay na fans ni pacquiao ay hnd ko po lubos maisip kung papaano natalo si pacquiao sa ginanap na laban nya kay bradley . para sa aking walang saysay ang pagkapanalo ni bradlely sa laban na iyon at san po ba nasusukat talaga ang score ng laban dipende po b sa suntok o sa laro na ginawa m sa loob ng ring o sa pera o bagong ipakikila sa larangan ng boxing khit hnd man sa tooong kagalingan ng ISANG BOXING CHAMP  .  BAKIT PO ganun ang nangyari sa larong ito mahirap unawain at tanggapin sa larong ito na ganun na lang ang naging desisyon o tlagang bulag na tayo sa katoohanan na ang tama e pwede nating gawing mali kapag malaki na ang interers sa magaganap iba na nga pala talaga ang sitwaswasyon ngayon na ang akla m na idolo m e hnd basta basta  matitinagsa lahat ng katotohanan pero bakit eto ngayon ang nangyari mahirap tanggapin at isipin .

  2. what a hell decision…the whole wolrd knew who is the real winner..can we ask bob arum to chance the venue for the rematch….

  3. watch fight again muted ……it was a pro pac crowd……. Pac thru alot a punches but if you watch not alot of them connected……just watch muted!!!

  4. The decision wasn’t horrible. After watchin the fight 2 with the sound off, bradley did some work out there. Stuck close and used great movement as well as tag pac withalot of shots. Fight was close. Real close

    1. You guy don’t much about boxing, you seems to be a ROOKIE.. Please go and take some lessons to get a little bit of skills. 

  5. i had the fight 115-114 Pacquiao. i called the first round a 10-10 round. watch this fight with the sound on mute. bradley did a hell of a job! the announcers were very biased! bradley box complete 3 minute rounds! after round 5 pacquiao started taking the first 2 minutes off! i can see how bradley won. Hbo Was giving Pacquiao rounds because he landed the big Power Punches. Boxing is not about power Punching. Its not Bradley’s fault that he is feather fisted! i can see how the judges scored the bout for him! if i would have given bradley the first round, I would have scored it a draw. Its not that hard to believe a judge gave him 1 more round. the bias of the commentating and broadcasting was NON SENSE! 11-1 for Pacquiao? that was a Joke!

  6. im going to watch this on HBO next week, it look like pac had the first 9 rounds just from the highlights.. 

  7. f*ck what r u saying watch it in mute!!! i watch it 5x in mute dude all i can see is bradly’s punches lunching in air or either in  many’s gloves :) 

  8. Are two of those judges blind?  I still cannot believe they give the fight to Bradley. Sometime like this boxing against USA fighters isn’t a good deal because the high stake involved. It was another steal with not shame. 

  9. Bradley didn’t even expect that he would win after the fight as he knew that he didn’t make it…. sad !!!!

  10. I for a  Fact Bob arum Payed those Judges to Say Bradley won da fight. at a b*tch ,  Mayweather told Manny to ditch Arum  . He should have listen.

  11. thats cheating manny been robed big time he never lost the match any one with bit of boxing knowledge can tell who won the fight i think boxing fedration should replace these old judges with some young one with some boxing knowledge such a shame

  12. bulllllsh*tttttt…….i guess its just all about the money forget sportsmanship and talent. pacquiao clearly won that fight and everyone knows it. pacquiao was robbed.

  13. F*ck that guys don’t watch PPV it’s all scam wasting your money on this those mafia is just trying to make a money out of it BS

  14. kitang kita ng sambayanan na mas maganda ang pinamalas ni paquiao kumpara kay bradley,anong klase yan?experto sa hindi exrperto sa boxing buong sambayanan kontra sa tatlong hurado.kami ang tunay na hurado na magbibigay ng pagkapanalo ni paquiao sa laban na ito…mabuhay ka manny mula sa mga kababayan mo dito sa japan.

  15. I’m an American and typically root for the American fighters also. But Pacquiao was clearly cheated. His hand speed and training are superior. REMATCH??? 

  16. in my score card bradley won.. some people just dont know about boxing … everyone stop crying like babies…

    1. why mention marques he lost a close decision whilst this was outright corruption. I like marques and manny because they come to fight bradley came to survive like moseley 

  17. a todo lechon le l;lega su navidad pacman geme over jjajajajajaja cotto ba detras de ti cotto que no se te orvide esta en tu panorama coje la motora pa que te ballas pa tu pais las filipinas pa que ahora fiestejen tu derota.

  18. hey why are yall supriced it been like that for a while and it was manny paquiaos turn to get robbed just like he was doing it to marquez yall all know that marquez won all three fights too and paquiao robbed him  so i guess its not funny when its you is it paquiao

    1. Supriced? Have you ever heard of punctuation and capital letters? Didn’t your 2nd grade teacher teach you not to run your sentences all together?

  19. I dont know y all u azz holes keep saying pac dominated or won the fight, I watched whole fight on youtube and thought Bradley won split, and I Am Not A Bradley Fan At All! First time watching him fight, For example Y was the crowd so quiet most of the fight? Because they knew pac was getting beat. He connected with that double jab all night and had great body shots to pac. At worst maybe a draw, but I saw same thing the judges saw..

    1. pacman is a champion while bradly is a challenger. so, do you thingk that bradly play as a champion? I thingk no. becz , he did not make as a slager boxer. he played as a [patentero] 

    2. are you for real” seriously oh hang on you must be one of them dweebs that wear them coke bottle lens glasses!!!

    1. if you look at the punch stats for the past 2 marques vs manny fights you would see many out landing marques in both fights. it’s not the same as marques vs manny because those fight were closely contested whilst this was a destruction of an undefeated champion :) 

    2. How could marquez won the fight with Manny. He could not even knock Manny down but manny did except for part 3 fight. are you blind like the 3 judges are?

  20. you people act like is somthing new and every budy know that they cold do what ever they want discard people feeling or how much people lost on this fight is a  bussnis sorry guys this is vagas

  21. Conspiracy boxing.The HBO Commentator plus 2 judges equals Pacquiao the looser.What a f*cking m*rons.How much money you made, Evil people?

  22. hey jamarianjames, manny has moved-on so why are freaking out of this fight and say bad things about him, maybe you have just got rubbed too and how much is you’re bet butt-head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and mars nice comment………..

  23. If anyone seriously thinks bradley won this fight then you’re watching the wrong sport cos you don’t know sh*t. Bradley barely won a round and lost almost every exchange. He landed almost 100 punches less but threw 100 more. Stats don’t lie

  24. can sumbody give to me the link of manny and bradly fight …….cuz its bin a longtym  i hve been trying but i could’nt found it ……plz kindly sumbody teell me ….:)

  25. siempre es asi son peleas que estan arregladas,recuerden que siempre es un p*nche negro,recuerden la de chavez,o la de roberto duran tambien les ganaron negros. yo creo que alli hay mano negra la de don king.

  26. Like I always say theres always a negro who wins,just remember Chavez lost with a negro and Roberto Duran too,with another negro.ya estan arregladas lkas p*nches peleas.

  27. Yo, I wanted Bradley to win I’m not gonna lie but, that decision was bullsh*t because the Pac Man clearly won….

  28. Whoever thinks that Pac lost is a complete m*ron and should never ever watch any kind of fight again. And you freaking id*ots that keep saying you scored the fight for Bradley clearly had nut juice in your eye.

  29. pac man had hin duckin n dodgin an walkin round like ah funky chicken most the fight!!!!!!!  like sam said below 9-3 pacman from wut i saw!!!

  30. Bradley put his arms up for victory before the judges called the fight ? did he even hit pac in the face the whole match ? bradley fans better enjoy this while it lasts.. cuz they will prob reverse this LOL 

  31. boxing is a f*cking joke now its so rigged its not even funny that was the biggest joke of all time manny deff won that fight hands down bradley should go shoot himself for ending boxing i will never watch boxing again

  32. my friends now black mafiaa involve in boxing boxing is not now need and clean game now mafia play with rafreies i never imagine that manyy lose the impossible sam aamir khan fight propaganda crate against manyy now  veryyyy veryy bad

  33. F*ck boxing. I will never again watch another boxing match regardless if it’s ppv or on showtime. That was the final straw for me. Horrible judges who made a disgusting choice. The sad thing here is that their is a victim & that victim is manny.
    I am sorry manny. If I was you I would retire & never draw a crowd with money for the sh*tty boxing industry. I am done.

  34. Why would anybody want to see a rematch? Like I said earlier, I am done. I would never pay $ to see manny win again. What I would pay for is to see manny accept the fight & not show up. There is no reason any boxing fan should ever pay to see this rematch unless they want to pay to get absolutely sick to their stomache.
    Do yourself a favor & ban boxing & watch UFC. There is no corrupt outcomes there.

  35. Pac-man won the fight clearly, the outcome of the fight is just part of this times when Hollywood make so many movies and tv shows where the heroes are thieves and criminals. People have build tolerance for injustice and wrong doing, this is nothing compare to what is going to happend if we keep acting without discipline and integrity. God have mercy on our souls.

  36. Bradley lost and he knows it.  Bradley aint that good.  He just looks good cuz aint no other hungry fighter out there.  But guess what, no if’s or but’s he lost that fight in the worlds eyes.  F@ the rematch!

  37. mafia ran??? i dont think so ? im sure manny wouldnt fight if it was so corrupt? look what he does in his country??? all you haters mannny won but the judge was a twat and blind ….pure simple.

  38. manny has committed adultery several times so he’s not that much of a nice guy is he? he obviously likes hot poontang and i can’t blame him for that. he beat bradly no question but was still gracious in defeat. he’s a top geezer and mayweather should man up and give him a fight.

  39. You can watch it live online , but you need pay for it , the cheapest way to Pacquiao vs Bradley fight is on ScreenVariety , I really recommend this source , so go on and get it

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