2012 MMA fight – Nick Diaz vs Carlos Condit – full fight Video UFC 143

2_stars_mma_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2012-02-04, more than 23 minutes to go to the ground for the first time, too little action: Nick Diaz vs Carlos Condit was disappointing as well as the judges’ unanimous decision: two stars. Nick Diaz (26-7-0) entered as the No.2 welterweight in the world while Carlos Condit (27-5-0) entered as the No.8. Diaz vs Condit is the main event of UFC 143 and is valid for the interim UFC welterweight title since in the original fight card Georges St Pierre would have had to defend his title but he suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury. Watch the video!


Event: UFC 143: Diaz vs Condit

Date: 2012-02-04

Where: Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Division: welterweight (170 lbs, 77 kg)

Title: Interim UFC Welterweight Championship

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Carlos Condit def. Nick Diaz (unanimous decision, 48–47, 49–46, 49–46)


UFC 143 fight card (main fights):
Nick Diaz vs Carlos Condit
Fabricio Werdum vs Roy Nelson
Josh Koscheck vs Mike Pierce
Ed Herman vs Clifford Starks
Scott Jorgensen vs Renan “Barao” Pegado
preliminary fights
Dustin Poirier vs Max Holloway
Daniel Stittgen vs Stephen Thompson

Nick Diaz’s previous fight: Nick Diaz vs BJ Penn

Condit’s previous fight: Carlos Condit vs Dong Hyun Kim

Condit’s next fight: Georges St Pierre vs Carlos Condit

Diaz’s next fight: Georges St Pierre vs Nick Diaz



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391 thoughts on “2012 MMA fight – Nick Diaz vs Carlos Condit – full fight Video UFC 143”

  1. BS Decision! Diaz 100% the agressor/octagon control/submission attempt. How does Condit win? Shameful decision.

  2. Yeah, Diaz was the aggressor but he didn’t put him to the sword either. He stood in the pocket but didn’t do much. Weird for him? Condit looked like he was sparring in the gym. Nick got out-foxed.

  3. Not sure what fight you guys watched but Carlos clearly won every round except the second. Unloaded low kicks steadily, avoided any serious punishment by reseting or angling away from Nick,and landed cleaner punches and kicks. The submission attempt was going nowhere and being the aggressor doesn’t win the fight. Carlos stuck to a solid gameplan

  4. Unanimous decision is strange…
    but… in this fight, Diaz was agressive, but that’s all,
    because definitely Condit effectiveness was higher than Diaz.
    Nick is always posing as “I’m dominating the combat”, but the fact is that during the entire fight, he didn’t dominated the opponent. Even in the last 20 seconds.

  5. Are you guys serious? Condit easily won the first 4 rounds and was winning the 5th before the takedown/submission attempt. Yes, Diaz was pressing forward the whole time, but even backing up Condit was attacking the entire fight. Great gameplan, disciplined execution by Natural Born Killer.

  6. In my eyes diaz was landing punches and pressing the action verses condit kicking and running. I would say diaz won the second round and condit won the fouth and the rest were draws. Diaz did have his back at the end of the last round though. I say diaz is a better fighter but nobody won this fight.

  7. f*cking horrible fight i want the 25 minutes back. Awesome job of condit avoiding the attack and not threatening to end the fight. Jesus does anyone try to finnish?

  8. i say fan based scoring has ran rampantly wild. diaz 1,2 for sure. condit 3,4 for sure. 5th looked like condit to me but if diaz were tito (hence tito forest 1) diaz would have won. this one is just too close to call.

  9. stick and move thats whats up! f*ck Diaz and his bro!

    For all you Condit haters you have no knowledge of MMA. Why I say that is because Condit didnt fall into his trap and turn it into a brawl that was his game plan. Diaz couldnt catch him and was getting frustrated!

  10. Carlos condit all day long, it was toatally obvious nick was trying to get under his skin the whole fight, not stopping at the bell holding his foot and of course the traditional nick diaz trash talking and condit had absolutley non of it and stuck to the plan and landed some very nice combo’s. f*ck yea condit!

  11. Diaz clearly won 3 of the 5 rounds WTF???
    Obviously the UFC doesnt want a perceived bad boy champion and told the judges who to award the victory to. Condit is a coward how he ran away for 5 rounds. I am disgusted.



  13. LOL,almost all of You ,are noobs. Condit only lost second round, so he won 4 rounds. He stick to his game plan,not to stay in half distance,but in full range,to use kicks and straight punches. Learn some,trai nsome,noobs. COndit won clearly,war Carlos!!!

  14. F*ck Dude, I wanted to see GSP and Diaz fight….God damnit Condit, why did you have to win? God damnit GSP why did you have to hurt your knee? WTF

  15. Both are great fighter’s but Condit won every round, how can anyone say that Diaz won ?. Diaz done the chasing but nothing else until the last 30 seconds. Even on the back foot Condit landed more shot’s and kick’s. A deserved win.

  16. Diaz assisted in his own defeat by not changing his game plan earlier in the fight. You can not not say, ‘hey bang with me!’ this is a sport not a street fight. He should have started looking for MORE takedowns in the 2nd round. After all he is the more advanced grappler. Deep inside, Diaz wants to be a Boxer. Condit fought with great strategy.

  17. after watching this fight i would like to know who gave condit the nick name natural born killer. what a joke.try bicyclest condit or marathon runner condit. anything but natural born killer.he got the decision with pepper kicks.i watched chavez jr. win last night with power just like diaz. good thing for chavez he didn’t have these judges.condit embarressed himself with this running performance. i thought this guy was a fighter.guesss you can’t believe all the hype. just wait for 5 rounds of agony when he fights gsp. one won’t stop running and the other won’t do enough to finish the fight so he can skate by on another decision.that is one pay per view i will most certainly not watch.

  18. Here is why Diaz lost… unsportsmanlike conduct and he is a JERK. He is putting his hands down and doing other things like this but then can’t deliver. The spider got booed for doing this but then Anderson knocks then out, so it saves him.

    Diaz can’t get away with it he said your punches don’t hurt but then can’t deliver anything him self.

    Diaz is probably saying I got cheated I won he did not hurt me… but then you did not deliver your talk…



  19. Condit won..he deserve it..patient execution which frustated diaz..very efficient strike very few strikes wasted..good gameplan..

  20. Condit deserve it as good mma fighter,he didn’t ran away and haven’t slow down the action,for my opinion.

  21. Condit clearly won the fight. I don’t know what fight you Diaz fans were watching. Condit landed more and definitively hit harder he made a good fighter in Diaz look like a chump. Don’t think he will beat GSP tho, even tho they both train at Jackson’s MMA. Bad round scoring by most of the other comments.

  22. boring , coldn’t watch this , want me to pay for this ?
    Diaz is usually interesting but this time it was a fighter vs runner.
    If UFC enourage the do no matter what boring thing for win strategy they’ll be replaced

  23. dana must be pissed, a Diaz – GSP fight would have been goldmine. Condit scored more and controlled the pace. Diaz looked frustrated

  24. f*ck condit running like a scared b*tch, those judges mustn’t be allowed to watch fights ever again in their f*cked up lives

  25. have any of you ever even seen a fight before? condit clearly won at the very least 3 rounds. in no way did diaz do anything to deserve a win in this fight. he landed a few combinations up against the fence and he had carlos’ back. the rest of the fight was all condit. he outstruck him for 5 rounds. everyone needs to get off diaz’s nuts because he lost this fight fair and square

  26. Condit was always running away like a little b*tch!! Close fight but Diaz should of won after the the take down.

  27. Hahah such angry Diaz fans finally seeing he’s not as good as you all were told he was.

    Condit won rounds 1-2-4 easily, Nick had round 3. You can argue round 5, but it doesn’t matter, and for the most part 1:20 of sloppy do nothing backmount shouldn’t win you a fight.

    For everyone complaining about Condit’s backing away and getting out of the way of strikes, go get in a fight, odds are within seconds you’ll be running for your life. Carlos knows Nick’s gameplan, press against the cage and unload, he countered it perfectly but getting out of the way and countering his shots with much better strikes. Nick refusing to press in and instead wanting to stand there and jaw at him shows Nick was equally hesitant to fight, he knew he’d get cracked if he went in. But both of them played it smart, getting KO’ed looks much worse than losing a 5 round war.

  28. sad. diaz was the agressor, had octagon control, and was makin the fight happen. condit hit and run. diaz clearly had rounds 1 and 2. but condit had 2 and 4. Condit was never close to stopping the fight. but diaz was, he had him against the cage numerous times and gave many body and head shots. Diaz also won the 5th round, he had condt’s back. avoid condit continued to run andz avoid diaz. Stupid ref’s, THT SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN A UNANIMOUS DECISION FIGHT!

  29. I had this ad 48-47 for Condit. I gave Diaz the first round, and last round, Condit the middle 3. I had Condit ahead in the 5th, too, until that take down and back mount submission attempts.

    the third round was clearly Condit… the 2nd I felt was close, but Condit edged him out. The 1st round was VERY close and I barely gave it to Diaz. Very close fight. I’m interested to hear what the scores were. They were cut out of the video.

    lol @ people saying he was running. He didn’t let Diaz dictate the fight… yes, Diaz was moving forward the whole time, and was the “aggressor” (I guess you could say that) but Carlos landed more shots, more power shots, threw more strikes overall, and fought the smarter fight.

  30. I don’t see how anyone thinks Diaz won this fight….he won 1 round and split 1 round. The only people who might think he won are thugs that want a street fight and know absolutely nothing about mma

  31. nick diaz won the f*ckin fight rounds 1and 2 effective striking ond octagon controll round five also diaz he was closer to finishing the fight then condit was. man carlos should play corner back for the giants the way he was back peddling

  32. You Diaz fans are bigger cry babies than Diaz himself…He lost a close fight. Now he can go about his immature antics and fade into obscurity.

  33. All I have to say is anybody who thought Diaz won is a complete m*ron. he barely got any shots in on condit. also the retard that says the gsp fight will be boring has no concept of what it takes to be a fighter. why would you risk getting injured or a flash KO! when his game plans and skill are clearly superior to anybody else in the sport!!!

  34. the only thing that comes out of this fight is.
    A: the judges really have no clue.
    B: diaz is a sore loser.
    C: condit is a p*ssy.
    i think condit did more damage to his rep than he will ever live down. now among ufc fighters condit is going to be viewed as a coward. after gsp beats his a*s he will probably not ever get another shot at at top fighter. no one wants to fight a guy that throws p*ssy kicks and runs. i really believe the ufc need to have former fighters as the judges. have boxing judges, judge a ufc fight is a joke.

  35. M.Goldeberg screams “Condit turning it on for a minute!” in the fourth clearly highlights the theme of the fight. Some fighters, fight to win other fight to not loose. Clearly Condit fought to not loose. The real loosers are MMA fans who expected much more of Condit. Every hightlight real and sound bite made Condit sound and look like he was going to open a can of whoop a*s on Diaz. It isn’t good business to reward a boring cautious fighter with the victory When a real warrior wants a fight and the opponent does not engage, it isn’t his fault. It was clearly obvious that the UFC and their politics doesn’t favor Diaz’ antics. Instead, they opt for pushing Cowboy Cerroni or the all american Brian Stan. For shame

  36. This was not the natural born killer i paid to watch fight, i will not pay to see another one of his fights and am not excited about GSP VS CONDICT in anyway. Nicks 1 body shot in round 1 did more damage then condicts soft p*ssy leg kicks he used to purely earn points using the ufc point system which is a sad way to win. He had ZERO intenchion of this being a finish in anyway and his gole was to win a boring decision from weak leg kicks.

  37. I started watching this back when there was only Tough Man and K-1 when it would come on after a boxing match. Diaz is one of the toughest SOB’s I’ve ever seen, and it’s hard to envision him losing but he did lose, easily. He’s going to be sore and swollen because he absorbed a tremendous amount of shoots while only landing a few. Condit employed the art of combat,that is, to hit and not get hit.

  38. You can’t win a fight by running around I’m sorry condit has been less than stelar since joining the U.F.C unlike Donald cerroni he opted to stay away from fighting like he normally would I think Diaz vs gsp is a much better fight, that is, if he fights instead of running and or playing cautious like he did with jake shields.

  39. I never seen carlos run away like a b*tch before, natural born killer my a*s. My favorite fighters i thought would be an amazing dogfight turned out to be carlos running the whole time. Nobody wants to go toe to toe with him, in a street fight carlos would lose, no point system in the streets b*tch.

  40. With slow plodding fighter without much power, Diaz couldn’t figure out how to cut off the ring. MMA fans need to understand that Condit knew what he had to do to beat Diaz. Punch him more, and stay out of trouble. Condit looked like he was sparring, and Diaz looked desperate and frustrated. Fight wasn’t even that close. Condit, while moving more, controlled the fight.

  41. Condit by lopsided decision. He landed leg licks, inside leg kicks, hand and leg shots to the body, head kicks, left hooks, right hands, flying knees, side kicks, front kicks, and spinning back fist, all while only taking a hand full of shots. This means that his defense was so good that Diaz could barely land a shot. On the other hand, Diaz could barely land a shot or avoid one. When a man can’t avoid your blows nor land his own, all he can do is talk to you.

  42. Standing in front of your opponent and trading punches is called “slugging” or “brawling”, not “MMA” or “boxing”.

    Well done, Carlos!

  43. Condit fought a better fight…perhaps because he stuck to his game plan…although the fight went the distance, it wasnʻt what I expected…

  44. If you honestly belive that nick diaz won that fight then u know nothing about MMA. Just stop embarrashing your self and go back to watching WWE. Or watch something u actually understand. Nick Diaz didnt go a damn thing this fight. Carlos Condit wooped his a*s for 5 round.

  45. condit was only one fighting diaz thought his sh*t dont stink and talked all sorts of sh*t but condit came through

  46. Condit was moving forward constantly to pop Diaz with punches and kicks. He only moved backwards and sideways when Diaz was trying to hit him. Condit actually dominated this fight. Yeah, it would have been nice to see more slugging and more groundwork. But Diaz will find other fighters to do that. Condit just wanted to win and move on. MMA fans, appreciate this level of quality. It’s a long way from the barroom brawls of UFC fights 20 years ago.

  47. what fight where you all watching Condit won bad diaz is a good fighter but look at what Condit did he landed more counter strike more kicks and he had octagon control just cuz diaz walked him down does not make that octagon control every time diaz striked condit got the hell out of the way and got in the center of the cage that is octagon control i do mma so i no this stuff and most of you are guys that just watch to much ufc and think you no about it i bett most of you never got in the cage and for those of you that do mma then you know what im talkin about

  48. I’ve been watching MMA since day 1. How can you reward a guy that runs and stays out of the pocket. All his spinning elbows and punches were out of desparation of diaz pressing. Condit ran the whole fight. If diaz didnt move forward there would be no fight. Pride would deduct pts for that bull**! I dont want to pay a dime to watch this garbage. Condit didnt try to end the fight or even fight at all.

  49. Diaz is a slow, flat-footed, d*mwit, who got thoroughly outclassed. What is sad, is that Condit would win that fight 10 times out of 10, and Diaz knows it.

  50. if diaz didnt push forward there would have not been a fight. Condit ran like a b*tch the whole fight.

  51. how the hell do you think diaz won?? condit landed more punches and kicks and had more success with his combos, thats how he won, just cause diaz has one take down doesnt mean sh*t condit deseves it

  52. Condit did a intelligent fight. He escaped the atacks from Diaz and empty the impetus of Diaz, and showed his better strategic in the end of fight.

  53. Diaz won the first 2 rounds and the last round…3 out of 5 is a win. Even Dana agrees he won the first 2 rounds. For all the anti Diaz people that think they know what is going on these are the real facts.

  54. Did diaz even land a punch in the last two rounds? He ate a lot of shots. I gave firt two rounds to Diaz 3rd round was up for grabs, last two to Condit. Diaz didn’t seem to be able to implement his game plan like Condit did. About midway through the third Condit got comfortable and seemed to take over. But just my opinion. I’d watch a rematch.

  55. To me it looked like they played ring around the Rosie the whole time,..neither one should have one, One final round all they both just let loose on each other that would have settled it!!

  56. condit is the worst to win a title he ran all fight he did not have finishing nowhere on his mind they need to take stalling points cuz everyone is trying to run and use legkicks (easy strike to land)to win. UFC USED TO BE real fighting pride should be asamed all them guys get knocked out or knocks out this is dumb really

  57. I could only stand watching the 1st few minutes, I only saw Condit running and running and more running. Craft my AS$@%%@%@, that is not fighting, if I wanted to see that type of sport I would watch bowling, tennis has more aggression that fighters who run. If I’m going to see running, then I will watch track, and see real good runners. Consit and anyone that says he is a good fighter is just pulling for him because they like him, not because they like fighting sports. MMA, boxing, Muy Thai, etc. are fighting sports. Change the rules, a fighter can only win by TKO, submission or disqualification. no more point wins. Point wins is why Condit was running.

  58. I excuted my gameplan perfectly. Throw weak leg kicks to get my strike numbers high so when it goes to decision it looks like i dominated on paper. I was running for my life, I told joe rogan in the commentary xD

    When i say i didnt want to fight nicks game i really mean i didnt want to fight period… just run and throw weak leg kicks.

  59. Nick won rounds 1 through 3 by landing the cleaner effective punches condit looked scared after he tasted diaz power and decided to just leg kick and pray for the decision. i gave the 4th round to Carlos because he actually fought and landed some good shots the 5 round was clearly a Diaz round he landed more effective punches and he scored the takedown with submission attempt. 4-1 Diaz. MMA should count leg kicks those are “give me’s” they should only scroe Body and Head kicks. Lost respect for Carlos i was expecting him to bring it and KO the crap outta Diaz. i wanted Carlos to Win and Shut Diaz Up but the True Bitch came out of him and I changed my Opinion on Nick DIaz.. that guy is a Beast and he has a Warrior Mentality .. we nned more guys like him in MMA for the Exitmen… Diaz Deserved the W.

  60. Although boring, Condit won that fight on points. He played it safe and landed more shots even-though he didn’t control the middle of the octagon. GSP wins his fights by decision all the time; playing it safe and not participating in free-for-all exchanges that can be too risky.

    I wanted Diaz to win and I’m sure he’ll change is game-plan a bit next time he faces Condit’s style. Diaz will come back to the octagon more prepared.

  61. Diaz is a silly b*tch, he may have been the aggressor but to me that was condit’s plan, you dont box a boxer just like you dont wrestle a wrestler your gonna lose, and good foot work shouldnt be labled as running, and if you dont f*cking like it watch boxing and shut the f*ck up.

  62. For someone that watches mma since day 1 I find that your analysis is very weird. Sure Diaz was more aggressive in movement but never got the upperhand in the fight. Condit landed more shots did more damage and rounds 3 – 4 and for the most part 5 were all Condit. Round 1 and 2 maybe Diaz but even those were close. MMA doesn’t reward the guy charging in doing hardly anything significant but rewards the guy who does the best work and most damage which was Condit so he won.

  63. I was rooting for diaz but it’s was obvious that condit won.Condit was more versatile then diaz and was fighting from a distance and played it smart.Diaz wanted a brawl but condit would’nt have it his way.Still an awesome fight props 2 both fighters.

  64. i love how ppl say they no about mma go ahed watch it cuz thats all you do is watch it until you get in the cage you dont no sh** i have been doin mma for 4 years so I NO what im talking about condit dont have to proven anything to no one he won hes fighting gsp you konw y cuz he stuck to his game plan not everyone is going to stand in the pocket a trade blows thats dumb look at what condit did to diaz he beat his a**

  65. diaz should have won , condit was running and hitting
    condit is a f coward . but i think ufc let condit won so he could fight GSP and make GSP win.

  66. you guys are retarded if you think diaz won -.- It’s MMA, not aggressive walking. Diaz landed a few shots yes… but condit landed twice as many and diaz ended up falling into condit’s game and not ever one time being able to control the fight other than walking towards him

  67. Let’s first watch the Nick Diaz vs. Jon Fitch fight.. I agree that it would be nice to watch St. Pierre and Diaz banging each other.. Two aggressive fighter.. But let’s give Condit a chance how to win over the champ.

  68. Condit made for a boring fight. Good for him but if i wanted to see that sh*t i’d watch footage of gazelles running from lions on National Geographic. Oh wow the gazelle got away again, how nice…..

  69. condit all the way … if u think diaz won ur a herb and dont know sh*t about mma … its called a game plan .. strategic and totally awsome … i am a nick diaz fan but condit took it hands down boi !!!

  70. Diaz Win????
    LMFAO =D)
    Doing what????

    Let GSP win???
    Damn you are blind or wath. LOL!
    Diaz can’t hurt Condit how could he pretend beatin gsp.
    Lot of Sh…

  71. I’ve give the credit for Condit, Hes not a coward its STRATEGY Guys. Just accept the Fact the condit outsmart DIAZ.

  72. Some of yall can’t be serious. Condit won, np. He out striked nick. If you a Nick fan you probably gonna say Diaz used Octagon control, but not really. Condit circled out of the pressure the whole fight. Diaz tried to get Condit mad with the sh*t talk, and ate some strikes. It’s ok for a fighter to lose!!!! Don’t cry cuz he did…..Don’t try to deny condit his due cuz he won! Also keep in mind it’s a title, Title equal more bragging rights and pay! And yall know how UFC is pretty much on the if you lose 3 or 4 in a row you done, not that they were in the situation, but you it’s better to win, and fight with a plan…this isn’t a street fight btwn 2 teenagers, lol its mma. Don’t get me wrong i love the menancing ko’s, i love the brawls, but mma is their livelihoods. They eat and feed their fams, and if that’s the case you shouldn’t fight wreckless and hell sure go try to ko everyone and you’ll get flash ko’ed and then bam it’s all over in about 4 seconds. Condit Won point blank.

  73. Someday, some will realize this is a sport and not a street fight. One of those, maybe (but doubtfully) will be Diaz…if he actually leaves the sport, then he is also admitting he can’t truly give it the respect it deserves and adjust as it grows. To call “avoiding”…running is a rookie comment. Avoiding an opponents strength is(or should be) part of every good fighters game plane. Carlos implemented his plan over Diaz’s plan, out striked and out kicked him. Chasing and taunting are a Bully tactics that will get crushed by brains and skill everytime. Granted, the fight was close, but emotions aside and when scored on its own merit, was clearly won by the NBK.
    I would love to see GSP “put his fist in Diaz’s face”, but I would rather see two true professionals battle then a Donkey and an athlete. Much better for the credibility of the sport.
    my 2 cents

  74. condit s*cks i didnt know you got points for running like a b*tch …. nick shoulda won condit your a pus

  75. I like watching both fighters, always have but I can’t understand how anyone thinks Diaz won this fight by stalking and taunting. Watch the fight again in slow motion if necessary, you can’t win a fight when your opponent out strikes you the entire fight, even someone who’s moving backward. Would love to see a rematch.

  76. Diaz nick names should be “the zombie” cuz that’s how he fights, one way and that’s it. Gloves up and moving forward like a zombie, no plan a-b-c or capable of adjustments.

    I’m not really impressesd with either fighter and even though Condit deserves the win I would have wanted the Diaz-GSP fight.

  77. boring fight … condit deserve to win … but i m a diaz fan … condit stick to is game plan and thats fine but … i m not satified … when i look a match i wanna see a fight not a gameplan …. if only diaz have make takedown before 5th round… and whats worst in this sh*t is thats we will not see gsp vs diaz …

  78. agreed Condit was a f’n Beast coming into this fight.. all of that when out the window when he tasted Diaz’ power. he’s a coward. this is MMA not Boxing… in boxing you hit and run. the Octagon is todays colosium..fighters should fight to win not fight to not lose. I wanted Diaz to lose but not like this… i expected this type of Coward act from GSP but not from Condit he being half Mexican should have had the heart to atleast attempt to KO Diaz… much respect for Diaz for always coming to Fight and enetertain the Paying fans even though i think he’s a d*ck i have to say he deserved the Win given the points i stated earlier.

  79. Creo todo fuimos a ver un combate entre 2 guerreros y solo vimos un feroz Diaz contra un miedoso Condit, sorry Condit, now you are the new Chicken welter weight champion in UFC… better buy you a dog Carlos..

  80. I can’t believe what the Diaz fans have been saying! Refusing to brawl with a brawler doesn’t make Condit a p*ssy, it makes him smart. Condit has greatly diversified his game since coming to UFC from WEC, where all he did was push guys against the cage and throw knees. And it’s easy to call Condit a coward when you know you’ll never have to step into the ring with him.

  81. Diaz won the FIGHT (where I come from, if a guy runs from you, you win).

    Condit won the tap tap karate points match (which I didn’t realize we were watching).

    Leg kicks should not be able to win a fight (compustrike lke 151-105. Minus 50 “baby kicks” is 101-105 Diaz). Diaz controlled ALL other aspects of the fight. Aggression (duh), octagon control (duh), grappling (duh).

    MMA needs real judges, not boxing judges.

  82. Neither of these p*ssies have got a chance against GSP. The fight should have been a draw neither fighter deserved to win

  83. Before you all go all apesh*t against diaz, just remember, we got Mark Munoz, Anderson Silva, Chuck Liddel,Dan Henderson, and more on our side. You guys have Jon Fitch. So, we don’t know what we’re talking about? Bullsh*t. Diaz was a fighter, Condit was a p*ssy.

  84. condit won, deal with it. condit obviously landed far more strikes than diaz did. just becuz ur the agressor does not mean u win. n up until diaz took condit’s back it was all condit landing the strikes. all diaz did was push forward, nothing significant.

  85. how can anyone say diaz won? octagon control? sure give that to diaz but thats it, his octagon control was not affective therefore pointless he didn’t land one good punch that remotely put condit in trouble. condit out struck diaz, and out classed him.

    in my mind diaz is not a top ten 170lber beating strikforce bums and penn when his heart is out of the sport means nothing.

    i wish diaz would have won just to show the diaz fans how out classes he would be by gsp, that fight would have been so one sided. condit should be a slightly better test for gsp

  86. Since when is running part of a game plan. Carlos Condit the
    Natural Born Runner. Nick pressurd jim the whole fight and counter everything Condit threw then finished with a take down and the give the fight to the Natural Born Runner.

  87. I say they both are true champions even if the fight s*cked. But MMA is becoming comical to say the least! Kite flying might be more fun

  88. Bottom line Condit played it safe and stuck to his game plan because Diaz would have put him on the ground cold if Carlos wouldve traded blows. Condit won by playing smart and running, Diaz lost the fight in points and judges eyes but didnt get his a*s kicked man theres a difference. Still a beast. Diaz will fight GSP or Carlos Condit rematch…. one day…. Who knows

  89. People are acting like those were Melvin Manhoef or Shogun-like leg kicks. Those kicks didn’t do sh*t and Diaz was still backing up Condit into the latter rounds. Diaz won the fight.

  90. lol at all the diaz fanboys that obviously have no idea about the rules of mma, i wasnt going for either of these guys but condit was clearly the winner

  91. first of all cool site I didn’t know about it untill now. second of all, if you watch the fight a few times very very closely you will notice that Diaz on more than a few occassions ( at 6.53 for example) could have hammered condit into the next millenium but instead threw some very weak and useless punches just for show. at 6.53 for example diaz could have done some serious damage to condits ribs but seemed to let him go, I can’t believe that im saying it but I honestly think the whole deal was fixed,I shall now go to church to confess.

  92. Condit clearly won the fight… And I am sure that the UFC would have had Diaz win instead. Diaz vs GSP would generate a ton more money for them than Condit vs GSP. Unlucky for them though Condit was by far to evasive for Diaz to touch. Well deserved win. Somtimes the smarter guy wins rather than the thoughest.

  93. Personally i scored it Round 1 Condit 2 and 3 Diaz 4 Condit 5 Diaz…

    But cant change it now…
    Good on condit he did well.

    209 BAYBAY!

  94. all i can say is, Condit was a runner not a fighter, Diaz is the real UFC Fighter for me! if you can see it clearly, Condit run away because he’s afraid to get hurt! Lol

  95. Stick to eating KFC, Condit didn’t run he used a perfect anti Diaz game plan and got the victory.

  96. For a tough guy Diaz is also the biggest cry baby the UFC has seen, gonna quit MMA cuz his opponent had a better game plan? Typical… maybe he should have started out trying to beat Diego Sanchez or one of the other many UFC fighters that kicked his a*s before taking on the big boys…

  97. Dude condits a fucking p*ssy! He ran the entire fight, landed some gay a*s spinning sh*t, threw baby kicks and then some pillow shots to the face. Diaz rocked that b*tches sh*t, then almost submitted him. F*CK CONDIT! Diaz fan 4 life! PLUS, PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT DIAZ FOUGHT A 3 ROUND WAR LESS THAN TWO MONTHS AGO AGAINST BJ PENN. CONDIT HAS BEEN TRAINING FOR 8 MONTHS AND HAS FOUGHT NOBODY!

  98. Condit won’t just stand there and get a beating, of course he would stay away and implement his game plan.

    Diaz got out striked 2:1.

    Diaz is aggressive in moving forward but thrown less or had a lower striking percentage.

  99. Listen to all you condit tards out there. Carlos had a good game plan blah blah blah. Condits striking was no way eefective.f im not mistaken Diazlanded more head and body shots. You shouldnt be rewarded for running and throwing baby leg kicks. and dana white says condit couldve finished nick in the fith wtf was he smoking I

    1. NO SIR, NO SIR. WTF are you smoking besides diaz’s hog? I submit that Diaz and his corner are idiots and fans like you are ignorant.
      I rest my case. OH, and na na na na na… Condit kicked Nick’s a*s!!!

      Sorry Mrs. Diaz but your son got his a*s kicked. Clean up his booboos and get him ready for boxing because he’s not playing with the big boys anymore. Little nicky is taking his ball and going home.
      What a sniveling little b*tch.

  100. who cares who won GSP will smash on either one of them condit cant run from a takedown that GSP has and diaz is nothing but talk same with his b*tch a*s brother nick

  101. Diaz only push forward and hit some times…

    Carlos moves was superior, the leg kicks too.

    Carlos win the fight. He do much more

  102. Condit wins! Diaz! wins…who cares? Neither look good enough to destroy the beast GSP. It’s like getting to the boss at end of the game and not being good enough to beat him..you got there who cares. Just hope GSP grows a pair and does more than sit on condit on the ground.

  103. i think that condit won the 3 n 4 round the other tthree were for nick, condit was running the entire fight he landed good punches but diaz deserve to win.

  104. He won!, thats it man, he’s the In-Champ and will face the number 1, don’t dog him, all his other fights are exiting, he did what he had to do to beat Nick Diaz and face the real Champ, Nick couldn’t finish him!, thats his fault, Nick was going for takedowns all fight and only got one, Nicks awesome but he come up short, I’m in no dought that if Condit tried to take out Diaz he would end up like Daley did – knocked the phuck out.Great technical fight…

  105. Prefight all the hype was about the condit v diaz being a war….but the truth is condit knew if he went to fight with diaz hid get his a*s wooped! so in my eyes he was a p*ssy!..you dont make fans fighting like that!..This aint olympic tai kwon do..where you get points for kicks! its meant to be the UFC!

    1. You don’t get points for running your mouth or acting like an idiot. Strikes count more than talking or doing some gay madonna Vogue shit.

  106. Shocking decision!!
    Diaz the far superior fighter, all the faggot conned-it lovers need to lay of the man pipe!
    Diaz should stick to his guns and walk.
    MMA becoming embarrasing with its amateur set up , judges and business sense!

  107. I have to agree with micky zee in that alot of fights these days are looking very suspect!!! I’ve never liked Diaz anyway or his brother but clearly Condit was the victor, cant wait til march for another aussie card, Thiago will destroy Martin, oh yeh hi mum!!!!

  108. stfu carlos condit d*ck riders nick diaz won the first three rounds he was landing combos and pressing forward but carlos condit did win the 4th and 5th rounds but nick diaz won that fight

    1. how the f*ck do u figure he was getting destroyed with leg kicks the whole the first 2 rounds…and then u say he won the 5th?If anything that was the one of the only rounds diaz won…Condit wins 48-47

  109. Id like to see one of you Condit haters in the cage with him, lets see whos the F******K P*ssy running away then… You people don’t understand this sport, all of you along with Diaz should dedicate yourselfs to a different sport. Clearly the winner is Condit 100%, he played this game smart, landed more shots and oviolsly has a big shiny belt around his waste. They are both incredible fighters which is why it wasn’t the bloodfest everyone wanted, but the better fighter rose to the big win. Diaz and his fans are sore losers who don’t now much about MMA. I have much respect for Condit, and im a new fan, plus Diaz hater…

  110. Diaz had 1 game plan the whole time.. try and get condit against the cage.. Carlos didnt let him do that..Condit landed FARR more strikes. and Diaz never was fully in control of the octagon, Condit could go anywhere he wanted in there. Diaz chased but didnt control. diaz should have gone for a take down ALOT earlier then 30 sec before the fight ends.. condit clearly won that fight

  111. it was like diaz was chasing him then condit gives him a couple punches and chases him again and gives him somemore punches than chases him again lol diaz wasnt even really fighting and was jus tounting that was weird ?????

  112. Lol @ the butt hurt Diaz fans. Condit landed more and heavier shots than Diaz. Condit is a smart fighter, you fight to your strengths and your opponets weaknesses. Why would Condit sit in the corner and he pounded on if he could easily get off the cage and do what he wants? If Diaz was the “far superior fighter” he would be able to do more than push Condit up against the cage. Diaz should have changed his game plan since it obviously wasn’t working.
    And strikes are strikes, if you want punching watch boxing dumba*ses, its called MIXED martial arts for a reason…

    Both are awesome fighters but Condit knew what he had to do to win. Call him what you want but look who won. :)

    1.  68 p*ssy leg srtikes that did’nt do sh*t, Diaz was stalking him the whole time. If your gonna throw effective leg strikes you need to turn your hip over and put some power into it. Those kicks did nothing except keep Diaz away from him.
      Pat barrys first UFC fight he trew 6 leg kicks and Dan Evensen verbally tapped cause his leg was f*cked! Now thats how to throw effective leg kicks, Condit had no power behind the kicks they were just for points and a desperate effort to keep Diaz away from him. 68 leg kicks and no damage pathetic! If my grandma kicked me 68 times I would have trouble walking.

  113. “hahahahahahah cant breath.. hahahahahhh i dnt kno what this condit clans fans were watching!.. all i saw is diaz rockin condits world,running all five rounds. f**k if i wanted to see someone run i would of just change the channel to the olympics no doubt condit would be a good challenge there!!.. better yet if the cages werent there he would of gotten chase out the mgm arena by nick hahaah.. that nite i saw a wolf n cheep, nick diaz defnetly a wolf, condit without a dobt a cheep.

    NICK DIAZ: R2,R3,R5
    CARLOS CONDIT:R1 maybe,R4

  114. Come on people, Diaz lost fair and square. Let’s be real. Condit fought the perfect fight against Diaz’s style. He deserves his shot against GSP, no doubt. Good luck to Diaz, I think he’ll be back. He’s just butt-hurt right now…

  115. Yeah okay for argumuent sake I’ll take the loss but that win doesn’t make Condit look like a Champion. Not at all. If anything though, Nick showed that if you get this guy down he cant run away for long. I hate GSP and now I dislike Condit. I could care less who wins that fight.

    1. He escaped after diaz couldn’t do anything on the ground. Condit has much better ground game.

    2. Really? I thought it showed that Diaz took Condit’s back, didn’t come close to submitting him, did absolutely no damage then allowed Condit to escape. I think you could care less who won the fight because you have some serious men love for Diaz.

  116. Pretty boring fight honestly. Not impressed by either fighter…if the formula to beat Diaz is running I would rather watch something else.

    @Diaz big brother
    Um I think being such a fanboy is the embarrassing thing here…

    1. you need to read up on how they score the fights it’s striking ,aggression and octagon control

  117. Condit definetley won the fight dont know what fight some people were watching.Diaz did hardly anything.

  118. condit was the more obnoxious fighter, he outplayed diaz.. Yeah it is a game Diaz, at the end of the day its who wins not who looked better in the ring, Good fight though.

  119. that was rubbish. the commentry was soooo pro conduit. every time there was an exchange nick seamed to get the better of it yet rogan would say “great knee from conduit” rubbish. obviously a rigged decision

  120. Look fight fans. We didnt see a knock out. We didnt see awesome take downs. We sore two guys fight thier plan. Sorry Diaz that yours want as good as Condits. He might have looked like he was running in your eyes but he was avoiding your shots and countering at nearly all openings. He was the better man on the night and deserved to win. that said GSP is going to wipe the floor with Condit. Shame he couldnt smash Diaz smart a*s face first.

  121. Pat Militich says that the decision was a joke. You know what was a joke? When Pat fought Gracie and got choked out from a standing positon. I thought to myself, would you go to this guys school if he doesn’t even know how to defend a standing guillotine.

  122. I would have liked to see the GSP / Diaz match-up but hats off to Condit… he stuck to his game plan.  “Cry baby” Nick is just upset that Condit didn’t play his game.   I blame Diaz’s trainers for not preparing Nick for what they new Carlos would do…you’ve got to have some smarts in your camp…..period. 

  123. watched this fight a couple times to see who REALLY won. im a fan of both.
    diaz rnds 1..2..and 5. condit 2..3.  5 was won bcuz neither were doin anythin and the takedown was pretty much what decided the 5th.


  125. Not sure what all the controversy is about… Condit clearly shut down Diaz.  Condit stuck to his plan , landed more shots, and shut down Diaz’s attempt at octagon control

  126. Conduit blows chunks.  I lost my respect for him and the UFC. UFC used to be balls hitting, teeth knocking out, all out war… but now its a bunch of p*sies winning decisions because they pranced around the octagon like ballerinas. im disgusted with the decision. and the fight. Conduit aint no champion.  Im so sick i could spit.  Hack Patew!!

  127. f*cking diaz d*ck riders. condit won the fight, get over it.. if you cant judge it fairly then you should switch sports. i know that diaz was putting the pressure on but i dont care how much you do that, if youre the one getting popped in the face constantly then how the f*ck are you winning?.. quit being butt hurt

  128. Condit kicked Diaz’s a*s just look at both face at the end… cuz he ran away all the time doesnt mean that he didnt punsh Diaz all the time.. just look at tje match again and see how many kicks and punsh Condit connect every time he avoid diaz hahahahahaha condit 100% Winner!!

  129. to all the people that said Condit didnt fight?
    Well idk what fight you were watching. He landed higher percentage shots! Did you see that Leg and Head kick combo? Clean!!! Carlos kept Diaz off time and made him uncomfortable. If Diaz wanted to fight his fight he should of ground and pounded him. Or went for the sub. Condit clearly has more class, and skill.

  130. people need to realize judging a fight in the ufc are aggression octagon control and strikes landed nick diaz one the first 2 and the 5 he ran from him the whole time and im not going to pay to see condit and george i wont even spend money on food to see it some where that just makes me sad its like the brandon vera couture fight the only reason couture one that fight was doing what nick did hunting him down he even slapped him and he would fight

  131. idk both therse fighters are good fighters i think the victor should have been diaz by split he clearly won 3 out of 5 rounds condit did more running then fighting he was smart in doing so or else he would of ended up like all the rest sleeping but it doesnt matter condit showed he cant strike for sh*t i think GSP is going to make him his b*tch his going to have to do alot fo running to beat GSP

  132. F*ck that!..is don’t fare…nicj diaz own this game…and i don’t think she is gona get out from the ufc because is his life…Nick Diaz 4 eveR!

  133. Great fight Condit!! it was obvious that Diaz take to many punches everywhere that make him talking all that trash after the fight, Condit was in control of the fight all the time and win all the rounds. yes Dias get retired please!, we don’t need trash talkers in this sport, and you are just that. a trash talker.

    has you ever jump into a octagon? by your comment I’m pretty sure that the answer is. never!

    you r blind, hahahahahahahaahaha! buy a better TV there are good offer right now. hahahahahahaah

  134. U really have to be a blind fanboy to belive that Diaz won the fight. Condit was superior in skills, intelligence, plannification, landed more…Diaz was taking trash to look like the macho man while he was getting a beating. Please remove the f*ucking glasses. This is a sport not a popularity contest.

  135. Diaz is mad because Condit didn’t play his game. Condit didn’t fight how Diaz wanted (get his back against the cage to be unloaded on). You quit over that? Don’t let the door hit you in the a*s.

  136. I don’t know. I’m not a fighter or a judge but-Carlos looked a little hesitant for the 1st 2 rounds. Maybe Condit got more strikes in but Nick was the aggressor right from the bell and didn’t stop moving forward until the end. Diaz looked like he could go several more rounds. Condit was improving as the fight went on but I would have given it to Diaz.

    Definitely not a war! More like cat and mouse. I guess whatever it takes to win. Condit did not stand and fight. Diaz definitely did.

  137. a fight a little boring but diaz deserved win, when you get on that fight is what you do and not run around like an idiot like that is said to be champion now living diaz and the other dude go f*ck your mother f*cking fagot

  138. porfavor! como pudo ganar Condit… estubo hullendo toda la puta pelea… incluso de los clinch… enq  pensaban los jueces… seguro q su punto de vista solo fue el dinero 

  139. Very close, however, two of the judges were just sadly in error.  Very poor judging in my opinion. 
    3-2 Diaz. 
    Condit fought one round and ran in four.  Of the four rounds he ran away, he did win one of them.  He would have won the fight if he was not taken down at the end of the last round, because he effectively struck Diaz and got out of the way of any damage in the fifth.

    In no way did Condit with 4 of the rounds, but it would be interesting to see how the judges scored it, broken down into rounds.  Yes it is true you can win by running scared and getting off some leg kicks, but you can’t look like a b*tch for two whole rounds, and get taken down in a third, and still pull such a stunt off.  Condit did NOT pull it off in my opinion. 

  140. carlos kinda run around but he do the most damage so even he run from diaz but that how mma all about   tell me anyone of u know ur enemy stronger than u and u still stand there and trade punch with u will get kill and smart fighter will do something that is in our favor to fight and win not to get kill so i have my thumb up for carlos

  141. point is to win the fight, not be the angriest idiot who walks forward the most.  sorry you got outsmarted loser.  Go back and live with the animals you came from.  Don’t come back without any class again.

  142. diaz needs to wipe his vag and quit whining he lost oh well. he needs to learn some new moves he is predictable and a cry baby. i dont like either fighter but diaz lost either man up and fight again or run like a @@@@h. so look who is running now diaz

  143. Condit looked good. But the flaw is in the size and shape of the cage. No corners. And condit was literally able to run away lol. Good for him though.

  144. Never saw either fighter hurt. A few clean shots by both guys, but Diaz is not heavy handed, and he was never able to let them accumulate enough to put Condit in any danger.

  145. Come on give Diaz fans a break. Stockton is all that is needed to be said. Ranked as the worst place to live in USA and every other category. So can’t blame his no brain fans who doesn’t understand MMA. 

  146. I am not a Diaz or Condit fan by any means. Condit won the fight, in good fashion. Technique over came aggression. Anyone that disagrees clearly doesn’t understand mixed martial arts and has their head up their a*s. A rematch would be nice. 

    1. Initially I thought Condit won easily, but after watching the fight a few more times.I’d say it should have been a draw. Condit had a strategy and he stuck with it, so hats off to him in that respect, but the inarguable fact is that diaz came to fight, Condit came to play a points match. He landed a bunch of leg kicks but they neither slowed down or stopped Diaz from pushing forward. Nick landed the most significant punches and got the only takedown. A lot of people I’ve talked to have changed their opinion of the outcome after subsequent viewings of the fight, I was surprised to hear that Joe Rogan changed his opinion of the fight and said that Diaz should have won. 

      I think it’s notable also that had the Judges scored in Nick’s favor, Condit fans would probably be doing the same complaining that Diaz fans are seething with right now. Cecil peoples gave 4/5 rounds to Condit with I think is a little absurd. Both sides have valid points about the fight, and I consider it a hell of a lot closer than a unanimous decision.

  147. Diaz won first and second round, Condit won third and fourth round. In fifth was draw. This is my opinion. But there is no way that Condit won four rounds.

  148. condit respeto tus tecnicas y t respeto como peleador, pero te regalaron la pelea, dias desd  entro fue con una sola intencion, pelear combatir algo q tu en ningun momento hicistes, es lamentable la decision de los juecs, ni tu mismo lo podias creer, liga q esos juecs sean los mismos de todas tus peleas, porq son los unicos q consideran q corriendo es q se gana una pelea, diaz fue mejor y es el mejor

  149. Muy buena pelea, creo que Condit supo desifrar el estilo de pelea ya visto muchas veces de Diaz, no creo que retroceder y saber el momento oportuno de atacar sea evadir la pelea, en ningun caso fue asi, Grande Condit y justo ganador.

  150. people need to give the diaz hating a rest. he pushed the entire fight and forced the better kickboxer to back away for 5 rounds. condit only won the 4th round bottom line, end of story. i like condit but there is NO WAY IN HELL he won this fight. thats not bias talking either, i have seen my fair share of real life fights as well as mma fights so i dont wanna hear that people don’t know what they’re talking about cuz they feel diaz won. that’s just bullsh*t and it insults intellegence. period.

    1. um ya, diaz is a better boxer, but condit is a muay thai kickboxer as you said, so dont credit condits backing up to diaz as it was much more him just adjusting himself to be in kicking range which you would know if you knew anything about fighting. just a suggestion, you should probably study up before you give such factual opinions

      1. Diaz won 3 out of 5 rounds. Even Rogan said so. Gtfo with that bullsh*t about Condit adjusting his kicking range, when’s the last time you saw him back up to “adjust” his range in a fight? Yeah, never. Condit looked like a poor man’s GSP. Hit and run just like Georges, except without the takedowns and worse defense.

  151. Condit says… its gonna be a dog fight then he runs the whole time. PATHETIC. Boring a*s chicken sh*t approach. I guess if your in trouble or scared, you run. Diaz won rounds 1,2 and 5. condit sorta got the other rounds. Joe Rogan has now come out and said he believes Nick won the fight after going home and watching it twice. Diaz took the last round with ground control. Condit you lost and fought like a scared b*tch… your supposed to be really tough. You looked scared and you didnt bring the dog fight you promised….. DIAZ WILL MAKE SURE YOUR A*S GETS BROKEN NEXT TIME…

  152. This is another case of UFC bullsh*t. The guy they want to win will win. F*ck that. Long live the Diaz brothers. Bay Area represent. Oh, f*ck mike goldberg.

  153. i like both these fighters but condit clearly won that fight. tho he won the 1st and 2nd easily. yea diaz is pushing forward but that doesn’t win fights. some of the greats fight in defensive mode. again boxing alone does not win mma fights. condit was circling landing punches low n high kicks, elbows,back elbows, knees, n fling knees, and alot were landing. one was talking w/ his hands out while the other stayed focused n landed shots

  154. Nick diaz speech after the fight was perfect why fight in a league with judges like that. what a f*cking joke. 

  155. hey nick this is morel man jus watched this fight and im sayin i dont give a f*ck what f*ckin judge says u lost cuz they f*ckin high they aint no way you lost this dam fight u pushed him up against the cage for f*ckin 5 god dam rounds he kept backin up i mean yea he was landin a couple of punches and he was doin some fancy f*ckin kick boxing but i mean he didnt beat you man i dont know how these stoooooopid f*ckin judges gave him the bout but f*ck beat this c*cks*cker another day f*ck em man in my eyes you won ive been following your career for a while now and after seein this fight i know f*ckin condoit is gutless i can tell he didnt want to stand toe to toe to you you kept pushing forward he didnt and u almost submitted him i mean wtf????? lordredeye86@gmail.com…….

  156. ahahah quien gano ? ahora resulta que lo paquiao contra marquez es contagioso  nick diaz lo iso correr toda la pelea 1 2 3 4 round and 5 carlos solo dio unas pataillas ke muchas de ellas las daba solo al aire el  miedo ke le tienen a diaz el junto con george st. pierre se nota demasiado jaja nick diaz lo kiero ver ahora en el boxeo profesionalll 

  157. #Zzzzzzzz Condit run the whole fight cept in the 4th. Somebody wake me when Daiz foghts GPS this sh*t was boring

  158. You shouldn’t be talking because you’re obviously the dumba*s right now adjusting himself to be in kicking range man you are one delusional little child Condit literally turned his back to sprint away from Diaz not use side to side movement or just push Diaz back you would’ve been better off saying i hate Diaz so im not going to give him credit for no doubt winning rounds 1,2,5 at least you would’ve been honest then not acting like some internet mma expert that spews his ignorance all over the internet 

  159. To those that believe that Condit won the fight, it would be interesting to read your opinions on which rounds you have him winning.
    It seems to me that the two rounds where he ran the whole time and landed nothing at all would be difficult to score for Condit.  The fifth round, I saw Condit being extremely effective up until the point where he was taken down.  If you give the rounds where Condit actually fought effectively to him, then it leaves only this fifth round in dispute. 
    If, on the other hand, one feels that Condit won an additional round, as did two of the judges, then I would question that person’s ability to fairly view a fight whatsoever.
    Diaz fans should admit that Condit clearly won one of the rounds, hands down (I believe the 3rd), and in all fairness got off more strikes, both to the legs-body-head, then did Diaz in yet another round (the 4th).  If Condit fought the whole time in that mode, he would have won a fair decision.  But he ran like a fruitcake for the first two rounds before even deciding to fight.  He also got taken down in the fifth, and that is where the fight ended. 
    I guess a 110 pound super fast leg kicking Tibetan teenager could beat a heavyweight if they just kick and run for 5 rounds, but what does that suggest to competitive fight fans?

    1. you disagree with the unanimous decision of the judges, and both commentators who agreed that Condit won.  Condit followed orders from his corner and beat the face of Diaz until his face was swollen.   

  160. condit won the fight,he was not running,he was makining his fight,every time diaz got closer,he took a beating form condit.thats what he deserves he could not do sh*t,he does no accept that the other guy is better than him.he only needs to see his face at the mirror to know the true hahahaha,thats no lie

  161. el resultado de este robo tiene a todas luces proteger a St. Pierre porque el gran GSP la verdad es que nomas no acaba de demostrar su grandeza con esas peleas aburridas y todos sabemos que Condit no es rival para GSP pero DIaz si representa un peligro pero como a nivel mercadotecnica vende mas GSP que Dias entonces tienen que asegurarse que el gran farsante siga en el trono un rato mas…

  162. Esto fue un robo en toda regla , no se puede ganar una pelea si estás corriendo y escapando durante todo el combate. Lo de hoy fue un enfrentamiento entre alguien quiere luchar contra otro que evita el enfrentamiento por todos los medios. Condit solo gana el 3º y 4º round pero los demás son claramente de Díaz. Con decisiones como estas se te quitan las ganas de ver MMA. Una maricona como Condit no puede ser campeón de ningún modo.

    1. Los golpes de Condit fueron suficientemente contundentes por eso Diaz salio con la cara hinchada tras los golpes y patadas y por fin se renuncio simplemente xq no gano.  Cambio, Condit salio ilicito con la cara limpia y bonita.

  163. Diaz was such a sore loser. Condit fought smart. If he just got hit with “baby kicks” and ran away then why was Diaz face all messed up. Sure Condit was marked too but not as much. Seriously? He hit a million leg kicks, repeatedly kicked him in the face and made him pay every time Diaz came at him. You cant say he’s running away if every time he does so he’s punching your face in. Very poor show of sportsmanship from the otherwise talented Diaz.

  164. Diaz rly need quit b*tchin tho on the real fightin aint all about aggression its about tactics and strategy and condit wont tryna get hit which he didnt that much so luk at both their faces and tell me who 1 Diaz face prtty f*cked up

  165. 1st 2nd round diaz 3rd is more like a draw but like nick land more and condit  stil backing up treu the round i c that like running the fight so have to give it ta diaz to 4th condit 5th kind a draw till diaz took him down and so even if you make round 3and 5 a draw that stil make’s it 2 rounds to 1 for diaz but like they said condit never lost a fight in vegas so thats why he won i think 

    1. Is that why you’re quitting the MMA?  You’re not quite the beast you think you are.  You got your face all beat up.  Condit…clean.

  166. I give 2nd 3rd and 4th to Condit. And Diaz only gets round 5 due to taking him down but he failed to finish him despite having an amazing position on Condit. And lets not forget, Condit was NOT saved by the bell in round 5. By the end of the round Condit had escaped Diaz and was on his back punching his face in at the end of the round. It was a close one I will grant you but the people who just cant fathom why Condit won are deluded, don’t know fighting or just cant bear to admit who the better man was, just like Diaz himself on the night.

    1. The fight was a draw. Octagon control is a huge part of fighting and Condit was turning his back to running at some points.Diaz won rounds 1 and 2 then Condit won rounds 3 and 4. The fifth round could have gone either way but i think Diaz won the 5th due to the fact that if it went another 15 seconds there would have been a submisson.

      1. I agree that octagon control is important but I feel he did nothing with it. Like when there is a take down but if you cant capitilise on it and the opponent just gets up then it means little compared to a take down with dominance. I beleive Condit was being evasive and making him pay for it. If he was really controlling the octagon, would Condit have been ABLE to escape? It seemed like Condit controlled the octagon as there was nowhere he could not move to. If Diaz couldn’t handle that and stuff his escape then thats on Diaz. If it wasnt working for him (which it wasnt) then why didn’t he stop chasing and let Condit come to him. If he did that and Condit still kept his distance and refused to engage then I would definately give Diaz the fight BUT Condit did fight back (Diaz face is proof) and he legitimately won. You cant just keep coming at someone, get your head kicked in and say you won cause you kept coming. My opinion is this, Diaz was playing the part of a bull in a bull fight. The bull has the equivelant of octagon control but we all know who wins that fight right?

    2. I agree with you.  Moreover, Diaz’s face was swollen from all the punishment he took.  Condit’s face was clean.  I couldn’t believe it, Diaz was such a bad sport about the loss that he said he was quitting MMA.

      The fight was NOT a draw! The judges and the commentators all agreed that Condit won.

    3. Paul,
      That’s the d*mbest comment that I have read on this fight period. “Condit had escaped Diaz.”  That shows you no nothing about fighting or what really happened…10 second mark and Diaz going for wild armbar to finish the fight and entertain.  What a clown you must be.

  167. One has to ask the question what if Nick Diaz would have fought like Condit? Meaning running away and looking for the weak shot as he came in. We would have the most boring fight in history. Actually it wouldn’t be a fight! It would be 2 men staying away from each other. This would be called a game of ‘tag’ not a fight. 

    Diaz pressed the fight and because of this Condit had more opportunities to strike as Diaz came in. However, Diaz was looking to show off his fighting will. An mma fight is a battle of free souls both agreeing to engage and impose each others fighting wills to try to subdue their opponent. It is done by contract and the arrangement is just that. It was Diaz’ intention to incapacitate Condit. Diaz came to fight while Condit came in to survive. 
    You have to give these close fights to the fighter and Diaz was the fighter that night!

    1. If Diaz fought like Condit, Condit would have cut him off with speed, kicks and sharper, harder strikes. He would have kicked his head in. 

      Diaz ineffectively tried to control the ring – no where near effective octagon control. Slow to the punch and his kicks were even more telegraphed. 1 LAME take down from how many attempts. which might have back fired on him if there was another minute left in the fight.Diaz is not the noble, clean, stand up fighter some portray. When fighters stand with him and snot him he uses his usually bigger frame to force guys against the cage.If he had real punching power he would have more clean knockouts for all the punches he throws. SImple brawler with average punching power. Hard head and good cardio only breat traits.Shown up today by well mannered Condit. Sore loser, bad sport and petulant brat.

    2. Maybe if Diaz had have backed off, then Condit would would have had to change his game plan and advance on Diaz, but alas Diaz didn’t and it cost him the fight. You cant say that if Diaz backed off as well then there would have been no fight because that didn’t happen and who knows how the fight would have gone in that instance. Maybe that would have been the tactic that would have helped Diaz win but instead he chose the strategy of advancing with fists a swinging. Lets not play silly games of ‘what ifs?’. This is fighting, not alternate realities.

  168. esta pelea esta mas arreglada q la lucha libre
    como va a ganar alguien q rehusa el combate   m*erdaa
    st pierre   le va ganar a condit   condit no es rival ni para diaz ni st pierre

  169. condit won for sure. the thing is diaz is the best in what he does. but, if other guy takes him out of his element he sure has to have a plan b . and gsp would  mount him the 5 rounds … so thats my opinion 

    1. Your dreaming pal, nearly as much as diaz during post fight.
      Hope Diaz holds off “retirement” just long enough to get KTFO.
      He would make a champion long distance d*mmy sp*tter.

      1.  Right on pal. Its like these Diaz fans got fingers in there ears and hands over there eyes (quite the feat) because its like they are trying to rewrite this fight. No one is saying it was not a close one but this attitude of Diaz being robbed is ridiculous. And I shall point out right now, I am no particularly huge Condit fan other than I like to watch him fight. I don’t favour him as a fighter over Diaz, all of this is from an unbiased account from the fight.

  170. Diaz did nothing but control the octagon and throw weak punches that missed. Carlos threw more punches and more significant punches. 3rd and 4th round Diaz stopped pushing the pace and just stood in the center and Carlos picked him apart. 

  171. although others called it a chicken fight …that’s still a strategy ..even if condit wasn’t able to exchange hits… its undeniable that he landed more shots…. …MMA is not STReetfight that the basis is always means of knocking enemies or killing them….its about proving how you are able to apply your skills — right ? USING THE MIND- thats what he did … and THATS what you guys who talks s*** are not doing … because you dont have  :)) 

  172. Nick Diaz played the tough part, and wound up with his face beat up.  Carlos Condit used his brain and fought like a true champion-got in struck and got out with no noticeable facial damage compared to Nick.  Those who hoped for a slugfest might as well forget it because that’s not the way to fight for 25 min and win.  Carlos followed orders and won.  The judges as well as both commentators agreed.  It was a close fight but Carlos won.  Too bad Nick had such a poor atitude, and his face got all beat up.

  173. i am a big diaz fan nick and nate thy the realest fighters in the ufc but condit out technuiqed my man, diaz got an attitude hes gunna spit the dummy hel fight gsp when pierre beats condit

  174. Who’s face is more beat up? You’re all m*rons. Condit lost that fight because he didn’t fight. You all say he used strategy, but it wasn’t even fighting strategy so I don’t know why you’re all so proud of him. He played the system which is why Diaz is mad. He won a point game. He didn’t even out strike Diaz. He out kicked him, with his front leg, with no power behind it. Diaz out punched him, out pressured him, out wrestled and jiu-jitsu’d him. For those saying he was getting pounded at the end of the round need glasses or to re-watch the fight. He had Carlos’ leg in the end. And the only reason he lost back control was cause he was TRYING TO FINISH THE FIGHT. He had 10 seconds left and went for an armbar. Again if he played for points like the road runner he woulda just stayed on his back. Joe Rogan, St. Pierre, and Chuck Lidell along with anyone with a brain can see Nick Diaz won. He was the only one fighting and he out punched carlos with more damaging shots. I’m not against strategy to finish someone in an MMA fight but I’m against playing the system for points, it’s stupid and it’s not how it started off. Look back at Royce Gracie, he had a weird style that wasn’t to stand and bang but he won fights and finished them with his style. Carlos could never finish a fight like how he fought Diaz. Peace mor*ns~

    1. i couldnt of had said that better myself bro its a shame whats going on in the ufc that sh*t wouldnt of had held up in pride

      1. Well said dude. The UFC is a point scoring, pathetic system in this day and age.  I would kill to see some competition pop up, and not be for sale to the UFC.  Nick looked at Carlos’ back for over 20% of the first 2 rounds.  HIS BACK!  That’s not FIGHTING and that’s not evading, it’s running, and it was absolutely pathetic. 

        1. they should bring the yellowcard stalling rule to ufc and punish fighters for fighting to win by points instead they punish the fighters with fighter spirit

    2.  Are you insane? Did we watch the same fight because CONDIT KEPT PUNCHING HIM IN THE FACE. Get it? Diaz stepped in, was hit and got out before big baby Diaz could answer it. Diaz lost dude. Get over the fantasy that Condit ran away. Diaz got beat end of. The sour grapes of Diaz and his fans show the sport in poor light. This isn’t WWF wrestling where the person you like most gets to win. Condit won fair and square and in impeccable fashion.

    3. you dont know what you’re talking boy. diaz is a walking zombie in this fight. all he do is brawl. he dont know the art of martial arts fighting. why? because the poor guy dont have a brain. 

  175. if these two fight 10 times condit wins 10 times.  nick can only push forward.  when he sat back carlos really took it to him.  apparently you need to learn a little bit about mma.  not neandrathal fighting.  check your facts carlos had 151 signifigant strikes to nicks lousy 105.  when a batter swings real hard do you give him a hit.  no sir.  you go sit on the bench cuz you struck out.  mark my words if they fight again carlos knows he can’t get hurt by nick and will open up huge gashes on nicks face.  when he got loose he picked him apart.  nick can only hurt your feelings. 

    1.  LOVE that batter analogy. Lets let Diaz win. He may have got his face punched in but boy did he have gusto!!!

    1. well if diaz shared the joint with condit it might have been different…hahaha…diaz is a funkin pot head, and cry baby. We all have a job to do, day in day out….this loser diaz beats a couple of nobodys in strikeforce? thats nothing…GSP would would make him look like an amature…nick diaz is a piece of sh*t with nowhere to go now…hahaha

  176. Diaz…..your a little whiny b*tch! Just because you got yo a** whooped you cant respect the decision….you may want to watch the fight yourself..its an obvious loss on your part. Oh…and stop actin like you are the best fighter, I myself believe that I would take you out in the octagon by knockout….not a decision. Your a punk, Chump!

    1. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL sorry many that was hilarious u knock out anyone or Nick Diaz for that matter is a joke in itself

  177. Diaz s*cks so bad, if he watched the fight he would realize hes a p*ssy and should retire since hes so bad, and then he should go make out with his p**** brother!

  178. Condit run & run & run & continue run….this actitude is dignate to a UFC champion? When only have 1 or 2 good combinations per round, only 1 or 2. This fight is not a good example to UFC MAIN EVENT….Diaz good warrior spirit, but poor defense and Condit won with a “intelligent fight”

  179. in my books diaz won 1 2 3 and 5.  its crazy two judges scored it 49-46 for condit!  someone… please… which 4 rounds did condit win?  diaz only won the 1st?  only won the 5th?  i wanna know which 4 rounds condit won.  thanks

  180. Cond clearly won the fight. he used is head and out struck Diaz. if you cant see that find yourself a new sport to winge about fool.

  181. diaz is not a good fighter
    didnt throw any kicks or punches
    at leats condit managed to kick his a*s
    he fought intelligently

  182. yeah! condit won! its clear that he won the fight! btw evading is important in fighting, it’s not running! d*mmy! (diaz fans)… if you’re a real fighter, it’s your own problem how to beat the fighter that was good in evading your punches and kicks. dick and nate s*cks a*s forever! they’re all Sh*t! he’s name should be d*ck not nick coz he’s a totally d*ck!

  183. So many of you guys are freaking m*rons. Fighting is a Fight sport. It’s right there in the name.  You stand in, juke left, right, and back, BUT you fight! There is a big difference between evading and running.  Carlos RAN WITH HIS BACK TO DIAZ for the entire first 2 rounds!!!  It was sad to watch in my opinion…and 2 judges score it 49-46.  That’s insanity, and so I agree with Diaz.  The UFC rewards b*tches that run, and don’t score that against them. 
    THE DIAZ BROTHERS AND CESAR GRACIE NEED TO START THEIR OWN EVENTS THAT REWARDS TOUGHNESS AND ACTUAL FIGHTING.  True fans of fighting in the millions would seek it out to watch it.  Congrats to Diaz on winning that fight btw.

    1. Wrong. Carlos systemically broke Nick Diaz both physically and mentally. Nick’s death grip on Carlos’ foot at the end of round 4 graphically illustrates his frustration at being utterly ineffective against Carlos’ style. I saw, two fighters in there but only one was acting like a true martial artist and not just an MMA fighter. You have to concede that while MMA is a fighting sport the natural progression of the sport goes hand in hand with the wisdom martial arts has imparted for thousands of years. Carlos more than proved the dynamic nature of his ability as an MMA fighter. I’m a Nick Diaz fan but I’ve been seeing this coming at him for a long time. I was worried about this fight for him. Carlos executed this beautifully. Strikes aren’t just punches to the face and if you count the number of viscous kicks to the legs and body Carlos unleashed on Nick you’ll begin to see the true fight unfold. Some of what Carlos did in this fight seemed to channel Bruce Lee – the movie version. He was that good against Nick in this fight. Nick has to work on his mobility and cutting off the ring. This was not a Nick Diaz that could have ever possibly had a chance against the greatest martial artist the sport has seen until this fight, GSP. 

      In short, when Nick reviews the fight tape over the coming months, he’s going to be left with that gnawing feeling some of us know intimately when he watches in disbelief and thinks, “I can’t believe he got that off on me? How could I let that happen?”

      – Gio out

      1. Condit did not break nick diaz down, he didnt even hurt him! and everyone needs to stop with the whole “it takes great skill to evade and fight that type of fight that carlos did” what a joke. since when is it difficult to avoid a fight and run away? sure if condit actually hurt diaz and did more damage with significant strikes (not leg kicks) then yes that would have been a great execution and victory. but he didnt, he outscored him on the board with leg kicks. diaz should have been smarter and learned to adapt to carlos style and gone for the takedown or something, maybe bring carlos to him instead of chasing him around so much, but dont praise condit for executing some “beautifuly crafted and executed” strategy, because it was not impressive in the slightest. Condit probably lost 50% of his fan base because of that fight.

    2.  haha fight on the streets man, with no rules or whatever. what you’re watching is a sports, game plan is part of it. its like you’re 5’0 and you want to dunk in front of shaq. easy to say those things since you’re not in the ring and maybe don’t know what is game plan is.. good luck :)

    3.  Guess what true fighter….  MMA is the skill set of UFC.  MA and fighting are two different things.  Corn fed hill billy bar fighters are the slugger types you are wanting to see.  UFC is a place where MMA students can test their skills against others.  Street fights are the place to watch two idiots slug out a confrontation.  UFC participants and their families live off of the results of their matches.  Condit fought for his family and his camp.  F*ck all you people that just want to see blood.
      BTW, I am ND fan all the way, all day.  Id rather see intelligent defense, as oppose to wild talentless swinging.

  184. I’m so happy to see this little fkn pr*ck leave the sport. Good riddance to another sh*t talking waste of space. He got systematically picked apart in this fight and he clearly lost. If you say different, flat out you’re just a nut hu*ger.

  185. nick diaz is the best MMA fighter, Condit fight well and intelligent but he dont fight like a man and was running old the time. He dont deserves by the mma champion and nick diaz is going to fight again with condit and kick his a*s.    

  186. GSP would take a sh*t down nicks throat. Nick was exposed this fight. If he can’t back an opponent to the cage and throw tons of punches or get an opponent’s back then he’s nothing. Condit proved it. Nick had him backing up in the first 2 rounds but after that he did nothing but get punched and kicked. He couldn’t land anything hardly.

  187. It’s sad when a fighter who shows up to a fight avoids a fight gets a win. I know a lot of you are gonna be well like it’s a sport it’s not a street fight i know i know. But c’mon lets be real do you honestly think that a fighter that shows up with intention to win by points is a real fighter? It’s not chess or checkers.
    Its mma it should be as simple as this:
    Be a master of all trades and master of none.
    Go in the octagon remember you’re grappling technics, takedowns, submissions, and striking for that’s all you need to win or lose a fight.
    The fighter that FIGHTS better that night should be the winner.
    Instead this is what mma is:
    Hay well look his stand up is good so just lay on him for a few minutes a round and you’ll win by points.
    Well his bjj and striking is better than you’res so just run in and out and give lil kicks here and there land a few combos and move out and you’ll win by points.
          In conclusion…… This is a sport and not a street fight agrument is out the window. It’s a well established sport. We all know that it is not boxing so some of you need to realize that it’s not a debate about you’re favorite fighter or his style it’s a simple declaration that questions the evolution of mma.
    It’s like this pride embodied the SPORT of mma. It embodied the warrior spirtit. 
         The ufc on the other had to change its image to make it mainstream. Well dana white and zuffa and fertattas its mainstream now. We know you had to change a few things to make it a legitamite sport but now its legit. And now you must change the scoring system and also bring the yellow card. Cause it seems like now the person that mostly avoids the fight and does his best to just coast his way thru a fight wins. And really that’s kinda killing the sport at its highest popularity rate. 
    For those that agree just click like if you disagree make you’re comment 
    peace to all 

  188. this is supposed to be the ultimate FIGHTING championship, not the ultimate POINT SPARRING championship. judges were put there because time limits were installed and there has to be a winner.  You should never have a game plan other than finish your opponent. win or lose. your a fighter for a career, (playing it safe isnt in the cards). I am personally a bjj practitioner but when watch a fight i want to see all aspects of mma. i dont expect 2 people stand 2to2 swinging like caveman, But i pay a sh*t load of money to see people FIGHT, Nick Diaz showed up to Fight, Condit showed up to get a W by point sparring, with that intent and “gameplan” going in. Did condit throw some “effective” kicks, yes, were a sh*t load of them a bunch of lead leg i touched my foot to your thigh and scored a point b.s, yes, those dont finish fights. But strikes the head and body do, and look at the tally diaz outstruck condit in the head and body. Mr. Condit dont try to s*cker me into paying for your fight against GSP by saying it will be a “WAR”, or its gonna be a “DOGFIGHT” cause now i know your just talking out of your a*s.  BTW i am aware of how carlos has finished most of his opponents up until now, and was a huge fan of his untill this fight.  And Diaz should have made changes during the fight to adjust for “gameplan” of condit.  But i dont think it would have mattered, cause im starting to think the (some) judges are not impartial when scoring the diaz fights. ( Also i smoke mmj,  but think diaz is stupid for not getting his sh*t straight and failing drug test). but i also think its funny that  in a sport filled with athletes using roids to get an advantage, diaz smoking weed (performance inhibitor) is still f*cking these guys up.

    1. ahhh quit complaining u p*ssy, and condit wont give a f*ck about what your saying cause hes stacking that money while your behind keyboards talking sh*t about professional athletes , ur pathetic go find a hobby

      1. your obviously a f*cking m*ron since your a meathead tito fan. Maybe it just made your head hurt trying to read that much. Your obviously the type of person that has a bully personality, i sincerley encourage you stop being a peice of sh*t and stop wasting the planets oxygen. Im sorry you want to pay good money to watch a fight, but then have those paid prof. Athletes make a mockary out of what should be a fight. And i would have no problem expressing anything i talked about in my post to diaz or condit in person.

  189. what the f…k you all talking about. Nick is a good fighter, but baby kicks. That is sh*t talk on the end . Baby kicks or not look at his face on the end… baby or not he kick his but. Close call , maybe… But without ko or submission he lost this fight fare and square… Condit was smart. He know that Nick is not gonna move back, but he use that as a weapon against him… baby kicks or not full contact was made , so is the point. Unanimous decision is right. Good fight over all 

  190. just one more time,,, condit run away… FOr god sake did anybody so face of Nick Diaz on the end… Come on guys this is BS, whatever you say Nick lost… He didn’t do any damage to Condit whatsoever. He got lucky Condit didn’t catch him wit some of those leg kicks, or even with spinning elbow… Ohh yeah and that street boxing of Nick is not a sport , that is a street fighting. And that is the difference. 

  191. It is simple.  Condit beat Diaz.  Condit fought smart and stuck to his game plan better then Diaz did.  That is why Diaz was trying to get into Condit’s head with all the trash talk in the ring.  If Condit had baby leg kicks, then why did Diaz change his stance so often.  Diaz is nothing but a street fighting  punk and if trash talk on the street as much as he does in the ring, it would not matter how good he is, he would just get beat down with a 9mm.

  192. rewatch this sh*t if you go by significant strikes, and number of strikes diaz took rounds 1,2 and 5 and i feel like 3 was a toss up. its not like condit was being a p*ssy, he was fighting a game plan where he takes out the legs  in the beginning of the fight so he could dance around diaz and disable diaz from hawking him down. every round was close but i give it to diaz. I also think the UFC judges make terrible decisions, they’ve slipped up on so many dec. in my opinion

  193. 10-8 first r u kidding me….lmfao  in order to score a 10-8 a fighter must  dominate the round, diaz did not dominate any round… its ok to say diaz wasnt his best that night, condit in my opinion did enough to win…10-8 1st

  194. carlos ran the whole fight got clocked the whole time might of got lucky and landed a little more in round 4 but not enough to phase diaz

  195. nick won the fight carlos won the run for anyone who knows and has actually been in a real fight nick won if u dont think so u must of never been in a fight or ur a kid because im not the best fighter but i have been in enof fights to know who wins

  196. carlos ran the whole time got clocked in the chin alot but ya i believe he won the race not the fight might of landed a few mor in 4 but lost 1235 if u really think carlos won u must not be a fighter or no anything about fighting bunch of kids judging the fight i think they should put in real fighters to judge the fight 

  197. Carlos demonstrated such professionalism and cool headed octagon savvy with regard to his antithesis; Nick Diaz who seemed like such an adolescent hot head with a chip on his shoulder the size of Texas. Carlos out thought and out fought a very good fighter who seems to have always gotten his way by bullying his opponents into fighting his fight. Not so this time with a man who displayed tremendous intelligence regarding his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.  However, if Nick had been the champion, it would have been harder to award the win to Carlos who, in my estimation, outpointed but may not have truly beaten Nick Diaz. But, the championship belt was up for grabs. And it went to the quicker, lighter footed and more intelligent fighter.   Nice going, Carlos. Best to you!

  198. well neither of them really won but at least they were tryin to hit rather than wrestling without trying to finish like fags, but in my expert opinion diaz only could have ‘lost’ the 4th round cus he ate a few shots recklessly as he was getting frustrated trying to follow condit.  condits ‘power’ shots were over rated and did not do any effective damage.  if he had real power on those highly rated leg kicks (and i think Diaz landed more, harder kicks) , it would only have taken a few to actually stop diaz.

    IMO clearly diaz was CLEARLY the winner of rounds 1, 2, 3, 5.

    1. I agree with you in that Condit’s shots were over rated and did not do any effective damage.  True.  After all, Nick kept coming forward and did not back off. On the other hand, Nick’s marked up face during the post fight interview told perhaps a different story. Carlos was definitely getting through. And if Nick held the championship belt initially, I would say that Carlos did not beat him enough to take the belt. But in this instance, Condit did not need to put a beating on Diaz. He just needed to score more points because the belt was up for grabs. Ever see Leonard V Hagler in the 1980’s?  Leonard may have outpointed the champion Hagler, but in a championship bout where there is one challenger and one champion, the challenger should have to do more than just outpoint the champ. In short, I think Hagler was robbed of his middleweight champion of the world  title. Not exactly so in Condit V Diaz. Both were challengers. 

      1. you bring up a good point with the facial damage, and it reminds me of the recent fight of edgar vs henderson, but i do not think it is always an indicator of who won – watching this fight, it is clear that nick wins every single close punching exchange, landing more and harder shots, and condit covers, ducks and scrambles, over and over.  some people just bruise up more and quicker than others, nick did not even get close to being rocked once.  i didnt see that fight i am not much of a regular boxing fan, except for good finishes, I like Tysons early fights.  if anyone here actually thinks condits kicks were anything close to ‘power’ they should check out gsp vs matt hughes or rutten vs villareal , just 2 of countless fights where correctly performed kicks are truly powerful.  

        1.  All I’m saying is that Nick was outscored, but not truly beaten.  You say that Nick never got rocked. I agree! But, Nick is the superior striker and yet Condit went the distance with him too AND absorbed Diaz’s superior strikes. Perhaps Condit was rocked, (I didn’t see it) But again, it could not have been hard enough such that he was knocked down or out because ultimately he wasn’t. (Condit did fall down though) Now…some say Condit was neither knocked down or out because he was running from Diaz. Okay. But others might say Carlos’s  tactics were reminiscent of guerrilla warfare. Attack and retreat. And, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not against the rules.  Running from Diaz? Okay. But that’s only one way of looking at it. 
          I don’t think Diaz’s fans  (Or Diaz himself) are giving Condit enough credit for having the intelligence and discipline not to stand with his back up against the cage like many of Diaz’s other victims and get suckered into a fight with a guy who is a superior striker/boxer. Sure! Condit would have lost that battle. He did not bring a knife to a gun fight in other words. That’s not just intelligent. That’s common sense.

  199. #1 Effective striking ” Carlos’s leg kicks wernt effective at all ”
    #2 Agression ” Nick diaz was the agressor all 5 rounds ”
    #3 Octagon control ” Nick diaz had it all 5 rounds ”
    #4 Effective grappling ” Nick diaz had it in round 5 ”

    Rounds 1,2 and 5 went to nick diaz, he was robbed of those rounds becuase of carlos and his p*ssy a*s leg kicks that did no damage, they were all for
     ” Show ” and to ” Trick ” the judges with his fancy footwork.

    Ps. Judges have never given Nick diaz a decision win in Las Vegas except for the Bj Penn fight and nick literally had to beat him to death for that win.  If nick diaz were to have gotten the decision win over carlos condict the UFC would have no problem telling you all how he won 3 rounds, there would be no controversey. Nick landed hard punches, carlos landed weak kicks. Nick chased, carlos ran.

    1. 1. Effective Striking? I disagree. If Carlos did not do any effective striking why is Diaz’s face so marked up at the end of 5 rounds? 
      2. Aggression?  Carlos used Nick’s aggressive tactics against him and outscored his opponent in the process.
      3. Octagon Control? Nick could not effectively cut off the ring. 
      4. Effective Grappling? The fight only went to the ground in the last 60-90 seconds of the fight, and Diaz could not sink the choke or the arm bar.  He only got the take down…but could do nothing with it.

      I’ve seen judges make bad decisions, but I believe they got it right this time around.  I gave every round to Carlos.  I think Diaz could have won had he changed to a tactic involving more kicks. He really landed some effective ones on Carlos’ body in the 4th round but never followed up. If they fight again, I believe Diaz can take the belt IF he can change his tactics and throws more kicks. Of course that assumes also that Carlos will fight the same fight again. 

      1. Nick could not effectivly cut off the ring? how come every 10 seconds he had his back against the cage and found himself running? On another topic, what fight were you watching?

        1. Your name is to be remembered…I should call you Alice…you know the famous one…who knew good advice, but seldom ever heeded it…Don’t Post Stupid Snit sukka….Cmon…Nick has never run inside a ring…except at the appon.

      2. Some people just swell up if you tap em…don’t use Nicks battle worn face to make your point…cause that’s you looken for an ace and you know damn well I got all four crazy cat….shoot…

      3. 1.- diaz gets cut and marked up in every fight, thats the way his bod works, it has nothing to do with the power of the strikes.
        2.- carlos just ran, and landed weak shots while runing backwords.
        3.- same thing, carlos ran all the time, and nick was in his face all the time.
        4.- dude are you an mma newbie or what? there also is standing grappling, nick put condit against the fence and clinched him while punching several times, and again, condit ran from that… diaz got the grappling edge all the fight. And still, the takedown was bad a*s man, took his back, went for 2 submissions and reversed a position.

        diaz won 1 2 and 5, he got robbed.

  200. pelea inteligente por parte de condit… y diaz es un pinche fanfarron,,, POR QUE NO LO BUSCO PARA ACABARLO? lo ha echo antes en strikeforce… por que no lo hizo aqui? pues eso le quedara en su conciencia y luego dice que no necesita esa mierda? que arrogante, no acepta que perdio contra un buen adversario, TENIA COMO GANAR PERO SOLO PROVOCABA Y NO SALIA A ACABARLO! por que TIENE COMO ACABAR A SUS OPONENTES y no busco su victoria…la dejo ir, asi que JSP tiene nuevo retador :D

  201. sin lugar a duda no podemos cegarnos, esta claro que la pelea no fue para condit, nick lo busco constantemente  y no se a que fue  condit se hubiese quedado en su jato  durmiendo si no queria pelear, por otro lado se sabe que nick diaz es presumido y todo lo demas pero es buen peleador y eso no se puede desmerecer vamos a ver    cuanto tiempo le dura el titulo al new campion si se le puede llamar asi a alguien que no le a ganado a nadie

  202. I just watched this fight for first time 3/30/2012 Controversy??????????
     Diaz got his a*s kicked and couldnt handle it . What a crybaby p*ssy.
    Congrats to brilliant figh Condit!

  203. I just watched this. 4-5-12 These judges are terrible. OK (MAYBE) you could have given this fight to Carlos(not me) but surly not with those scores. Diaz is not liked by judges and this was a message to him.BS big time. Carlos is gonna get his a$$ kicked by GSP, Diaz would have beaten him or at least given him a run.

    1. Carlos did a good job staying away from Diaz while smothering him the entire fight. He landed way more than Diaz.
      Shouldn’t have won by that margin though.
      GSP is a different ball game, who can beat either of these two.

    2. now that i agree with the scores for diaz is bullsh*t low but i do think carlos won the fight,just cuz he didn’t slug it out with diaz or finish him doesn’t mean that is all there is to mma

  204. I always hate Diaz for a long time until this fight…He is a excellent MMA fighter, standing or on the ground. He moves appearing to be low guard like a street fighter, but he have a great technics that the opponents can not attack him effective.This Carlos Condit just run all the time making points with your cliche and boring style that are not effective while Diaz attempted for a real confrontation.Carlos Condit is not capable of a fight frank against Nick Diaz and never can beat down Diaz. Diaz can, he just underestimated the adversary and not think about this f*ckin points.I think not fair, and i not expect no one different than St. Pierre for really beat Diaz, But i don’t know, will be a really good fight.Condit is weak.If all fights be like this, then TUF  would be a sh*t.Decision unanimous could be for who really has the potential to beat down the opponent  in KO and submission. Diaz won if in this condition, but in points, i think that judges were impartially when the circunstances involve Diaz, maybe not.

  205. condit fought well going backwards landed more shots and by looking at there faces the more effective shots diaz did move forward but moving froward doesn’t mean anything if your not connecting enough

  206. Conduit? You call those love taps leg kicks?
    Just watch Nick Diaz Vs. Evangelista Cyborg..
    THOSE are leg kicks. Condit may have boxed smart but he bored us to death for 25 minutes. He isn’t stupid enough to go toe-2-toe with Diaz.
    ANYONE that stands there and trades punches with Nick Diaz is going to lose. Paul Daley, he had 20 finishes, Diaz killed him in the first. Zaromskis, he was a champion over in Japan, f refgrgf him in thefirst. Let us not forget the beating Diaz gave BJ Penn. Conduit lost a lot of respect in this fight.

    I don’t agree with this effective striking BS. Anderson Silva uses effective striking. This fight? Not it. Effective running maybe.

    The reason the Judges gave the belt to Conduit is because he is a better role model and more of a better figurehead for the UFC.  He wore a suit to the pre-match interview for goodncess sake. He’s the good guy, Diaz is the bad guy.
    Judges gave it to the good guy. Madness. 

  207. I’m surprised by a few opinions posted how could that go to Diaz. Condit threw a variety of nice combos and never appeared to be in any trouble yeah he was moving away most of the fight with some good in and out movement too that was the gameplan look what happened to bj against the cage props to carlos thank god the m*rons leavn pro Diaz comments have opinions that don’t matter to anyone go school yourselves on mma judging armchair heros.

  208. It’s sad when a fighter who shows up to a fight avoids a fight gets a win. I know a lot of you are gonna be well like it’s a sport it’s not a street fight i know i know. But c’mon lets be real do you honestly think that a fighter that shows up with intention to win by points is a real fighter? It’s not chess or checkers.
    Its mma it should be as simple as this:
    Be a jack of all trades and master of none.
    Go in the octagon remember you’re grappling technics, takedowns, submissions, and striking for that’s all you need to win or lose a fight.
    The fighter that FIGHTS better that night should be the winner.
    Instead this is what mma is:
    Hay well look his stand up is good so just lay on him for a few minutes a round and you’ll win by points.
    Well his bjj and striking is better than you’res so just run in and out and give lil kicks here and there land a few combos and move out and you’ll win by points.
          In conclusion…… This is a sport and not a street fight agrument is out the window. It’s a well established sport. We all know that it is not boxing so some of you need to realize that it’s not a debate about you’re favorite fighter or his style it’s a simple declaration that questions the evolution of mma.
    It’s like this pride embodied the SPORT of mma. It embodied the warrior spirtit. 
         The ufc on the other had to change its image to make it mainstream. Well dana white and zuffa and fertattas its mainstream now. We know you had to change a few things to make it a legitamite sport but now its legit. And now you must change the scoring system and also bring the yellow card. Cause it seems like now the person that mostly avoids the fight and does his best to just coast his way thru a fight wins. And really that’s kinda killing the sport at its highest popularity rate. 
    For those that agree just click like if you disagree make you’re comment 
    peace to all

      1. Funny how when i posted this earlier a lot of people could understand what i was saying and gave me six likes. I think i worded my opinion well enough to be understood. So if you disagree say what you disagree with. If you could make my argument more coherently then do it. Peace

    1. I think that much of what you declare here is truly legitimate. And, I might even agree with it even to the extent of not awarding Carlos the win if ONLY Diaz had ALREADY been the champ. You see, I do not think it is enough for a challenger to become a champion on the basis of scoring points alone.. But, this belt was up for grabs. And both men were challengers. And while I believe that Carlos won the fight, he did not truly beat Diaz. And, there is a difference. Carlos won because he outpointed his foe. But, that is all he really needed to do in a match where neither man is yet the welterweight champion. And there it is. Now turn the argument on its’ head. If Carlos had initially been the champion and Diaz fought as he did, would you really have then declared Diaz the winner on the basis of fewer points scored?  Really, neither man truly beat the other. And, the judges had to give it to somebody. It’s just easier that way and no insult to Diaz or his fans. 
      Some people post that Carlos ran the entire fight. Sure! That’s one way of looking at it and maybe even legitimately so. (Especially to the many Diaz fans out there) . But others saw that particular tactic as Condit simply re-positioning himself in the octagon to allow for his  advantage in terms of a better angle of attack and retreat. Yes. Attack and retreat which sounds quite a bit like guerrilla warfare to me. And you are right!  While fighting in the Octagon is not chess or checkers, even board game like these require tactics and strategy just as do violent sports like hockey and football.  (And Ultimate Fighting) 

      1. Very good argument bro. I have to find myself in agreement with you. My only point is that they somehow penalize that style of fighting, but then a full spectrum of mma junkies will say it’s not boxing so on and so on. But i get you’re point.

    2. i agree mostly cuz u r there to win the fight and not “on purpose” run around and point urself to victory but at the same time that is a technique just like all the other ones,with all intentions aside u dont fight sum1s strength (i.e nicks pressing up against the cage) you find a way to counter their technique with ur own (i.e condits footwork and movement/finding openings) and another thing if nick diaz is a better fighter then he would have used his bjj to take carlos down like u said cuz thats the best way to counter sum1 who is moving all the time and picking their shots but nick didn’t do that so to me carlos was the better fighter that night which is all that matters cuz there is no such thing as 1 fighter that is better than all the other ones its just from a fight to fight basis

  209. Diaz is tough, skilled, strong, and in my opinion a great person… unfortunately he made two mistakes:

    He relied on his cardio and endurance which has led him to victory many times before, but the thing is he’s not the only one with good cardio in the UFC.

    Secondly, he limited his game, he wanted to end this fight with his fists and boxing so badly.. that he forgot about his jiu-jitsu… He is a black belt! and if he had decided to take the fight to the ground at least in the third round, he would have won pretty soon.

    Condit was ok, he avoided Diaz’s game and he was able to do so during the 5 rounds.

    Make Condit and Diaz fight 5 more times, and Nick will win those 5 fights.

  210. Man their both great fighters but that was diaz’s fight condit was running scared cause he knew wasup.

  211. I hate it when people complain about the strategic aspect of the sport MMA is a legitiment sport not a street brawl Condit was the better stategist he beat Diaz with tact and know how, My hat is off to him because Diaz is a one trick pony that got beat because he failed to improvise or train for a fighter that was more than one demensional. 


  212. Honestly. Reading the many comments on this forum from those who seem clearly in Diaz’s camp is like attending a convention of Flat Earth Society members.  I don’t think that shouting at the rain is going to suddenly change the fact that Diaz lost the decision. Look. I’m sympathetic. But I’m reading conspiracy like charges and everything from the idea that the judges all hated Diaz to their lack of experience in being judges in the first place. 
    Truly, I was expecting Diaz to put a beating on Condit just as he had B.J. Penn and Frank Shamrock both of whom are still very good fighters. When that didn’t happen to Condit, I was stunned!!  But how about some appreciation for the fact that at least Diaz was not truly beaten so much as he was simply out pointed? Both men were challengers. Had Diaz been the champ initially, can’t you guys take some consolation in the fact that Condit would probably not have won the decision because (at least in boxing) it’s rarely enough for the challenger to take the belt from the champion on the basis of points alone? And how about this?  I think Diaz won more money for this fight than did Condit. So, lighten up, guys! Condit did not beat Diaz. Condit outpointed Diaz. But, in the end that’s all he needed to do in a fight where neither man was initially the champion.  And, I know it’s hard, but how about some appreciation for a very smart & disciplined Carlos Condit who did not (like so many of Diaz’s other victims) bring a knife to a gun fight? 
     Now some of you claim that Condit ran for much of the fight. Okay. That’s fine. Perhaps you’ve got a point there. But, how about also considering the idea that Condit was employing guerrilla like tactics? You know? Attack and retreat. It’s not illegal, and if it were don’t you think the Referee would have deducted points from Condit which in a close fight would have made Diaz the winner? (And, please don’ t tell me that the Ref had it in for Diaz also)  Diaz is still a winner in my opinion. Look at his record for goodness sake!  And, he will get another chance where if he changes tactics a bit can truly win next time. I don’t think Diaz is a one trick pony either. That’s an insult to his intelligence and to his skill as a Gracie black belt. He’s exactly where he is because he’s smart, skilled and tough. He’ll be back because despite this “loss” he’s still a winner. This sort of loss is simply a test of his resolve. And he does seemed determined…doesn’t he?  (He and his brother!!) 

    1. felt like i was at some mma lecture…wow. and the silly thing is i read all of that. oh, i’m a carlos fan, not that it matters

  213. I see many people saying that if they fight again Diaz will outstrike Condit with better tactics and what not. You guys must’ve forgot Diaz’s BJJ black belt, and how easily he took down Condit at the end, and went for two submissions in less than a minute. If they fight again, I think it’s better to assume Diaz will bring Condit to the ground and submit him. Diaz wasn’t being to aggressive with the strikes because he thought he was winning, as he was the aggressor. I wish fights went until a KO/submission ahah

  214. u guys r all funny as hell i bet none of u ever steppd into the cage and until u do u dnt no sh*t bout fighting. condt won bc he used every aspect of the game and over came.. thr is alot to fighting ppl dnt understand condt was good on his feet. he did not run he moved out the way its calld good foot wrk and head movment. it seems like all u guys wanna c is dumba*ses just standing in frnt one another thowing punch for punch… tht aint fighting. it aint about tht its about who is a smarter fighter and able to come out on top using any technek thy can..

  215. Just watched the fight again, and Condit totally deserved the win. He was really starting to find his feet in the final rounds. Apart from Diaz’s takedown he did nothing in the final two rounds.  Had it gone on longer I reckon Condit would have knocked his a*s out.

  216. well obviously both men did a great job in this fights hats off to both of them how ever i had the fight scored diaz 1,2,and 5 and i had carlos winning 3, and 4 but usually they give the guy that pushes the pace the victory. such as in the lyoto machida vs rampage fight that fight clearly lyoto should have won but seems as the judges did not see it that way these judges make bad calls all the time in close match decisions. i do not understand how some fights end with the agressor winning but in this fight diaz lost. or in the chael vs bisping fight with clearly bisping dominated chael the entire fight an he lost the fight as well. i think some fights are rigued to what will draw more fans for the next paper view however in this case i beleive diaz just got robbed if he would have lost i would have scored it a 49, 48 by split decision not unanimous 

  217. Diaz rds. 1, 2, 5… Condit had 3, 4. wild scoring by the judges…a lil too fetched…diaz got robbed…i didnt like his attitude at the end but its hard to blame em when the descision is so wack.

  218. Condit won 1-4…  What did Diaz do besides chase him around and land a couple of combo’s?  Condit landed WAAAAAAY MORE shots…  People that say he lost, are smoking crack!

    1. my 4 year old daughter could have gone in there and ran around the ring for 25 min. So I guess she’s a better fighter than Dias right? I have 0 respect for any professional fighter who trains for months just for 25 min. in the ring . then just runs away !

  219. wow Condit what a big f*ckin p*ssy ! I be f*ckin pissed too ! how can he get the W by running away the whole fight ! because We all know and he did too that Diaz would destroy him if he had the balls to stop running and fight ! not too mention boring the hell out of everyone CONDIT IS A BIG P*SSY!

  220. really ppl???? get a grip everyone talking about condit running…what would you do stand there and let your opponent have his game plan? or are you gonna avoid his game plan and execute one of ur own? all diaz was doin was trying to press him up against the cage so he could throw combos at him,but thats ok huh b/c diaz wants to corner his opponent so he can’t move and then punch him? but if sum1 refuses to let that happen and move around a pepper him whenever there is a chance thats a p*ssy? just look at diazs face compared to condits  and 1 more thing nick diaz doesn’t like to stand a trade a lot either he tries to use the cage with his strategy so i dont see how one technique of fighting is more p*ssy than the other especially when condit clearly landed more strikes..significant ones at that

  221. oh and another thing….diaz maybe better than carlos at bjj,boxing or whatever ya know he may be able to do more with his skills but a fight isn’t judged on potential,it is judged by what u do in the fight and u wud have to be blind to think nick diaz done more damage and controlled the cage better than carlos after all nick was the one following carlos’s movement,condit dictated where the fight took place,if nick had it would have been up against the cage and/or on the ground but that clearly didn’t happen so learn how mma fights are judged b4 u take a disappointment to mma’s(nick diaz) side :)

  222. this fight was boring carlos’s approach was sad and cowardly but nicks one trck mind didnt help make the fight anymore dynamic either i can see how people can say carlos out smarted him but in the end he didnt out fight him he didnt display better technique just out thunk him but thats not what people pay to watch and the fact that people are applauding him for that is sad thats like saying doind roids is ok cause its not your fault your oponent didnt think of it

  223. f*ckin hate judges that was totally nicks fight f*ckin pisses me off stpuid f*ckin judges scored that 4-1 4-1 and 3-2 wtf is that sh*t bunch of retards

  224.  OMG, Diaz got robbed for days. Condit was running a damn marathon in there. I thought we came here to fight, gentleman. Bogus loss for Diaz. BTW…Train by day Joe Rogan podcast by night, all day!!!

  225. Nick Diaz is a sore loser, Condit landed more, out paced him and frustrated
    the guy.  Condit is a more intelligent and dignified fighter.


  227. people who think diaz won that fight are clueless about mma…yeah condit ran but it was a smart strategy…he out struck diaz by a lot..landed the harder punches and kicks…people who think diaz won dont know the kraft and strategy aspect of mma…id*ots

  228. That was definitely Condit’s fight. Nick pushed the pace but didn’t land anything significant. His strategy failed to set up the more technical fighter. I’m glad the judges considered the connections that Condit made. He wasn’t running, he was not going to be Nick’s punching bag.
    Diaz is a whining cry baby and maybe it’s time he did pack it in. He should have pushed the fight harder to keep on top of Condit.
    WTG- Condit … Now u gonna get ur a*s handed to you by GSP !

  229. mma fan and snow tiger ur retarded throwing b*tch leg kicks dont mean u win rewatch the fight and tell me whos head snapback more and im oretty sure u will think condit lost

  230. @8331b24750303479cae4d366ff8529ca:disqus  Nick had his head snapped back too, not to mention the leg kicks, body kicks, knees, spinning back fists and spinning back elbows that he was hit with.  Nick was simply outworked.

    1. Are you serious outworked those leg kicks didnt hurt diaz baby kicks those were for show hey im landing but hurting him not at all diaz 1,2,5 he ran look at guida there both jackson fighters same game plan the intent was never to fight diaz just avoid him natural born runner

  231. carlos didn`t win this fight that wasn`t justice nick was chasing condit making boxing combinations carlos made a few combinations  very agresive but still nick won this fight  I belive for what I `ve seen and what I`ve heard they will fight the re-macht they must do it thank you greetings from costa rica ……

  232. in between the 4th and 5th rounds you can here Nate saying “might have got that last round but thats it.  your up 3-1.”   yet the two of the judges scored it 49-46…

  233. you can hear nick at 13:33 (part two) say “he said he’d come and fight.  he’s a coward”  diaz won rounds 1, 2, 3 and 5.  how the f*ck did they score it 48-47, 49-46, 49-46.  then suspend him for a year and fine him $60,000 for smoking weed legally 8 days before a fight…

  234. If Diaz wouldn’t have left himself open by chasing Condit there wouldn’t have even been a fight. Condit clearly “ran” for 90% of the fight. Did anyone fear for Diaz at any point? Did anyone fear for Condit at any point? Only if he were to stop and fight or the fight wouldn’t have ended with Nick clearly after a submission.  Pretty clear who the, paid by Dana White, commentators knew was going to win the fight. The judges are paid by you know who as well? It’s the Dana White show folks . . . . Just like boxing . . fixed. For those who want to count what were meaningless punches in this particular bout . . . don’t cry about a dull fight. We’ve been convinced when it’s to the advantage of a preferred fighter the number of punches is important and when it doesn’t favor there preferred fighter it’s the meaningful puncehs that matter.

  235. If Diaz had done the same thing as Condit the same people who say Condit won would be saying MMA sucks and both fighters were pu–es. Suppose you paid to go to the fights and no fighters showed up? Just  like in boxing no real fan wants to pay to see the manly art of self defense . . . they want to see a fight or at least something that resembles one. Condit didn’t offer anything that would make anyone think he “beat” Diaz he simply “avoided” him for five rounds.

  236. Good way for White to arrange GSP a warm up fight before fighting Diaz (not that he needs it). Love Diaz but GSP is the man I believe.

  237. diaz is a little whiny b*tch, hope his dumba*s brother gets knocked out but ben henderson when that fight goes down

  238. You know full well that Condit lost very decisively to his superior Nick Diaz. Say there was no cage and Nick + Carlos were fighting at, lets say, a park. Diaz would be throwing those nasty combinations and Carlos would be literally, full blown, sprinting the other direction and your dumba*s would go…..I think Carlos Won. He tapped him with his leg before he ran. Baah baaahhh baaah.

  239. if diaz was the better fighter, he would of won.. but i would of like to see GSP smash the f*ck out of diaz..

  240. It doesn’t matter st- pierre well kick his a*s anyway, go Canada. And for the record i thought Diaz should of got the win all Carlos did was stay away from him, not a good fight but he will get his a*s kicked when he faces ” George!!! “

  241. Definately a fight where both fighters could have won. Condit played the rules of the octagon and didn’t allow himself to get lured into making mistakes, while Diaz came out to fight exposing his body. If the last round had two more minutes, Diaz should have won the fight. Condit won the fight because he played into the Diaz gameplan – Endurance and despair. At some point into the match you can see Condit’s strikes making Nick want to change his gameplan.

    Nick should have looked to take Condit’s back sooner, because Condit was prepared to survive striking.

    I’m having a hard time picking the better fighter in the cage for this fight. On “points” Condit won fair and square but Nick really should focus on getting a plan B

  242. Condit is a chicken step whole fight running the hell was it that was very boring fight, where is the respect for people who give their money to those fights was an abuse what they did to the jueses nick diaz.

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