2015 BOXING fight – Lucas Martin Matthysse vs Viktor Postol – full fight Video WBC

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2 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2015-10-03, disappointing fight between Lucas Matthysse and Viktor Postol: it gets two stars.

Lucas Martin Matthysse entered this fight with a professional boxing record of 37-3-0 (34 KOs=92%) and he is ranked as the No.2 super lightweight in the world (currently the #1 in this division is Terence Crawford). He suffered his last loss in 2013 when he faced Danny Garcia (=Garcia vs Matthysse), since then he has won three consecutive fights beating Ruslan Provodnikov in his last one (=Matthysse vs Provodnikov).
His opponent, the undefeated Viktor Postol, has a perfect record of 27-0-0 (11 knockouts) and he entered as the No.4 in the same weight class; he beat Selcuk Aydin (=Postol vs Aydin) and Jake Giuriceo in his last two bouts. Matthysse vs Postol is valid for the vacant WBC World super lightweight title. Watch the video and rate this fight!


Date: 2015-10-03

Where: StubHub Center, Carson, California, USA

Division: light welterweight (140 lbs, 63.5 kg)

Title: vacant WBC World super lightweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Viktor Postol def. Lucas Matthysse (KO at 2:58, round 10)


Matthysse’s previous fight: Lucas Matthysse vs Ruslan Provodnikov

Postol’s next fight: Terence Crawford vs Viktor Postol

Matthysse’s next fight: Lucas Matthysse vs Emmanuel Taylor


Official video:

(Alternative free embeddable video hosted on Pokeryour.ru)

Official highlights

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31 comments on “2015 BOXING fight – Lucas Martin Matthysse vs Viktor Postol – full fight Video WBC”

  1. Though it doesnt matter.
    I had every round up to the 6th for Matthysse. 7-9 for Postol. Judges and commentators should be forced to watch the fight via TV feed.
    Besides the 4th. Postol was hitting gloves.
    Very surprised by the ending. Retirement time.

    • Really? I had Postol ahead. Mattyhsse didn’t land much, other than rabbit punches. He should have jabbed more to pin Postol against the ropes or set up a right hand.

      Anyway, the conclusion was strange. I wonder if Mattyhsse’s eye had something to do with the stoppage. I hope he picks himself up from this defeat.

    • I had him winning too, until the collapse started in the last two rounds. Maybe you’re right and time caught up with him. It happens…

      Postol moves and jabs well, but I too saw Matthysse catching punches on the gloves that the announcers were impressed by.

    • I think that watching this fight on TV with the HBO commentators also brings a lot of biases too. I say that because even though there was a lot of clinching in the first half of the fight, I’ve seen way worst and the crowd didn’t complain much.. No real booing. But since we hear all the ref is saying and the HBO analysts complaints on TV… it seems worst than it is actually, IMO.

  2. I am very disappointed as I love Mathysse, did he really get that old with the Molina Jr. and Provodnikov fights? In the first few rounds, that tentacle totting Postol made the fight unbearable to watch.

    Then Mathysse had some moments, getting on the inside of that 5′ 11″ 145 pounds thing (man, I am 5′ 11″, considering getting down to 145 is just CRAZY!) but the end surprised me a lot. I almost thought of a fix, sorry to say. Can’t wait to see what my good friends Olivier and Arjay Cee think?

    • As you say, Matt. Strange ending!

      I can’t tell if Matthysse was stopped only by the accumulation of Postol’s punches or if something else was wrong physically with him. He was not the same fighter after his dominant 7th round. Weirdly, he looked mentally deflated just when he had begun hurting Postol.

      There was a head clash, so that may have been important.

      I was annoyed by Postol’s constant holding. Jack Reiss’s warnings got on my nerves too.

      Interesting, frustrating and mysterious fight.

      • Thanks for your input dear friend. Indeed, Postol’s octopus holding was very annoying. How did he find the power to stop Matthysse in his skeleton frame?

        Not sure I’d pay to see Postol. If he eats a sandwich and a donut he goes up one category LOL

    • I’m very disappointed with the result of this fight and the referee who wasn’t capable to do his job as required. Because weren’t penalties enforced Postol took full advantage of this situation and did whatever he wants using holding as much as required in order to achieve his purposes.
      I don’t think that the fight was fix, there isn’t reason for. In my opinion, Matthysse when he was down his left eye
      was in some way affected, probably by glove rubbing, that prevented him to continuing fighting. He is a real warrior and his decision to quit was done for sure for a good reason. In top of his injury we should count also his terrible frustration for not being capable to reach his opponent plus being holding most of the time when he was close to him. A 5 inches height difference is quite a lot when combined with dirty boxing techniques also.
      He is still in good physical conditions for continuing his career but mentally most likely affected.

      • You’re most likely right Tango, I wrote the ‘fix’ thing in the heat of the moment. He said after the fight that he could have gotten up but he couldn’t see. :(

  3. Im on mtthysse side..and thats boxing, postol is a great fighter..but the very surprised to me is a K.O win

    • Yeah you are right. Postol really used his physical advantage to say the least. But as I said, I’m very surprised by the finish. Mathysse wanted no more, very weird. What do you think?

  4. Matthysse was the fulltime aggressor fighting with a guy that was just running and holding from more than half of the fight. Postol just started to fight about the 8 round when he was sure that Matthysse’s power was probably gone, Shame that the referee didn’t discounted points to Postol after giving him about three warning calls. It may be now a different result because Postol should be obliged to fight to avoid further penalties. The reach advantage was a main factor since it was huge. It wasn’t the right fight for MatthysseIt with a surprising and very bad choice of such opponent.

    • I don’t agree about the outcome being possibly different if the referee deducted point for holding, because it seemed that after the 6th, Postol started to work in combinations, staying out of Matthysse’s range… as if anyway, it was his gameplan (of Roach’s) from the start.

      • You may be right because Postol was keeping the distance in the last rounds. However, don’t forget that Matthysse was very frustrated and most likely feeling he hasn’t support from the referee at all in discounting points as really was required. He was looking at the referee full-time to obtain such discount unsuccessfully.
        If the referee do things right, Postol has to fight under a different plan, and more cautious, may be giving more opportunities to an already energized Matthysse as a result of the proper decision from Reiss.

  5. Postol not once looked tired. Wtheck?? Not even after matthysse quit. Idk if it was fixed, who knows. But if it was straight..postol must have hit matthysses eyes so hard it popped a vein to make matthysse quit like that?? Looks like maybe matthysses reign is over. Actually since his loss to garcia ..?..

  6. I really like matthysse but in this fight he was not the same boxer i knew….maybe he bet on postol by ko

    • A very sarcastic comment man and there isn’t reason to think like that.
      He started very well but after passing half of the fight he got fully frustrated realizing that was a very wrong decision to fight with a guy with so much reach advantage. Additionally, he got the referee working against him since Reiss wasn’t capable to stop Postol’s bad boxing behaviour.

  7. hi guys,, i just found this page it is an amazing work what you guys are doing…. i already bookmarked as a favourite…

    sometimes like in this fight lucas vs pistol you guys upload the video and youtube blocks it very quickly…. are you guys going to upload it again? or is there a place where i can get this fight… i was really drunk last saturday and i felt asleep and i missed the fight… and i really want to watch it.

    • Hi! Glad you like the place. Just a regular user here. Google is your friend, but you can come back to comment here after seeing it. Sadly, no video of the fight seem to be available on the net for now. :(

      • yep i tried google but seems like the video is not available…. this was the only place i was able to find it… so, i was wondering if they would upload it again… seems like the hot fights are always censored by youtube… but once it gets old youtube forget to block them… thanks bro

  8. Finally had the chance/time to watch this one, and to read all your comments! Lots of things on my mind…

    Even though pretty much everyone around the ring praised Reiss’ job, I didn’t agree with them and some of you. He said many things I felt a referee shouldn’t be allowed to say like: “You’re holding, that’s why you’re getting hit behind the head”, and he even allegedly said to Postol something like: “if you go down from a rabbit punch in a clinch situation, I will call it a knockdown..!” They all said “Reiss is forcing the fight” (they should’ve said “trying to force..” since there was no point deduction). And my reflection is no, Reiss is trying to force a certain type of fight. A type that yes, may be more crowd pleasing, but still, a type that is favoring Matthysse. Yes, clinching sucks, is unentertaining for the fans, shouldn’t be tolerated and points have to be deducted after many warnings. But the same goes for rabbit punches. These punches in the back of the head are way more dangerous and can influence the outcome of a fight even more than clinches.

    Some referee like Kenny Bayless tolerates clinching and/or pushing more, interestingly even more in fights that involved Floyd Mayweather Jr (and should be thankful for that!). I’m not saying anything was fixed, but I thought Reiss was on Mathysse’s side.

    Postol did what he had to do. That was to keep the right distance between Matthysse and him, to throw a lot of jabs, to avoid getting caught in a close range fight, and that involved (sadly) a lot of clinching in the first half of the fight. Matthysse was able to land only a few powerpunches and got discouraged. Yes, there seemed to be something wrong with his left eye after the knockdown and there was a lot of blood coming out of his nose. I will not question Matthysse motivation since he proved many times over the past years that he has a lot of heart, determination and pride.


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