2012 MMA fight – Chael Sonnen vs Michael Bisping – full fight Video UFC on Fox 2

2_stars_mma_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2012-01-28, two stars for Chael Sonnen vs Michael Bisping since it was not a particularly exciting fight. Chael Sonnen (26-11-1) entered as the No.2 middleweight in the world while Michael Bisping (22-3-0) entered as the No.9. Sonnen vs Bisping is on the undercard of Rashad Evans vs Phil Davis (UFC on Fox 2). Watch the video!


Event: UFC on Fox 2: Evans vs Davis

Date: 2012-01-28

Where: United Center, Chicago, Illinois, United States

Division: middleweight (185 lbs, 84 kg)

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Chael Sonnen def. Michael Bisping (unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28, 29-28)


UFC on Fox 2 fight card (main fights):
Rashad Evans vs Phil Davis
Chael Sonnen vs Michael Bisping
Demian Maia vs Chris Weidman
Evan Dunham vs Nik Lentz
Joey Beltran vs Lavar Johnson
Charles Oliveira vs Eric Wisely

Sonnen’s previous fight: Chael Sonnen vs Brian Stann

Bisping’s previous fight: Michael Bisping vs Jason Miller

Sonnen’s next fight: Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen 2

Bisping’s next fight: Michael Bisping vs Brian Stann


video hosted on UFC’s Official Youtube channel

Alternative highlights video



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54 thoughts on “2012 MMA fight – Chael Sonnen vs Michael Bisping – full fight Video UFC on Fox 2”

  1. This was a grueling fight between two good fighters. I’ve heard folks say it was boring, but these guys fought hard, and I think they can both be proud of their efforts.

    I’d be curious to know what injuries they had coming into the fight.

  2. Decent fight Sonnen didn’t control Bisping on the ground like we thought he would be he controlled him enough to win the fight

  3. to me it looked like bisping should have won that fight.
    that said though, i like sonnen and am glad to see he gets a rematch with silva

  4. Sonnen clearly won, the judges did a good job. there’s nothing you can do about it and stfu you might p*ssed off the real gansta’.

  5. Yet again I shall watch Anderson The Spider Slva kick someone’s a*s.So much the better for me that it”ll be Chael stupid Sonnen.One who is not even a match for Anderson Silva.
    Poor thing!

  6. I had MB winning two of the three. Neither will beat AS though, Sonnen won’t get anywhere near the success in the rematch.

  7. First Round: Sonnen took bisping down twice. Bisping barely won the stand up. 10-9 Sonnen
    Second Round: Sonnen took siping down once. Bisping won the stand up by a larger margin then the first. 10-8 Bisping, Possibly 10-9
    Third Round: All Chael Sonnen, Sonnen Dominated Bisping the entire round. 10-7 Sonnen

    For you people that have never been in a fight in your life, you cant begin to understand how important takedowns are in a fight.
    Sonnen won this fight hands down. If you diagree, you are not a fighter and never could be.

  8. Bisping won that fight like joe rogan said, he got robbed by corrupt judges what a load of bullsh*t the spider will easily defend his title if sonnen fights like that.

  9. To the general observer! CHAEL SONNEN CLEARLY WON! The people on here who say different are SILVA gay lovers! Sorry silva fans! Chael Is going to steamroll silva AGAIN! This time, he will come back with the belt!

  10. Hey Truth…

    10-8 second round? LOL
    10-7 third round? LOL
    You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. They were both 10-9 rounds.

  11. Michael bisping clearly won the first 2 rounds and won the stand up game with ease. Sonnen dis take him down a couple of times but didn’t do any damage. Its all good though, silva will murder him for sure. Btw did any notice how skinny sonnen looked without them roids? Lol.

  12. Chael Sonnen vs Michael Bisping was the dumbest MMA fight this year amateurs put on better shows.

  13. it’s true, you should not be taken down so many times in a fight. Bsping lost it that way. It’s not the most exciting way to win a fight, but that’s definitely a sign of being dominated…

    and like “Truth” said, if you have ever gotten into a fight you know that you better not get taken down to the ground. That’s a worst case scenario.

    so rightfully so, Chael Sonnen wins.

    wonder if silva is better prepared for sonnen? he can’t come out the way he started the last time they fought, and he needs a legitiment victory from sonnen. i had never seen someone make silva look less than perfect until that first match between the two.

    1. i guess silva didnt prepare to fight someone with almost 17 times the testosterone of an average man… lets see what sonnen pulls without juice

      1. looks like we just did, half a*s performance nothing like he was in the silva fight. i’m starting to think that the silva fight was staged. at the time, everybody wanted to see silva get his a*s kicked and so conveniently it happens. either sonnen was asked to throw the fight or silva was told to let his a*s get beat. people act like silva has never faced anyone who put constant pressure on him before,so not true, one example dan henderson 2 time olympic wrestler (not alternate) silva chokes him out. just saying.

  14. Sonnen’s takedowns were sh*t in the first cuz Bisping wasn’t kept down and he controlled Sonnen against the cage for nearly 3 mins! Bisping got screwed!

  15. Sonnen edged out Bisping. The reason why the judges gave the judges to Sonnen is due to the takedowns on the first round and of course the dominant ground control on the 3rd.

  16. Seriously? Bisping got worked, and he lost. How can you event think that he won? He was taken down multiple times, and was clearly beaten.

  17. Bisping won that fight.. Yes Sonnen got a few takedowns and controlled Bisping in the 3rd, But Bisping had better octagon control, better striking, forced his game plan more, and did the majority of the damage.. Winner Bisping.. If you are saying the takedowns made chael win your blind.
    Get rid of the judges, how real men fight.

  18. How can people say bisping won that fight? Complete losers and uneducated in mma. Sonnen took him down in the first and dominated the last. Bisping scored points with his pitter patter punches in the second. Get over it people Sonnen is the unidsputed best fighter ever!!!!

  19. Sonnen deserved the win, first round was close tho might have given that to bisping and it was a good fight imo.

  20. I thought Chael won the first round 10-9 because he controlled 80% of the round and did some of what he wanted to do, and Bisping won the second 10-7 because he stopped Sonnen from doing what he wanted to do and outstruck him and the final round I gave to Sonnen as a 10-7 because he controlled him for 95 % of the round. Scoring the fight 27-26 for Sonnen. I think the decision was right

  21. Sonnen was so lucky that it was the end of the third. Did you notice how sonnen didnt get up right away after bisping got those elbows Jon check to see if sonnen was ok.

  22. sonnen claro ganador 1 y 3 raund bisping solo aguanto a sonnen y tuvo por ai algunos golpès insignificantes. bisping es un rival terrible para cualquier competidor si no vean su record y con quiebnes a enfrentado .buena pelea durisima . la revancha sera una peleasa ya que lo veoi muy viejo a n nanderson silva . pero se viene la revancha

  23. Im not a Bisping fan but i had’m 2-1 over Sonnen. I can see how judges can say 2-1 in favor of Sonnen cause 2nd round was close. How did the on judge get 3-0 for Sonnen lol

  24. this fight is bullsh*t. Bisping won this fight all day long. Wonder why mma isn’t a legitimate sport?

  25. how did you people score the first 2 rounds to bisping? ok maybe the second one could’ve gone either way but 1 an 3 were clearly chael’s

  26. Why dont you guys mute the commentary and watch the fight again.
    I bet most of you would score it 30-27 for Sonnen. He took Bisping down all 3 rounds, and outstruck Bisping in every round.

  27. seemed like lisping landed more significant strikes in both the 1st and second rounds. Sonnen is a tool and I don’t really care for Bisping either but I don’t see how it was unanimous. Nonetheless, great fight.

    1. see i have no problem with people disliking him, (even tho i think people have him all wrong im from uk tho lol) but people keep saying he cant fight bla bla, least u agree he can fight lol he won simple, he has much better record than chael too, bisping has only ever been beat mayb 3 times i think 4 max and all to blokes who have been a champion, dan henderson, rashad, chael (even tho i think he won) wandali silva (i thought he was robbed then to on points) except dan henderson id like to know who has ever realy beat beat bisping, ?? chael has lost 11 fights loads by submission, mike has never been submitted, chael talks big gets caught cheating using steds and everyone loves him! lol this is aimed at the person im replying to by the way lol thinking he is a tool is fair enough lmao 

  28. takedowns mean f***all if you don’t take advantage. All these d*ckhead wrestlers bleating on about Sh*t-nen should f**k off back to your cousin/wife/sister/mother – f**kin rednecks !!!

  29. What a f*ckn blow hard. Sonnen s*cks d*ck and can’t fight. The judges are on drugs for sure because Bisbing controlled all but the 3rd round and finished on top even then. Bisbing got the most connections in too. I hate Judges.

  30. freaking roid monkey, looks way smaller than he did in the silva fight. TRT is just a get out of jail free card for getting caught on roids. 

  31. Sonnen will be like a new jail bird getting raped the first night by a  14″ black anaconda when he faces Silva. hahahahahaha

  32. bisping def got rds 1-2, how da fu*k did the b*tch win all 3 clearly a diff fight the wankers wer scoring judges and refs need beat da fu*k

  33. Finally got around to re-watching this fight, and just like the live viewing, I scored it 29-28 for Chael Sonnen. The commentary being outlandishly biased, those who are close-minded Sonnen haters or even blindly patriotic Brits (I’m English myself, so don’t try to play that card), and the fact Bisping performed WAY above expectations is what may have swayed some people towards scoring it the other way. Close fight, correct decision.

    1. bisping fought way above expectations? are u crazy look who has the better record! u no nothing even people in the game kno bisping is top 5 at that weight, he fought at light heavy too and only lost to rashad on a close call on points, chael has lost 11 fights! u sound like a wwf fan to me, a crossover kno nothing of the sport lol 

  34. you guys probably never fought in comp and have no idea what your talking about.   chael won…   hit bis as much as he got hit…  opend a cut over his eye. and took him down all three rounds.   and even if bis won he would get KILLED by the spider.     chael is a good and smart fighter , give him credit you clowns

    1. If u have to take testostrone replacement you dont get much credit from a lot of people, i think when the time comes and ur levels drop your carrer is over, ill back a clean fighter all day long simple and bisping won first 2 rounds dana and chael said so themselves, if it was 5 rounder chael was fooked

  35. White definitely had something to do with that one. Guess he knows how much he will make out of the rematch 

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