Errol Spence Jr vs Carlos Ocampo full fight Video – 2018

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2 Star RatingReview by 2018-06-16, fight not so exciting between Errol Spence Jr and Carlos Ocampo: it gets two stars.

Both undefeated, the former Olympian and current Ibf Ww champion Errol Spence Jr entered this fight with a perfect record of 23-0-0 (20 KOs=87%) and he is ranked as the No.2 welterweight in the world (currently the #1 in this division is Terence Crawford) while his opponent, Carlos Ocampo, has a boxing record of 22-0-0 (13 knockouts) and he entered as the No.22 in the same weight class. In their last three fights Spence has beat Leonard Bundu (Spence Jr vs Bundu), Kell Brook (Brook vs Spence Jr) and Lamont Peterson (Errol Spence Jr vs Lamont Peterson) while Ocampo has won over Alvaro Robles (Carlos Ocampo vs Alvaro Robles), Daniel Echeverria and Dario Ferman. Spence vs Ocampo is valid for the IBF World welterweight title (Spence’s second defense). Watch the video and rate this fight!



Date: 2018-06-16

Where: The Ford Center at The Star, Frisco, Texas, USA

Division: welterweight (147 lbs, 66.7 kg)

Title: IBF World welterweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Errol Spence Jr def. Carlos Ocampo (KO, round 1)


Spence’s previous fight: Errol Spence Jr vs Lamont Peterson

Spence’s next fight: Errol Spence Jr vs Mikey Garcia



Spence vs Ocampo full fight video:

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Official video

Official highlights

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11 comments on “Errol Spence Jr vs Carlos Ocampo full fight Video – 2018”

  1. I like Spence and think that he’s a good fighter, but come on how does a fight like this get sanctioned as a title fight? Is the talent pool so shallow that this was the best that they could dig up?

    Ocampo was totally out of his league and had no business being in there. Spence has good power but he’s not the second coming of Thomas Hearns. Ocampo went down like he just got hit by Mike Tyson.

    • At this stage of his career, Spence Jr has pretty much the same KO% Hearns had after 24 fights. The difference is that Spence Jr is a World Champion and Hearns wasn’t at this point. It’s too early to say, but I believe Spence Jr might be as good as Hearns was. History will tell.

      Good job by Spence Jr who did exactly what we expected. Didn’t waste no useless time getting the work done against an outclassed fighter.

      • Spence has been a pro for about six years. his record currently stands at 24-0, 21 KO, 96 rounds of experience, and 3 title fights.

        After six years as a pro Hearns record was 33-1, 30 KO, 154 rounds of experience, he had won two titles and had 6 title fights.

        At the same career stage Hearns had more fights, 58 more rounds of experience, double the amount of title fights and fought a considerably higher caliber of opposition, (Leonard, Benitez, and Cuevas being the three best).

        Outside of Brook, Spence’s opposition has been pretty weak and he hasn’t been meaningfully challenged in any way nor has he faced even the slightest hint of adversity. I like the guy but to say that it’s premature to even begin to try to compare him to someone like Hearns would be a massive understatement.

        As far as punching power is concerned, even given his comparatively soft opposition, Spence looks to have pretty good power.

        However, in Hearns case we’re talking about a guy who was still knocking out cruiserweights at 35+ years old. It’s virtually unheard of for a guy to move up 40lbs. in weight and to still be able to take opponents out like that. No way am I buying that Spence hits anywhere near as hard as Hearns did.

        • Number of years as a pro instead of number fights, it’s a different angle, fair enough. Number of rounds, ok, why not.

          All I’m saying is that, so far, Spence Jr is showing some serious skills. About the punching power, it’s hard to compare fighters from different eras. Who had the best punching power, Marciano,Liston or Tyson? Very hard to tell.

          Don’t get me wrong. Hearns is a legend, no doubt about that. I remember when I was a teenager, I took him as a model since he had the same kind of physique I had, 6’2 and 150-something lbs. I loved the Hitman’s stance, the flicking jab, the attitude.I’ve watched all his fights (those I could find) and I have the deepest respect for all he’s accomplished.

          But you’re right, I don’t expect Spence Jr to climb up to cruiserweight, He’s something like 5’9. Maybe one day he’ll fight at 160lbs, max. So it’s quite hard to compare Hearns’ legacy to Spence Jr’s expected future. I just don’t want to fall in that “back in the days, boxing was so much better” kind of talk. Boxing has changed a lot since, that’s for sure. But Mayweather is a future all of famer, so is Pacquiao. Crawford and Lomachenko’s journeys will probably lead them there too. Maybe I’m being too optimistic but I feel like Spence Jr might be special too. We’ll see!

          • Number of fights isn’t a good way of comparison and here’s an example why. Spence has had 24 fights in 6 years. Ray Leonard had 24 fights in his first 3 years as a pro. Ray Robinson had 24 fights in his first year as a pro. Totally different career stages and caliber of opposition.

            As far as Spence is concerned, it’s like I always say, everyone looks great fighting from the front, doing what ever they like, beating up limited guys that they are supposed to beat like Ocampo.

            However I wouldn’t be surprised to see Spence ultimately make it to the Hall of Fame especially since they’ve lowered the bar for induction so low that guys like Gatti, Mancini, Chacon and McGuigan have been inducted. Don’t get me wrong they were all tough guys with a ton of heart and not bad fighters but I don’t recall watching any of them at the time and thinking that I was seeing all time greats in action.

          • Hagler had to wait more than 6 years to finally get a shot at a world title (that he should’ve won). He became world champion after 54 fights, more than 7 years after he turned pro. Does that make him a lesser great fighter than Hearns? Of course not.

            You’re right. Spence Jr, Ray Leonard, Ray Robinson: totally different career stages and caliber of opposition, and may I add, totally different eras in boxing history. I ain’t gonna school you on that, you seem to be quite knowledgeable.

            But since you mentioned the “level of opposition” variable, I’d like to compare Spence Jr and Hearns from that angle. Combining their respective opponents records after 24 fights, here’s what we have.

            Hearns: 413-189
            Spence Jr: 419-73

            Every comparison “method” has its flaws.

            What do you think about this year’s inductees? Klitschko, Morales and Wright?

          • Respective opponents records doesn’t necessarily mean all that much. Ocampo was 22-0 and Bundu was 33-1-2 which looks great on paper. Watching both of them on film not so much. I’d put good money on guys like Randy Shields, Angel Espada and Pipino Cuevas to roll over both of them easily despite the fact that their respective records are not anywhere near as impressive on paper.

            By record alone Deontay Wilder looks like a god at 40-0, 39 KO. But in a decade as a pro he’s only faced two opponents that were ranked in the top ten at the time that he faced them and in the over all pantheon of heavyweights Stiverne and Ortiz are hardly world beaters.

            By contrast the better part of 50% of Muhammad Ali’s opponents were ranked in the top ten at the time that he faced them.

            Morales and Wright were good fighters. If you’re going to induct guys like Mancini and Gatii I don’t see how you could keep them out. The same goes for Vitali. Guys like Willard, Johansson and Burns have been inducted. This being the case I can’t see how anyone could coherently argue against Vitali being inducted.

            Personally I would like to have seen the bar for induction set higher so that only the very elite were included into the HOF. But the lower standard has already been set so it’s now the Hall of “pretty good” and/or “entertaining/popular” and there’s no way to raise it back up.

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