Errol Spence Jr vs Shawn Porter full fight Video WBC IBF – 2019

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4 Star RatingReview by 2019-09-28, close, tough and exciting fight thanks to a great performance by both boxers: Errol Spence Jr vs Shawn Porter is one of the best boxing fights of the year 2019 and it gets four stars!

The undefeated former Olympian and current Ibf Ww champion Errol Spence Jr entered this fight with a perfect record of 25-0-0 (21 KOs=84%) and he is ranked as the No.2 welterweight in the world (currently the #1 in this division is Terence Crawford). In his last three fights he has won over Lamont Peterson (Errol Spence Jr vs Lamont Peterson), Carlos Ocampo (Errol Spence Jr vs Carlos Ocampo) and Mikey Garcia (Errol Spence Jr vs Mikey Garcia).
His opponent, the former Ibf and current Wbc Ww champ Shawn Porter, has a boxing record of 30-2-1 (17 knockouts) and he entered as the No.4 in the same weight class. He lost to Keith Thurman in 2016 (4-stars fight, Thurman vs Porter), but then he has won four bouts beating Danny Garcia (Danny Garcia vs Shawn Porter) and Yordenis Ugas in his last two (Shawn Porter vs Yordenis Ugas). Spence vs Porter is valid for the WBC and IBF World welterweight titles. Watch the video and rate this fight!



Date: 2019-09-28

Where: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, USA

Division: welterweight (147 lbs, 66.7 kg)

Title: WBC and IBF World welterweight titles

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Errol Spence Jr def. Shawn Porter (split decision, 116-111, 112-115, 116-111)


Porter’s next fight: Shawn Porter vs Sebastian Formella

Spence’s next fight: Errol Spence Jr vs Danny Garcia



Spence vs Porter full fight video:

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Official video

Official highlights

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19 comments on “Errol Spence Jr vs Shawn Porter full fight Video WBC IBF – 2019”

    • Possibly, Philip! Exciting from start to finish. Porter did much better than most of us thought he would. Spence looked a little more mortal than usual, and he absorbed a lot of wear and tear.

      I wonder what Bud Crawford took away from watching the fight.

      • Who cares about Bud?

        He ain’t even trying to fight Ugas, Porter, DG, or any of the other WWs he’s more then happy with fighting Apple Bees waiters for millions of dollars

        • You might not care, Donald. A lot of us have him P4P #1.

          The politics in boxing sucks, but it’s the fault of all promoters that these good fights aren’t being made.

      • Arjay Cee: Hey man!!. I don’t think Errol would be competition at all for Crawford. What he took from this fight is that Errol neither his team have a plan B available which in fact isn’t very important for him since he is the undisputed master in this category, may be a little bit lighter but still the master.

        • Hi, Tango, buddy, it’s been a long time! With DAZN, I haven’t been around good old ATBF as much. But an event like this one still brings me back. :-)

          You might be right about Spence. I agree there isn’t a Plan B.

          He had a good enough Plan A for Porter, in my view. Porter is generally tough for everyone thanks to his mauling style. I think Spence had to choose between a) moving (actually, running) in the way Keith Thurman did or b) standing still and throwing in between the punches. It was a macho decision. And the fight was close.

          Although he got taken into deep waters, his defense was pretty good. In slow motion, it’s possible to see how he blocks a lot of Porter’s punches. He isn’t pretty about it, the way Mayweather was, but he gets it done.

          I do think Crawford is on another level. He’s beaten better opposition, and he’s humbled fearsome fighters. He’s a little unproven at 147 and a naturally smaller man, so that’s where I think it could get interesting.

          Your thoughts?

          • Arjay Cee: Hey buddy!! I agree with most of your qualified comments however, the Errol’s Plan A you mentioned didn’t worked well for him since Porter’s fighting plan took the lead from the beginning and lasted till the end of the fight. Honestly, I didn’t like the fight at all because the total lack of Technics involved (rightly imposed by Porter) and after realizing that Errol in spite of being an skilled boxer was not able to impose his style and take a full advantage of all his physical gifts. That is why a plan B is very important and he should work very hard before any of his future fights in order to overcome situations like this one that diminished his glamour and put in serious question who won this fight. Regarding Campbell vs Spencer I would like to watch this fight but I still believe that Errol isn’t prepare for and, on the other hand, may be quite reluctant to take such a challenge after this undoubtedly fiasco, mainly, because it was supposed to be an easy fight for him.

          • Great points, Tango.

            I agree Spence couldn’t impose himself. He seems to have concluded that there is no easy way (for him, at least) to keep the mauling Porter off him. Maybe he’d go about it differently in a rematch.

            When you wrote “Campbell vs Spence,” did you mean Crawford vs Spence? Maybe you’re right and it is premature for him. If so, we probably won’t get it, as it looks hard for Spence to keep making 147.

            Take care, buddy!

          • Arjay Cee: Sorry but I mistake Campbell for Crawford so you are quite right as usual. No doubt that age comes with not welcome presents :-(
            Bye buddy!!

    • Philip: I don’t think so since it was almost an street fight because Porter’s will due to he cannot compete with Errol in terms of boxing skills. But honestly he did a good job and put in evidence that Errol isn’t prepared to deal with experienced boxers yet and therefore needs some more lessons to overcome potential and future events like this one.
      Based on what i said before, in my opinion 4 starts for this fight is a kind of undeserved gift.

  1. This is not even funny! What a bullsh*t it is? This judges corrupt as hell! Porter defenetly win this fight, by far. He outpunching and outmasseling Spence. And what a beautifull footwork from him as well. Spence looked like a *m in this fight. His jab is not existed, no bodymovement at all, and he miss shots over and over again. Truth is Spence just Hypejob. And his coach has no plan B whatsoever. I gave 11 rounds to Porter, exept one with knockdown. Awfull robbery! Haymon do business!

    • Not sure what fight you were watching, but Spence won mainly due to the knockdown. Porter threw more shots which didn’t necessarily land anywhere nor were they effective.

  2. Legendary Fight! Two Great Warriors Spence is the superior Boxer/Puncher between the 2. Porter lacks the skill to fight with top level of the division a wide looper of his punches fights more with hear and will than skill just wont cut it against Spence and Crawford.

  3. Great legendary fight! Spence is the superior skill bet the 2. Porter does not have the skill to handle the Spence, Crawfords or even Pac man.

  4. A kind of street fight but extremely close and disorganized. Porter’s experience fully dictated the pace and way to fight during the full fight. He was quite right with the fight he imposed since, technically, Errol is by far technically better than him. Porter’s aggressiveness didn’t allow Errol to use his reach advantage neither much his gifted and powerful left hand. I guess was difficult to judge but in my opinion two of the judges were too much in favor of Errol who was able only to produce a knock down in a fight he was the favorite and, why not? may be the loser.

  5. Spence average.Nothing special.Who porter beat.Who brooks beat.Garcia a lightweight he couldnt knockout.Pac will have a sweet time with his boring ass.Cause he cant box like Thurman and he got ragged.Spence should keep fighting smaller dude like garcia if he wants to stay undefeated.

  6. Lame fight,tbh. Both guys were tit for tat w/ one another, not much effective punches thrown; Porter aggressively throwing ineffective looping punches or not much that connected while Spence kept pushing Porter’s head down which Porter reciprocated by clinching, especially when Spence was in close range (punching distance) and towards the later rounds Porter was getting reckless which led to Spence pulling off that left hook knock down to Porter. Overall, if Spence didn’t pull off that knockdown, I believe Porter would’ve won.


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