Keith Thurman vs Danny Garcia full fight Video WBC WBA – 2017

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3 Star RatingReview by 2017-03-04, close and technical fight between Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia: it gets three stars.

Both undefeated, the Wba Ww champion Keith Thurman entered this fight with a perfect boxing record of 27-0-0 (22 KOs=79%) and he is ranked as the No.2 welterweight in the world while his opponent, the Wbc Ww champion Danny Garcia, has an official record of 33-0-0 (19 knockouts) and he entered as the No.3 in the same weight class (currently the #1 in this division is Manny Pacquiao). ‘One Time’ Thurman fought once last year beating Shawn Porter (=Thurman vs Porter) while ‘Swift’ Garcia fought twice defeating Robert Guerrero (=Garcia vs Guerrero) and Samuel Vargas (=Garcia vs Vargas). Keith Thurman vs Danny Garcia is valid for the WBC and WBA Super World welterweight titles. Watch the video and rate this fight!



Date: 2017-03-04

Where: Barclays Center, New York, USA

Division: welterweight (147 lbs, 66.7 kg)

Title: WBC and WBA Super World welterweight titles

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Keith Thurman def. Danny Garcia (split decision, 116-112, 113-115, 115-113)


Garcia’s next fight: Danny Garcia vs Brandon Rios

Thurman’s next fight: Keith Thurman vs Josesito Lopez



Thurman vs Garcia Fight Video:

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28 comments on “Keith Thurman vs Danny Garcia full fight Video WBC WBA – 2017”

  1. f*cking judges. absolutely unbelievable. it was a Glass clear ud f or thurman who did btw a tremendous job and boxed beautifully!!!

  2. Bravo to Thurman, who outwitted and out-fought the tough-as-hell Garcia. Really enjoyed this one, even it is more often a mental duel than a barnstormer, because I like a fight where the risks are very high. The devastating power belonging to each man kept them wary and seizing hungrily at any opportunity, especially in counters as Thurman went in and out. In terms of style, I think the winner has one of the most adaptive in the game now; can’t wait for future matchups with the likes of Spence Jr. and/or Brook.

    • Great to read your thoughts on this fight! For my part, I honestly thought it was a boring fight, because neither Thruman nor Garcia would take any risk. It seems like they really only fought and did something significant in the last 15 seconds of each round. But yeah, it also says a lot about how good technically these two are, they also have pretty decent power highly respected by both parts.I would too love if Thurman’s next chess game was against Kell Brook! ;)

      • Haha, enjoyed that, Olivier. That is the fun of this sport: it is truly in the eye of the beholder! :-)

        I think Danny’s record at 140 is pretty impressive and while he hadn’t yet faced anyone very formidable at welterweight, Thurman had to beware that big hook. Further, Thurman’s a boxer with vulnerabilities. Body shots seem to hurt him. For me, that makes his fine speed, footwork, shot selection and intelligence all the more interesting because he is not as rugged a fighter as, say, Canelo or Brook. I was on the edge of my seat…actually, up and out of it pacing around the room, thinking he might get put down.

        So, do you think Brook will beat Spence Jr. in May, setting up Thurman-Brook? I think either man could give Thurman trouble, and I love a close fight.

        • Sorry for the delay Arjay!
          You asked a very tough question there! The way I see it, Spence Jr is the more powerful puncher of the two, no doubt about it, but Brook has more pro experience and maybe the best boxing brain by a small margin. Well, I’m not even sure about that. I find it hard to fully appreciate what Spence is capable of at this stage of his career, but that’s certainly a fight I’m looking foward to. I expect a great clash of style. Could Spence give the same kind of trouble Porter gave to Brook? Maybe. What do you think?

          • Good to hear from you, Olivier. I like your analysis! The fight should tell us whether Spence Jr. has a good jaw and can fight in the trenches, two key questions if he is to take over the welterweight division. His competition to date hasn’t exactly been very good or very fresh. Consider the best of the litter: Bundu is old, and Algieri while fast is light-fisted. That said, I am an admirer of his style and technique. He reminds me a bit of Sugar Ray Leonard in his speed, angles and cunning, though it is way too early to say how good he is.

            Brook is likely making a mistake moving back down in weight for this fight. He feels invincible, which we have to respect, but it’s hardly best practices, is it, after blowing up to fight Gennady? I think you’re very right to ask if he will be susceptible to the kind of trouble Porter offered: fast, slashing combos. Spence Jr. is slicker and appears to hit harder than Porter, but again, can he handle the heat? Psychologically, there is an appealing intangible of Kell wanting to show that, back at his typical weight, he is again the man — the overdog! He will want to recast the GGG loss as a “ghost Kell,” flying in an Icarus-like dream. But maybe he’ll go to sleep for real this time, haha!

            Although I have no pick, it’s a pivotal fight for the future of the division, and I can’t wait. I’m sure Keith Thurman will be watching intently, too.

          • Man!.. If that’s not already the actual case, you should definitely write for a boxing magazine! All so very interesting points you brang to the table. Based on what I saw from Spence Jr., I feel he’s gonna get hit more than Brook in this fight. But I also feel like Spence Jr. has heavier hands than Porter. Maybe Spence Jr. hits as hard as the flued version of Golovkin Brook’s fought in his last fight! We just don’t know where’s Brook’s chin breaking point is, but it’s gotta be somewhere between Porter’s and illed-GGG’s power. But on the other side, we just don’t know about Spence Jr.’s beard since it remains untested yet. The biggest puncher he’s faced so far is probably Barrera, that says it all.

            What’s your pick for Saturday? Golovkin or Jacobs? And speaking of Jacobs makes me wonder… where in the world is Dmitry Pirog?

          • T’es très gentil, Olivier!

            Agree with you: this is “the battle of the beards” between Brook and Spence Jr. What a thought if Spence Jr. hits as hard as Gennady. If that is the case, we will be in for all kinds of excitement over the next few years as the bodies pile up. But let’s say he proves vulnerable in the Brook match while winning it…OK, all the better! This special combination of power, brains and vulnerability (which I think is found in Keith Thurman) would make his run to the top full of danger and uncertainty.

            I am picking GGG over Jacobs. What is your pick? I doubt there is a fighter at the weight who can withstand GGG’s power. Jacobs, though, I wish all luck. He is an incredibly brave man and might surprise us. But my best guess is it will look like GGG vs. Lemieux, the champion’s terror forcing Jacobs to survive until he can’t any more. I admit it has me already anxious for the first bell, to learn the truth!

            All I know about Pirog is that his injured back did not recover, sadly ending a most promising career.

          • I’m going with Golovkin too. I think it will be more like GGG vs Brooke because Jacobs is a smarter fighter than Lemieux. GGG easily tamed Lemieux with his jab and I think he will need to do more than that against Jacobs who, on his part, will be able to get GGG with a few good shots like Brooke did. But ultimately, yes… I’m not expecting a long fight. Golovkin by KO round 4-5.

          • Well, we were both wrong. But you were more right than I was! The Brook analogy was correct. I didn’t think Jacobs could stay on offense for as long as he did or as effectively as he did. He proved he has the goods not only to survive but to show up GGG with speed and finesse.

  3. Just watched this.
    When I heard Split Decision – I too thought they had robbed Thurman. Those scores are outrageous and agree those judges should be excommunicated.

    I gave Garcia 1 Rd (10) and had the 6th tied. (or was it 5th)

    I miss Foreman and Vernon Forrest (rip) as commentator’s.
    I am confident they would have put Bernstein in his place and asked flat out what match was he watching.

    147 is Garcia’s natural weight.
    He had always been the bigger man fighting smaller men. Even tonight he was the bigger man but much more on par.

  4. How the hell is this a split decision? This is clearly a UD for Thurman. Garcia barely did anything, Thurman was more active, landed more shots and overall did more damage. Some of these judges needs to get fired, are they even watching the fight?
    Danny had 3 rounds, and that’s also debatable. Thurman clearly won all others without a doubt. What the hell.

  5. Very entertaining fight due to the title unification and mainly, because involved two good and undefeated boxers. Keith controlled most of the fight with an excellent move all around the ring displaying nice and frequents change of angles. Indeed, he was a very elusive target, much faster than Danny and with better punch accuracy. Danny looked slow, too captious and displayed a very low activity. In my opinion 116-112 was the right decision. The judge that scored 113-115 should be eliminated from such a role for ever. It was really funny to watch Danny’s face after hearing he lost the fight and listening to his comments later. Was he dreaming high? How come? He was out boxed. Period

  6. Danny won 7 rounds easy. I think the comments section is filled with bias Thurman lovers. I gave Thurman rounds 1,2,4,6,8 while Danny got 3,5,7,9,10,11,12 In the last 3 rounds Danny was way more active and landed more after the 4th round Thurman just hit and ran. It was a great fight and there will be a rematch for sure in the future.

  7. Keith Thurman landed the harder telling blows and was backing Danny Garcia up .He almost took his head off a couple of times with counter punches the only one who got rocked in this fight was Danny Garcia 115 -113 was a good scorecard. ..Danny Garcia is not the same fighter at welterweight he hasn’t beat anybody at 147 and is scared to fight Porter …He turned down the fight

  8. Keith Thurman was rocking DSG landed the harder telling blows had DSG stun a few times 115 -113 was a good scorecard .DSG is not the same fighter at 147 and is scared to fight porter instead is fighting Brandon Rios. ….like Keith said no robberies happening tonight. ……


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