2019 BOXING fight – Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz 2 – full fight Video WBC

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3 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2019-11-23, Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz 2 gets three stars only thanks to a good finish.

The undefeated former Olympian and current Wbc Hw champion Deontay Wilder entered this fight with a professional boxing record of 41-0-1 (40 KOs=98%) and he is ranked as the No.2 heavyweight in the world (currently the #1 in this division is Andy Ruiz Jr). In his last three bouts he has beat Luis Ortiz (in their first fight, Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz I) and Dominic Breazeale (Deontay Wilder vs Dominic Breazeale) but between these two bouts he has tied with Tyson Fury (4-stars fight, Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury).
His opponent, the former interim Wba champ Luis Ortiz, has an official record of 31-1-0 (26 KOs=84%) and he entered as the No.8 in the same weight class. After losing to Wilder he has won over Razvan Cojanu (Luis Ortiz vs Razvan Cojanu), Travis Kauffman (Luis Ortiz vs Travis Kauffman) and Christian Hammer (Luis Ortiz vs Christian Hammer). Wilder vs Ortiz 2 is valid for the WBC World heavyweight title (Wilder’s ninth defense). Watch the video and rate this fight!



Date: 2019-11-23

Where: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Division: heavyweight (over 200 lbs, 90.7 kg)

Title: WBC World heavyweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Deontay Wilder def. Luis Ortiz (KO at 2:51, round 7)


Wilder’s previous fight: Deontay Wilder vs Dominic Breazeale

Ortiz’s previous fight: Luis Ortiz vs Christian Hammer

Wilder’s next fight: Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury 2

Ortiz’s next fight: Luis Ortiz vs Alexander Flores



Wilder vs Ortiz 2 full fight video:

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Official highlights

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30 comments on “2019 BOXING fight – Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz 2 – full fight Video WBC”

  1. Slam goes the right hand…pin point.

    Ortiz’ legs are shot, his days anywhere near the top just evaporated. Upwards and onwards for Wilder.

      • Nice one. Well, very likely he would have won lately but Ortiz had beaten the count and was close to the bell. He was also hitting hard; early stoppage to me.

        • He wasn’t beating the count, it was still unstable on his legs, and having balancing issues to get up properly.
          Should the referee let the fight continue he wouldn’t be able to defend himself, and Wilder would have hurt him really bad with another quick right.
          Look how hard was for him to return to his corner, in the background while Wilder is celebrating.
          He was brave, and won almost every round. But he wasn’t in the conditions to continue.
          One of those cases when bell can’t save you.

          • I have re watch the end. Well, the count was a bit fast, but I was also fast in my statement. The video I watched finished with the KO, I commented and left. I would have allowed Ortiz to have the minute as from 7 to 10 was fast and the round was finished, but referee choice makes sense.
            I was also writing thinking to Fury standing up in the 12th. It would be terrible if they would waive off a match like that with a quick count.

          • I agree, but Fury wasn’t hurt. He immediately look to referee and said yes with head. He wasn’t hit very hard, despite what it seems from the camera angle.
            Of course we all hope a boxer can get up and continue, but lately there were too many deaths on the ring, and it’s understandable a referee could sacrifice a bit of show in favor of more safety for the athletes. :)

          • yes, you are right, the point is: in a rematch I expect that Fury could hit the canvas a couple of time again: against Wider this cannot be ruled out. He is just able to keep distance and neutralize part of the power through movements. The narrative from team Wilder and many observers is that in the first match there was a slow count. I don’t agree with that and I am scared that a referee will count too fast if it happens again. I have pushed the behavior towards Ortiz thinking about the rematch against Fury.
            Ortiz is exceptional: 40 years old. 6 years ago nobody would have fought him: even Wilder. Sadly now he is too old and no more in top 10 considering all the young prospects. There are 3-4 punchers who would knock him out. Hope he made some money and can retire happily.

  2. Dont fear the man who throws 1000 techniques 1 times. Fear the man who throws 1 technique 1000 times.
    -Bruce Lee

  3. Reminds me of Mike Jones vs. Randall Bailey where the former was winning quite handily until he got caught with a massive straight.

  4. A very captious fight but a whole Ortiz’s one. However, just an isolated power punch broke the magic of this fight. Ortiz is a superior technical fighter but with Wilder doesn’t matter at all. Too bad for this sport where technicality should be paramount.

    • Technic should help you to defend yourself always. This time didn’t happened. Wilder may not be the best boxer in the world, but he has some points for being the only human being to KO Ortiz (twice).

    • Technicality was paramount, 2 things technical had to happen, 1) ortiz had to be stupid and follow wilder straight ahead, 2) wilder had to be ready to technically throw the right hand and hit Ortiz where the glove wasnt. Ortiz was very technical throughout until he either got stupid or tired not sure which it was.

    • We Must remember that Ortiz is 40 yrs old & a big body. His a better counter puncher than stalker. Wilder being the taller longer man forced him to chase w/ his size & lack of output. But it was clear to me that around rd 5 Luis began to tire & become bored of the way the fight was unfolding. He got fatigued in the 6th & by the 7th DW began to throw more & even attack the body some. LO was seeing the punches all night & decided to relax for a split sec while Wilder was right in the prime punch range. Big mistake. Weird thing about Wilder is his fightgame really is trash. No punch variation. ..Very stiff…Not terribly athletic…doesn’t bend at the waste at all to evade incoming shots…Virtually zero body attack. He is pretty quick on his feet at that size. But they are heavy feet…not really light. As you watch him stumble around the ring, it’s easy to get the impression he’s fatigued or worn…But that’s a fake out. He seems to always have enough in the tank to spring off one sharp attack. The only combination he throws w/ conviction is the str rt Lft hook he hit Fury w/. It appears to be his money ball. Wha I think ortiz didn’t do & some of these other fighters is press the man…make him work…get inside his arm extension & just punish him. It’s all like a game of touch w/ these big guys. IMO Ortiz kept finishing his combos w/ the str left to the gut & should’ve continued to attack wilder’s torso instead of pulling out & resetting.
      But these Heavies are all big plodding types…No one is forcing any real action..No clinching…no inside fighting…No roughhousing. Is wut it is. At least there’s some drama in the div.

  5. Fake fight ortiz was paid to take te dive same whit kovalev and canelo avoid watching Fury,Wilder,Canelo they are just miliking off millionns of dollars they are just puttingh a show entertainment. you can see wilder pushes him to the ropes befoire the KO and ortiz just goes there like a bot cause he knowes thats when the fight ends seconds l;ater he gets hit by the right lol fake fight getting caught on the ropes same whit canelo and kovalev they all seem to get on the ropes all these fake fights i might aswell start watching WWF soon.

    • You are humorous, as well as blind? 1) wilder didn’t push him to any ropes, he threw a jab that unfortunate for Ortiz DID NOT back him into the ropes. You really should not watch a sport you do not understand, guess thats why the favorite winning must be rigged as you dont understand why the person is a favorite. Wilder just waited, and waited. And as soon as Ortiz was stupid enough to follow wilder wilder didnt back up he came forward and threw the right hand. WIlder is lucky that ortiz got cocky and stupid, make no mistake Ortiz wins this fight lopsided on points if he doesnt get stupid. Wilder was waiting for that exact scenario which should of never came. I have never seen Wilder so lacking of offense. He realized from first fight ortiz could hurt him, He also realized that when he hurt ortiz it was because ortiz came straight forward. So he covered allowed ortiz to throw shots that he was prepared for, Thing about boxing fighters that are not already hurt seldom get hurt from puches they see coming, its from the ones they dont. Wilder kept a very good eye and allowed Ortiz to throw the punches hoping he would get tired as he did in the first fight, and just waited for ortiz to make the fatal mistake which he did. As for kovalev, another fight you apparently didnt watch, and i was rooting for kovalev, Canelo hit him with a right hand on the left temple that hurt kov very badly, a couple set up punches that proved kov was hurt and not responding and canelo launched a total all out left that knocked kov cold. If kov wasnt so badly hurt he would of countered that and canelo might of been out, but canelo saw it right and threw the hay maker with a already concussed guy just standing there. Fury fought a good fight against wilder, hwo he got up i dont know but he did and responded fine, cant say much else about fury as the only other fight i have seen him in against an actual contender was an old klitchko that for years used his height and reach (holding his hand out- not jabbing which is illegal-but got away with it) when it came to fighting someone that wasnt smaller then him he had no idea what to do. So .. If you are here trolling than really ? get a life. If you actually believe what you talk then you need to learn about what you talk, as you make yourself look very stupid.

  6. what a bore-fest (yes, very similar to canelo vs kovalev like a poster pointed). How do people call this boxing? Ortiz is too old to push on the engine or go put more than a few punches together, and Wilder carries this elephant until the 7… pathetic fight, pathetic match-up, nothing technical in here: the king is naked. Old washep-up amateur who lies about his ancient age vs hype-job who desperately needs at least ONE name on his resume… and the idiotic millennials to applaud.
    Go watch an old riddik bowe, hollyfield, golota fight, you will understand what boxing used be, and that these two who just “fought” are playing you for suckers

      • Yes, of course, boxing has become a terrible product in general for many years now. But this kind of comment is also symptomatic that there actually IS a public for that terrible product. This public is highly satisfied whit it. This is the scat generation: the generation who enjoy eating sh…t.
        Hope that helps!

        • No more boring than a floyd mayweather fight. except you watch to see that devastating punch. I would love to see every fight be 12 rounds of hagler hearns but that isnt going to happen, we get some great fights at times. you have to watch the undercards as most of the great fights of the evening are not the main event. You dont know what the fight will be until its on. the HYPE job has knocked known everyone he has ever faced, and won by knowckout all but 2 fights, 10 defenses agaisnt top opponents. lets talk joshua there is a hype job never fought anyone except for washed up klitchko at what 90. When wilder gets knocked down 4 times by an overweight class be fighter well call him a hype job. The object of boxing is to win. he seems to be doing that. He didnt have to fight a guy who almost knocked him out.. Again he did, joshua refused to fight him now we know why he cant take a punch. Wilder has fought the top contenders, it was fury who wanted a dleayed rematch wilder wanted it immediately. joshua wanted no part of him. Oh look i cant compete with the skills of this guy but ill jump on his back and choke him and win, yeah mma is great. There have been some great fights in the last few years, But not all, I also believe todays fighters are more tactical than go in and throw like they use to be, was funner to watch, but you have to be educated about boxing enough to see the nuances of what is going on today. Wilder while boring had a plan and executed perfectly, see my post above. His plan agaisnt fury was not so good, and he better fiht better or knock furry out if he wants to win next time. But who has they got fouhgt klitchko and a bunch of bums. and had a good fight against wilder, the match will show was wilder overconfident, had a bad night or is fury that hard to hit. If you want to call someone hype that would be fury. But he may not be hype, we will see in febuary. SInce you dont watch boxing anymore or you are eating sh*t not sure which it is. come here we will tell you about the fight.


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