2015 K-1 MUAY THAI fight – Mike Zambidis vs Steve Moxon – full fight Video Iron Challenge

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3 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2015-06-27, nice and tough fight between Mike Zambidis and Steve Moxon: it gets three stars.

Mike Zambidis entered this fight with a pro kickboxing record of 155-22-0 (87 KOs) and he is at his last professional fight. He suffered two consecutive defeats in 2014, against Xu Yan (=Zambidis vs Xu Yan) and Batu Khasikov (=Zambidis vs Khasikov 2) but he came back to win 2015 beating Harun Kina (=Zambidis vs Kina 2) and Erkan Varol (=Zambidis vs Varol).
His opponent, Steve Moxon, has an official record of 39-12-1 (23 knockouts) and he entered as the No.14 super welterweight in the world. He has already fought four times in 2015 winning over Aikpracha Meenayothin, losing with Andy Ristie (=Ristie vs Moxon), defeating Hu Yafei and losing again, against Robin van Roosmalen (=Roosmalen vs Moxon). Zambidis vs Moxon is the main event of Iron Challenge 2015 – Athens, Greece. Watch the video and rate this fight!



Event: Iron Challenge 2015

Date: 2015-06-27

Where: Peace and Friendship Stadium, Athens, Greece

Division: super welterweight (154 lbs, 69.9 kg)

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Mike Zambidis def. Steve Moxon (decision)


Zambidis’ previous fight: Mike Zambidis vs Erkan Varol

Moxon’s previous fight: Robin van Roosmalen vs Steve Moxon

Zambidis’ next fight: Mike Zambidis vs Antonio Gomez



Official video:

Alternative video – amateur cam

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9 comments on “2015 K-1 MUAY THAI fight – Mike Zambidis vs Steve Moxon – full fight Video Iron Challenge”

  1. I really like mike zambidis, he is a true warrior but in this fight he lost the fight!! Definitely a home-decision. Just because it should be Zambidis’ retirement fight.
    Congratulations to Moxon who is getting stronger and after the performance against Roosmalen, for me, he is one of the top 10.

    • you are idiot zambo won fair….more clean shot to body-head and legs…moxon more than 9-10 attacks were at zambo guard

      • You should be more careful with your language because each of us have the right of having an opinion different than yours.

        Despite the fact that I really like Zambidis, as I mentioned above, I don’t think either he won the fight. His kicks were very mild, no the ones i saw before from him, plus a total lack of the aggression he usually carried out through the whole fight.

        I’m still thinking he is a real good kick-boxer but in this fight looks different than the Zambidis I knew from previous matches.

        • “His kicks were very mild” you haven’t received a low kick in your life i guess…cause moxon left leg was purple from this mild kicks and was barely able to move freely at the end and that kicks count as clear points….. “plus a total lack of the aggression” you have no idea about tactics or aggression means… zambo was aggressive when needed to be and controlling the fight make him self a moving target to moxon so he could outpoint him as he did and won the fight fair and square and don’t forget that zambo end the fight as the aggressor and moxon in the surviving mode to escape his hooks so…yeah lack of aggression keepo and he is not a f*cking 20-28years old anymore to go all out wild behead his opponents from the first second fof the fight he is 35 years of age and of his prime otherwise he would have melt moxon to pieces

          • Thank you for your understanding which in fact wasn’t in full but I was quite right.
            As you mentioned, I saw a Zambidis 35 years old today not the Zambidis I saw before with some few years less fighting with the energy and passion as the good kick-boxer he really is.

            As I said before time for a retirement well deserved.

          • you didn’t understand what i was saying exactly you seem to dont understand tactics..now nobody is the same as he used to be …neither buakaw is the same neither…kyshenko…or petrosian…or kraus..souwer etc nobody cant beat time and by beat moxon one who is in the top 10 kickboxers at 70kilos 28 old at his prime zambidis still was even at the age of 35 a good kick-boxer…and as energy and passion you can see that at the last minute of round 5 when moxon was run for his life…

          • So we are coming to an agreement now!!!
            We both agree that Zambidis is one of the 10 top kick-boxer in the 70 kg category that step on the ring since this sport has been created, as Petrosyan (the best), Souwer, etc.
            Also that Zambidis has done an excellent campaign with an incredible number of knock outs and few losses compared with the number of fights he was involved with. For being a short guy he did great.
            I agree too that his best round in this fight was the number 5.
            However, we both agree that he is getting old and this is what I saw from him in his final fight that gave me the full impression that Zambidis isn’t the same fighter that I have enjoyed so much in the past. He didn’t performed according to my expectations which doesn’t means he did bad in this fight which was quite even where Moxon performed a little bit better.
            And this my friend it has nothing to do with tactics that I am very aware of . This is about impartiality to judge a fight. I fully respect you being a big fan of Zambidis but I fully believe also that as such your judgment isn’t as clear as should be.
            So I recommend you to watch the fight again and evaluate the results with a clear optic not with partiality.
            On the other hand don’t worry since he was declared the winner and must be enjoying retirement already. Who may not be happy is Moxon.

          • i am not favor zambidis because i am Greek this has nothing to do with it… for many years i am watching any kind of fighting sports and i can judge fairly….without favor anyone cause he is from my country i have watched the fight 5 times… zambidis won almost all the rounds clean except round 2 he had more clean points and most important more impressive hits compare to moxon who just 9+/10 of times he was working at zambidis tough guard in all fight…hitting the elbows doesn’t give you points so he dint do so much as he thinks to win the fight….he maybe robbed with roosmalen who is the best kickboxer in 70kilos but with zambo he lost clean here

  2. Nice last fight from Zambidis that I like very much also. However, it was very even with a result most liked questionable. In this fight Zambidis didn’t put the extra mile as he usually does to ensure he has a convincing victory.
    I believe it is the right time for him to go for the retirement that he much deserves which in fact is sad and bad for fans like me.


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