2013 best MMA fight – Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman – full fight Video UFC 162

4_stars_mma_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2013-07-06, the fight between Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva and Chris Weidman was neither a war nor a particularly technical fight, but it was certainly a great show with a spectacular finish (UFC Knockout of the Night), and a bout like this one will go down in mma history: this is one of the most exciting mma fight of the year, four stars! Anderson Silva (33-4-0, 79% finishing rate) entered as the No.1 middleweight in the world while the undefeated Chris Weidman (9-0-0, 66% finishing rate) entered as the No.3. Silva vs Weidman, main event of UFC 162, is valid for the UFC middleweight title (Silva’s eleventh defense); they also faced each other a second time on December 28, 2013 (=Weidman vs Silva 2). Watch the video!



Event: UFC 162: Silva vs Weidman

Date: 2013-07-06

Where: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Division: middleweight (185 lbs, 84 kg)

Title: UFC Middleweight Championship title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Chris Weidman def. Anderson Silva (KO punches at 1:18, round 2)


UFC 162 fight card (best and main fights):
Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman
Frankie Edgar vs Charles Oliveira
Roger Gracie vs Tim Kennedy
Mark Munoz vs Tim Boetsch
Cub Swanson vs Dennis Siver
Gabriel Gonzaga vs Dave Herman

Silva’s previous fight: Anderson Silva vs Stephan Bonnar

Weidman’s previous fight: Chris Weidman vs Mark Munoz

Their next fight: Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva 2



Official video:

(Alternative free embeddable video hosted on ufc.tv)

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Alternative highlights video

Jon Jones’ and Urijah Faber’s reaction during the fight

  • alexb

    spyder got caught showboatin

    • Jesse James

      ya he did dumbass silva

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    americans are fucking dominating the ufc right now

    • tango2042

      Have you forgotten GPS? He is a pain in the a*s for all the Americans within George’s category. None in the near future can beat George.

  • Susan

    Chris earned the right to hit that dumba*s Silva after he was on the ground flopping around.

  • fortaoz

    if you watch cloesley the spider threw the fight, f*ck chris Weidman

  • paul0905

    what an asshole, dancing around like that. spider lost because he lost his humility in the cage

  • JustJPs

    Dana White is playing Don King. Weidman vs Silva 2 will be big $$$. It’s all about the $$$$

    • Eddie Fonzarelli

      your kidding right? Your comment did make me laugh so maybe you are

    • Pat Beebe

      It is about the money, and if u were in Dana’s shoes wouldn’t u b the same way, just remember Silva got $600,000 and Chris got $48,000 for knocking his a$$ out, now someone else gets the big pay-day HAHAHAHA

  • Eddie Fonzarelli

    if you watch even more closely, weidman tried to give him a concussion when diving on silva.

    You spoke like a dude who’s never been punched in the face.

  • Bokator


  • pic44

    i’ve said it for awhile Silva was all hype. every fight he’s had at 205 were against can and it wasn’t really better at MW. he’s Dana’s hype train just like Brock was


    Lack of humbleness and Dropping your hands against a heavy handed opponent is a rookie mistake.

  • Aditi Kumer

    what an a*shole, dancing around like that. spider lost because he lost his humility in the cage. aditikumer

  • UFC

    What?!!! It has all ended this way … so … no more Mega Fight like … Silva vs GSP or Silva vs John Jones?!!!! I am sure Dana White will not be at all happy with this … where the BIG money is coming from now?!!!!!

    • pic44

      the big money will come from fighters who put on good fights like it should be

  • Tina Moore

    Wow Silva amateur tactics cost him big time! Your in a title fight dropping your hands in front of a highly motivated heavy handed naturally bigger fighter? When your in that cage it should be tunnel vision strictly business! F**k all that fake showboating that will get you hurt. The win> showboating!

  • Jeremy Kohler

    Silva must have bet on weidman his whole purse probabky trippled his payday with that flop clearly looked like he threw the fight.

  • Pe theCuban

    Not quite convincing, in the fashion this fight ended. Spider gave this fight away.

  • Glenn Ocana

    That is the consequence we get because of overconfidence. Even if you know in yourself that you have the edge against your opponent, you still have to give what you can offer to yourself to win the fight. The lesson that we might get from the result of the fight is that every fighter can beat the champion!

  • Mosa Moaad

    Weidman is way better then Silva Simple

  • Dawud Moor

    Might as well do the capoeira may have been a better strategy than than the Zab Judah, Pernell Whitaker, Sergio Martinez drop your hands and play games style. As you can see this aint boxing its more pugilistic.

  • tango2042

    This is called overconfidence and the job of an amateur. Silva totally understimated his opponent who was quick and a hard puncher. Well done Chris. This is why I really like GSP because he takes all his fights very seriously and never play as a clown in the ring.

  • Cappy

    Aderson Silva gave his title away. Now he will fight Jon Jones!

  • EJB

    play to much and eventually you too WILL get burned. i know it’s part of silva’s style, but it was just a matter of time of disrespecting the man in front of you, that you will be the one who loses respect. i think silva beats this guy 9 out 10 times, if he doesn’t f*ck around.