2017 BOXING fight – Jezreel Corrales vs Alberto Machado – full fight Video WBA

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3 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2017-10-21, great finish between Jezreel Corrales and Alberto Machado: it gets three stars.

The Wba super-Fw champion Jezreel Corrales entered this fight with a professional boxing record of 22-1-0 (8 knockouts) and he is ranked as the No.3 super featherweight in the world (currently the #1 in this division is Vasyl Lomachenko). He suffered his only defeat when he faced Jhonatan Arenas in 2009, since then he has collected 21 victories and one no-contest beating twice Takashi Uchiyama in 2016 (=Uchiyama vs Corrales I and Corrales vs Uchiyama II) and Robinson Castellanos in 2017 (=Corrales vs Castellanos).
His opponent, the undefeated Alberto Machado, has a perfect record of 18-0-0 (15 KOs=83%) and he entered as the No.18 in the same weight class. He has already fought twice in 2017 defeating Juan Jose Martinez and Carlos Morales (=Machado vs Morales). Machado vs Corrales is valid for the vacant WBA World super featherweight title (belt on the line for Machado only because Corrales missed weight). Watch the video and rate this fight!



Date: 2017-10-21

Where: Turning Stone Resort & Casino, New York, USA

Division: super featherweight (130 lbs, 59.0 kg)

Title: vacant WBA World super featherweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Alberto Machado def. Jezreel Corrales (KO at 2:18, round 8)


Corrales’ previous fight: Jezreel Corrales vs Robinson Castellanos

Machado’s previous fight: Alberto Machado vs Carlos Morales

Machado’s next fight: Alberto Machado vs Rafael Mensah



Corrales vs Machado full fight video:

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Official highlights

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20 comments on “2017 BOXING fight – Jezreel Corrales vs Alberto Machado – full fight Video WBA”

  1. Good fight, loads of changes in momentum and with a good kayo…regardless of the all the nonsense commentary team are talking. Tough out for both guys, Corrales is back to no mans land (the dude just seems really, really unlikable to me) and Machado throws his hat into the Loma sweepstakes even though Corrales would have been the much harder fight for Hi-Tech.

    • I was lookng to see if we could see his eyes, im sure the ref saw a glazzy stair at that point. Him being the champion even though he lost it on the scale they usually give them the benefit of the doubt, But it also leads to the rematch hype by not allowing him to get knocked out cold. When you fall down face first that is usually a great indication you were seriously hurt.

  2. A good punch but a lucky one brought a win not deserved. Corrales total lack of power was a main factor here since he enterely outclassed Machado showing he is a the faster boxer and much more skilled than his adversary. Very sad for Corrales since he did really great and in terms of fighting Loma he would probably has better chances than Machado has.

    • Sorry but this is the stupidest comment of the week award. If GGG knocked canello out would that of been an undeserved win since canello was the faster of the 2. The fact is Corrales throws wide off balance punches causing his lack of power, you can see when he squared up he had plenty of power and hurt machado a few times. There are no lucky punches in boxing. Boxing is about punching, to say a professional boxers punch is lucky is like saying baberuths home runs were lucky. Corrales is unconventional throwing from all angles this also takes away from his power. Did you know that Khan would be the pound for pound champion if those other boxers weren’t lucky hitting his glass chin.

      • No a nice way to start a dialog in this matter however I like the SORRY you used to begin with :-). Anyhow, I was expecting something more polite when such a comment is coming from a 50 years old fellow. My oldest son is about your age and thanks God he received from us the education required to avoid such behavior when dealing with another people.
        Nevertheless, going back to yours and my comments, I suggest you to watch the knock out again where you will find you haven’t foundation to argue that Corrales has punching power. It is hardly evidently, when the knock out occurred, that Corrales hasn’t power at all since at the same time both were connected with a head punches and the short (curiously) and only one effective came from Machado. On the other hand, Corrales’s record clearly identify him as a non power punching boxer. I agree with you that in many occasions his throws were wide off balance diminishing even more the insufficient power punching he has. He evidently hurt Machado only because his perfect precision when connecting the punches. He most likely won most of his bouts due to an unorthodox style which is quite difficult to decode, plus his speed, and skillful moves all over the ring.
        Regarding the lucky punch, I still insist that Machado was really lucky because Corrales was winning with total amplitude making his life miserable during the whole fight.

        • There is nothing foul about my comment, and no education is needed, I didnt insult you, i stated a fact I stil believe in it was and is a stupid comment. Thee is no lucky punch in boxing. and Corales showed he had power to hurt, not many boxers have the 1 punch knock out power most are combination of punches. Corrales cant hit with combinations because of his weird style. if he hit with combinations he could knock more people out you can see that his punches do have power, as machado was hurt several times, There are many fights where someone is wining right up until they get knocked out. I know many disagree but i had kahn winning handily against canelo right up until the lucky? punch. Also you talk about the short one curiously, thus why it had more power and connected better. short punches are the more dangerous. Sorry but it just appears to me you dont really know much about boxing by your comments. But sorry if i offended you didn’t really intend to but i understand but i still say the comment makes no sense to me. There are fighters with no power, this fighter has enough power its simply his fighting style that causes him to lose that power, and by power i dont mean 1 punch power that is far and in between. Machado has a much stronger punch, i would put it about 85-90 % of 1 punch power as compard to the likes of tyson, stevenson, wilder, GGG. and thus why he has a good record, and you dont need to get a knock out to have power, Floyd is a good example he could of had more knockouts in his career but he refused to take a chance at trading to get the knockout cause you put your self at risk ask corrales. Klitchko is another example way more power available than knock outs, but he would never go for the kill, occasionally someone would run into one but he didnt put himself into chances to get knocked out as when he did earlier in his career that is exactly what happened.
          It doesnt matter if you get your a*s kicked for 11 rounds and 249 minutes if you knock out your opponent at 2:50 of round 12 you deserve that win. the only wins not deserved are the amount of paid off judges we have seen.
          Not sure you are old enough to remember prince hassem hamed. He had a style even stanger than corrales, but he did have better power, but when he faced a real good boxer barerra he got his a*s handed to him. So you may of just witnessed, the same thing, i had never seen Machado before so dont know if hes a great boxer or not, he definatley didnt make coraales lok like barrera made the prince look but boxing is an art, and seriously how many people that fight like coralles do you see as a champion. its very rare.
          And back to your education,. i am actually very educated, but i admit i couldnt pass an english class in my life. and i was born here :)

      • Agree with Droid here.
        Wasnt lucky at all. It was ac ounter hook that landed at the same time and the man with the better chin came out on top.

        Is Machado a better boxer than Corrales – no but
        he new his only chance was to throw and he did.

    • My guess is Loma will take a lesson from this fight: he’ll pick Machado apart while paying much more attention to his own safety than Corrales did.

      Corrales should have won on speed and technique alone, as he was in fact humiliating Machado. This became intoxicating to him and he went too far, becoming careless.

      Tango, who do you like in Loma vs. Rigondeaux?

      • Arjay Cee:Rigondeaux is a very good and skillful fighter but he never takes risk to such a point that he is becoming a boring fighter with no much to enjoy. Loma instead is taking risks making more exciting fights, in many occasions from one side only due to his overwhelming techniques. In my opinion, he has also more mobility over the ring and his change of angles and shooting positions are second to none. Nevertheless, Rigondeaux would be his best opposition till now since Salgado (controversial win) did well but technically wasn’t contest for Loma. I fully believe that Loma would success if he takes an early lead and attack without pause.

  3. Holy cow what a hook straight on the button! I’ll watch more boxing since cycling season is pretty much over (yeah, the 2 can go together) and guess where I’ll take my fights? That’s right, my good old ATBF friends :)

  4. Droid 1967: Undoubtedly, Corrales isn’t a power puncher and his record is an undisputed prove of such a fact. However, he is a very accurate puncher that hit his adversaries at precise locations causing harm but not with enough power to knock them out as Machado did so easily with him in this fight. I bet you that most of the 8 knock outs he obtained on his previous fights were produced by the number of punches he was able to connect with accuracy instead by a single punch. Otherwise, Machado would have not survived for so long since he received several good impacts with minor consequences (including the know down he suffered) but didn’t received enough of them to allow the “punching accumulation” to do its work.
    I guess we all agree that the “punch accumulation” is producing later knock outs but no the “punch combination” you mention above. You said also that Corrales cannot throw punch combinations which in fact he did quite well in many rounds. To mention some watch again rounds 1 , 4 , 5 etc. In fact when he lost his mouthpiece in round 4 he was connecting a punch combination.
    Again, regarding Corrales’s power I admit this is the first time I watch him fighting (never saw Machado either) but I saw he is a very skillful boxer in spite of being so unconventional. If he has the power in his fists you believe he has, his record, undoubtedly, would show more knock outs that the ones he really has because he is taking a lot of risks as he did in this fight in full contrast to the little risks that Floyd took during his whole career. You, like me, clearly saw he tried very hard to knock out Machado with no success in spite of his accuracy. The stats of this fight shown also that Corrales thrown more punches (all types) and connected at a higher rate than Machado so he really took the risks I just mentioned but not to avail due to his lack of power.
    I agree with you that short punches are very dangerous (like in this fight) but mainly because they are not anticipated by the boxer throwing it and/or not be seen by the guy receiving it. However, a punch develops acceleration increasing its speed from zero to a certain value but only if the arm never reach its full extension position before hitting. Therefore, due to physics, they should ussually accumulate and release less energy than the long ones because the speed reached is lower before hitting the target. Longer the distance bigger the energy which depends x2 of the speed reached at the hitting point. So, when I said curiosly about the short punch I meant that it was launched by Machado which, once again, proves he was the only guy with punching power on the ring.
    Of course I’m old enough (see my user name) as to know the prince Hassem Hamed who possess extraordinary punching power but non existing boxing skills. I saw all his fights because he was very unconventional and a sort of phenomenon. You made my day, Thank you, since you brought here a clear example of a boxer delivering lucky punches without skills. So we should agree that lucky punches in boxing really exist. I still insist that Machado was very lucky with his punch because almost during the whole fight he was totally unable to hit Corrales who is a very elusive target.
    You also asked “how many people that fight like Corrales do you see as a champion. its very rare”. Fully agree with you but Sergio Martibez is one of them. I really like to watch these guys fighting because their unconventional styles, in many cases, is supported for very sound skills. I like also boxer with low punching power because the good ones developed superb fighting techniques (boxing is art) to survive in this brutal sport. I enjoy very much when them beat the hell off from a power punching boxer. Here is the link to see in action one of the best in this field, the “untouchable” Nicolino Locche
    I fully accept your nice apologies :-) Till the next discussion CYA.


    • I must apologize for saying you dont seem to be boxing knowledgeable, I see that you indeed are , we have some disagreements on our position, but you obviously like me are a huge fan of the sport. But i still say there are no lucky punches in boxing :)

      • Droid 1967: Regarding lucky punches we agree on disagree on this issue:-). Thank you for your comment but I never bragged here as being myself a boxing expertise but as you said I’m, like you, a huge boxing fan also. I started watching bouts when I was about 14 years old together with my father in our first TV set and since then I fully enjoyed it very much.
        Watch Nicolino’s fight and please let me know what do you think about him and enjoy. Till next one.


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