2012 MMA fight – Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen 2 – full fight Video UFC 148

3_stars_mma_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2012-07-07, aggressive start in the first round and very exciting second round: Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen 2 is close to get four stars (UFC Knockout of the Night). Anderson Silva (31-4-0) entered as the No.1 middleweight in the world while Chael Sonnen (27-11-1) entered as the No.2. Silva vs Sonnen 2, main event of the Ufc 148, is valid for the UFC Middleweight title (Silva’s tenth defense); in their first fight “The Spider” Silva defeated Sonnen by submission in the fifth round (August 7, 2010). Rate the video!



Event: UFC 148: Silva vs Sonnen 2

Date: 2012-07-07

Where: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, United States

Division: middleweight (185 lbs, 84 kg)

Title: UFC Middleweight Championship title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Anderson Silva def. Chael Sonnen (TKO at 1:55, round 2)


UFC 148 fight card (main card):
Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen 2
Forrest Griffin vs Tito Ortiz 3
Cung Le vs Patrick Cote
Dong Hyun Kim vs Demian Maia
Chad Mendes vs Cody McKenzie
Ivan Menjivar vs Mike Easton

Silva’s previous fight: Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami 2

Sonnen’s previous fight: Chael Sonnen vs Michael Bisping

Silva’s next fight: Anderson Silva vs Stephan Bonnar

Sonnen’s next fight: Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen  



Official video:

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Alternative highlights video

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109 thoughts on “2012 MMA fight – Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen 2 – full fight Video UFC 148”


    1. you can knee to the chest, thats what he did.  It was legit and he’s the champ and P4P best ever!

    2. You wanna talk about forgetting something? How about Mr. Chael Sonnen getting busted for using steroids? And not even all juiced up he won! Shut up already! You’re as much of a sore loser as Sonnen is!! Neither of you seem to know when to shut up!

    3. Did you forget that it’s only illegal if it’s to the head WHEN they have three points of contact to the ground? Last time I checked the replay that knee hit him solid in the chest. Learn the rules.

    4. Sitting with your back to the cage isn’t considered “downed”. For all technical purposes he postured himself up against the cage, and left Silva with a PERFECT opening to put his knee through his face.

    5. People knee fighters to the chest all the time when they’re on their butts.  It looks like it’s the head but it’s the point of the knee that matters.

  2. the spider is a great fighter, but put him n the octagon with johnny ‘bones’ jones and see how he does

    1. jones is sick man n all..but silva’s world experienced well rounded n impressive technique will knock him out no doubt..technique beats size..n jones got technique but silva masterd allllll techniques ..if they fight sometime soon..then silva will win..otherwise jones will keep getin better n could win silva later on. periodddd

  3. no surprise…silva won again. but you have to give props to sonnen for trash talking at least on that he was good. Kudos Silva!


  5. What the hell was Sonnen thinking throwing that spinning back fist? Dumb a*s should have stuck to the game plan and it MIGHT have lasted a couple seconds longer. Silva’s a beast and will continue to reign champ for a long time.

  6. Silva is the best fighter i have ever seen. Sonnen thought himself a brock lesnar before fight but in the end he proved that he is spike dudley. Hahahahaha

  7. Jon f*cking Jones my a*s !!
    He is good yeah , f*ck that though , for
    Anderson the Spider Silva is a legend , a myth
    I don’t know ,you motherf*ckers name it!!!
    Jon Jones must struggle a lot to do half of what The Spider
    has f*cking done,period!!!
    Anderson has reached a level that many people in their careers and
    lives try to!!! Perfection!! Perfeição!!!!Perfección!!!!
    in the past we had Achiles, now we have Spider!!

    Sp Brazil

  8. well …too much talk n disrespect people will guide you to a shame, i hope i learn also from this…  great fight silva!

  9. Don’t know why Sonnen went for that spinning back fist.  Should have kept it a chess match and stuck to his strength- wrestling/ground&pound.  Arrogance got the better of him.  At least we now know a hole in Silvas game but it will take a phenominal wrestler to expose it.

    1.  How about, it was a knee to the chest and his thigh hit him in the head.  Try actually reviewing the tape of the fight before you start to run your whine-hole.

    2. Chaels,. hands wernt on the ground sooo therefore , Anderson kneeeed his face ! lol! it wassssssss alllll legall! .

      1. U stup*d freaking id*ots Silva’s knee was not illegal at all!!!!!! If he did hit him in the face his knees r hands wasn’t on the ground! So shut the freak up and stop arguing!!!!!! Silva won fare and square andyall just can’t accept that because y’all were going for a fighter that never wins so y’all r trying to make up some stupid crap to make y’all selfs feel good!!!!

    3. Whats up with trying to brawl against a precision fighter? That will get you a loss everytime, you have to be in control. Especially against someone now 15-0!

    4. Sonnens a b*tch for sitting on his a*s when he fell. So he put him self in the position to get his sh*t kneed. Just like any other dominant fighter,silva took advantage of chael’s stupidity. If your known for your ground game why try to stand up with someone that has a little more skills in that field even though you dominanted him in the first fight. Chael Sonnen showed the world that he is all talk, but just like what silva said “When you walk into the octagon all the talking stops”.

  10. whats all this talk about silva vs bones jones eff that lets see silva vs gsp before bones jones 

    1. silva would beat GSP with EASE… and jon jones with EASE.. the GSP fight wont happen cause of the weight difference its hard to comprimise and drop so much weight, or GSP to gain so much weight without making them haing a serious disadvantage… and silva wont fight jon jones because everyone knows even silva and jones, that silva would beat him, that would in turn end jone’s career, because he is still young got lots to learn being beaten so soon might destroy him, silva would finish jones far to easy it would make jones look bad… silva is just the best, there is noone in the world that can beat him. dos santos would give a good fight because of his good hands and knockout power, maybe santos could drop to light heavy and silva could move up to light heavy.. but i dont think silva needs to take that fight becasue fans arent asking for it, and he doesnt really have to prove anything anymore.. every fight from now is just a risk cause he is getting older and anyone that fights him has nothing to lose.. silva is pretty much like the god of MMA….. 

      1. It upsets me when people talk like they truly know what they are talking about first of all about GSP and Silva, GSP when asked about it said he would fight Silva even at a catch weight. Silva avoids the question all the time. There is also no where near a huge weight difference GSP said before that he plans to move up to 185 when the time is right he already walks around that weight before fights anyways. At the end of the day its not really up to them if the fans really want it the UFC will do it just right now both fighters have a lot on their plate in their own division that the UFC wants them to take care of first. Last but not least anyone who knows a lot about this sport knows that its an ignorant statement when someone automatically ASSUMES someone would destroy another fighter. In the UFC fights very often go against what people predict ever herd of an “upset” or an “underdog winning” lets test your knowledge and History how about Vitor Belfort vs Tank Abbot and vs  Wanderlei Silva no one believed VItor even had a chance and he destroyed them in less than a minute in the first round just like everyone said Machida was going to destroy Bones.. that he was too young and experienced. Don’t confuse what you think with what is real. This is the most unpredictable sport Dana and a lot of others say it all the time. So pay attention and stop assuming.

        1. your talking like these fighters are gonna fight forever. Silva is nearly 40 years old. he’s the middle weight champ, What is he gonna prove by fighting gsp? If its not for the belt it shouldnt be a purpose because he giving top quality fighters chances to take it. But your right. You cant assume its gonna be a ” one sided fight” based on whoses fighting. But lets look at gsp chances. One he is the smaller fighter. Second silva has fought in the light heavyweight class giving him more of an advantage when it comes to moving positions on a fighter. In third it wouldnt do anything for gsp.

    2. Ther all in 3 different f*cking weight classes. I know it would be big for The fans, and the sport but they already is putting in work just to keep there weight at a average. It woudnt do sht for either champs if they fight

  11. Bones jones has no chance against the “SPIDER”. He pulled a punk move against Rashad pulling guard towards the end of the fight. Don’t get me wrong “bones” is bad too…

    1. Kneeing a downed opponent to the chest is perfectly legal given the chance sonnen would have done the same thing. Does no one understand that sonnens test was through the roof in this fight as well.. Like 300% over the allowed test but silva still agreed to whip his a*s. Also the ref wiped off the vasoline before the figh. Gsp has a weak chin and jones isnt on silvas level yet…

  12. Silva is a c*cky disrespectful fighter too! He taunts and talks sh*t too!He had to cheat to beat him and it wasn’t like he beat him up lol. He is no doubt a good fighter tho. If u whooped silva for 4.5 rounds you’d talk sh*t too! Silva just bugs me! I can’t stand the guy. He rubbed the Vaseline on his body so chale wouldn’t be able to get a grip. He held chales shorts for a good 20 seconds while the ref had his thumb up his a*s. Then kneed a downed opponent in the “chest” but we all know it hit chales face as well. I’m not a fan of either fighter but that was a bs fight.

    1. For one Silva didnt have to let Chael get a rematch, For two how is ground and pounding some one cheating lol. Wtf does vaseline have to do with anything. they got sweaty the first twenty seconds into the fight. So grabbing eachother for position would be difficult. I am a huge fan of Silva and this is the first time i saw him talk sh*t about are to a opponent. This was a great fight for those that say Chael has better striking skills then silva cause if you watched the fight silva made him look stupid. :)

    2. U retarded? Only reason sonnen could of pull that preassure was cause of drugs dumb a*s..Sterioids! 

    3. You’re a dumba*s! Silva is not cocky he’s in a talent pool that doesn’t challenge him enough, the man was bored up until silva vs sonnen 1. He wants a f*ckin challenge without the dramatics Sonnen showcases. You are a horrible judge of character. He disrespects no one in interviews or in person. Do you really think that Silva rubbed the Vaseline on himself on purpose with the damn cameras watching him!? This is not an issue that comes up often therefor no body is thinking about that come fight time. His concern was getting the access Vaseline off his face and what f*ckin fight were you watchin the ref said let go of the shorts and he let go it wasn’t 20 seconds! Get some f*ckin glasses the Knee was to the body. You obviously have an issue with level of talent the man has and the fact that no one has dethroned him yet. Maybe you subconsciously think its unfair. Think and change your POVs to accept all possibilities before opening your mouth, you sound idiotic.

  13. chael is such a tool!! the only game he has is “lay n pray” and still he cant finish off the spider that way. and when he tries to keep it on the feet he gets handled. chael i hate you.

  14. Silva didn’t cheat. I watched the fight and the replay clearly showed again and again that the knee he threw landed on Chael’s chest. Chael got beat. Fair and square. Twice. Silva is the best of all time. Period. And Chael is at the back of the line where cheaters belong. If you want to call someone a cheater, why don’t you start with your boy? The only reason his suspension wasn’t upheld is because Dana told the commissioner that he would reinstate Chael anyway and move the fight to another commission overseas, and they didn’t want to miss out on what was sure to be the money of the best sold fight of all time. Chael is a cheater and a liar, and he has been exposed for that he is. 

  15. jon jones and silva is a hella good fight you f*ckin id*ots jon jones walked through everyone he has fought even though he went 5 with rashad it was his fight the whole time. machida silva used to be the dream fight but they wouldnt because they were training partners and friends, then jon jones practically killed machida striking and choking him to sleep. not to mention jon jones has f*ckin 84 1/2 inch thats more that brock lesnar and and any other f*ckin heavyweight.  they are both freaks of nature 

    1. machida actually was looking better than jones in striking before jones pulled off that standing guillotine..but agreed silva vs jones would be amazing…silvas still very good at 205 too i doubt itd f*ck him up too much to move up especially against another scrawny fighter like jones

  16. He clearly kneed him in the chest. I don’t know what you guys are seeing, but Anderson Silva is the man!

  17. Oh, and about the possible Silva vs Jones match up. The truth is that the two men are in different weight classes. Sure Jones could move down, but I wouldn’t do it. Or, Silva could move up, but honestly I wouldn’t do that either.  There is really no reason  for these men to fight unless the public demands it.

  18. Bones Jones vs Spider or GSP vs Spider or GSP vs Bones Jones… give me any one of those fights I will be happy just the same

  19. chael NO BRAINS sonnen was the coward  for taking drugs and racially insulting Anderson Silva .   Anderson Silva   Silva is pure class.
    chael looses twice now such bs trash talk this fool got beat up HAHAHA,.
    Silva way superior fighter in every respect first fight Silva beats him on the ground second fight Silva beats him with striking.
    And after fight Silva is still respectful to this piece of human garbage thai is sonnen.
    I am glad sonnen lost he is a DISGRACE to the sport.

  20. No! it’s illegal to khit him if he is grounded, meaning knees/elbow on ground not a*s, sitting there like a duck is open season…

  21. joe rogan even saiditwasto the chest when the relpay was happening, if it was to the head that wouldof been a d.q. 

  22. You no what Silva won,quit all your cryin. There was nothing illegal. Channel fell down and got his a** whooped. You know the first fight Sonnen did handle Silva very well BUT his face,nose and head looked like he had been stomped and Silva barley looked touched. He defended his self extremely well and those elbows were killing sonnen.

    1. Sonnen bleeds easy, he was hardly being affected by the few hits Silva got in (first fight). He was as quick in the fourth as he was in the first, but just as careless when he slipped as when he got caught in the triangle. Silva played it well the first fight, but the second fight was disappointing to me as a Sonnen fan since he screwed himself over. I’m not complaining about the vaseline or the shorts grabbing. Sonnen was still dominant despite those facts, but that damn SLIP!!! Silva deserved that win. Hate to say it, fail by Sonnen. Yes, knee was legit. Either you follow the rules or you follow none.

    2. Silva took sonnen down and got him up again to keep beating his a*s up on hes knees..well jones is a good fighter..but not close many peoples were thinking that this was the end of silva and what a difference..i also know that if he beats up jon jones then ya will have somebody else to say is better so good looking

  23. lol bad losers..Sonnen lost, he tried to be like jon jones and failed,and what happens when you fail? well you get your a*s kicked, however you put it the guy lost.. he paid for his mistake and you want to bring that “illegal” sh*t up? this is a fight not a game of chess or whatever it is a FIGHT. You get hit you find a way to survive or you get your behind knocked out or stopped.. stop being little girls guys the guy lost

    1. With that statement you better not be one of those that claimed that Sonnen cheated the first time with his TRT. His was legit, Silva’s cheap sh*t wasn’t. Even so I gotta agree, Sonnen lost. From my point of view, he screwed himself, and as it was his mistake it was well deserved, no matter how much I like Sonnen.

    2. OK, with that in mind… Sonnen kicked Silva’s a*s for at least SIX rounds… count em…. SIX … IF you want to talk FIGHT & just forget the rules Silva got his head handed to him.

  24. Silva did beat sonnen far and square the only people who think different know nothing about the sport. And Silva would beat Jones standing or grounded but Dana white will not make that fight untilled Silva gets ready to retire or turns 50 whichever comes first LOL. He ain’t gonna let the future face of the ufc get beat like that he can say what he wants but it comes down to the money mabe if bones gets beats by someone else white will make it but then u would want to see Silva fight them

    1.  I personally dont think any one is capable of beating Jones in the middleweight, light heavyweight or even heavyweight class. I have been following his career since before his fight with Matt Hammil. Jones won the fight, but lost because of an illegal elbow. The man has taken out everyone in his respected class, not only that he did it with ease. Silva is a great fighter, but he didnt even start out in his early career with a resume half as impressive as Jones. Silva broke mma barriers, Jones created a whole new standard. Evolution man, Jones is and will continue to be the face of the UFC until evolution catches up again.

      1. No way man hes not that great a fighter—rewatch the fights And you,ll see—–if he was fighting where he should be a heavtweight he wouldn,t be that successful yet—maybe later….dont get me wrong …I like jones but dont like how hes gotten his way to the top—-keep a strait face and tell me he shouldnt be a heavy Weight!!

      2.  Complete rubbish. Jones would get annihilated at heavyweight. Dos Santos, Velasquez, Overeem, Carwin, even Lesnar…they would kill him

  25. I D K i hate to imagine Jones Vs Silva Silva by far is my fav fighter his skils are amazing but then theres jons who i disliked untill i saw all his fightsa he dominated the toughest figthers in the ufc he toyed with machida and finish him off perfectly michida was one of my favs it really disapointed me . jons and silva  they both got nice skills but seeing jones dominating who stands infront.  probly gives silva a scare. a fight i wouldnt wanna see jones accuracy is just as good as silva his fighting skills are similer they are both unuiq

  26. This shows that sonnen does not have the technical ability to be an MMA fighter. His abilities are at best high school wresteling level. The only time the idiot tried a back-hand spin, he gets dizzy from his own spin, looses balance and sits on the floor like duck waitting for Arderson to finish him!!!
    He should go back to sell cars on the local dealership… something he feels confortable with.

    1. Okay as much as I love Anderson Silva and hate Chael, you have to give Chael his credit for wrestling. He was an NCAA division 1 all american and an olympic alternate greco roman wrestler. He is as good as it gets in wrestling and silva vs sonnen 1 proved that. BUT there is a huge difference between wrestling and MMA wrestling. MMA wrestling requires the ability to use strikes as a set up for takedowns, not spinning yourself dizzy and falling like an idiot. That is why Chael is 6-5 in the UFC. That is also why GSP, who didn’t enter the UFC as a grappler at all is easily the premier wrestler in MMA. He will take you down in the middle of his striking combo before you have time to think. But GSP lacks the wrestling pressure that Chael has, which is why Anderson Silva would slay GSP

  27. Chael Sonnen is a disgrace to Ufc!!!!!!! The sh*t he talked about Brazil and its people made him look like a fool.
    Glad Silva won as people like Chael have no class.

  28. @18abd36ff3957cae393df7f055978b8a:disqus why should he when hes a great fighter. u should go back playing runescape

      1. Dont fool yourself alot of us can say that to his face hes only a fighter that fight on the stage and all Martial Arts is ,is an art of fighting practiced to surprise your opponent and it does not mean your he toughest fighter,….get your eyes off the television and stop fooling yourself Man….What Im saying is Awhole lot of Men can go in there and Anderson cant beat then and exspecially Steven Segal who fools himself thinking hes the Man and at why I dont like Silva because he thinks hes the man and hes not as Much as he thinks Man

  29. Sonnen hyped the world, running his mouth. The man quit !
    The knee to the chest, and the punches that were not landing
    solid. Goes into his “I am hurt” act. Come on…..

    UFC got the last “Pay Per View” money they will ever get from me.
    What a sorry rigged event from UFC.

  30. Definitely not a wise move on such a great fighter. no room for error, sonnen proved that not once, but twice.

  31. I thought he would leave ufc. That’s what he taunted. Chael should upgrade his skills. He could be a good commentator though/

  32.  Come on guys sonnen its grat warrior but make mastake against silva and we all know its should never happend , in this class fighter like silva u need to be 100% ready and focused sorry but its only one way to win , i think that victor belfort next time will the winner:)

  33. Sonnen is not a great finisher. He is great though. I mean not many fighter have taken Silva down that easily. As far as Silva goes…He is the greatest.

  34. Chael was basically knocked out when he through the spinning backfist…He even says it in his after fight interview. Anderson just hits sooo hard 

  35. silva won because he is great not because sonnen slipped… we can often see fighters slip but we cant always see fighters who can finish fights when their opponent made a single mistake like slipping. my point is silva can win against sonnen in thousand ways, all he need is a little opening possible that sonnen can give.

  36. You know what i find funny. Silva wasnt even landing punches on chael when he was curled up, yet the fight was called. However when Andersons face was getting pounded in by chael for 4 rounds straight without him even defending himself (at all) the fight wasn’t called. It’s a load of bull.

  37. You guys write really long comments Lol. All that I have to say is “SILVA DESTROYED.” I’m out….

  38. Some peoples keep comparing Silva and Jones. Thats so dumb. Jon Is a Good Fighter but he doesnt Have the skills to beat Silva Thats the point he might be able to beat silva in a couple of more years, but this is silva time no one else and is not only about striking is the skills i havent seen no other in the ufc as this guy controlling opponents lets see how bones does with hendo and then look back at wat silva did to hendo way older than wat jones is..

  39. sonnen is no fighter. great wrestler but not a fighter. proof: sonnen on overdose of trt 300 landed strikes gets submitted. silva 12 strikes (count them 12 strikes) sonnen goes fetal and is finished. ’nuff said.

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