Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin full fight Video – 2017

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3 Star RatingReview by 2017-09-16, pretty good fight between Saul Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin: it gets three stars.

The former world champion in two different weight classes Saul Canelo Alvarez entered this fight with a professional record of 49-1-1 (34 knockouts) and he is ranked as the No.1 middleweight in the world. He suffered his only loss when he faced Floyd Mayweather Jr in 2013 (via majority decision, Mayweather vs Alvarez), since then Canelo has won seven consecutive fights defeating Amir Khan (4-stars fight, Canelo vs Khan), Liam Smith (=Canelo vs Smith) and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in his last three (=Canelo vs Chavez Jr).
His opponent, the undefeated Wbc, Wba, Ibf and Ibo champion Gennady Golovkin, has an official boxing record of 37-0-0 (33 KOs=89%) and he entered as the No.2 in the same weight class. GGG fought twice in 2016, winning over Dominic Wade (=Golovkin vs Wade) and Kell Brook (4-stars fight, Golovkin vs Brook), and once in 2017, beating Daniel Jacobs (=Golovkin vs Jacobs). Gennady Golovkin vs Alvarez is valid for the WBC, WBA, IBF and IBO World middleweight titles (All held by Golovkin) but if Canelo wins, the Wbc and Ibo belts become vacant since Alvarez has not paid sanction fees for these organizations; they also faced each other a third time on September 17, 2022 (Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin 3)
Before rating the fight Canelo vs Golovkin, here are some words said by Gennady after Friday’s weigh-in at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas:“I feel great. First of all I wanna thank my friends and of course thank you very much for all the fans, Mexican, American like everybody…” then the interviewer told to GGG that Canelo in an interview said “you may have the belts but you are a fake champion”, so Golovkin replied “I’ll see you tomorrow (smiling)…I’m still champion a long time…This is boxing, I’m a very true guy you know. Only God knows…”. And this is what Saul Alvarez said:“When I was born, I got rid of the fear. I’m not afraid of anyone, and we’re one day away from finding out who Canelo really is…I’m very happy for all the love and support from all these fans and I’ll give them 100 percent like I always do. I train hard and I’m disciplined […] They can say all they want but do you know what, we are one day away, and tomorrow all those words will go out the window”. Watch the video and rate this fight!



Date: 2017-09-16

Where: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Division: middleweight (160 lbs, 72.6 kg)

Title: WBC, WBA, IBF and IBO World Middleweight titles

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Gennady Golovkin vs Saul Canelo Alvarez (DRAW, 110-118, 115-113, 114-114)


Canelo’s previous fight: Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr

Golovkin’s previous fight: Gennady Golovkin vs Daniel Jacobs

Golovkin’s next fight: Gennady Golovkin vs Vanes Martirosyan

Canelo’s next fight: Gennady Golovkin vs Saul Canelo Alvarez 2



Canelo Alvarez vs Golovkin CompuBox Stats

Canelo vs Golovkin Fight Video:

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66 comments on “Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin full fight Video – 2017”

  1. Another great fight ruined at the end by ridiculous scores. Surely, judging is corrupt in boxing. 118-110? What the…

  2. Excellent fight between two great boxers but with a little bit controversial final score. Good for future business for the rematch that surely is coming.
    In my opinion Canelo was the winner for at least a minimum of 3 rounds. Technically, he is a much better boxer than GGG and was able to connect with accuracy and lighting speed the best punches of this fight. His problem was that GGG is just a beast who imposed for his age an incredible pace to this fight and very lucky of having an iron chin that makes him unstoppable. I fully agree that GGG put a lot of pressure and controlled the center of the ring during the whole fight but was noneffective with his relentless attack. Most likely, GGG’s sustained pressure gave the judges the impression that he deserved to get this draw.

    • I cant argue, and when canelo fought he whipped GGG a*s as far as im concerned, problem was he jsut didnt fight enough. he had huge rounds than took whole rounds off, if he spread his activity over each round he would of won 12-0 but he won 5-6 rounds big, much bigger than the rounds i gave to GGG, buta round won is 10-9 unless you knock the guy down doesnt matter if you outland 100 or 1 punch, and canelo won his rounds largely but lost rounds due to inactivity.

      • Droid 1967: I fully agree with you that Canelo was not as active as everybody was expecting to watch. However, his skills were fully deployed by connecting the best punches against a relentless and punitive boxer. Please don’t forget that GGG is a beast and with guys like him you should diminish your risks as much as possible in order to cape the storm. Because Canelo don’t have the punching power that GGG has, he took a captious approach by going to defensive boxing and throwing his punches only when he was sure of hitting GGG. In fact this approach shown him as the less active boxer but still the winner for a close margin.

    • Perfectly valid view, Tango, and I can see preferring Canelo’s elegant combinations to GGG’s brute force attack.

      The punch stats widely favor Golovkin. Of course, they don’t tell the whole story, but they support the argument made by Droid in this thread that Canelo just didn’t do enough.

      According to the stats, GGG out-landed Canelo in ten rounds, was outlanded in one round (the 2nd) and tied him in a single round (the 12th).

      It then comes down to whose punches had more impact — “effective aggression.”

      Canelo’s blows looked more technically beautiful in those combinations. There’s an art to this sport and he is a better boxer.

      Gennady made him backpedal from the 4th round on because, I’d argue, he couldn’t take the power, whereas Gennady walked through Canelo’s power.

      I’m going with power over art. :-)–120563

      • If you take pwr over art then you’d favor the fighter who landed the harder shots…as well as the most pwr shots. That fighter was Canelo…He far outlanded ggg in pwr %. Also…just my eyes showed me he landed the better shots. Far as not being able to take pwr…I didn’t see Canelo flinch once in the fight at a golovkin punch. I did see golovkin hurt to the body multiple times & backed up. The subjective nature of fights is def interesting. I didn’t see a clear cut winner last night. I saw an even fight all the way through.

        • That’s a fair argument and I’ll keep it in mind when I get a moment to rewatch the fight. My very unofficial scorecard (or should I say very inebriated scorecard, haha) does have a question mark or two next to the G in a couple of rounds. Overall I was very impressed by Canelo, more in fact than by the slick darting Jacobs against Golovkin.

          My guess is we’ve seen the last good Gennady performance. It’s age, no surprise.

          I’d also prefer to see a Jacobs and Canelo meeting to watching a rematch of this contest, which I think will have to favor the younger Canelo. Especially if you are right about him not feeling G’s power.

          • All good bruv. The fight is interesting in the way it was viewed by most. It’s one of the few times I’ve seen a guy labelled as a destroyer…be the bigger guy…have a strong boxing pedigree…and be expected to either outbox and/or KO his opponent…do neither & not have the public look at his performance as a failure. Very very interesting. Especially in a high profile contest. Usually the public is unforgiving and does not provide such a strong benefit of doubt. Perhaps that plays into the image and public personas of the fighters. There’s a reason why they say boxers are “campaigning” at any particular weight. You have to sell your image and your performance. I can’t remember the last time a Mex contingent booed their star….Especially after performing so well. I admit my bias leaned toward Canelo before it began. I thought this fight would look like Garcia vs Matthysse w/ Canelo out boxing and hurting & scoring a clear Vickie. In some ways there were shades of that. But not really. I didn’t’ think Golovkin was in his best shape during this camp. His body looked too soft far too long for my liking. Meanwhile Alvarez looked like an action figure ready to go 30 day out from the fight. I was at the Jacobs/GGG fight this spring for my birthday. I thought Golovkin looked sub-par in that fight as well & had him as the loser. I thought Chocolatito won his fight that night too. But I just have not been impressed w/ golovkin in his last 3 contests. None of golovkin’s work seemed to have the desired effect. His jab is usually a pole. He wasn’t snapping off a pwr jab. I don’t think he didn’t feel ggg’s pwr. I just don’t believe ganady exploded sat night. Everything seemed muted. Canelo played a role in much of that by making him miss very often and rolling w/ so many shots as well. But by the time he did land rather solidly…there was no mustard on it. But even w/ that…Canelo was fatigued as well. He should been affected. He was still the smaller man coming up in wt. & ggg is the boogeyman. But CAnelo was not even buzzed in the fight let alone in trouble. He willingly went to the ropes….dropped his hands…& told him c’mon. I think I said it in an earlier post. I wouldn’t complain about a decision or a draw in either direction. I thought it was a very tactical fight. & very close. But i’m also of the belief that had Canelo’s endurance not betrayed him (as it has all his career)…We would’ve seen more work from him & that separation to get the dub. But Stamina is a skill and a gift just like pwr So my if’s don’t really count. & now w/ his new musculature his body will be screaming even louder for oxygen. I personally belive Golovkin is going to continue to decline. Especially, as he faces the better comp. He’ll always have an equalizer…but guys like Jacobs & Charlo & Canelo will make him look more & more ordinary.

      • Very close fight. I have no problem with a draw. I saw Golovkin winning the fight by a round or two. I have to admit I was a bit drunk since it was my birthday party… So I will have to watch the fight again, but the main feeling I had was that both fighters were aiming for the decision, not the KO. Golovkin did a “better” job in that sense, he threw way more punches than Alvarez and whether we like it or not, that’s usually what the judges are looking at. It’s strange to say, but I too felt Alvarez was the more talented of the two, but I don’t see him winning this fight. All my friends who watched the fight with me agreed with my assessment, but maybe that’s just because they wanted to please me cuz it was my evening! haha

        I think people watched and assessed this fight with different expectations. Some fans expected Alvarez to be more gutsy, on the frontfoot, looking for the KO, but he did not and these fans are disappointed (the boos after the fight). But that’s not how he is. Alvarez is more a boxer puncher, waiting for opportunities, rarely does he box the whole 3-minutes of a round (and that looks bad often in the eyes of some judges). Personally, I was hoping for a big win by Alvarez and I’m a bit disappointed but it was a great fight anyway. There’ll be a rematch for sure.

          • Thanks bud!
            I really like the way you put it: art vs power. Assuming you will see where I’m going with my question, who did you see winning, Sugar Ray Leonard or Marvelous Marvin Hagler? ;)

          • None other than the Marvelous One, but it was close! :-)

            It’s a nice analogy. If the artful Canelo were as busy as Leonard we’d be in even more doubt as to who won the other day. But he had to conserve his energy for defense, and some of it was depleted by the shots he took.

            Turning the tables, it would seem early on GGG was wary but grew fearless as Canelo’s power couldn’t deter him. That’s a very potent part of the fight: both dished it out, but who could take it? Who moved not as if but because his life depended on it?

            I think there may be more such cases at 160 for Canelo who could see a diminution of his imposing force in the way Adrian Broner did when moving up. A lot of grueling 12-rounders, in other words.

            Keen to find out, I’d really rather see him and Jacobs fight than to watch a rematch with GGG, but I suspect all of 2018 will be consumed in a trilogy. Many will welcome that; I don’t think there’s anything left to learn from the matchup except to watch GGG age and decline. If so, the Golden Boy “marination” strategy will have paid off and the titles will change hands.

      • Arjay Cee: Thank you very much you are quite nice.
        As I said before I just read the punch stas few minutes ago and I still insisting the winner is Canelo since such stas are in favor of him clearly showing that he thrown less but connected at a higher rate.
        In my humble opinion, as you very well know, the valid punches are only those that are landing, period.
        The missing ones should not be counted for because it is a clear indication of the failure rate to hit the target by such a boxer.
        It was nice to see the windmill in action (GGG) but going back to my conclusion GGG probed to have a higher rate of failures than Canelo did.
        If the activity displayed isn’t successful it means nothing at all because the objective was never achieved. Fully agree with you that Canelo has to backpedal since his punching power isn’t as great as the one GGG has but he achieved this goal with grace and punch effectiveness/accuracy.

        • I take my hat off to your boxing analysis, Tango, so I will be watching the fight again at the earliest chance to see it with a fresh perspective.

          The boxing gods are generous in Olympus to give us such close rights to argue about, haha!

    • I often read and agree with your comments. This time I do not: I saw Golovkin as a clear winner and when the first card was read I felt a disaster was coming. Luckily the other cards were less unfair and he saved his belts.
      Canelo has surprised me as, with this big body structure, I expected him to fade in late rounds: lot of credit to the conditioner and the choice of preparing 2 good years for a real middleweight fight. He took too many pauses on the ropes though, and there were too many rounds clearly for Golovkin. I don’t want to take anything away from Canelo, but, as with Mayweather, I have the feeling that they go to the judges and then get some kind of bonus points over the opponent. In Mayweather case I feel it quite normal (though the first match against Maidana i fin he was a bit protected): he is the champion and when there are doubts it is normal to give the round to the champion, but Canelo here was the challanger.
      A rematch cannot be too different unless Golovkin wants to take big risks. Both the boxers have reach their top, Golovkin is a bit aging but my feeling is that he is in a plateau phase. Canelo has worked like crazy on stamina and growing is body as well in studying Golovkin. He has many pro matches, he has reached his peak earlier than usual. I am not yet convinced that Canelo can be middleweight king. Boxe matches are made by style: he could have unexpected difficulties against a lot of middleweight which are fast and with a decent power and stamina.

      • blackbird014: Hey man, I appreciate your comments too and respect your opinion even though if it is different than mine. In principle, none owns the true and everything could be subject to discussion. I still insist that Canelo won this bout by throwing with absolute proficiency the most clear punches of this fight. I just read few minutes ago the CompuBox Stats (included in this forum) and it confirms my assertion since Canelo connected at a higher rate all the punches thrown including the power punches. I cannot agree more that Canelo thrown much less but his accuracy was much better than GGG. My comment doesn’t include the jabs thrown; GGG was better in this sense but they aren’t as noticeable as all the array of other punches displayed during the fight. A brutal attack like the one carried out by GGG is only positive when success is achieved. In this fight GGG wasn’t able to knock down Canelo neither hurt him to an extreme to consider this as a severe threat. In the mean time, by doing this he missed a lot of punches and was technically exposed. I like very much offensive boxers when they produce results but I like also defensive ones when by means of their skills are capable like Canelo to navigate safe and with grace through big storms as the one deployed by GGG in this bout. If Canelo throw a little bit more i’m pretty sure that none of us would be involved in such a discussion. I recognize also that GGG is a more powerful boxer than Canelo, therefore, under this situations and in general, my appreciation is bigger for the guy who is able to defend himself with success and timely attack or counter punch just when it is required. l fully agree with you that the score 118-110 was outrageous and such a “blind” or corrupted judge should be penalized.

      • I’m not convinced either about his middleweight future, but it will be fascinating to find out. If he does take the titles from Golovkin, which will require him to take greater risks as well, I doubt it will lead to a long dominant reign. I’ll go out on a limb and say that a trilogy will be the final great testament from both men as it will cost each too much, Gennady especially, but also Canelo who turned pro at 15.

        We’ll get some some idea about how much the fight took from him when we see if Golovkin fights again before the rematch.

    • Probably the 1st time you and I saw a fight similarly. Although I thought the fight was an evenly fought contest all the way through. I did not see golovkin’s pressure as effective. Canelo forced ggg to miss a lot of shots. I read below that Arcejay said he was going w/ “pwr over art”. If that’s the case then he’d be going w/ canelo over ggg. The punch stats concluded that Canelo landed 42% of pwr shots. & landed more pwr shots in total. & my eyes saw Canelo as landing the harder..more crisp & flush shots. I Also saw gg hurt to the body multiple times. When Canelo went to the ropes I saw him go there willingly…especially early. Not being forced. I never felt either man was truly dominant at any point of the match. But I’d say the momentum in control had swings back & forth…& that control was slight. I’m perfectly comfortable w/ a win in either direction as well as a draw. I personally felt the jabs & soft touch shots golovkin landed were not as telling as the shots Canelo landed. & jabs only win rds when nothing is coming back. Golovkin was the only one bleeding last night.

      • Mr October: I’m quite glad we agree upon the outcome of this fight which still in my opinion it shows that Canelo was the better boxer in the ring. Hopefully we repeat this in the near future.

  3. Absolute disgraceful scoring – it was in no way, in hells earth that close – GGG won by ATLEAST 6 rds because he was the aggressor, did all the running & tried to make it a boxing spectacle! And as for 118-110? Adalaide Byrd should have been banned from refereeing many years ago – not because of a few hours ago. She scored Bernard Hopkins the winner (114-113) when he fought Joe Calzaghe in 2008 (only judge to do so) & clearly she was out of her depth back then or worse still – on the take & corrupt. She also had Amir Khan ahead (48-47) when Canelo destroyed Khan last year. Khan did alot of work in that fight & I always loved watching his style, but he was in no way in control of it – headless chicken in fact. GGG did all the running too, but was massively in control of the fight & that’s the difference. Byrd’s got a history of controversial scoring & that has to be looked at pronto. To me & many fight fans, this fight was always set up for a draw one-way or the other – unless a KO changed the game, because the powers that be in Boxing need big pay days & not just one champion in each division either. De La Hoya turns my stomach. He didnt give a monkeys when he lost his Mayweather fight in 2007, because he was promoting it (he was laughing, joking & smiling from ear to ear when he lost the split-decision) & had a huge payday regardless – where’s the fighters pride. I lost all respect for him when i saw him react like that & I loved the guy upto that point. He should have been gutted like a true proud fighter would be. It seems he & many others in control of the GGG – Canelo fight, hand-picked Byrd to ensure Canelo got atleast one winning scorecard. If GGG had of knocked Canelo down twice in every round last night & fighting the same fight – she’d still have given the win to Canelo. What’s also scandalous, is how Don Trella ridiculously seen it as a draw too & even Dave Moratti giving it to GGG by only 2 rds is controversial in itself, also. The whole ref’in of this fight is beyond belief – absolutely bloody scandalous. This disgraceful outcome of the fight: GGG losing by 6 rds in total from all the scoring, is the reason why UFC has become the home of fighting fans for the past 10 years & they’ve just massively added to the exodus by those scorecards. As a fighting fan for more than 35 years (im 41) – it’s the same ol same ol story. Basically, a fighter has to knock the other man out to guarantee a win in big fights in the States & that’s absolutely sickening that fighters have to push themselves way over their threshold, have only 1 game plan but to crush the other man asap & risk their health & lives in order to win a fight – when fight fans love to get their money’s worth & see it go the distance in tit-for-tat enthralling style, but with both fighters being safe & healthy. I love Anthony Joshua, but if he were to fight Deontay Wilder in the States – he would need a knockout, because going the distance would only aid a Wilder win! Rant over – sorry about that!!

    • Oh & I’d like to add; Canelo’s gameplan seemed to be – “go the distance by hiding, sucking up his punches & the judges will look after you”. As for De La Hoya claiming Canelo won 7-5, just tells you all you need to know about that SOB. He couldnt even pathetically just claim a draw was a fair result – he went as far as sayin Canelo won by 2 rds for Christ sake. Delighted to see there’s massive outrage about the scoring of this fight, but we’ve all seen that before & nothing was ever done about it. What I would suggest – is get the FBI involved & clean up Boxing Stateside – it’s always been toxic to the very core. They got involved with FIFA – so why the hell have they not done a thing with the corruption in Boxing in the States?! If they do that, then install an overseeing committee to keep a continuous eye on top-level Boxing there. Corruption in sport shouldnt be any different than any other type of corruption in society. They all have the same common-denominator afterall – money & swindling people!

      • Enjoyed both your rants.

        Boxing here is corrupt to the core, of course, and will remain so as long as promoters call the shots and weak state commissions bow to them. Byrd isn’t an accident — she’s a deliberate part of the design.

        I admire Teddy Atlas for calling for sensible reforms like those you mention for years. Nothing’s come of it. “Follow the money” as the old saying goes…

        Here he is the other night on ESPN, a bit drunk to be sure, yet otherwise in fine high dudgeon:

        • Thanks Arjay – it was very long-winded ranting, but we have the space to speak our minds on this site & that’s very rare.

          Most importantly – great post man — not because you agree with me, either. You see it from the inside & that must be even more sickening for you brother. Something has to be done to make a fight a fair one – without a knockout.

          I thought I was ranting until i seen Teddy goin off on one – top notch & called it to a tee. He did that sh*t on live tv aswell & he’s an ex boxer too – so he know’s the craic about the game.

          It’s Ironic, that all the Boxing royalty were saying that the MayMac fight was making a mockery of Boxing & that this one was the fight of century & placing Boxing on it’s rightful place of combat sports. Hilarious in hindsight!

          Atleast the MayMac fight didnt go the distance – but we all know where that result would have gone anyway – a draw!

          • Haha, yes Oscar’s tantrums about MayMac are looking pretty funny in hindsight.

            “we have the space to speak our minds on this site & that’s very rare.”

            It’s rare and that makes ATBF a treasure in a world that seems to grow more tired of freedom all the time. Gracious hosts, great posters who love the sport, fights we’d never see anywhere else — can’t beat it!

            Thanks for the kind words.

  4. 115-113 or 114-114 perfect scores either way, the person who said 118-110 should never be able to judge a fight again. for th prson who said canelo won easy you dont know how to judge a boxing match sorry. its round by round, canelo was much better when on offense i dont think anyone can deny that. the problem was canelo fought in too little spurts too much time sliding around the ring not throwing and just taking, weather the punches landed good or not the aggressor that is throwing is going to get the the call. Canelo just didnt fight enough, and i couldnt figure out why unless he ws getting hurt it didnt appear he was but he just didnt atttack enough, and it makes no sense he was the better connecting when he threw it jsut wasnt often enough. i had canelo winning the rounds he won much larger than the rounds i had GGG winning but a round won is a round won. I had it 114-114 but i would accept 115-113 either way , i couldnt give either the 116 anything differnet would be a tie round. noway can you get to 118 thats 10 rounds to 2 thats a travesty must be the same judge that gave him a draw against mayweather. I do not suggest a rematch as i think age has slowed GGG and canelo wouldnt make the mistake of not being active enough again. a rematch is won easily by canelo if it went the distance as long as canelo doesn’t make the same mistake of lack of activity again. At least this fight was worth the hype for once. id love to see it again, But as i said i wouldnt suggest it. I thought if it went the distance canelo would be the winner, but I believe the draw was the perfect call for this fight.

    • I agree with you. Very entertaining fight, pitched battles, with GGG just barely on top due to ring generalship. I’m not upset by the draw, but the 118-110 score for Canelo is corrupt.

      Personally, I don’t need a rematch. Gennady peaked a few fights ago and it’s downhill from here. Although he’s only 27 years old, Canelo has 52 fights on his record, and I think the wear will start to show at 160 pounds.

      • Yeah i dont think a rematch would be as good, by the time it happened. i tried to be very fair judging as i always do, youve seen me on here im sure as i have seen your name many times, im not really a fan of any fighter just of boxing. canelo should of known better so my guess is the punches affected him more than it showed, as GGG last fight was won simply because he was the guy coming forward and he did same thing here. but when canelo did throw i thought he got the better of it just didnt do it enough.

  5. ggg missed about 70 percent of his punches..I think canelo fought the perfect fight..canelo landed the better stronger shots faster and more effective punches..canelo stood right infront of ggg many times and ggg would miss most of his shot..canelo is much faster and has better movment..

    • THe problem is its a round by round not a overall punches landed, and canelo just had too many round of sliding around the ropes doing nothing, doesnt matter if GGG didnt connect he was the one coming forward and throwing much of the fight. See below for my full take. Decent fight though for once with one of these super fights so many of them just plain s*ck :)

  6. Daaaaaamn now we know why deladroga waited so long to make this fight!!! Prime ggg that fought lemieux monroe stevens rosado wouldve killed canelo!!! Canelo gasses midway thru a war like this and ggg just keeps coming and getting stronger down the stretch!!!! Horrible shameful corrupt judging but if it means a rematch its all good :)

  7. 118-110 Canelo WTF !!!???!!?!?!?
    Daaaaaamnn! We should clear out female judges from great boxing events!
    I’m sorry but their scoring is always controversial in big boxing matchs!

    • This is a very racist gender related comment. Fully agree she was blind or corrupted but this isn’t a reason to disqualify all the other good women judges involved in this sport.

      • WTF are you bringing race into this – all he said, referred to female judges & she’s corrupt – that’s why she was hand-picked & in so many other fights aswell. Is she judging any fight on merit – or because she’s a woman & it makes boxings image look less male dominated? Wake up call for ya pal – Boxing is male dominated & women have been trying to ban the noble sport for years. I’ve never known many women who loves to watch boxing. Most think it’s grotesque, barbaric & aids masculinity in a domineering way over women – which is completely delusional. Men have always fought against each other – so women dont have to. Boxing & fist-fighting combat, was always a way for men to settle differences between other men. Women boxers are a most wonderful sight & long may that continue to be the case. They understand combat, sport & using that aggression you have within you, so well. Grow a pair of balls like they have & stop with the PC sh*t..

        • Red Hand Devil: If English is your mother tongue please read again but carefully the second phrase from Mr Mario Hernandez. Then, and after realizing that I’m right calling it a racist comment, stop please with all this non-sense arguments you displayed above. Thank you.

  8. Canelo’s nonchalance (some will say arrogance) allows him to cruise over pumped up welterweights and aging boxers on the return with his great boxings skills!
    But when it comes to apply a gameplan, create a groove, throw punchs with regularity against serious opposition with real will to win, the spoiled kid derails!
    He prefers keep himself in illusion of confort leaning into the ropes, doing beautifull upper body defence and here and there picture perfect counter!
    Such a waste! He had every tool to win the fight!

  9. Look at the comments! Nobody is agree so for me of course it’s a DRAW too! But some judge seem crazy.

  10. Ok the fight was a bit close. Canelo had some amazing counters, golovkin kept putting pression and also landed some great combos. But the judge that scored 118-110 for canelo should get fired, come on.

  11. no problem with a draw. when i watched it live i had ggg winning 7 5. the rewatched it again to analyse and scored it 7 5 canelol the last round i couldn’t pick so that could be for ggg which would lead yto a draw. it was close fight. if you like a come forward fighter and pressure then you’d pick ggg if you value counter punching and clean shots regardless of back foot or front foot the cannel scored more points. same way some people had cannel betaing lara and i had lara winning that fight. i try and score eon what is landed cleanly and not only on who’s applying forward pressure. secret cinema lagos

  12. I watched the fight a second time and I have it 6-6. Canelo won the 3 first and the 3 last rounds.

      • Round 6 is an interesting round indeed. What I like to do is to break a round down in 6 x 30 seconds blocks to assess it. So here it is for you!

        First 30sec: All Golovkin. Backed Canelo in the ropes and it was a rare occasion in which it wasn’t from his own will.

        Second 30sec: Canelo comes back with some good body work. The action is taken back to the middle of the ring.

        Third 30sec: Pretty close. Both landed some good powershots. Would give Canelo a very slight edge.

        Fourth 30sec: Golovkin. Canelo didn’t do much except the now almost famous head-lock-punch-in-the-back.

        Fifth 30sec: Golovkin landed the most. A couple of one-twos. Canelo landed a single heavy blow.

        Final 30sec: Nothing significant happening there. Canelo on the backfoot, Golovkin landing a few jabs.

        So there you have it. Golovkin dominated most of the round in my point of view. Canelo had some good moments here and there with single shots mostly, but not enough to win the round.

        • And may I add after reading your exchange below with @arjaycee:disqus, this round exemplifies what happened in many rounds of this fight. It’s hard to give Canelo the close rounds because in those, he fights only for a few seconds. Yes, he lands the better shots but he would have to land more of these to surpass Golovkin’s output or level of activity. “Effective aggressiveness” is very hard to assess I believe. Is one big uppercut better than 8 jabs, 4 check hooks or 2 overhand rights?… I don’t know! This is where it gets very very subjective in my view. Also, I’m getting more and more sceptical with compubox stats. Most boxing fans view these almost like “scientific proofs”. Fact is, it’s only one guy like you and me, sitting ring side and judging if the punchs being thrown are actually landing. No inter-rator agreement. Many times I found myself surprised looking at these numbers… I even checked myself a few times to see if these numbers were accurate by rewatching some rounds here and there in different fights (yeah… I know… I’m a freak!), and you know what… it’s really just an estimation. So I’d say compubox stats gives you a certain picture, but certainly not the cold fact we tend to believe it is. Peace!

  13. This fight as a whole.Id say Canelo had to come take it and GGG had to land something. I mean they did land but not often which sucks for a big fight,So people will always choose their favorite fighter winning cause they see the fight one way. I can see a draw for financial reasons.Its the capitalist way.I dont agree but it is what it is….

  14. I like Canelo and Golovkin but Golvkin won fight. Judge Byrd is a moron OR she is a criminal taking bribes or a Liberal (perhaps all three).

    When Liberals are involved one cannot take politics out of anything. When something does not make sense see if there is a USA Liberal or Democrat involved and that is the likely answer – a dishonorable racist Democrat abusing “White people” for the benefit of a non-White. That is what Liberals do – everywhere they have “power”.
    As for your comment – you make a critical error – using logic. Liberals in the USA are bigots and never surrender an opportunity to abuse others to make themselves feel superior and logic is certainly not going to get in their way.

    Yes, to reasonable people BOTH boxers are Caucasian – but Canelo is White Mexican and Golovkin is White European. To Liberals, White people, the ones from the USA from Europe (or White people in Europe) (aka White People) are privileged and such Liberals will miss no opportunity to take the employment and educational opportunities of such White people and give them to another the Liberal believes is more deserving.

    NEVER FORGET, in the USA, to Liberals EVERYTHING is about race and abusing White people for the benefits of “non-whites”.
    At Bottom, I like Canelo – he just lost the fight by any reasonable measure for judging boxing matches. And unless Byrd is a true moron, there are two likely reasons for her “judging” score: (1) she is a criminal and was paid to score the match for Canelo or (2) she is a Liberal, and thus, and anti-“white” racist (“white” as described above).

    Granted, (1) and (2) could both be true.

    • Monty: Stop with this non sense comments that you are use to. There are no whites-whites or whites that are no so whites. This is only your view of obfuscated republican with a racist mind.
      Nevertheless, If you want to define a white-white in this fight it just was Canelo, a redhead guy, with a last name Alvarez with pure European ancestors from Spain. GGG may be the the white no so white, according to your confused mind, since his ancestors could be mainly from Asia because his country is located in such continent instead of Europe but still Caucasian. So racism was no the motive of this blind judge who score 118-110 period.
      On the other hand, as I said before, don’t come here with heated politic comments because this isn’t the proper forum to deal with.

      • I can have any opinion I wish and do not need or desire your approval.

        Again, we are talking about a female liberal judge – facts do not matter. What matters is Canelo is from Mexico and GGG is from Europe and looks white. Such is all a liberal needs to become an activist and take GGG’s accomplishments and give them to someone else. That is what liberals do.

        Again, I like Canelo and a draw is not a horrible outcome although GGG clearly won. What is unacceptable is the liberal activism of Byrd – not just in the Canelo/GGG fight – her activism/racism is prevalent throughout her history of “bad” decisions.

      • Canelo is a pure Mexican.Here in the US they are separate- white-Caucasian, Mexican,black,Asian,other…
        Where are you from?

  15. Just how much of a setup are PPV fights.
    Anyone name a PPV fight that was actually worth money?
    Most arent worth your time.

    Also anyone see Saturday weights and fight weights?
    I cant find them anywhere.

  16. You would think that after the robbery De Lahoya suffered to Trinadad (by Arum!) that he would go out of his way to make sure sh*t is legit.
    Nope – he buys the #1 boxing resource and makes it his b*tch

    We are lucky they gave it a draw…

    Note – PPV’s s*ck a*s.
    The Ramierz / Linares fights were so much better. Someone needs to tell Alvarez that is how Mexican’s fight. Not running away.

  17. it was actually a far better fight than the may-mac circus
    result was disappointing .. I got GGG winning 7 rounds to 5


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