2013 MMA fight – Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva 2 – fight Video UFC 168

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3_stars_mma_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2013-12-28, worth watching fight thanks to a good start and a dramatic finish: the second fight between Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva gets three stars. The undefeated Chris Weidman (10-0-0, 70% finishing rate) entered as the No.1 middleweight in the world while Anderson Silva (33-5-0, 79% finishing rate) entered as the No.2. In their first fight (July 7, 2013) Weidman defeated Silva by ko and ‘The Spider’ lost the Ufc middleweight title after tenth consecutive defense; this second fight, main event of UFC 168, is valid again for the UFC middleweight title and it is Weidman’s first defense.
Here are some words said by Weidman before the fight: “100-percent, I know it’s going to be a better version of me…For the last camp, I went through hurricane Sandy, two surgeries, a year layoff. And even though, I wouldn’t let those excuses get in my mind before that fight. I didn’t make any excuses in my mind for, why I should lose? This time, there’s really no excuses for me to lose.” And this is what Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva said “The last fight is in the past. I’m really looking forward to this next fight, and everything is going to be different, […] My mistakes in that fight, and this is the first time I’m saying this, were basic mistakes, […] Obviously we made a few changes. When you see a mistake, you’ve got to get back and see where that mistake is and change things around. But like I said, that’s in the past and everything is going to be different from now on…” Watch the video!




Event: UFC 168: Weidman vs Silva 2

Date: 2013-12-28

Where: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Division: middleweight (185 lbs, 84 kg)

Title: UFC middleweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Chris Weidman def. Anderson Silva (TKO broken leg, round 2)


UFC 168 fight card (main card):
Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva 2
Ronda Rousey vs Miesha Tate 2
Josh Barnett vs Travis Browne
Jim Miller vs Fabricio Camoes
Dustin Poirier vs Diego Brandao

Their previous fight: Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman I

Weidman’s next fight: Chris Weidman vs Lyoto Machida

Silva’s next fight: Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz


We are sorry, but since we have been contacted by “UFC – Zuffa”, we post only video highlights of the fight (as soon as we find it). If you have seen the full fight video you can rate it. THANKS!


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24 thoughts on “2013 MMA fight – Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva 2 – fight Video UFC 168”

    • He checked the kick. It was because he checked the kick that Silva’s leg broke. And in the 1st round, it could’ve been called a 10-8 round. You Silva fanboys are absolutely pathetic. Weidman dominated… again. Deal with it. Or go cry about it.

      • i like how you no one can root for a certain fighter with out being a fan boy. plus you honestly think if weidman got a 10-8 in the 1st round thats considered beating silva. Silva and chael , chael got two 10-8 rounds and look what happened and yes i like silva because he is the greatest mms fighter of all time. i bet you dont like him because you want to be on the one guy who roots against him….

        • No, it’s about people STILL not wanting to give Weidman credit. Look at the guy’s comment I replied to: “I don’t think Weidman should consider that a win. That was a win by default.”

          He’s not giving credit, just as people weren’t after the first fight. In the first fight, Silva tried to play mind games with who he considered to be an inexperienced, possibly mentally weak guy. Weidman however kept kept his nerve beautifully, and stuck with the job. As a result, it was Weidman who got into Silva’s head. None of that BS happened in the second fight, and Weidman still dominated (nearly KO’d him in the first).

          You are just another fan boy who cannot accept Silva was dominated both times. Weidman is WAY better than Sonnen in ALL areas. Sonnen was never above fringe contender status – a wrestler, with no stand up. Weidman has legit stand up.

          I LOVE Silva. He IS the greatest, but I cannot stand this BS about not wanting to give Weidman credit.

      • Actually I am not a Silva nor Weidman fan. I am a MMA fan. Yes he did check the kick but out of a competitive point of view no fighter should be happy with a win like that. As for the points, it was still early in the fight so anything could have happened. It is amazing how many non-fighters try to be so judgmental.

        • Non fighters?? You dont need to be a fighter to be able to judge a fight or as*es a fight. This is a sport and an art, people can judge accurately and precisely as long as they are educated in the sport.

    • Experts were about 60/40 for Weidman before fight 2….Weidman dominated round 1 of fight 2, and then the broken foot. Weidman is Legit period…however, Silva was not the fighter he once was either…time is a funny thing..it changes everything..now a new wave of young fighters will come after Weidman and we’ll have to see just how “Special” he is.

  1. i think Silva’s career is over not because he was likely beaten again by Weidman but i believed his injured foot will never recover like the same. If his career will end that way, its very sad for him coz hes likely beaten again and at the same time his foot was seriously broken. Anyway his accomplishment as the greatest MMA fighter in his era and maybe the greatest MMA fighter ever is very hard to duplicate by anyone. He’s the most talented MMA fighter for now, its normal to be defeated because you cannot defy aging and the most important is that you never ducked anyone.

  2. Like in boxing, any fighter as old as Silva will never be as good as he was in his younger years…Any fighter in 38 years of age can be beaten by some younger excellent fighters. No matter how good you are you cannot preserve it as you grow older, the important thing is that you’ve done so much during your prime and you never ducked any class A fighter even your growing old.

    • People weren’t talking about age when Silva annihilated Okami & Belfort (2 years ago, 36 years old, which is old in any sport) or when he destroyed Sonnen in the rematch, or when he toyed with Bonnar. But suddenly when he gets beaten by what was simply the better guy, they want to say he is old now.

      Silva was not old in either fight (with Weidman). It was the same guy who fought all of the names I previously mentioned.

      • That is an inaccurate assumption on your part AS has aged very well right through his 30s but it can hit you at any time at that age and things change, bones break (that normally wouldn’t) the body slows down, loses flexibility, reflexes etc etc.

        Even the smallest change at this level makes all the difference. Think about it, is this AS at his best? in his prime? is he moving the same way or as fast?

      • At 44 yrs of age, Anand just blundered away Game 9 in the World Chess Championships to a 21 year old phenom…making a mistake a competent amateur would not have made at that exact moment with all the pressure etc…at age 40 he would have not made THAT blunder I can assure you…no way to predict when age will suddenly drop you to a lower level of ability.

    • I would not be surprised if Weidman had a metal plate implanted in his leg, because he anticipated the type of leg kicks Silva gives to the right leg. I think this is something that should be shouted out and tested, just like “PEDS”… Unless you are like JCVD in the movie Kickboxer….I will not beleive someones leg will break like that from a kick unless you are implanted a metal plate, trained like a shaulin master to accept that hit and transfer the energy or what not…… What do you think? Please let the idea be known…. Metal plate implanted in leg would not be surprising, and should be known as a way just like PEDS……

  3. well at least we got to watch a legend. Silva will be about 40 after the rehab is over. I think his time is up. With GSP leaving and now silva out for awhile i wonder what superstars will rise and become legends. is Weidman good enough to carry the torch? only time will tell.


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