2015 BOXING fight – Miguel Cotto vs Daniel Geale – full fight Video WBC

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3 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2015-06-06, good fight between Miguel Cotto and Daniel Geale: it gets three stars.

The world champion in four different weight classes Miguel Angel Cotto entered this fight with a professional boxing record of 39-4-0 (32 KOs=82%) and he is ranked as the No.2 middleweight in the world (currently the #1 in this division is Gennady Golovkin). He suffered two consecutive defeats in 2012, against Floyd Mayweather Jr (=Mayweather vs Cotto) and Austin Trout (=Cotto vs Trout), but then he came back to win beating Delvin Rodriguez (=Cotto vs Rodriguez) and Sergio Martinez (=Martinez vs Cotto).
His opponent, the former Wba, Ibf and Ibo Mw champion Daniel Geale, has an official record of 31-3-0 (16 knockouts) and he entered as the No.7 in the same weight class. He fought three times last year winning over Garth Wood (=Geale vs Wood) and Jarrod Fletcher (=Geale vs Fletcher), but between these two bouts he lost to GGG Golovkin (=Golovkin vs Geale). Cotto vs Geale is valid for the WBC World middleweight title. Watch the video and rate this fight!


Date: 2015-06-06

Where: Barclays Center, New York, USA

Division: middleweight (160 lbs, 72.6 kg)

Title: WBC World middleweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Miguel Cotto def. Daniel Geale (TKO at 1:28, round 4)


Cotto’s previous fight: Sergio Gabriel Martinez vs Miguel Cotto

Geale’s previous fight: Daniel Geale vs Jarrod Fletcher

Cotto’s next fight: Miguel Cotto vs Saul Canelo Alvarez


Official video:

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Official highlights

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14 comments on “2015 BOXING fight – Miguel Cotto vs Daniel Geale – full fight Video WBC”

  1. Mismatch, and not who we want to see Cotto fighting. But still fun. Pity it’s all about the money at this level. Otherwise I’d have Cotto in with Gennady this year (and let Canelo wait). Cotto’s movement, defense and body attack would present GGG with an interesting puzzle — one he’d likely solve, but only by decision.

  2. An easy day at the office for Cotto. I don’t know if Roach brought anything new/different in Cotto’s arsenal or approach… It’s hard to assess when the matchup is that uneven.
    I agree with you RJC, GGG-Cotto is the fight we want to see. Unlike you though, I don’t think that fight could end otherwise than by KO.

  3. I actually thought this fight would go the distance.
    BUT I also didn’t expect the head but then left hook combo.
    Cotto was out boxing Geale as is.
    Geale should retire. And I think he will after this payday.

    I still don’t see Cotto in with GGG.
    It will be Canello as he will outsell both Cotto and GGG.
    Canello is a much more interesting fight to be honest. IE Toss up to who wins.

  4. This was ridiculous. I like Cotto..but Geale was the biggest cherry pick ever. A 160 title defense, fought at a 157 catchweight? Even getting a 160 title at 159? Pursuing a fight with a light middleweight, while another champion in the division is sitting right there in the audience? Then even admit that he is not a middleweight (which we all already knew) BUT continue to hold onto the title by fighting catchweights? WTF?

    C’mon, man. Cotto is basically making a mockery out of the middleweight division right now.

    He should be attempting to unify by either fighting GGG or Lee…before bothering with Canelo. Take care of your own backyard first. Canelo would srill be there, even if Cotto was to face another champ at 160 first. Canelo does nothing for Cotto’s legacy; he is actually assisting Canelo in improving his legacy, as a win over Cotto would be huge for Canelo.

    • He is a business man first, look at how after this victory everyone is screaming even louder for Cotto/Canelo, which will bring up the economic value of the bigger fights for him… I believe he also needed the confidence of beating a legitimate opponent that was larger than him WHICH Geale WAS. Delvin Rodriguez wasn’t a very legitimate opponent now.. Lol, Think about it Canelo and GGG are bigger and arguably stronger guys so he needed this. Canelo as well as GGG are cash out fights for Cotto which will lead him down two roads.. A cash out retirement fight and/or possibly a rematch with Mayweather (which I believe is why Cotto even got the Middleweight belt to begin with, to give him another chance at Mayweather.) There is so much that plays into decisions as a boxer. And cherry picking isn’t what Cotto did whether you want to believe it or not.

      • Please, man. Nothing but excuses.

        Cotto did not get the belt to get another chance at Floyd.
        He saw an opportunity to add to his legacy by facing Martinez coming off a layoff with injuries, man. Cotto could have faced GGG or Lee for their titles…ut they were both active and obviously refuse to fight lower than 160. He caught Martinez, who was willing to fight at 159 instead.
        Floyd has already relinquished his belts…so it is obvious he has no interest in fighting for another title; he even said so himself..that his last fight will be a non title bout.
        Cotto is not the first defeated opponent that has pursued a rematch with Floyd. In no way has Floyd given Cotto any indication that he is interested in a rematch either, so that assumption has no weight at all.

        If Cotto wants to cash out, he can do so without holding the middleweight title hostage. He clearly has no real interest in facing GGG anytime soon…and he can easily vacate and fight Canelo at 154; vacating will have no negative bearing on the money he would receive for that fight.

        Whether you choose to accept it or not, cherry picking is EXACTLY the mode Cotto was in, when he chose Geale.
        He could have fought Lemieux instead…but chances are Lemieux did not want to get drained..but Geale was obviously more open to it, hence him getting chosen.
        Holding a title at 160 and expecting your opposition to fight at a catchweight in each title defense is a joke; a lot of contenders in the division will not subject themselves to that…hence Cotto having to cherry pick Geale, to suit his own stubbornness to fight at the standard weight for the division.

        I like Cotto…but I do not respect this c*ap he is doing right now.

    • Well, it was maybe a cherry pick, but it was also a tune-up for the Alvarez fight. No excessive risks were to be taken.

  5. Very good fight but a short one. Cotto did extremely well in front of a rival much bigger than him connecting several and accurate body punches that considerably mined the will and resolution of Geale. I’m surprise the way his fighting now, moving very well in the ring with absolute confidence and efficiency. The coaching received from Roach is working great. The first knock down was impressive and the way Cotto finished the job was excellent. He looks like a refreshed boxer at this stage of his campaign.
    He may picked Geale and used this fight as an sparring section in view of a future and more important fight for his career like fighting with GGG or Canelo. However, in my opinion, it is going to be almost impossible for him to pass any of these extremely difficult exams.

  6. canelo is good, has heavy shots but fellas the kid is not that accurate. i see him loosing by decision or worse if he fights cotto, it will be the remake of his performance against mayweather. it is too early for him in his career to fight guy like cotto or golvokin. About the cotto vs GGG, i like cotto but i should avoid that fight as much he can or work harder on his defense coz GGG is waaay better than geale

  7. I’m honest, I really like Cotto but I thought he would have struggled with Geale! So congratulations to his great performance!! He improved a lot his boxing and strategy in his last fights.
    However I think Canelo is too strong phisically for him and Golovkin too superior in everything! But I love these three boxers!

    • My money is on Alvarez, even though I respect Cotto a lot for all the excitement he brought through the years :) It’s gonna be good :)

  8. Well that prepares the table for Cotto-Alvarez pretty well. I think it’s OK when a fighter says it is not safe for himself to continue like Geale did, it’s the wise thing to do. My opinion, but Cotto looks like he just came out of a mud pit with his excessive tattoos.

  9. Sin dudas no presento ningun escollo este Geale para un señor boxeador como Cotto.Un entrenamiento con entrada fue.Saludos


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