2016 best BOXING fight – Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook – full fight Video WBC, IBF, IBO

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4 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2016-09-10, exciting fight with some beautiful combinations and tough exchanges: Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook is one of the best boxing fights of 2016 and it gets four stars!

Both undefeated, the Wbc, Wba, Ibf and Ibo champion Gennady Golovkin entered this fight with a perfect boxing record of 35-0-0 (32 KOs=91%) and he is ranked as the No.1 middleweight in the world while his opponent, the Ibf Ww champion Kell Brook, has an official record of 36-0-0 (25 knockouts) and he entered as the No.3 welterweight but in this bout he moved up in weight class to the middleweight. In their last three fights Golovkin beat Willie Monroe Jr (=Golovkin vs Monroe Jr), David Lemieux (=Golovkin vs Lemieux) and Dominic Wade (=Golovkin vs Wade) while Brook has won over Ionut Dan Ion (=Brook vs Ion), Frankie Gavin (=Brook vs Gavin) and Kevin Bizier (=Brook vs Bizier). ‘GGG’ Golovkin vs Brook is valid for the WBC, IBF, IBO, World middleweight titles (all held by Golovkin). Watch the video and rate this fight!



Date: 2016-09-10

Where: O2 Arena, London, United Kingdom

Division: middleweight (160 lbs, 72.6 kg)

Title: WBC, IBF, IBO, World middleweight titles

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Gennady Golovkin def. Kell Brook (TKO, round 5)


Golovkin’s previous fight: Gennady Golovkin vs Dominic Wade

Brook’s previous fight: Kell Brook vs Kevin Bizier

Golovkin’s next fight: Gennady Golovkin vs Daniel Jacobs

Brook’s next fight: Kell Brook vs Errol Spence Jr



Official video:

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29 comments on “2016 best BOXING fight – Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook – full fight Video WBC, IBF, IBO”

  1. Hard to tell whether Brooks couldn’t carry all his punching power at this weight or whether GGG’s chin is solid rock, ’cause he got hit by lots of serious shots there but he didn’t seem to be hurt whatsoever. In fact, Brook was boxing incredibly well in my opinion and I gave him 3 out of the first 4 rounds. But when in the 5th GGG finally hurt Brook, it seemed the latter was running out of idea… but still, I thought it was a premature stoppage by the corner. Very good anyway. 4 stars.

    I think we will see a similar fight between Kovalev and Ward. Ward will win rounds until Kovalev finally lands something serious and from then on, it won’t last long.

    • Always a pleasure to read your analyses, Olivier.

      I also liked Brook’s early performance. For me it was tied, or only very marginally a GGG lead after four rounds. This was due to Brook fighting smart and hard, negating a lot of what Gennady admitted was a “street fight” style assault. His uppercut in the second was brilliant.

      But by the fifth, he had been pawing his eye for a few rounds. His corner looks to have known he had vision problems and they saw him collapsing in the two-dozen round attack that had him wobbly before the stoppage. So, no problem for me having the towel thrown in. Big respect to Brook for stepping up when true middleweights like Saunders and Eubank Jr. are clearly afraid.

      I wonder: did Gennady show vulnerability tonight so that he can lure in future opponents? Did he have a cold? Or should we credit Brook’s early effective offense with upping GGG’s urgency? Maybe all of the above, haha.

      • I rewatched the fight and then saw it.
        Golovkin came out sharp and almost took Brook out in the first. After that it was like a cat with a mouse.
        Golovkin seems to do more for us fans than he has to. Yeah for us.

        Glad Brooks corner stopped that fight.

      • I think Brook made it a fairly even fight. It was nothhing to do with GGG being ‘off.’ I also don’t think GGG got exposed in anyway. Kell Brook is a major talent. It was two major talents in the ring but the weight was just too much.

      • Thanks for your reply Arjay! Very interesting as always. In answer to all your questions, I would say that GGG’s punching power may be overshadowing his “quite above average” skills… but still, I think Brook has one of the best brain in boxing right now (in that regard, I would love to see him fight a guy like Thurman at 147lbs). The fact that Brook’s eye was dammaged early in the fight wouldn’t have been an issue if he really wanted or needed to win this one. I’m not saying he didn’t try to win, but the paycheck was substantial, the public interest was huge and there was a slight chance he might cause a surprise. He didn’t put the rest of his boxing career on the line, he didn’t sacrifice his body like many others would have. How many fighters finish a bout with only half of an eye, a broken jaw and a fractured wrist, only for a handful of peanuts? I’m not saying it always has to be this way… But was Brook going into this fight without the willingness to go all the way, to leave nothing in the ring? Maybe not. Lemieux, Monroe, Murray etc. etc. all took way more punishment than Brook did. But since Brook’s career didn’t depend on the outcome of this fight, there was no reason for his team to push him any further, even though he still had a lot of gas left in the tank and a few cards left to be played.

  2. for some reason my first comment got deleted. Ill say it again. i dont understand any of this praise for brock, he didnt even last more than a little over 1/3 of the fight. yeah he got a few hits in but never hurt ggg and would of been on his back without the corner quitting showing they never thought he had a chance just waiting to use the eye as an excuse after ggg was hitting him with unanswered shots. I dont believe this fight should of been allowed, maybe after beating all top 5 and up in your division allow something like this but it was a size mismatch from the start and nothing changed that, it was only a matter of time. Khan was beating canelo much worse before he got knockout and noone was talking about how great khan was. I never saw anything to think brock was in actual competition or was going to beat ggg. give brock respect for taking this fight as we all know someone else was protected by their daddy to get out of it, but brock was not impressive and never showed anything in this fight to make me think at anytime he could win, once he was hurt in the first round you knew it was jsut a matter of time. I just dont understand how making it to early in the 5th round grants 30 minutes of how great you were.

    • obviously a khan fan and brook hater. You can’t even get his name right. It’s brook not brock (is that you mayweather?). Brook looked weay more impressive in there than Khan did against canelo. With Khan he literally was one shot away from being knocked out. Brook was actually making it competitive.

      • absoluteness wrong, khan has no chin with no power and will never beat a top contender. you on the other hand are obvious a brook (sorry for typo) lover. lok at the numebrs of connected shots brook didnt even get half of what kahn did, 2nd is kahn was never hurt until he got knocked out, brook(spelled right again thanks) on the other hand was hurt badly in the first round, so he was the one that you expected to be 1 shot away. brook was not competitive at any point, did he get some shots in yes he did, did he show a better chin than expected yes he did. did he impress not even making it barely in top the 5th round no he didnt. Only people who wanted brock (on purpose) to do well saw him do well. Hes a great fighter i like him, i just got fed up with the 30 minutes of how great he did when he just plainly didnt do anything impressive. a top fighter champion undefeated got a few hits in noone should not of expected that. the fact is he can say he hurt him all he wants he didnt, he got hurt several times, and his corner knew it enough that when it was obvious he was done already early in the 5th round they stopped it. your post is really a joke. i dont reallly have a favorite fighter im a pure boxing enthusiast , i was actually hoping for a great 12 round fight, but when brook barely stayed on his feet in the first round everyone knew it was going to be a short night. I dont like mayweather because hes an a*s, but as a boxer although i thought he got beat a couple times as it seems if hes hit with 20 unanswered punches the guy gets no credit because mayweather must of let him do it. but anyways he fought smart and didnt put himself at risk because he knew he had slight weakness in the chin. he could of knocked more people out he just never went for it because you open yourself up. he had good power you can see that when he hit canelo with the uppercut, after that canelo quit fighting. you sir are a brook fan and thats fine, but lasting 1/3 of a fight before having your corner decided you are done is not impressive. and khan did much better against canelo than brook did against ggg. go look at the fight and hit numbers you will not be able to argue afterward. khan and brook would of been the better fight, but brook would of put khan out faster than canelo did. Brook will be back and would probably be competitive against a lot of middle weights, all i am saying is he was not impressive in this fight. he only did more than people thought he would, he didnt do more than i thought he would he actually was worse than i expected he would be.

        • Brook impressed. Two weight classes too much. Numbers aren’t everything. Khan gas no power just speed and poor defence. He got ktfo. Brook took ggg best shots. Khan was always one big power shot from getting kod.

          • sorry late reply just saw your response. its kinda funny i saw an article a couple days ago stating exactly what i had posted. almost word for word with the actual punch counts that showed ggg had more connects in every round and over 50 more connected punches in the fight. That brook stood up and didnt run is impresses. if the corner didnt throw in the towel brook would of been KOD. that is a fact. and khan got up without injury brook hd broken bones (eye socket) so i gues hes only 1 punch away from broken bones now. if brook went 12 rounds i would agree with you when he made it barely into the 5th round it jsut wasnt that impressive to me, and the fact he didnt have 1 round where he hit ggg more than he got hit just didnt impress me. his uppercut is good and alvarez showed a weakness agaisnt mayweather for getting hit with them so i wouldnt put brook beating alvarez out of the question.

  3. it is true that he was getting rocked, but there was no need for his corner to stop the fight. they’d have let him finished the fight even though he might have got KO. i hope canelo the coward will man up and fight gollovkin asap

    • Go back and count the un answered punches.
      1 part there is 27 unanswered punches…
      His corner did exactly what they needed to do.
      Will keep Brook fighting.

      • not saying it shouldn’t have been stopped (because the eye injury) but that is a lie to say there were that many unanswered punches. You should go back and see that Brook dodged or rolled most of those punches. The last flurry of the fight, not one single punch landed clean on Kell.

  4. Brook came up in weight. G was sick but still too powerful. Brooks team was right to stop fight. No point in brook getting ko.

  5. Luv the – “out of ten what do you score yourself ?” >Like 3-4 … LOL
    That is CLASSIC.

    Not sure if he were sick BUT it wouldnt have been the first time.
    Though IF he was he wasnt nearly as bad as last time that happened.

  6. B Hop said that GGG pushed his punches and they lacked snap maybe cuz he was aiming for the KO that was GGG plan. GGG employed little defense he knew Kell cant hurt a welter weight. Kell Brook has out boxed a few to be a top tier boxer in the world in the welter weight class so why does a trainer prematurely throw in the towel on such a slick boxer? Cuz GGG found the range but even still superior boxers like KELL, get out of those assaults.Trainer and Kell Shall Part ways I think.

  7. GGG is a monster. Kell Brook is p4p top 3 easily. He had major successes at times in that fight. If it was not for the eye injury (which, of course, was caused by ggg’s monstrous power) then Kell had a real chance of the upset. Those combinations from Brook were a thing of absolute beauty.

  8. Full of action from the very beginning thanks to the usual and aggressively style of GGG ” the beast”. Brook, in my opinion, a technically better boxer was overwhelmed by his attack being unable to stop the pit-bull who proved in this fight to have also an excellent chin in top of all his other attributes. The stoppage from Kell’s corner was premature since he was still able to put a good fight but conservative to avoid the most likely coming knock out foreseen in the horizon. Currently there is not rival able in this category to beat him or create any kind of problem.

    • Did you know that Brook got a bone of the eye orbit broken by Golovkin in the second round? He probably won’t fight for a year, and is getting a surgery today.

      • Thanks for the information because I haven’t heard about his injury. So his coach was quite right.

  9. Great fight, what a great day for boxing when an arena of 19,000 packs itself in 30 minutes. In hindsight and knowing the info, Brook put on a great performance considering his orbital bone was smashed in the 2nd. Tell me I’m a f*ol, but how about a rematch?

    • Broken orbital bone!? If I knew that when I first commented on this fight, I would have been a bit more sensible.. ;)

  10. BHop making an arse of himself.
    I could see on the TV Brook was injured from early on.
    Good stoppage, great show by Kel, sloppy from GGG.
    Exciting evening.


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