2015 BOXING fight – Gennady Golovkin vs David Lemieux – full fight Video WBC, IBF, IBO, WBA

3 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2015-10-17, Gennady Golovkin vs David Lemieux was not the war we expected but still a great boxing fight: it gets three stars.

The undefeated Gennady Golovkin entered this fight with a perfect boxing record of 33-0-0 (30 KOs=91%) and he is ranked as the No.1 middleweight in the world. He has already fought twice in 2015 winning over Martin Murray (=Golovkin vs Murray) and Willie Monroe Jr (=Golovkin vs Monroe).
His opponent, David Lemieux, has an official record of 34-2-0 (31 KOs=91%) and he entered as the No.5 in the same weight class. He suffered two consecutive defeats in 2011 when he was just 22 years old: against Marco Antonio Rubio (=Rubio vs Lemieux) and Joachim Alcine (=Alcine vs Lemieux), but then he has won nine consecutive bouts beating Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam in his last one (=Lemieux vs N’Dam). ‘GGG’ Golovkin vs Lemieux is valid for the interim WBC, IBO, WBA Super World middleweight titles (held by Golovkin) plus the IBF Mw belt (held by Lemieux). Watch the video and rate this fight!


Date: 2015-10-17

Where: Madison Square Garden, New York, USA

Division: middleweight (160 lbs, 72.6 kg)

Title: interim WBC, IBF, IBO, WBA Super World middleweight titles

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Gennady Golovkin def. David Lemieux (TKO at 1:32, round 8)


Golovkin’s previous fight: Gennady Golovkin vs Willie Monroe Jr

Lemieux’s previous fight: David Lemieux vs Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam

Golovkin’s next fight: Gennady Golovkin vs Dominic Wade

Lemieux’s next fight: David Lemieux vs Glen Tapia


Official video:

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53 thoughts on “2015 BOXING fight – Gennady Golovkin vs David Lemieux – full fight Video WBC, IBF, IBO, WBA”

      1. I guess neither will face GGG at this point .Canelo the most likely struck it down.GGG would buzz saw them both. Canelo Cotto unimpressive fight to me . Cotto learned how to box on the fly cuz this was not his style before at 147 he has become a Pitty Patty Outside some what evasive fighter in old age and Canello looks slow and lumbering too bulky on Saturday. Canelo should go up to see GGG if there and Cotto should stay or go down to 147 he would be effective their pitty pat Olympic style wont work at this middle weight type classes for him if he wants to be an outside boxer.

  1. It can’t hardly be more one-sided than that! We will never know which one of these two fighters hits harder, since only one was able to really connect power punches (nearly 60% landed for GGG!). But that’s the thing, even though he has improved a lot over the last two years, still… Lemieux can’t box against that level of opposition. And I don’t want to take nothing away from Golovkin, he used his jab so effectively and controlled the fight from the beginning to end… But the level of opposition he faced tonight was quite low. I’m really disappointed and sad for my hometown boy David, but he still has a few good years ahead (if he can learn to move his head a little more and to use the jab properly).
    So who’s next?
    Well, they all want to see the winner of Cotto-Canelo, and that seems quite fair. But after tonight, I can’t figure out how a 5’7 fighter like Cotto could reach out to Golovkin. So, to me… it’s got to be Canelo, but he would probably lose because he’s not active enough in the ring.
    The real deal would be Andre Ward at a catchweight of 164.

  2. It can’t hardly be more one-sided than that! We will never know which one of these two fighters hits harder, since only one was able to really connect power punches (nearly 60% landed for GGG!). But that’s the thing, even though he has improved a lot over the last two years, still… Lemieux can’t box. And I don’t want to take nothing away from Golovkin, he used his jab so effectively and controlled the fight from the beginning to end… But the level of opposition he faced tonight was quite low. I’m really disappointed and sad for my hometown boy David, but he still has a few good years ahead (if he can learn to move his head a little more and to use the jab properly).

    So who’s next?

    Well, they all want to see the winner of Cotto-Canelo, and that seems quite fair. But after tonight, I can’t figure out how a 5’7 fighter like Cotto could reach out to Golovkin. So, to me… it’s got to be Canelo, but he would probably lose because he’s not active enough in the ring.

    The real deal would be Andre Ward at a catchweight of 164.

    1. He’s somehow managed to reach to the Height of the sport and somehow has done it by beating a bunch of low level competition. Only in boxing can this happen. Lemieux was a step up but the result was as expected. But it’s time for him to fight a top fighter and step being a product of great promotion and actually earn the “monster” title who’s been given. Andre ward who’s arguably the number one boxer in the world now after Floyd has been knocking on his door for a year and instead they’ve avoided and turned the other cheek and made a bunch of excuses. Andre ward who’s resume is impeccable and 10 times more impressive thank golovkin’s should not Have to beg for a fight against a guy who’s resumes is filled with wins against low level fighters and not one top 10 fighter. That right there is the biggest problem with boxing and why the sport is no longer considered a major sport.

      1. I agree with most of what you said. But beyond “being a product of great promotion”, Golovkin is dangerous to the point that nobody besides Lemieux was willing to fight him at the moment at 160 lbs. Hats off to Lemieux in this regard, because he wasn’t scared to step in that ring, maybe was he foolish enough to think he could beat him, or maybe was he simply blinded by the big paycheck?… Money talks. And yes, Ward has to beg because he’s got a quite low entertainment value. Most of boxing fans want to see spectacular KOs and couldn’t careless about technical or defensive skills. Mayweather Jr would be the exception here, but he reached stardom amongst casual boxing fans because of his evilish persona an lifestyle outside the ring. Maybe now is a good time for Ward to get his chance against Golovkin since the latter proved he was able to fill the MSG and get good (I believe) PPV sales almost all by himself. Again, money talks, it’s been like that for a long while, and that is the main reason why you claim this sport is sick.

        1. He is definitely no slouch, very dangerous, and yes many did not want to get in that ring with him the same way he did not want to get in that ring with ward because he knows how dangerous would can be. How ward can ruin that celebrated run he is on right now. He claimed ward doesn’t bring in enough yet takes a fight with Willie Monre Jr and prior to this fight many didn’t know about Lemieux. Now I know for a fact willie Monroe is not a better talent and does not bring in more than ward can bring to the table. That’s careful matchmaking in order to maintain that “monster” persona all the while minimizing the risk factor. Which many hate Floyd for. im not stabbing at GGG I know he is definitely a threat right now to anyone but I just want to see the best face the best and the excuses being made from his camp especially from the big mouth trainer Abel is pathetic. Lemieux was just another pawn who wasn’t even in the same class but you couldn’t tell by the way he was promoted in this fight all though credit to GGG his skills made it easier. The whole wars “doesn’t have enough entertainment value” is not good enough reason to avoid Ward and yet go and fight Monroe. Ward would definitely bring more to the table even financially and attention wise. He has the IQ and outstanding skill that can quite possibly be the kryptonite. He’s not just some guy with little boxing skills, no head movement or defense but punches hard. Instead he’s a guy with one of the best resumes in boxing and has beaten the most elite fighters in his division. But it’s more than GGG I respect the guy but it’s just the boxing culture that’s the problem now.

          1. I totally agree. You made a good point with Monroe Jr. about the so-called “entertainment value”. On paper, this fight was indeed supposed to be quite boring, but Monroe had some good moments and it ended up being interesting. But anyway, that was not your point. Yes, I also believe each of Golovkin’s opponent were carefully handpicked in order to build up this “monster persona”, but also the MW-division is a bit weak at the moment. Proof: he now holds 4 of the division’s major belts. And like “entertainment value”, usually these belts should force things around since champions all have mandotory defenses to their agenda. But nowadays, they don’t mean much anymore since the rankings among boxing organizations are pretty subjective anyway. And may I had vulnerable to briebery. Just look at a guy like Adonis Stevenson. He’s been defending his LHW WBC belt for years against B+ class fighters. So in the end, who decide who should fight whom? And based on what exactly? Promoters and TV network all want the same thing, big money at the lowest level of risk for their fighters. As long as boxing fans will be entertained by watching made-up champions slugging out lower class’ fighters, the wheel will keep on spinning around.

      1. It looked like Lemieux wasn’t that good, but you should have seen him against Ndam and Rosado. It panned out really bad against GGG though. :(

    2. Since I’m from Ontario I feel sad also about our local guy but the result fully comply with the general expectations. Technically it wasn’t match at all.
      Regarding who is next, forget about Cotto, Canelo will take due care to make him think about retirement.
      So in my opinion the two best candidates would be Canelo, with some fair chances because he is a technical boxer with excellent punching power and fought already with the best qualified opponents in North-America, and Ward because his technical excellence and fought with the best European opposition available today.
      Quillin could be also considered, but in a minor degree, since he has some reach advantage but till today he fought with low level competition making him the lower suitable candidate between these three.
      I’m inclined to think that the best one to defeat GGG would be Ward but he has to be very careful since once GGG connect a good punch the fight would be over.

  3. Yes – every round was dominated by GGG.
    The major turning point was when they traded left hooks at 1:14 of the 4th round. Lemieux bread and better didnt budge GGG whiles GGG knocked Lemieux back.

    I actually thought Lemieux would do better.
    Pure GGG dominance. Ended in 8th though I called 7th.

    Anyone at 160 to cause concern for GGG?

    1. Could be the winner of Quillin-Jacobs… otherwise, I don’t see anybody else at 160.

    2. He didn’t dominate round 7.Lemieux hit him with alot of shots .Even the commentator said that shot got GGG.

  4. Forgot to mention – lemieux needs a new cut man.
    WTF was up with the finger to the nose. Wheres the adrenalin on a qtip…

  5. Would love to see GGG go against the winner of Quillin/Jacobs and Cotto/Canelo then move up to face Ward. Lack of competition against elite fighters makes me question his legitimacy, but I still love to watch him fight.

    1. I like Golovkin and like watching him too but like you said, his opposition hasn’t been great. Everyone looks good fighting from the front and in complete control beating guys they’re supposed to beat.

      Let’s face it Golovkin was the first top ten opponent that Lemieux has faced, prior to that he had only ever faced two opponent’s ranked in the top twenty (N’Dam N’Jikam and Rubio).

  6. Well the result was as expected. Now when are you actually going to step up and fight someone who when matched against the odds surely won’t be as widespread as for this opponent. Andre Ward who’s been considered for years now the number two boxer in the world behind mayweather has been knocking on your door for a year now and you’ve been ducking and instead taking these fights. It’s about time to take a real challenge and be a true champion and earn that title of a monster you’ve undeservingly been given by beating low level competition. Lemieux was a step up from the others but a fight a legend now! Andre ward is on another stratusphere and is regarded the best in the world and he’s challenged you like no other yet all you’ve done is make excuses! Great win tonight but it was expected, now do the unexpected.

  7. i wanna see ggg vs ward or quillin, he has to face bettter opponent otherwise we’d still doubt if he is great or not

  8. lmao after the 4th round when they are showing the replay of the left hook of golovkin, check out the referees reaction. soooo funny, like hmmm this white boy nasty with it lmaoooo

    1. It’s like that referee never saw blood before! Did you see his face after Lemieux started to bleed from the nose?… He looked like he was watching an horror movie. Early stoppage in my opinion, even though Lemieux was going nowhere.

      1. lol yeah idk what was up with that doctor interference call by the ref.. The stoppage was 50/50 in my opinion. I would’ve love to actually see a knockout and have lemiuex actually hit the canvas before the fight was called since he was throwing back to an extent, but at the same time, if you look at lemiuex right after that body shot, he looked at the ref like he was done and the ref made a questionable judgement call but it looked like lemiuex for that few seconds just didn’t want anymore.

  9. GGG is a beast and is going to be at the very top for years to come. His jab work was excellent and kept the right distance during whole fight in order to take profit of his reach advantage. Lemieux didn’t has chances at all in spite of putting the best from himself in a brave way. Technical differences are abysmal.

  10. good fight to watch, bit sad lemieux couldnt put more of a fight but ggg was so dominant. but what bothers me is that i can’t stand these commentators who never put a glove on their hand but continue to put down lemieux for getting beaten up. and they call them selves “boxing experts”. i just cant stand that sh*t no more: “oh look at him, did he even prepare? does he even have a game plan?” that f*cking arrogant imbeciles that never took a punch to the face to see that you can say all you want but a single punch can put you down mentally. anyways, hope lemieux bounces back, congratz to golovkin.

    1. Totally agree about the announcers. I have to watch the fights with the sound off because I can’t stand hearing their non stop babbling.

      Lampley and Kellerman don’t have any idea what they are talking about or looking at. I’d bet good money that either one of them could articulate the most basic of boxing techniques yet hbo is passing them off as some kind of “experts”.

      I watched a fight from the 1970’s on youtube the other day. the announcers were Tim Ryan, Angelo Dundee and Gil Clancy (actual experts unlike Lampley and Kellerman). Both were explaining what each fighter was doing, trying to do, what they needed to do to win, what was working, or not working for both of them and why, etc.

      It actually added to the enjoyment of the fight. And now we’re down to know nothing imbeciles like Lampley, Kellerman, Paulie Malignaggie(?!) etc. who act as they are getting paid by the word, add nothing to the broadcast and do nothing except shill the networks product/current fighter that they have under contract etc.

      I like watching Golovkin fight and sure he’s a good boxer but lets not get carried away here. He was in there with Lemieux, a guy who’s never before faced let alone beat a top ten ranked fighter. The way that Lampley was hysterically squealing everytime that he threw a punch you would have thought that he was taking apart a prime Hagler or Monzon in there rather than a guy who was offering about as much resistance as a heavy bag in Lemieux.

  11. I am very disappointed :( I thought Lemieux would fare a lot better. Anyway. The rebuilding job will be tough for Lemieux after this. Kudos to GGG, he’s the man.

  12. come on! how can you say all this against GGG?!?! No win against top10? in 2013 he faced #10 Rosado and #8 Macklin, in 2014 #5 Geale, in 2015 #9 Murray and #5 Lemieux. He is a monster, he has a scary amateur record of 345-5 or 345-8 and do you think he is scared to face any of the middleweights?!?!? And i think he is not scared to face Ward as well, he want just to win the wbo belt (the only one missing) and maybe fight against the winner between Canelo and Cotto. Then he will think to move up to the super middleweight. But look that Golovkin fought from light-welterweight until the middleweight, while Ward from the middleweight to the light heavyweight, so it’s normal he is trying to fight at 164 with ward, because the american is a natural super-middleweight while golovkin is not.
    Moreover i prefer a boxer like Golovkin with a high percentage of kos and that fights more than once per year like ward or mayweather usually do.

  13. Trendale PItts, you asks for Froch: a retired fighter, and then Chavez Jr: ranked 1st amongst the spoiled kids of boxing who hasn’t fight much opposition for the last 3 years and proved himself to be quite unrespectful to the fans and the sport of boxing in general.

    Danielsan23: I agree with you for the most part, except that to me, it seems that Kovalev is also avoiding to fight Ward. While Stevenson is himself avoiding Kovalev and Jean Pascal…

    And this avoidance game is bringing us back to Denis Barbosa’s point: “Only in boxing…”. I must admit you’re a bit right about that. But at the same time, boxing is a sport like no other. Take tennis, another one vs one sport, for example. It’s one tournament after the other, and over a year or two, the top 10-15 players will face one another once or twice . But in each tournament, Djokovic and Nadal have to face a whole bunch of no-names before they maybe end up in a semi-final of final match against each other. The same goes for pretty much every team sports. In boxing, over the first 5-6 years in the pro circuit, a fighter has to face a whole bunch of no names, build a good record, get fights for minor titles, etc. And ultimately, the best will face the best. The main is difference is that in boxing (let’s not forget the fact that a loss in boxing can be way more dammaging than most other sports), the organizations (wbc, wba, ibf, wbo…), the promoters and the TV networks get to decide who is the “best”, and when exactly they shall fight against each other. And that is where the problem resides. But as for them, it seems quite easy for you (and for us all) to rule who are the best and who are not. And I don’t know exactly upon which criteria these judgements are made for your part, but no system is perfect. Ring magazine has its own, so does boxrec, and all organizations, and they are all different. There is no consensus whatsoever and I think this talk we’re having here is another proof. Because that is also what’s special about boxing. It’s never as simple as
    Fighter A beats Fighter B;
    Fighter B beats Fighter C;
    So Figther A is better than Fighter C.
    One might value a spectacular KO by GGG over a B+class fighter more than a controversial MD against a A-class fighter.

    Anyway… I’m sure you understand all that, it’s just fun to have that debate in a civilized manner. Thanks!

  14. I thought he would be better too. Usually, in every rounds, he would come out from his corner with fire in his eyes… It was not the case that night.

  15. wow u really thought that he would do better? and for ward vs gennady thatsd wards win but ward vs kovalev lol…..poor poor ward i pity anybody that fights kovalev and ward was hurt by boone so idk it would not be a good move for an undefeated fighter such as he.

    1. If you were from Quebec you would have at least hope Lemieux did better. I never thought he’d be massacred like this. Kovalev is 15 pounds heavier, I don’t quite get it?

      1. you and me both but look at ggg he wants to fight coto or canelo? they are so much shorter and smaller built guys its stupid i dont like ggg erspecially after he s*cker punched lemieux like that.

        1. Canelo may be shorter than Golovkin but he is bigger and he has been in with the so say best ever, Floyd Mayweather, so fight between Golovkin and Canelo would be a very good match up

          1. Canelo is shorter than GGG but his reach is only 1/2 inch shorter than GGG. Since he is an exceptional boxer it will be a fair match and very though for both with an uncertain result. I believe Canelo has a very good chances to win too.
            I cannot wait for this to happen because the most technical boxer will impose his will there because both are good power punchers.

  16. ok another thing GGG says he fights like a mexican…….no he doesnt the only way u can jab more than half the fight and fight like a mexican IS IF YOUR MEXICAN and that dont happen much dude mexican style is in your face and body work like rios ggg reminds me more of a black fighter style not mexican i think he was told to say that sh*t to get ratings but he doesnt have balls like a mexican he stayed away from lemieux with that jab like a god damn p*ssy the whole fight! ward would slug it out because hes an a*shole who wont lose in any way to anybody and hes good at it ggg is a joke to kickstart the need for boxing again!

    1. he said that the other fights, this fight he chose to fight differently so what?? he won easily so whats ur point? lol look at Lemieux he couldn’t even slug it out he was scared to throw punches. if GGG is sucha a joke why is he undefeated with several belts lol u rly are the NEWB hahaa

      1. Lemieux wasn’t scared atall,watch the fight. ! He was just getting killed by the jab.He still landed some good shots on GGG.G respected lemieux’s power for probably the first time in his career.

        1. I do think G respected lemieuxs power, but lemiuex aint the first one hes respected, U gotta respect somehat any fighter that’s in front of u, nobody wants to get hit in the face regardless. plus G said himself Curtis stevens hits harder than Lemieux. I saw the fight and u can tell Lemieux was hesitating a lot, yes the jab got him off track but even when G wasn’t jabbing, he hesitates to do some punches. not saying he didn’t land any either. my main thing is the WARD thing, why even mention his name anymore aginast G? that fight makes absolutely no sense.

          1. Yes he did say that about Stevens but looked more shook at Lemieux’s shot.He obviously respected him alot more utilising his jab alot more that usual ! Maybe the fight with Ward makes more sense now as Ward is a technically gifted boxer of the highest quality who would not get hit as much as Lemieux or any other boxer facing GGG.It would be the most interesting fight in along time.

      2. yea lemieux hurt ggg with a left hook in around the 5th and ur gonna say he was scared…..yea also who beside lemieux and rosado has he faught that actually had a rep and i dont think hes fought anybody that could actually beat him and to me that shows that hes a joke and hes scared to lose his 0 and just because u have 0 losses doesnt mean sh*t most of the time it means that u havent fought anybody that could beat u(ward jumped right into the super six and won with his record at 0 losses) that to meshows hes got ballsand hes got what it takes to be a star! lemieux was knocked out by rubio who ggg killed….your going to tell that he isnt cherry picking his fights? yea right you know nothing about boxing and recently ggg took back everything he said about ward running and basically said it was a lie….yea ggg makeas excuses just like with rosado he said he was sick and thats y it took him so long to win and now he says that he wanted to jab and box this fight HMM a MEXICAN fighter wouldnt give a f*ck about that he would go in there and fight like he always does and win like a man ggg is a p*ssy and if hes so great i see an open carl froch for him to fight? or what about kessler? hes so happy to go down in weight to fight little guys why not go up? paquiao did and guess what he won belts in 4 different weight classes to me thats what a champ is! thats what it takes to be great it takes the will to actually fight anybody any time and on top of that beat them at their own game. ggg doesnt do any of this hes a joke and so are you for trying to prove me wrong.

        1. HAHAHA ur blaming GGG he hasn’t fought nobody when he’s a unified champ and the other top fighters in his weight class doesn’t want anything to do with him??? Loll how is it cherry picking if Lemieux has a legitimate belt and also his most popular opponent up to date?? Not only was this his biggest fight for exposure, it’s also his first ppv event as the main event and his biggest purse lol great business decision yet u think it’s cherry picking. Name me a fighter in HIS weight class that wants to fight. Funny how all u bring up are fighters that are heavier than him lol that pathetic. I don’t get fans like you, quick to mentioning andre ward makes absolutely no sense. first thing, GGG has not even dominated his whole OWN division so why bring up someone that doesn’t even fight at 160 anymore??? lol second, Ward said himself he wont even fight at 168 anymore and will mostikely go to 175, his last fight was at 172. so for GGG to prove something he has to fight someone p4p two weight division above his??? that’s like me complaining abuot ward not fighting kovalev or even a cruiserweight lol third, Ward fought 2 guys in like 4 years or something, even if he was talking about GGG, he couldn’t even do it due to his issues with his promoters so his trash talking means nothing, after coming back he fights a real bum. Ward is a true champion but saying GGG has to fight ward to prove something makes no sense. Fourth, Ward brings no money to the table, GGG just sold out the Madison square garden and had his first PPV, Ward cant even sell out in his own city. so theres no rewards whatsoever business wise, against Chavez it would’ve been more worth it. And just kuz pacquiao did it doesn’t mean everyone else should too. It doesn’t make him any les great

  17. Your dramatising and going over the top especially with your rebuilding line.You gotta know what you are looking at.

      1. Depression how ? Lemieux is not a idiot….he knows GGG gave him more respect than any other fighter he has faced by utilising his jab more than ever trying to box.Plus the stoppage was premature and he could have won by staying down after GGG’s cheap shot !
        That ain’t depression…. Your reaching !

  18. i like how this is a year old but GGG still getting more belts.. and that ward vs kovalev is happening

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