2012 BOXING fight – Luis Alberto Lazarte vs Johnriel Casimero – full fight Video IBF title

1_star_boxing_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2012-02-10, too much clinching, headbutts, bites, punches on the back of the head and lastly an amazing riot at the end of the fight: this is not boxing, one star (fight ended by TKO in the tenth round). Luis Alberto Lazarte (49-10-2) entered as the No.5 light flyweight in the world while Johnriel Casimero (15-2-0) entered as the No.7. Lazarte vs Casimero is valid for the interim IBF light flyweight title. Watch the video!


Date: 2012-02-10

Where: Club Once Unidos, Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Division: light flyweight (108 lbs, 49.0 kg)

Title: interim IBF light flyweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Johnriel Casimero def. Luis Alberto Lazarte (TKO, round 10)


Lazarte’s previous fight: Luis Alberto Lazarte vs Nerys Espinoza 2

Casimero’s next fight: John Riel Casimero vs Pedro Guevara



29 thoughts on “2012 BOXING fight – Luis Alberto Lazarte vs Johnriel Casimero – full fight Video IBF title”

  1. very embarassing argentinian people, it is only sport game why do to make trouble.How is it?accept your defeats boxer if you are a loser accept  it that is the nature of game.your such a losser. pilipino boxer(casimiro ) incompany, must appeal to international boxing federation to terminate his opponent in boxing. your shameless argentenian come over to philippines we make riot let see if who were lay down first.
    we are not like you, many foriegn boxer arrive in our country to  box there but we show our great hospitality in fact although our boxer are defeated we do not do action to hurt anyone.idiot people must learn to respect people….

      1. why this people dos”nt know how to accept defeat, what a shame to the whole world..i think no boxing fight in argentina anymore,, lazarte deserve tht knock out lose.. he is a dirty fighter.. using his head, bite the shoulder 2 times.. congratultion cassimero..  

  2. ARGENTINA did not show respect .they did not accept they defit..this is not boxing anymore ..BE SPORTS OK…

    1. people who watching of casismiro and lazarte fight in buenos aires argentina and people who making a voilent after fyt they showing they are idiots,uneducated,unspotrsmanbehavior,boxing is sport,if our boxer is defeat we have to accept it.its part of the game,to the all boxers in argentina and all fans hope you didnt do it again.coz you are  making bad to the foreign boxer.   

  3. What the f*ck this Lazarte doing,biting,hitting at back of the head,below the belt and boxing while the Ref was about to stop the fight? You can feel from the start of the fight that they are All cooking the result.The referee was involved too. No boxer will fight in your sh*t place if you act like ESTUPIDO…

  4. what a shame…. come here in Mindanao and we will give you a fight that you are looking for.. 


  6. What did the two person (1 with black shirt and the other 1 with black jacket) “WHISPERED” to one disappointed fan wearing a green cap and green scarf who entered the ring with a vest with the words “Camioneros-Peronista” that attacked Casimero, Claudio,Tepura-ani but more on Gello-ani. . . They said – GO HOME BUDDY, IT SEEMS THAT NOBODY SEES YOU, I’LL HELP YOU OUT OF THIS RING TOO. TAKE CARE! . . . Damn! WHAT A DRAMATIC CONSPIRACY!

  7. Que verguenza,ni siquiera porque el boxeador de Argentina fue tan sucio,nunca habia visto una pelea tan mala,ni un publico tan indecente.Con las camaras deben ubicar a los delincuentes que hicieron este desorden y llevarlos a la carcel.

  8. I want a rematch. Not for the boxers but to all those people who participated in the riot. Bring them here in the philippines and we will show you the real meaning of riot.

  9.  Lazarte, since your good at biting, why not come here in the Philippines and we’ll put you in a pitbull arena.

  10. argentina should be ban in helding boxing event!!it’s a disgrace to all argentian people!!

  11. your old lazarte. get the f*ck out of boxing world. you don’t belong there. you know where you belong a*shole? loser’s world. be ashamed of yourself.

  12. now I know why the agentinians are good with football cause all they do is practice inside and outside be it a ring or the fields.luckly  are good fellowmen casimero was  also good in running and parring shot thanks God! he should be ready bringing in a helmet next time when that argentinian will ask for a rematch.hahahaha!

  13.  una vergüenza para el pueblo de Argentina los partidarios principlamente de un noble deporte como el boxeo, finalmente muy mala …

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