2015 BOXING fight – Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Andre Berto – full fight Video WBC, WBA

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2 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2015-09-12, disappointing fight with just some good single shots: Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Andre Berto gets two stars.

The undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr entered this fight with a perfect boxing record of 48-0-0 (26 knockouts) and he is ranked as the No.1 welterweight in the world. ‘Money’ has won world titles in five different weight classes and he has already fought once in 2015 beating Manny Pacquiao (=Mayweather vs Pacquiao); if ‘Pretty Boy’ beats Berto, he will tie Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 boxing record moreover this is expected to be Mayweather’s retirement fight.
His opponent, the former Wbc, Wba and Ibf Andre Berto, has an official record of 30-3-0 (23 knockouts) and he entered as the No.21 in the same weight class. He suffered two consecutive losses between 2012 and 2013, against Robert Guerrero (=Guerrero vs Berto) and Jesus Soto Karass (=Berto vs Soto Karass), but then he came back to win beating Steve Upsher Chambers (=Berto vs Chambers) and Josesito Lopez (=Berto vs Lopez). Mayweather vs Berto is valid for the WBC and WBA Super World welterweight titles (both held by Mayweather). Watch the video and rate this fight!


Date: 2015-09-12

Where: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Division: welterweight (147 lbs, 66.7 kg)

Title: WBC and WBA Super World welterweight titles

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Floyd Mayweather Jr def. Andre Berto (unanimous decision, 117-111, 118-110, 120-108)


Mayweather’s previous fight: Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Manny Pacquiao

Berto’s previous fight: Andre Berto vs Josesito Lopez

Berto’s next fight: Andre Berto vs Victor Ortiz 2

Mayweather’s next fight: Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor McGregor


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100 comments on “2015 BOXING fight – Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Andre Berto – full fight Video WBC, WBA”

  1. Oh yeah, some say Mr Mayweather is now retired lol, Too much $$$$ against anybody, more so against GGG or Pacquiao

      • Jules after a careful reading of all your comments here I’m convinced you need to improve your degree of knowledge about boxing, may be a reasonable one but no enough, and restrain your will calling Mattsnow81 or others ” a casual fan” since he is one of the top commenters in this place.
        This is the first time a saw you commenting here and hope you continuing doing that

        • After carefully reading your comments I am convinced you need to learn to spell. Casual fans are obvious because they talk about defense in terms of “RUNNING” when it’s floyd and When it’s Ali it’s beautifull.Just because people are top commentators they are still casual fans with stupid unfactual comments! Grow up !

          • Man sorry if you don’t like my spelling but you should know that English isn’t my mother tongue language. Please forgive me I will try my best next time. However, may be because my age, I can speak three more languages. What about you young guy, just plain English? On the other hand, you forgot that in this forum when you spell wrong your mistake is immediately indicated to correct it. But sorry I forgot that you may not know about this figure since you are so perfect that never shows up while you are writing. Therefore your comments about spelling errors are wrong like many others coming from you.
            If your comment about spelling is related just to the word “COMMENTERS” you may be right but please i just was trying to be nice using the same word displayed in yellow by our host attached to the right side margin.
            And please, I don’t want to Grow up any more , i’m too old but you should.

  2. So much ignorant opinion! It is sad to see that you can’t appreciate a counter-punching masterpiece! It is sad that you can’t feel the tension of a fight!

    Why are you still watching boxing?

    • Not everybody likes the same type of fight, Mario. As I’m writing, 26 people voted 2 stars and a half.

      • Yeah the haters don’t. But the point is if you actually know boxing and are not ignorant then you appreciate skills. That’s standard !

        • And you are what type of fan? Which level have you achieved? ‘Extraordinary fan”? “Ultimate fan”? If so, kudos to you. I’ll stay casual. I appreciate Mayweather’s defensive skills BTW, but it would be nice to have more punch output and not the ‘do just enough to win’ attitude.

          • Agree with you man since Floyd did precisely as you commented above just to save his face.

          • A unbiased one that appreciates all styles especially the details ala defensive fighters.The world is filled to the brim of offensive brawlers but very slick defensive fighters are rare and something to behold !

          • You don’t know Augustus? He fought Mayweather and Mayweather said at the time it was the toughest fight of his career. Augustus is well-known, despite a very average record.

          • Well, saying Augustus is rubbish proved you don’t know anything about boxing even though you try to make it sound like you do. We didn’t have any trolls on this site yet. Everybody was respecting other people’s opinion.

          • That’s very immature.And if you simply call that trolling you need to get out more.How is that about an opinion because very average only means one thing in any language you speak !

          • Watch the fight recommended by our host (Burton vs Ward) and then send your apologize to mattsnow81 for using the word “rubbish”

          • Are you talking about defensive boxers? Sorry but I see him just like a runner. He doesn’t need to do that because he has punching power.
            You want to see what really means to be a good defensive boxer? Please go to u-tube videos and watch fights of Nicolino Locche “the untouchable” a world champion who started in 1958 till 1976 with a total of 117 wins and just 4 losses and 14 knock outs. He has to be defensive because his lack of power but i repeat no Floyd. He runs to ensure undefeated retirement.

            And one more thing, if you decide to watch Nicolino please observe that he never run he was just defensive but with excellent boxing techniques that permitted him to be world champion and win and so many matches

          • Jules, I said NICOLINO LOCCHE an old great boxer that unfortunately passed away,
            I mentioned him to you in case you decide to break your bubble and learn about what means a defensive boxer.
            On the other hand, and because my age, I don’t need to do an internet research for Nicolino since I have the honor and enjoyed very much many of his fights on real time (e.g the one he won against Fuji for the world title).

          • Yawn boring. No body knows who your talking about because we ain’t 80 years old.Augustus lost 34 times so irrelevant so why mention him atall.The bubble is the best thus floyd,manny,ward,rigodeaux ,GGG etc so get over it.Leave your prehistoric romantic notions at home where they belong !

          • Yes “MASTER” i will follow your recommendation right away!!!!.
            I’m not sure but in the way you write it seems to me you are a young guy, good for you. However, i’m pretty sure that your arrogance has not limits. But you know, i can perfectly understand that since being a close fan of Floyd who exudes arrogance from each of his actions it is natural that all his followers will be attempting to be like him. Good luck “young” guy with such attitude in life which is so unfriendly. However, arrogance has to be supported with knowledge therefore please in order to save your face in future boxing discussions get stronger because still you are far. Therefore, accept in good terms when somebody old like me, with “romantic notions”, is trying to share information that may provide you with some additional bullets to be used in future discussions.

          • That’s abit emotional.Augustus lost 34 times,only interested in the best or very good fighters !

          • he got screwed about 10 times, got in close competitive fights about 20 other times. And @jules , since he fought your idol, you may be interested in seeing that fight? Youtube is your friend. He put in a very game performance.

          • Very game performance but that’s the point there are plenty of game brawler type fighters.The trully good fighters have more than that namely the ability to win which he doesn’t. His record is terrible .The fans love it but the records and your bank account don’t !

          • I payed to see Augustus fight when he was pitted against Herman Ndgoudjo, a Quebec fighter. Augustus was half-robbed, pretty close fight.

            What I’m trying to say is there are plenty more fighters with undefeated records like Gennady Golovkin (33-0) which are in my opinion more entertaining than Floyd.

          • Yes just watched Burton vs ward and what a wicked fight,he has alot of heart ! Still doesn’t as I said change the fact he lost 34 times ! TBH i cannot see from this fight how he lost so many !

          • You are right, see my below comment. You may want to see the fight against Mayweather, it was pretty good! Nobody’s denying Mayweather’s skills man. I hope you comment on other fights as well, always some good fights here on this fine site.

          • Jules please don’t forget to watch Nicolino Locche also
            I know, I know, he is a dinosaur, like me, but a good one :-)

  3. As expected Berto was the full time aggressor the guy with less to lose and more to win. The “master”, as some of the Floyd’s fans call him, was most of the time dedicated to delivering his master “pseudo” pieces, running ,dodging (no bad), and holding. However, from time to time, connecting a few good punches in order to justify the millions he is doing and really doesn’t deserve. As I see this Floyd would be still fighting because the millions involved but avoiding to risk his undefeated record fighting with GGG or other good boxer in this category.

    • you can’t deny Berto never took his time with his punches… Everything was the same tempo and he also was beaten to the punch on several occasions… Floyd is a “master”.

    • I agree tango Im wid you man when its time to Bang he weasled out Fans of him called a GrandMaster Defense Mechanic but in truth he dont wanna get hit and draw blood on his face he aint a model man and his looks are not what got him there. He ducking a PacMan rematch, He will duck Berto again, he will duck Khan and Thurman who are more skilled. I wasnt convinced he won this fight I would judge it like an old timer Berto was the aggressor Berto could of won on this scored card in my opinion. In the Tyson era, DeLaHoya- Trinidad-90’s eras, these dudes who aggressed got the decison dudes who ran ore ran toward the end of a fight lost on the scorecared why cuz they stopped fighting stayed away and avoided exchanges. I gained respect for Berto he brought it, Floyd did not really want it. Enough said on my end I look forward to the new era of boxing and I see absolutely no runners in the talent pool I see dudes bringing it. Thats my last comment. Have a nice retirement Floyd.

      • Well said Dawud and Tango. Nice analysis. I personnally think Mayweather won’t resist the urge to come back, a fight against GGG would be the only meaningful one (if GGG wins against Lemieux) but my hunch is he will do a last Pacquiao fight. Less dangerous and more $$$.

        • I believe so too but never for the premiuns involved in the last one because, I hope, the people would finally understand that these matches are only business oriented.

        • A Last Pac Man fight would be the most popular especially amongst fans but I think Pac didnt make salaat or bow to the Mayweather splendor after the fight so he would be slighted for a rematch though its the logical obvious choice he is the only true establish threat in the division. Let me throw another name out there tim bradley has been in the the mix for some time and he is every bit as deserving and formidable as pac and every knows he did score a decision which was 50/50.

      • more than Manny?!?!?! are you blind or drunked? pacquiao vs mayweather was a draw while floyd won clearly against berto

      • I agree. Berto was the one who pushed the fight from round 1 till round 12. Mayweather just ran and slipped punches and hit berto with the occasional counter. Berto had Mayweather up against the ropes several times and landed plenty of shots to the lower left side of MW. Just look how red MW’s sides are,especially the left. Look at the swelling on Mw’s eye. Berto landed plenty of Jabs and the occasional right hand and also slipped plenty of punches. This fight was the most uncomfortable I have seen MW. (except maybe the castillo fight) The scores were an absolute Joke. Too many people/officials/commentators/fans are drinking the Mayweather coolade. It’s a fu*#ing joke. I had Berto winning. Sorry Mayweather fan boys

  4. At the end of the day boxing rules are based on points within the match. That’s the rules, based on aggressiveness is subjective.

  5. Only a true fish would start with a history making record of 49-0 and be little it.Your a winner and have no idea what you are talking about !

    • The Man has Boxing in his pocket. From the Judges, to the casinos MGM grand, to the refs, to the athletic commission Nevada, to his opponents and their camps, to the promotors. Dude has Judges honoring Olympic style boxing they are bought and sold.Now if you are fan of boxing watch all other fights if a champ has fought a fight for decision or points I have seen them lose, Ask Badou Jack in the under Card against George Groves that night. Ask Pacqaeiou against Bradley first fight.

    • His record does belong to him obviously, its in the record books. Maybe you have a learning disability and mildly dyslexic it does not mean that over the years as I watched that I prefered the manner in which he earned it. Boxing is an Art more than science and Art is a matter of preference and personal taste . He hasnt clocked any one since ricky hatton. Thats why they call him feather fisted he has pitty patted his way for the 10+ years looking for the scorecard victories. Im tired of talking about this MegaMillionare he got his he’s good. Leave the TMT Pom Poms at home.

  6. How does someone waste their time and money to watch someone runaway from their opponent? That’s what I want to know. I watch round one and that was it for me.

      • I was talking about the people who went ring side or payed pay preview or watched the whole video. And as for me it’s was my first time watching a mayweather fight and was shocked at people actually paid to see this.

        • Of course Tango.Yes Canelo was the only good boxer he has beaten lately because Manny is no good at all !
          Where do they get you people from !

          • Jules you should have noted that Manny’s great time is a matter of the past. In my opinion the time for his retirement arose a couple of years ago. He is still fighting just because greed.

      • So your a casual fan so to be expected thus your comment using terms like running with any boxer let alone floyd ! Respectfully that word shows your level of boxing intelligence and actual in ring training being zero.Even the most ardent haters wouldn’t be so arrogant as to watch just one round then form a opinion based on that !

    • There was no running there loser, the old man is just too good for anyone. Marciano had an easy time with old men and Mayweather had an easy time with young men lol

  7. Hes a chicken who runs fight after fight. He only fought Manny when he knew he could beat him. Everyone knows Manny was well past his best. Run Chicken run… Baaarrrk baarrrrk baarrrk

  8. The old man still beating up young men, when y’all gonna beat this 38 yer old man huh? Canelo failed, Maidana failed, Pacquioa failed and is the only fighter who gave excuses like a girl. smh


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