2012 MMA fight – Ian McCall vs Demetrious Johnson – full fight Video UFC on FX 2


3_stars_mma_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2012-03-02, good fight with a very nice third round between Ian McCall and Demetrious Johnson: three stars (majority draw – UFC Fight of the Night – we are not agree with the judge’s decision). Ian McCall (11-2-0) entered as the No.1 flyweight in the world while Demetrious Johnson (14-2-0) entered as the No.8 bantamweight. McCall vs Johnson is on the undercard of Thiago Alves vs Martin Kampmann (UFC on FX 2). Watch the video!


Event: UFC on FX 2: Alves vs Kampmann

Date: 2012-03-02

Where: Allphones Arena, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Division: flyweight (125 lbs, 57 kg)

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Demetrious Johnson DRAW Ian McCall (majority draw, 29–28, 29–29, 28–28)


UFC on FX 2 fight card (main card):
Thiago Alves vs Martin Kampmann
Joseph Benavidez vs Yasuhiro Urushitani
Ian McCall vs Demetrious Johnson
Court McGee vs Constantinos Philippou

Johnson’s previous fight: Dominick Cruz vs Demetrious Johnson

Their next fight: Demetrious Johnson vs Ian McCall 2




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  • Sweenytodd

    Uncle Creepy totally won that. The judges were smoking weed

  • Coolguy08

    The fact that it was overturned to a draw is just as f*cking stupid. Lol…  McCall won that quite clearly.

  • LeeMan

    Highly skilled fighters in a very entertaining fight. Though a surprise result for me. 

  • Errol-123

    f*cking sh*t judges Mccall won that sh*t

  • :)

    That was a bad decision, good fight though

  • Carlos

    this sh*t is too fast for my eyes

    • Anonymous


  • Ssuda


  • Adassahealthandfitness

    i think it was the correct decision by a inch

  • Beastage Schmidt

    ian-10-9 ……he was only beating him bad in the last 20 sec thta wasnt a 10-8 round the takdowns in the last johsen just poped back up

  • FFVII1992

    these two are the worst commentators in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alanmx1

    they just want Jonson to fight Benavidez, even though McCall would be a good match up for him (Benavidez) too

  • Harris170

    McCall was certainly ripped off

  • Lild1497

    you guys think mccall won, but you gotta think about it in the other rounds johnson was beating the crap out of him.

  • Joker12456

    I’ve seen the fight twice now and I think Johnson had it in rounds 1 and 2. 3 was all McCall. Even with the decision error, I’d have gone with DJMM as slightly more significant in his striking and control. McCall’s takedowns were a credit to his offence but he didn’t manage the matted positions well enough to get full credit. You can’t assume big points for a take down when your opponent is works his way back to the feet with the level of finesse as Johnson.

    That said, I’m not against the draw. I’ve got a feeling that McCall and Johnson are so close in fighting ability that they go .500 on each if they fight ten times. Creeps kind of took the shine off of Mighty Mouses speed by being the faster man in a lot of exchanges and also looked to have the edge in strength.

    But you just can’t take your finger off the trigger in a fight like that and I think Johnson would have defend that back-mount a little better if he didn’t think he could ride out the last few seconds of the bout with the cards in his favor. 2/1.