2011 MMA fight – Jason Miller vs Michael Bisping – full fight Video Ufc TUF 14 Finale

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2_stars_mma_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2011-12-03, the fight between Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Michael Bisping, ended by TKO in the third round, was not very exciting: two stars. Jason Miller (23-7-0) entered as the No.61 middleweight in the world while Michael Bisping (21-3-0) entered as the No.8. Miller vs Bisping is the main event of “The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale” (Ufc TUF 14). Watch the video!



Event: Ufc TUF 14 – The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale: Team Miller vs. Team Bisping

Date: 2011-12-03

Where: The Pearl at the Palms, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Division: middleweight (185 lbs, 84 kg)

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Michael Bisping def. Jason Miller (TKO at 3:34, round 3)


TUF 14 Finale main fights:
Jason Miller vs Michael Bisping
Diego Brandao vs Dennis Bermudez
Tony Ferguson vs Yves Edwards

Bisping’s next fight: Chael Sonnen vs Michael Bisping



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32 thoughts on “2011 MMA fight – Jason Miller vs Michael Bisping – full fight Video Ufc TUF 14 Finale”

  1. jason used to be such a great fighter, his popularity got to his head… he is too cocky of a fighter

  2. this referee is the worst referee i have ever seen in my life, he should ahve stopped the fight in the second round when miller was out on his feet, this is why tragedies happen, if i knew who that man was i would make everything in my power to get him fired

  3. Hey, bear in mind Miller is used to fighting at 170, not at 205. The guys are a lot strong at 205 than at 185.

  4. miller is just outa shape thats all he took a beaten like ive never seen once he gets cardio down he’ll be a a tremondous fighter

  5. Very disappointing…I even looked up to Jason “Mayhem” Miller…. I always thought that there ill come a day that he will btlle nick diaz but after losing to michael bisping… ugh… no hope..

  6. It’s the biggest fight of Miller’s career and he says he lost because he got tired? Do you think Frankie Edgar wasn’t tired when he beat Gray Maynard in round 4? Was Dan Henderson not exhausted when he beat Shogun? Real fighters overcome being tired. He doesn’t belong in the UFC. Send him back to Strikeforce, so he doesn’t have to get tired.

  7. Miller looked sluggish and rusty compared to every other fight he’s had. His energy was missing, sure he came out swinging -but his punches were slow and lacked technique, his takedowns were wild and poorly timed. That first round looked like Mayhem may have won it point-wise, but he did not do it with the style that he is renown for. I believe miller worked very hard on making his punches hit harder, but failed to work on his cardio, and he clearly over-estimated his takedown power else he would have worked on it more in training before the fight. I would not hold this fight against him, he was angry and lost his focus -it happens to the best of us, he will learn from it and come back with fire in his eyes. Bisping had more time in the gym over the past year than Mayhem had in the last two -it’s only natural miller lost.

  8. Fight should have been stopped in the second. Miller let emotion overcome training, but i think he learned the most from this fight. He will come back with fire.

  9. Bisping used 2 fyt lightheayweight but knew he wouldnt make it long cuz fighters lyk machida n jones. so he dropped weight 2 fyt weaker fyters.. hes pretty much a bitch lol

  10. Hey,

    Not one of you have given Bisping any credit for taking out the other chump. Because thats exactly and simply what Bisping did to Miller.

  11. if you drop weight you’re a b*tch ?? my god do you think all the fighters walk around in their ideal weight ?? LOL
    only one i know of if frankie edgar that’s it

  12. I have read every above comment……and must first put forward I have no preferred fighter, However I watched the show (Ultimate Fighter)and became interested in the outcome of the match up between the two team captains. The vast majority of you have blindly stood by Miller, and or made up convoluted excuses as to why he had his a*s handed to him by Bispin…..I’m going to proffer an educated guess and go with ‘Those making contrived excuses for Miller convincingly losing…..are AMERICAN’

    Which is short sighted and pathetic. Because of the INCESSANTLY elitist American attitude you can’t accept Miller lost because he was the weaker fighter. It must have hurt when you were deprived of your opportunity to vacuously scream ‘Whoooooa…..yeaaahh’
    ‘Miller !!! …..Whooooaa…..yeahhh babbbbyyyyy’

    Accept it…..Bispin was the more effective fighter and destroyed Miller. Best man won regardless of nationality. You say he shouldn’t have lost and a rematch would end in victory ‘For the American’……

    CAUTION……think Vietnam, and accept defeat when it’s both blatantly obvious…..and an inevitability.

    • f*ck off america. i’m not american and have no doubt who’s the best figther and it’s mayhem. in a normal day he’d kick bisping’s a*s. best man lost, “regardless of nationality”

  13. Andy bell thank god theres someone smart hear the americans where betting the hool season (witch is the season with britain vs america)that the americans where gunna win oh guess what every single watch britain and again we dominated in thus one you americans come up with some retarded excuses

  14. this fight p*ssed me off…. mayhem is my favorite fighter and to see him go down like that is highly upsetting…

  15. Ok, first off, I am a Mayhem fan.. however, I am astonished by the comments based on race. And to be quite honest, every race comment I’ve read on this page is reverse racism. You are saying people are upset because “The American” didn’t win. What does that have to do with anything? You turned it in to a race matter when you brought it up. Honestly, the loss was his own fault, he should have trained more, and been better prepared. Shouldn’t have underestimated bisping. However, if you have watched Mayhem fight before, he is a great fighter. He just needs to get his game back on track and take this fight as a learning experience and build off of it. To those saying that “we” are upset because “The American” lost to the “Britt”… please think before posting.. You make yourselves look ignorant when you play the same card that you are talking down about. Props to Bisping, but don’t count Mayhem out just yet.


  16. I wish Mayhem would have won this fight, I think he got to emotional, didnt plan out his fight strategy against Bisping/took him to lightly, and got gassed from everything going on. Honestly though I think, Mayhem did pretty good considering the fact that he’s not a striker, and he hadn’t been in the ring for some time. His last fight was against Jake Shields, which was two years prior to this one. How long has it been since he’s actually fought against a good striker? His striking was sloppy, (which he’s been working on since this fight, I’m happy to say.) and he was more worried about trying to show that he could excange with Bisping, rather then focusing on a game plan. This was his return to the UFC and I think everything just sorta weighed down on him. I didn’t see the Mayhem I’m use to watching fight. Let him come back from this, and I bet he’s gonna see anderson real soon. If Cheal doesn’t beat him first. lol

    • jake shields wasnt his last fight, sakuraba was, he fought sakuraba and tim stout after he fought shields it had only been just under a year since he had had a fight, he s*cked sh*t and couldnt beat bisping even if he was in shape, he was fighting in the little leagues, bisping is a top 5 middleweight 

  17. I’m a huge Mayhem fan….very disappointing loss. Yeah Mayhem didn’t fight like everyone knows he can, but that’s his own fault. Bisping is a douche, but the man knows how to fight. Bisping had the better stand up game and picked Mayhem apart. Mayhem didn’t have a crisp takedown technique like he usually does and got beat……he was gassed and lost the fight. I hope they square off again and both fighters are in peak condition so there aren’t any excuses when Bisping finds out what “Miller time” is all about.

  18. Andy Bell, your overuse of unnecessarily big words to convey an EXTREMELY simple statement makes you sound dumber than smarter.

  19. Mayhem did not look like he belongs in the UFC at all. Bisping gave him a real beating. Has Mayhem ever won a UFC fight?


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