2012 MMA fight – Roger Huerta vs Zorobabel Moreira – full fight Video ONE FC 4

3_stars_mma_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2012-06-23, some good exchanges at the beginning and at the end of the first round, nice second part of the second period and brutal knockout – soccer kick: Roger Huerta vs Zorobabel Moreira is close to get four stars (ONE FC 4: Destiny of Warriors). Roger Huerta entered the fight with a record of 21-6-1 while Zorobabel Moreira had a record of 6-1-0. Huerta vs Moreira is on the undercard of Renato “Babalu” Sobral vs Tatsuya Mizuno. Watch the video!


Event: ONE FC 4: Destiny of Warriors

Date: 2012-06-23

Where: Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Division: welterweight (170 lbs, 77 kg)

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Zorobabel Moreira def. Roger Huerta (KO soccer kick at 3:53, round 2)


ONE FC 4 fight card (main fights):
Renato “Babalu” Sobral vs Tatsuya Mizuno
Roger Huerta vs Zorobabel Moreira
Masakazu Imanari vs Leandro Issa


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28 thoughts on “2012 MMA fight – Roger Huerta vs Zorobabel Moreira – full fight Video ONE FC 4”

  1. One FC is a complete joke and that kick was shameful. They say they don’t want people to get hurt, then don’t allow soccer kicks to the head of a guy on all fours who is obviously done. The last time I ever give this organization even five minutes of my time. Horrible. 

    1. I agree 100% I fight MMA and I wouldn’t do this move to my worse enemy so many things could go wrong death, paralysis as many other things. I hope Roger recovers this was just a dirty street fight by a brainless thug to me, he could have ended any other way. Like Adam said he’s on all fours,” like really kick him in the head”????  He should have been disqualified and banned.

    2. Finally some people who have respect for the safety of the fighters unlike the junkie poorfacedragon.

  2. its not f*cking allowed!!!!!! u id*ot! and that fkn announcer is a douche way to set mma back 

  3. All fighters know the rules and it’s allowed like in pride FC so it’s awesome!! Man I miss pride fights so much!!!!

  4. this is the revival of real mma.  f*ck anyone who says this stuff doesn’t belong in modern mma.  u all need to go suck ur boyfriend’s d*ck.  im looking forward to seeing more of this good stuff coming out of asia.   i just hope dana white doesnt find a way to make asian mma use the unified rules. lol

    1. Its about the safety of the fighter. Since your so glued into thinking this is cool because of your lack of respect for a fighters health. Its obvious you have no knowledge of Boxing and what happens to fighters when they have 10 seconds to stand up and say they are ok even though he is out on his feet, they will be effected physically and mentally while you sit on your dads computer saying “I love this old school stuff” because your just a wannabe. I fighter gets injured for life he looses his job as a professional fighter and an athlete, he has a familly to take care of. I hope you get soccer kicked in the face and even then you most likely break your neck so you can eat your words.

    1. He explained what happened….He said “I didn’t want to kick him, I expected that Ref was going to stop the fight, when I saw to Ref, I heard he screaming ‘Low kick!’. So then I kicked, it was reflex.”

  5. He must feel really tough kicking a man in the head, who is quite clearly unable to protect himself.

    1. True, still tougher than you and can kick your a*s. Huerta had first 2 rounds to protect himself, he does not need to prove he’s tough, he’s a pro fighter, you m*ron.

  6. He didn’t get DQ’ed, he won, too bad too sad you crybabies. lol…. nothing you can do now but cry in agony.

  7. This was a fight that separates the sportsmen from the barbarians, and completely f*cked up in my opinion.  The last time I saw sh*t like this was a gang/bar-fight back home in Oceanside, Ca when some chump was out cold on the floor getting the back of his head stomped in.  Go ahead armchair fighters, call me a p*ssy.  Tell me to shut up.  Whatever.  Nobody deserves that.

  8. The ref said no kick but he still kicked a down opponent (WTF to that). Big nono even if it is legal, organisations should ban this. 

  9. That was bullsh*t! like it was stated all fighters know the rules, he should not have kicked him, f*ckin’ read the rules! bad call on the part of the ref, Zorobabel should have been penalized, thats why there are rules, some guys get so hyped up and don’t realize the harm they can cause, that’s the line between minimal damage and a fighters career.

  10. Yuji Shimada F*cked up real good, he should have stopped the fight when Roger was down, i like that old school Pride rule, to kick an opponent while is on the ground but not when he’s almost unconscious. Have somo little respect for yout opponent.

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