2016 BOXING fight – Adonis Stevenson vs Thomas Williams Jr – full fight Video WBC

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3 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2016-07-29, nice and tough fight between Adonis Stevenson and Thomas Williams Jr: it gets three stars.

The Wbc light-Hw champion Adonis Stevenson entered this fight with a pro boxing record of 27-1-0 (22 KOs=81%) and he is ranked as the No.2 light heavyweight in the world (currently the #1 in this division is Sergey Kovalev). He suffered his only defeat when he faced Darnell Boone in 2010, since then he has won 14 consecutive bouts taking revenge on Boone in 2013 (=Stevenson vs Boone 2) and beating Sakio Bika (=Stevenson vs Bika) and Tommy Karpency in 2015 (=Stevenson vs Karpency).
His opponent, Thomas Williams Jr, has a record of 20-1-0 (14 knockouts) and he entered as the No.11 in the same weight class. He lost to Gabriel Campillo in 2014 (=Williams Jr vs Campillo) but then he has won over Michael Gbenga, Umberto Savigne (=Williams vs Savigne) and Edwin Rodriguez (4-stars fight, Rodriguez vs Williams). ‘Superman’ Stevenson vs Williams is valid for the WBC World light heavyweight title (Stevenson’s sixth defense). Watch the video and rate this fight!


Date: 2016-07-29

Where: Centre Videotron, Quebec City, Canada

Division: light heavyweight (175 lbs, 79.4 kg)

Title: WBC World light heavyweight title 

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Adonis Stevenson def. Thomas Williams Jr (KO at 2:54, round 4)


Stevenson’s previous fight: Adonis Stevenson vs Tommy Karpency

Williams’ previous fight: Edwin Rodriguez vs Thomas Williams Jr

Williams’ next fight: Marcus Browne vs Thomas Williams Jr

Stevenson’s next fight: Adonis Stevenson vs Andrzej Fonfara 2


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21 comments on “2016 BOXING fight – Adonis Stevenson vs Thomas Williams Jr – full fight Video WBC”

    • Willaims did win the 2nd but their wasn’t much chance of the fight being the other way around. Adonis was more affective cuz he wasn’t concerned about the punches coming back. And Williams using the high guard made it easier for Stevenson to go to the body. And even without head butt or the low blow it was just a matter time. And for the record I’m not even a Adonis fan I just call it like I saw it

  1. This fight got really rough and dirty. Adonis came up on top, but it could have gone the other way around. Williams has impressive speed and was very good in the second + third rounds. We could sense his got good power too. But he seemed to bothered by the accidental head contact and obvious low blow. I wondered if Stevenson could’ve scored the KO if all of this didn’t happen.

    • I have no doubts that Adonis would still be the winner if those two events you mentioned here never happen. I strongly believe that these events are quite normal in any fight therefore the boxers should be ready and prepare to deal with them as required.

  2. superman my ars*!, the first blow as on the back of the head which is illegal and should have cost him a point. The second was in the nuts which is also illegal, neither of which in my opinion were accidental!!!! I would like to see a legitimate rematch.

    • Both of those punches were unintentional. Low blows happen in almost every fight, whether it’s in boxing or MMA. The punch to the back of the head was unintentional as well. He threw his left hand, Williams ducked and the punch caught him in the back of the head. No reason to take a point away from Adonis.

  3. Very good fight which ended with an excellent knock out. From the very beginning was plenty of action thanks to two aggressive boxers. Thomas’s recovery from the knock down was amazing since in the second round, as well as the third one, he put a real good fight creating some problems for Adonis who was in need to back a little due to the punches he received. However, Adonis proved to be a better boxer and harder puncher who in this fight put a lot of heart to take the victory. Well done Adonis.

    • Nice comment, but I think the first knockdown was caused by an unintentional blow behind the head. No question that Adonis is a freaking beast though. Bring on Kovalev and fast! But he’ll certainly defend against #1 contender Eleider Alvarez first.

  4. As a Quebecer I am disappointed Adonis won because of his disgusting past and his personality is awful, believe me. Anyway, Williams was definitely more cautious than he was against Rodriguez in his last fight, but to no avail. He definitely won round 2 though. Gotta give this to Adonis: he looks almost unbeatable. At 38 years old, time for Kovalev.

    • You should check all boxers and singers criminal records before watching and listening to them…You won’t be left with a lot. Not excusing what it did before. I mean do you want him to get a death penality for what he did in the past?
      As a Quebecer i know how much he has being spending in money and time trying to help young kids taking the right direction and not going the same way he went. He is still spending money and time going to schools helping young kids staying away from streets gangs. What else do you want him to do? Going back in the time and erase his actions? Sure he can’t. Getting death penality?
      That’s what is wrong in Quebec…always pointing out his past everytime he fight and win, but not enough what he is being doing for years trying to help kids in montreal with his money. Maybe you didn’t know about it. Because media don’t talk about it enough. That’s suspect to me. Always pointing out his past and not enough what he is being doing helping kids not to go the wrong direction.

        • Ok i will read it…I just don’t understand why people keep again and again pointing out his past of years back, and don’t understand what people want him to do more than he has been doing to get back on the right track and helping others to do so.
          A lot of people in Quebec share your point of view because only 4500 people was there to see him. It’s obvious he doesn’t sell anything in Quebec. Compared to others like bute.
          Don’t get me wrong i can see the victims angle. But don’t understand the fans keep pointing it again and again fights after fights.
          I’ll read the article in french thanks

          • Thanks for politely debating, don’t get me wrong I’d forgive his past if he was charismatic, but his FB page shows that he thinks he is some kind of Mayweather, always showing off his possessions. I don’t like that style, maybe some people like it. It’s just me, don’t think all of Quebec reacts this way. :) It would be cool to see more of your comments on this fine site :)

  5. Exciting fight. Adonis still looks too much for most opponents, but maybe not for much longer. His footwork, I think, would allow Kov to pounce and catch him off balance.

  6. This is 4 stars easy. How did they give it 3? Every round was action packed with a crazy knockout in the end. I seen way more mediocre fights get 4 stars this year compared to this one.


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