Keith Thurman vs Shawn Porter full fight Video WBA – 2016

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4 Star RatingReview by 2016-06-25, very close and exciting fight from the first period thanks to an amazing performance by both boxers: Keith Thurman vs Shawn Porter is one of the best boxing fights of 2016 and it gets four stars!

The undefeated Keith Thurman entered this fight with a perfect record of 26-0-0 (22 KOs=85%) and he is ranked as the No.1 welterweight in the world. He fought twice last year winning over Robert Guerrero (=Thurman vs Guerrero) and Luis Collazo (=Thurman vs Collazo).
His opponent, the former Ibf Ww champion Shawn Porter, has an official record of 26-1-1 (16 knockouts) but he is not ranked as he hasn’t fought since June 20, 2015 when he beat Adrien Broner (=Broner vs Porter). He suffered his only loss against Kell Brook in 2014 (=Porter vs Brook) but then he defeated Erick Bone in 2015 (=Porter vs Bone). Thurman vs Porter is valid for the WBA World welterweight title. Watch the video and rate this fight!



Date: 2016-06-25

Where: Barclays Center, New York, USA

Division: welterweight (147 lbs, 66.7 kg)

Title: WBA World welterweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Keith Thurman def. Shawn Porter (unanimous decision, 115-113, 115-113, 115-113)


Thurman’s previous fight: Keith Thurman vs Luis Collazo

Porter’s previous fight: Adrien Broner vs Shawn Porter

Thurman’s next fight: Keith Thurman vs Danny Garcia

Porter’s next fight: Shawn Porter vs Andre Berto



Official video:

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38 comments on “Keith Thurman vs Shawn Porter full fight Video WBA – 2016”

  1. I really like this fight, it was like a heavyweight fight, you had a sense that something could happen any moment. Some clinches though, you can see Thurman clinching Porter on the opposite side of the referee, so he can’t see. But mostly they worked out of the clinches pretty well.

    I agree with the decisions , all rounds were though to score. I’d be glad to see a rematch. BTW Purses 1.4M$ Thurman and a million tokens for Porter, so I bet both guys want a rematch too :)

    • BTW Arjay, I didn’t have time to watch the fights you suggested, but I sure will in the near future. It is quite impressive that Porter’s only loss was a majority decision vs. Brooks, was it in the UK?

      • They’re fun fights. I enjoyed the hell out of Porter-Thurman last week, enough to watch it twice. :-)

        Brook’s victory over Porter was a year and a half ago in California. So no UK favoritism in judging. I would love to see the rumored Spence-Porter matchup and, ideally, Thurman against the winner. It’s a deep division.

  2. What a fight!… FOTY candidate in my opinion. I totally agree with the decision, it was a close fight, both guys knew they could hurt or get hurt. But Thurman’s counterpunches were very effective and delivered with precision. Porter got caught too often with the left hook since he didn’t bring his right hand back fast enough to block these shots. I loved Porter’s composure and he showed he’s got a tremendous chin. In a rematch, Porter would need to work Thurman’s body even more in order to slow him down.

  3. I don’t know what their booing for, Thurman clearly won the fight. It’s a close fight but Thurman had the edge, Porter needs to be more technical in order to win fights, the brawling tactic doesn’t work against someone with some proper defense.

    • Well stated because it’s true and accurate. I like both men because they are stand up, respectful, and give good shows. I judge Thurman as the winner too, though it was close. Porter wants to refine his skills. I would go as far to say that he ought to acquire a different trainer. No disrespect to Kenny, but Shawn wants to fine tune his skills, so as to become a more effective challenger against speedy, intelligent opponents similar to Thurman.

      • Even if he wants to go ahead and be a brawler fighter, he needs to learn how to move in. He doesn’t have a jab at all, he just rushes in and anybody with a decent sidestep maneuvers will make him look ridiculous. He has great physical attributes and mental toughness that brought him all the way till this point, but if he want’s to compete with the big dogs he gotta refine and acquire the skills necessary to do so.

  4. The fans are absolutely disrespectful. These two warriors sacrificed themselves in that boxing ring to give us quality entertainment. I take my hat off to both of them. They’re both winners in my book. I hope to see a Thurman vs Porter 2 in the future.

  5. Shawn porter won the fight. There were some close rounds, but I think Thurman only won 2 rounds decisively. Round after round, Porter was on him, and he landed several hard jabs and body punches each round. Thurman landed very few jabs or body punches,….. if he didn’t land big punches there was nothing left to back up his offense. Porter landed plenty of big shots as well, but you could count on jabs and body shots for sure.
    Steve Farhood said if Thurman lands a big shot but Porter is winning the rest of the round, the judges have a big decision in those rounds. I disagree. If Porter was winning most of a round, then Thurman landed a big hook, I’m not taking the round away from Porter because of one punch. There were no rounds that Thurman dominated by landing multiple hard shots. He landed 2 or 3 hard shots in some rounds, and no hard shots in other rounds.
    The first 7 rounds were very similar; Porter was in Thurman’s chest, he landed more punches; Thurman couldn’t get off like he wanted and missed a lot of punches. That’s how I predicted the fight; speed never has a bad night, so Porter was going to be in Thurman’s face all night. It was up to Thurman to deal with porter’s inside work, and he didn’t do enough to win many rounds.
    Thurman won the 4th when he buckled Porter, and I think he won the 11th. The 12th I scored even. the only fault I find with Porter is that he should have gone after Thurman a little harder in the 12th. He lost the 11th, and you don’t want to lose the last 2 rounds to the champion. As it was, Porter did pick up his attack and evened up the 12th round.
    If you’re scoring round by round, which is the only way of course, show me 7 rounds that Thurman won. I had it 9-2-1, and the crowd definitely agreed. There were 2 or 3 rounds that were close, give 2 of them to Thurman and he still loses 7-4-1 on my card. Overall, the fight was pretty close, but I couldn’t give Thurman rounds where he landed a few good punches but porter won 2 and 1/2 minutes.
    Thurman said he rocked porter at least once every round. that’s not the case. he landed clean, hard shots that may have rattled Porter in 5 or 6 rounds. Porter was never really hurt, no more than Thurman when he took some big shots. porter ate everything and walked through them.

    • Porter smothered his work and was ineffective. The bullying you saw wasn’t boxing at all. Maybe Porter should consider MMA. The judges score clean effective punches not smothered work. Porter is too sloppy to be judged correctly in a boxing match. Thurman rocked Porter numerous times in the fight. He countered with precision as well. The judges were correct in scoring this fight. Thurman deserves the UD.

      • Sway you stole the words outta my mouth when I watched I asked does Shawn know how to box? Does he understand basic principles of boxing. I said he should take up MMA or WWE wrastlin or back alley shoot fighting cuz this dude cannot box. If he trying to be Lil Hagler and or Lil Duran home boy Shawn &Father better go back to the video tape and relearn again cuz them dudes could box and their technique was par excellence for pressure fighters. That was a mess on Saturday. Porter should have been knocked out if thurman could box like Ray Leonard if he gotta street fight then he will be knocked out in PT 2.

      • I’ve been saying the same thing for years and said the result was a fore gone conclusion.. But was shocked at how many ppl picked Porter, styles make fights and I saw the outcome a mile away

  6. Action Fight Shawn brought the action but he really needs to choose a different strategy next time thats if he knows any different cuz he will be knocked out in PT 2. If he thinks he’s the Young Hagleror Young DUran well…. Shawn and his Pops must go back to video tape and check out those guys technique watch again and again they could Box as Pressure fighters that is Skillful Pressure fighters. Shawn is not too skillfull as a boxer but he can wrastle wid the Best of em’. Was I watching UFC on Saturday?

  7. I went back watched it a second time.. I scored it a draw.. tho i liked porters work better personally

    • I find Porter’s style not only terrible to watch but its ineffective world level l, it may have worked against washed up fighters like malinaggi and Julio Diaz who pulled out a draw 1st fight but not against the top ww’s

  8. So Porter needs a real trainer.
    He has a superb jab and sucks at closing the gap – make no sense.
    Also – less weights more stretching so that he can throw a straight.

    Thurman showed good but he does not have the power
    he is said to posses. Not a 1 puncher.

    I would love to see Brooke Vs Thurman.
    I know you guys say Spence but I think Spence should take care of some of his contemporary rivals first. And there are a handful.

    • Well said.. They’re hyping Spence before he has beaten top ww I’m still not sold on him BTW him vs Brook would be a massacre, hard to believe? Its styles and the way eagerly/wrecklessly spence comes in Brook would eat him up since that is his forte that he does best when u take him on..

      • Skill level wise I would put Brooke Vs Spence at 60-40. I do feel Spense has the goods but we don’t yet know how he will take a real welterweight punch
        or how his power effects a real welterweight.

        Algeiri is neither. Not putting Algeiri down.

        Spence’s people are trying to get his next fight to be a title eliminator fight so we might get Brooke Vs Spence next year.

        • Spence is already the mandotary but the IBF haven’t given brook a dead line since he’s going for a unification next fight, so the winner must accommodate Spence next. BTW that’s a good analysis since he hasn’t fought a top ww, I’m pretty sure he’d get schooled and hurt with his bullrush tactics vs brook, kells power is for real real.

  9. porter got this one. way stronger. thurman better technique but needs to hook up those weights, especially after his comeback from injuries. and he’s getting older to fight on raw talent. he got this one cause he’s the champ.


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