2018 best BOXING fight – Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury – full fight Video WBC

4 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2018-12-01, entertaining fight thanks to a good performance by both boxers and some tremendous shots: Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury is one of the best boxing fights of 2018 and it gets four stars!

Both undefeated, the former Olympian and Wbc Hw champion Deontay Wilder entered this fight with a perfect record of 40-0-0 (39 KOs=98%) and he is ranked as the No.2 heavyweight in the world (currently the #1 in this division is Anthony Joshua) while his opponent, the former IBF, IBO, WBA and WBO Hw champ Tyson Fury, has an official boxing record of 27-0-0 (19 knockouts) and he entered as the No.5 in the same weight class. In their last three bouts Wilder has won over Gerald Washington (Wilder vs Washington), Bermane Stiverne (Deontay Wilder vs Bermane Stiverne 2) and Luis Ortiz (Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz) while Fury has beat Wladimir Klitschko (in 2015, Wladimir Klitschko vs Tyson Fury), Sefer Seferi (Tyson Fury vs Sefer Seferi) and Francesco Pianeta in 2018 (Tyson Fury vs Francesco Pianeta). Wilder vs Fury is valid for the WBC World heavyweight title (Wilder’s seventh defense); they also faced each other a second time on Februrary 22, 2020 (Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury 2). Watch the video and rate this fight!



Date: 2018-12-01

Where: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, USA

Division: heavyweight (over 200 lbs, 90.7 kg)

Title: WBC World heavyweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury (DRAW, 115-111, 110-114, 113-113)


Wilder’s previous fight: Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz

Fury’s previous fight: Tyson Fury vs Francesco Pianeta

Wilder’s next fight: Deontay Wilder vs Dominic Breazeale

Fury’s next fight: Tyson Fury vs Tom Schwarz



Wilder vs Fury full fight video:

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amateur cam

Official video

Wilder vs. Fury: Post-Fight Press Conference

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74 Replies to “2018 best BOXING fight – Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury – full fight Video WBC”

  1. well done for the uoload guys @atbf
    i thought furythe school wilder. even afterthe 2 knockdwns just likethe wlad klitschko schooled samuel peter after getting put down 3times!

    1. good point. had fury winning 114 112 and that was generous to wilder . no way wilder won the fight on the cards . not mathematically possibly . good performance by both fighters and the sport gets more hype but the judges thinking short term as usual . poor card the draw and especially horrendous the 115 110 to.wilder. quote a scary card. don’t ever trust that man who put that card forward he’s not an honest individual in life

        1. yup.
          should be objective also it’s maths with boxing rounds.

          human error ofcourse but to be so wrong makes you think

  2. It is weird to see the guy who was down two times to win but he should have won according to boxing rules. Outrageous scoring by the first judge. Intresting rematch. If Fury had only some belief in knocking wilder out there wouldnt be needed any judges. Wilder will get demolished sooner or later we have been saying this for years but this was a clear evidence. Puncher like Joshua would most probably finish him in few rounds. I m looking forward to Usyk tho. He has the most skills of them all.

    1. Fury is always safety first. Same thing when he fought Wlad, He’s not going to take some risks unless he’s forced to do it. Also he’s not a big puncher and not that comfortable attacking. If he goes for the KO he leaves himself open and he clearly had a lot of respect for Wilder’s big right hand. Even though I did have Fury winning more rounds I still don’t have a problem with a draw because of those two knock downs. Wilder’s punching power saved him in this fight. I’m still surprised Fury got up from that big knock down.

      1. Other way round for me Joshua is a big heavyweight and Usyk would be pressured most the fight. In terms of weight Usyk and Wilder surely are at a similar frame being over a cruise weight mold. Fury would be a nightmare given the distance and elusiveness he displays. I could see Usyk giving Wilder issues above most

    2. I see a draw at best for Fury, Wilder won the first 2 rounds and had 2 kds so that is 6 rounds.

      1. Are you stupid?? 2 knockdown rounds = 20: 2 rounds to Wilder is 20: the remaining 8 YOU admit he lost: 8×9 = 72 Equal….112 SOOO, Tyson would be: 2×8 (knockdown rounds): 2×9 Wilder rounds: 8×10 Fury rounds Equals 114!! How the fcvk can THAT be a draw you idiot??

        1. I did not admit he lost, I said AT BEST FOR FURY, meaning in the most favorable light to Fury, despite the fact all close rounds go to Wilder, which I had multiple as draws. I pointed out he won the first 2 rounds, had kds in 2 other rounds, one of which was a 10-7 round.

          10×4 + 10×2(tied rounds) +9×6 =114

          6×10+ 10×2(Tied rounds)+ 2×9 + 8+8 = 114

          That is how you get a draw.

          However, ties are suppose to go to the belt holder, which in this case would have been Wilder. That is why the most favorable result I can get is a tie for Fury.

  3. Fury clearly had some rust on him great performance Wilder has a bright future and a lot of untapped potential if he can develop a effective jab and throw combinations instead of trying to swing for the knock out every punch he will be very hard to beat

    1. Jabbing is more than just throwing it, it serves a purpose great jabbers within the sport usually have a decent IQ to match, Hagler, Hearns, Joe Louis to name a few had fantastic jabs In relation to the above. Wilder would need to completely change his fight game to develop a good jab and he has said himself he’s not going to change as a fighter as it got him where he is and I’d have to agree.

  4. the second KD would also kill an elephant.
    amazing Tyson! Wilder won the fight but remains to see a second fight between the two

  5. As I clicked the link and I saw 33 mins I thought: omg Fury got KOed. when the video switched to russian on 7th round I understood it could have gone to points and Fury was looking so dominating …
    Fury is really exceptional. I thought, during the match, he could have delivered a KO too in case Wilder was taking too many risks: he played it safe and the end proofed him right with the cautious approach. First knock down was a punch behind the head, very very dangerous.
    As already happened in his career he goes down and after some seconds he completely recovers. How he finished the 12th round is unbelievable.
    Deontay is very very fast and can move. With his long arms, now, a match against Joshua would be very open.
    The 2nd match depends only on how much money is in the Joshua fight now. Joshua manager now has two options: offer a lot and make the fight (Wilder team would accept the offer as a rematch with Fury would be risky, therefore let’s go for the money with Deontay 33 years old there is not much time left), make a little offer and wait for the rematch taking the winner. The problem is that with a possible Fury victory they would go for the trilogy and Fury is so crazy that could decide to never fight Joshua, Joshua should continue to fight seasoned fighters without taking risks (avoiding Joyce and young prospects) and this could be difficult to manage.
    Let’s be realistic, team Wilder took this fight thinking that Fury was 80-90%. They will not take easily a rematch with him potentially at his best.
    My opinion is that Hearn will say that Fury was KOed and saved by a slow count (we will be overflown by videos and discussion about this till the majority will believe it), which is not true, he was up at the proper moment and fully recovered, only God knowing how, and they will go for the Joshua Wilder as if Wilder had won. Interesting also that the british judge had Wilder winning by a mile. I suspect he was Hearn’s man …
    Great fight and again: Fury is definitely a legit lineal champion.

  6. A brilliant fight…another American ROBBERY. America becomes the new Germany in regards to scoring a boxing match.

    Let’s be honest with ourselves…The Gypsy King IS the new WBC Champion of the World.

    Another HUGE thank you to Boxing Fights Videos on Dailymotion for the highest quality work…that man is doing the best job in the world.

    1. Yep those dopey BRITS never rob fights ROFLMAO. Maybe that’s why chicken Joshua doesn’t leave the friendly confines of home.

      1. Can you blame him mate?

        I reckon no foreign fighter should to go to a place like Germany, Quebec or Vegas for a really career meaningful fight…they now see that they haven’t a chance if it goes to the cards.

        AJ, as the A-side of any promotion, is well within his rights to blank the US entirely if he wants to (both Floyd and Roy never traveled for the fear of bias judging against them, and I don’t blame them for it). It is what it is…

  7. best HW fight in years. Amazing of Fury to put on that performance after the last three years, outboxed Wilder for most of the fight. Wilder kept coming though. Two knockdowns was still not enough for the draw imo. Thought Wilder won 3 rounds, 4 at most.

    1. Exactly my point anyone who knows boxing will resemble your perspective. Wilder for me would have to get 4-6 knock-downs to me for a fair draw / win OUT of 12 rounds.

      1. I never said u were incorrect. Fury should have won the fight. But wilder is a wild card and tough for anyone. Anyone saying he was ‘exposed’ is either new to boxing or hasnt been following anything for the last 5 years. Its not his skills and fundamentals per se, its his other natural talents, both physical (size, stamina, fast, powerful, athletic, chin) and mental (relentless, confident, warrior) qualities. Exposed for what? For what we already knew about him? Or they werent sure when they were doubting him then, they needed to be sure now? Lol, its as if deontay is new to us. We knew what was gonna happen, he will try his right hand over and over relentlessly till he lands.

  8. Wilder surprised me the man just doesnt give up his mental strength poise and focus is unbelievable a true champion. And fury…. what a boxer. Maybe with boxing rules fury shudve won but at least a draw isnt too far fetched. I mean he was down twice and you could argue some of the early rounds were wilders…. Corrupt? Maybe, but it gives us aj wilder in april now. I prefer it to aj fury myself. Still a bit frustrated at how wilder cant put combos a bit better together and move like a true boxer, but im not picking against him now. A rematch would only be in wilders favor imo, not fury as most are saying!!! Amazing how a year ago wilder had no one on his resume, now his 2 names are better than the 4/5 big names on ajs!!! The hw landscape sure has changed.

    1. Boxer will 90 percent of time dominate a puncher, a rematch with Tyson’s in ring IQ would likely see him outclass wilder again due to having a precursor on timing and habit. Deontay couldn’t read Fury which is why he was bamboozled, there’s no shame in that as the same thing happened to Klitschko. Wilder will take Joshua next, it’s a different preparation and a fight that might suit his style more as Joshua T’s off and is less of a cagey fighter.

      1. Thats what i want next. Or ortiz joshua, ortiz parker, wilder ortiz 2, ortiz whyte, whyte miller, ortiz miller, whyte/miller vs deontay. Boxing needs to keep upping the tempo now, the hw division is much better than wlads era. Great matchups.

  9. Great fight, horrible decision, it’s things that this that continue to kill the sport. Knockdowns or not, Fury should of walked away with that belt. 115-111 Fury at its best….

      1. I hear you brother, the sport is alive and well and yes this might lead to bigger and better fights, but these men cannot take back the weeks they put in training or the punishment their bodies sustained before and after the fight, the least the judges could have done was gotten it right.

  10. Watching it better in hd now… wilder can box, always improving, and has better defense than ever. He just moves strange and throws strange too, but I think its on purpose to show a different look to the opponent to throw them off. I have seen him put traditional 1-2-3-4 combos on the pads and bags with a tight normal angle. The maN is always a wip but man is he improving, what an athlete… and boy, my oh my that power is sick. The more aj lets this prolong itself the more i favor wilder!

      1. Stop hating man, it was a great fight and despite all his flaws he got not one but TWO heavy knockdowns on fury. Not even wlad could do it. He must be doing something right at least. Someday u will realise champions are strong mindset individuals, not just skills or physique. Skills chin power and big heart / iron will, and a mixture of at least two (last 2 in wilders case, even his chin is decent) and u can be a champ for a long time. Ali had bad fundamentals too, pulling straight back and crossing his feet too. What stands out is different, different is interesting, and wilder is interesting and exciting. From an ex hater of his.

        1. Please dont ever mention Ali’s name wen you speak of Wulder. U sound ridiculous. Wilder just fought a guy who was just 400lbs …on drugs…& mentally depressed. He isnt the one you should be referring to when u speak of mental toughness. But of course, having a dissenting opinion equals hating. Knock it off. I didnt disparage the fight. I just went give wilder a sparkling review. His fight game is garbage truck juice. & it’s not a secret. Anyhow….I’ll let u enjoy ur bromance in peace.

          1. Please dont ever tell me who to mention in what sentence, u are just a keyboard warrior. If all u can say that wilder is trash, then ur a hater because you dont see one positive thing in the man. He must be doing something right to keep winning everytime we doubt him. Perhaps u should ask ortiz or fury if they think wilder is absolute garbage after he rattled their brains over ten times between themselves alone. Surely, the 2 best clean boxers in the division should
            Have an easy fight with wilder if he was so c*ap. Or ask evander holyfield or the charlos or froch or haye or bellew (who said he would never in a million years fight him, preferring aj at least over him). Or esle ask emanuel steward when he predicted years back in wlads camp that fury AND wilder were the biggest upcoming stars in hw boxing. If u knew anything u wud know ali back in his day was called bad by many ppl just like wilder. You clearly know nothing about boxing!!! Grow up, think well and properly, and fair and honest….dont go with the trend of hating on boxers with apparent flaws. Sometimes the strength make up for all the flaws, and thats a lesson for life son.

          2. You sound silly. Mr. “Please don’t tell me….blah blah blah. Then proceeds to give me instructions on how to express my opinion of the fighter ANNNND ur comment. smh. Hilarious. Can’t make this stuff up. You admitted you are a self-proclaimed hater. I did no such thing. Ur projecting ur own biases. Anyhow…back to live action. I’ve already made my case in a couple of comments. You make absolutely zero sense. You do realize….what you do, when you do it, how, & vs whom matters when we talk about performances don’t you? From a pure boxing perspective….Wilder’s fightgame is TRASH! it’s aabout as trash as ur logic on the subj. lol u want to compare him to a man who fought like a welterweight at HW. Who was ahead of his time in terms of movement & defense & combination punching. Ali was a thinker in the ring…an oly,pic gold medalist at a time when a man’s approach to the craft was far diff from what it is today…It was also thicker in terms of competition. There is NO comparison. Wilder has an enormous reach that doesn’t get utilized….He weighed in officially at 212…& got outboxed & moved by a guy weighing 50lbs more than him….& spent the last few yrs at 400 lbs…was suicidal…& abusing drugs and alcohol. wtf are you even on?? & you come out of ur filthy mouth w/ an Ali comparison? Then do it again. Beat it dogg. He has power sure. But He’s a ONE TRICK PONY! He wound up the right hand like he is a pitcher in baseball. Ray charles could see it coming. & if you think fighting an old Ortiz who had to go through TWO training camps & deal w/ the steroid controversy….ANNND deal w/ the “medical condition” amounts to much…Then ur smoking the same junk Fury was these last few yrs. Or a Bermaine who looked like a fat rasta version of Homer Simpson…Good luck to you…His t*ts were bigger than your blow up gf’s….Please stop the madness. Wilder employed zero thinking in the ring..Zero Adjustments…What looked like zero strategy….& tactics that could be sniffed out a mile a way. But ur butthurt bc I’m not impressed by that performance or him as a fighter? lol… Ok bub. The dude fights like a bouncer at a club. & that’s no exaggeration. Now there are reports that his trainer….(another olympic gold medalist) Walked out on him after the fight bc of the frustration of how terribly he performs and follows instruction. Just think about this. A man got 2 kd’s in a hw fight & eeked out a draw. & the people are saying his opponent got jobbed. lol….smh. That alone tells u Fury was superior on the night.

        2. You are full of biased delusional nonsense, wilders performance was embarrassing, Tyson has come back from two years after abusing his own body, being mentally frail and being a victim to alcoholism, and in the later rounds Tyson seemingly had more in the tank then a PRIME champion. He got completely outboxed for the majority of the fight, outboxed meaning utilising various angles short-long range to not only weave but pivot and position his movements, he negated the distance over and over Wilder was reaching continually, jabbed with his feet trippling and doubling so he couldn’t be timed, he clinched inside when he was MOSTLY vulnerable, was focused to see wilder always sitting before he threw the right so it was mostly useless. Wilders first knockdown was an ILLEGAL punch but we still give it to him. Lol it was a boxing masterpiece, if any rematch were to happen Tyson would have the timing on Wilders right so he could be eligible to counter it beyond just slipping.

          1. Wilder had a reach disadvantage. Thats a nightmare, ask evander in his lennox fights. Ask tyson in his tucker and lennox fights. Ask tua in his lennox fight. or wlad when he fought fury, or povetkin and haye when They fough wlad! Parker when he fought joshua. Not to mention fury is huge and is known for being overly defensive! We KNEW fury was 99% chance gonna outbox wilder, its like u naively expected different. But wilder can punch, he is ridiculously fast and has good timing, he is extremely athletic, he throws from weird angles and sets you up in his own strange ways, and last but not least wilder can take chances while being strangely calm and confident throughout the fight. Wilder has great stamina and endurance. Wilder does not give up, he has the heart of a lion. These are intangibles. And Wilder has improved a lot, if maybe went back in some small areas, but if you are blind to it stop watching boxing this very second. The last knockdown was legit.

  11. Someone should teach Wilder how to counter punch. Seems like he doesn’t even know what that is.

      1. He wasnt in a position to,never…. he stayed on the outside so he doesnt get his face completely taken off by a 1000 jabs, and used his speed and huge reach to get in quickly with wild rights and lefts. Look he aint luis ortiz technical level and we know it. But he needs a lot of work sure, but the improvements are noticeable especially in his defense and patience. But the man can throw good punches, i have seen him do it. He does it on purpose so when he then throws a straight one after a 1000 wild octopus armed ones u dont see it. Aka round 12…. there was a little stutter step feint before it and fury assumed it wasnt coming straight and pulled back in a wrong trajectory and got nailed …. deontay is smart and we just have to get used to his style and the fact his power and its equalizing/eraser effect just makes up for his 1000 mistakes. His speed and power are like …. u know its coming, but no matter what u do u also know u wont be able to avoid it every single time, and all he needs is one! Simple but effective. And he has good timing, and i heard him say he likes to time his right hand with the opponents hands like a windshield wiper, really unusual stuff haha. His jab has also improved too, he doesnt bring it back low and throw it super lazy as much. His confidence up to the last minute of the last round, calm cool and collected, no panicking even when being heavily down on the cards (in theory at least) is remarkable, what true champions are made of. Would be nice to see him show some setups, traps, counters, body/head combos and angles, more hooks and uppercuts, some cool slick head and upper body movement…. but we will have to do with what he has for now. Respect to both him and fury, bring on the rematch or else aj or ortiz 2!!!

  12. Did people notice, that the judge who made Fury loose (because a draw is like a loss) is ironically British ;)

    Great fight, great respect for eachother and both are really good boxers. But the result is just wrong. Fury was the winner for me by far.

    1. Wilder is a piss poor boxer he’s a very good fighter however. The term boxer gets branded around too much but boxers have a certain conduct fighters otherwise are incapable of copying / executing.

  13. Live I though Fury won because I didn’t score it, what I did was watch Tyson Fury do something incredible after what he’s been through. Meaning I was watching with my feelings rather then scoring the fight. Like the British judge I ended up with a 113 – 113 scorecard. To me though it could’ve gone either way and I wouldn’t have been mad about a decision in favour of either Wilder or Fury. But the judges need to judge what they see in the moment maybe from another angle then we do at home or the commentators so that makes it either harder or different for them in some instances of the fight. One thing is for sure, the verdict is a DRAW and we had 3 judges and neither of them could agree on the outcome. Also imo A.J. won’t fight Wilder and will try to make the fight with Fury. I think Fury outboxes A.J. Because Fury will be even better then he’s right now. Much respect for both fighters. Fury did something great here.

    1. Respect ur opinion..but not even close. If you think all the talk & bluster by the fighters & the perceptions created leading up to the fight don’t have an impact ur mistaken. Follow that by a performance that either goes against what we thought would happen or completely against conventional thinking. It’s why we call it “campaigning”. Fighters make a case all the way up to the final bell. & judges are human. They are influenced by these elements like everyone else. Especially live & in real time. & rightfully so. It all counts & matters. No way way this a draw. Or even all that close. Fury out did Wilder in almost every facet of the fight. But I’m astute enough to understand the business of sports and entertainment & the storyline that’s been invested in So I’m not sweating it. Wilder’s fightgame is pure trash. Which has always been known. In the end Joshua, Wilder & Fury will get paid down the line.

  14. I also gave Wilder and Fury 2 out of 4 first rounds and also ended up with a DRAW. Watching it live though I had Fury winning without properly scoring for the simple fact that it’s amazing doing what he does after what he has been through and perfectly going up in levels when he faces a better fighter compared to his two tune up fights. He’s special so because of it I went with emotion. After watching a HD replay I had it a DRAW. And I don’t care they could have given it to either man if you ask me. Good fight. A.J. is in trouble against either man.

    1. You people are imbeciles, even if you gave wilder two of the first 4 rounds and the two 10-8 rounds that still equates to a 114-112 to fury, do the damn math.
      Fury 8×10+8+8+9+9 = 114
      Wilder 8×9+10+10+10+10 = 112
      And if any one cones back at me saying wilder won more rounds, you are missing chromosomes, the man got schooled for 9 of the 12 rounds of which the 7 and 11 fury dominated him. Exactly the same as the first ggg canelo fight absolute corrupt sh*t.

    2. Judges don’t have the luxury of sitting in silence & watching a replay of a fight do they? Their surrounded by all kinds of energy & influences. So what gets felt & seen in the moment & scored is what it is. ..& a proper score. This was a political decision. I didn’t see what u two saw as a split in the first 2 rds. Perhaps he eeked out 1 of those rds. But the momentum was in favor of Fury. So how likely is it to have been 2-2. Just like Mayweather commented going into the 6th…He had it 5-0 Fury.

  15. It’s a draw for me but wilder really need to improve his skill. He really make me angry while i was watching. I know fury is hard to fight but wilder need to jab more, improve his cardio and other stuff. It was painfull to support him last night. I’m glad he did not lose i’m a big fan of wilder.

    1. Give him time he is getting better, his defense and feints were constant in this fight. U are forgetting the height and reach disadvantage he met for the first time! And …. its fury to make it worse. I guarantee u he will look better in the joshua fight, where he is actually and inch taller

  16. that’s 114 112 fury. check the maths..I scored it that and being generous to wilder. a draw is not fair

  17. It was very clear to me that Fury out thought and outboxed a fairly one dimensional fighter. Had Fury concentrated on attack in the first few rounds then I believe that he would have had Wilder out of there. Boxing however is about both attack and defence, Fury showed an amazing degree of skill and is much improved over his earlier fights. Wilder’s right hand is a leathal weapon when his opposition stands still ( which seems to have happened in all his earlier knockouts) Given the judges scoring, the politics, and the rings placement and and allowing for the knockdowns a draw had to be the only resultossible. A rematch is a must to see who really is the champion. Congratulations to both contestants the heavyweight division is now alive and well.

  18. I’ve posted about this fight at least 50 times. Wilder was obviously outboxed, any moron sees that but you don’t take the championship away from the champion after getting knocked down twice. In the 12th it was vicious and Fury showed what a tough guy he is by pulling an Undertaker type move and getting back up to fight back even more. I’m old school so you don’t get the belt unless you win convincingly and the knockdowns showed me it wasn’t convincingly. Draw was a good call but if they have the next fight in England which I’m not sure Wilder wants a part of, then he has to Knock Fury clean out or he will lose there unless he develops some boxing skills. You just can’t throw haymakers.Fury is a GREAT story and I don’t think that chicken Joshua wants anything to do with him either.

    1. Nonsense. Please learn how to score boxing. It is scored round by round. You can get knocked down 5 times and still win the fight. Pure nonsense.

      1. Ur dreaming! you make it sound like Fury beat the hell out of Wilder with basically jabs. LOL I boxed Bub and Fury only hurt Wilder briefly in the 7th Rd but bc he has ZERO power he couldn’t take him out. Many of those rounds were pretty even although some I gave to Fury just based on slightly more volume although many of his didn’t connect either. Fury is now running around saying the whole world knows he wonLOL u mean the dopey English who look at it through a nationalist lense. You don’t get the belt unless u win convincingly and not only didn’t he but he’s lucky to get the draw.

        1. Boxing is not about power and hurting the opponent thats an aspect of contact within the sport or a circumstance, I doubt you have boxed a day in your life to any extent because you do not even have the most simplistic aspect of understanding. Most credible / boxing enthusiasts said fury won convincingly. Boxing is judged on a 10 point scale PER ROUND, if a fighter gets knocked down they loose a POINT within THAT ROUND, Tyson got two knock-downs so that’s two 10-8 ROUNDS he LOST OVERALL within 12 ROUNDS of the fight. Tyson won on the principle of hit and not being hit for atleast 7-9 rounds, Wilder was shadow boxing for most of the fight, it was a boxing clinic heldhel fury. Listen I’m from the UK and didn’t necessarily want or think Fury would win because I like many have looked forward to Wilder fighting Joshua, which is a completely different dynamic due to their opposing styles. Wilder is one dimensional in the realms of the technicalities of boxing, but he’s a good fighter which is why he’s a champion.

          1. Lol its all about finishing it where possible and not leaving it to the judges like here. The boxers who dont have power only adapt the mw/fury style to the absolute extreme, fact.. could u have said anything sillier in the context of this fights controversial result???!

  19. Even do I had Fury winning on split decision, I have to say that Fury got extra time to recover on both knockdowns. Also when someone gets knocked down like that and isn’t responsive for like 2 secs, the fight is waived off like Canelo vs Khan. If Wilder got to him again and Fury was seriously injured, people would be blaming the ref. But anyway…

    Wilder has to switch trainers, he was most effective when he wasn’t wild. He threw a perfect straight right, left hook and that came from him being patient. Wilder being wild actually disguises the fact that his best punch isn’t a wild punch.

    I’m not gonna say Wilder can’t box because that takes away from Fury’s boxing ability. They both beat AJ.

  20. In my opinion, this fight barely meet the requirements to win 3 starts because was too slow even for heavy weight contenders.
    Fury, in spite of being a clown, is a better technician than the undecided and indecisive Wilder who was miserable missing most of his punches. Wilder hasn’t continuity on his attacks and show a lack of tools to finish this fight as required. Any of them will be an easy prey for Joshua. These two fighters are very far from being real champions for this category.

  21. I don’t know what a lot of people are talking about but wilder definitely won that fight , Fury is the most boring fighter ever he has zero skill and power and he keeps bopping his head like a chicken all he relys on is his height and long reach all I saw him do is throw jabs for 12 rounds and that only connected because he has the longer reach I hardly saw any right hand power punches by Fury , the man is a clown and this fight is Fixed no way could this be a draw especially after being knocked down twice , Fury is an embarrassment to boxing and does not stand a chance against Aj or a Wilder rematch, I know this is a fixed fight just to get a rematch and make more money , Any one who says Fury won has no idea about boxing you cannot jab for 12 rounds get knocked down twice then for some weird reason think u have been robbed of the title , Fury must be seriously deluded!! And I say this as a local London lad.

    1. A draw is not a bad result, but in the mayweather age fury performances are applauded. The 70s and 80s will never be back, but wilder and aj try to make it interesting at least. That fight …. is salivating. Or ortiz aj. Wilder has really upped his
      Boxing game, its not there yet fully but its coming along. Ppl act as if anyone can land on fury easily lol! Its fury ffs. Even his sparring partners say it, ALL of them. You just cant land on him anything more than slightly occasional. If wilder keeps improving its problems with that sedative right hand. The eraser. Aj and fury also learn quick, though. And papa ortiz is a Beast regardless of his age :)

  22. I’m rewatching this fight now middle of 3rd round and i can say he definitely didn’t win the 2nd round and the first round could of went to either one tbh. i didn’t score my first time watching so i am now i’ll get back

  23. Wilder rarely held. Fury was the holder in every round, however that is legal but it shows who hurt who. Bottom line is many close rounds, Fury won one convincingly, Wilder had two knockdowns. Sorry I don’t take belts from champs bc they got love tapped more and nor would the Brits if it was held there and it was their champion.

  24. Wilder is the more overrated and protected by the system boxer of the last 20 year. It s only a Mass product created by the industry. He cannot beat an ex alcoolic champ who stopped boxing for years. He doesn t deserve the bronze bomber name. He only fought b class boxer or A class old boxer (ortiz). Point.

  25. a Foreman, a Holyfield, a Tyson, some of the time….lol!!!! a Holmes wouldve went in there and JABBED like a pro, or threw the punch that they really knew how to throw!! Dont get me wrong, but they are scraping hard to remake the Boxing game!! Its not what it used to be!!!! But these guys are the best to be in there, so it DOES work, but its not what it was…….Plus, too many money folks in there!!!! Not Good!!!!

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