2017 BOXING fight – Deontay Wilder vs Gerald Washington – full fight Video WBC

2 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2017-02-25, fight not so exciting between Deontay Wilder and Gerald Washington: it gets two stars.

Both undefeated, the Wbc Hw champion Deontay Wilder entered this fight with a perfect record of 37-0-0 (36 KOs=97%) and he is ranked as the No.2 heavyweight in the world (currently the #1 in this division is Anthony Joshua) while his opponent, Gerald Washington, has a boxing record of 18-0-1 (12 knockouts) and he entered as the No.20 in the same weight class. Both boxers fought twice last year: Wilder beat Artur Szpilka (=Wilder vs Szpilka) and Chris Arreola (=Wilder vs Arreola) while Washington won over Eddie Chambers and Ray Austin. Deontay Wilder vs Gerald Washington is valid for the WBC World heavyweight title (Wilder’s fifth defense). Watch the video and rate this fight!


Date: 2017-02-25

Where: Legacy Arena, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Division: heavyweight (over 200 lbs, 90.7 kg)

Title: WBC World heavyweight title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Deontay Wilder def. Gerald Washington (TKO, round 5)


Wilder’s previous fight: Deontay Wilder vs Chris Arreola

Washington’s next fight: Jarrell Miller vs Gerald Washington

Wilder’s next fight: Deontay Wilder vs Bermane Stiverne 2


Wilder vs Washington Fight Video:

(Free embeddable video hosted on Youtube and not uploaded by AllTheBestFights)

Official highlights

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69 thoughts on “2017 BOXING fight – Deontay Wilder vs Gerald Washington – full fight Video WBC”

  1. Wilder did not accelerate bc he was not camfortable with opponent’s
    heights, also I think it was a fight plan to bring the fight in later
    rounds. Washington is too good while he is fresh. Fighting AJ it will be
    another plan. Besides, AJ might be scared and uncomfortable with tall
    opposition. Washington was too brave and he paid for that.

  2. Wilder looks unimpressive. Lack of technique being carried by offensive explosion. Boxing in the HW division is weak but I want to see him fight an actual proven top fighter.

  3. This fight showed Wilder is on par with Parker.
    Washington seemed to gas in the 4th.
    He also can’t throw a right correctly. But we knew he was inexperienced.

    I once thought Wilder would beat Fury (who I dont like BTW)
    but this changed my mind on that. Fury could Klitchko Wilder all night. And I still see Joshua beating him. (as long as Joshua overcome Klitchko)

    1. Joshua is the best HW no doubt. Wilder is just like his name, even after all those fights: Wild.

  4. Unimpressive fight on Wilders behalf. Its a pity Washington is still inexperienced, he should look to Alvarez as to how to throw a left to the body. He also should learn to throw combination punches not just one two’s. With better coaching and more fitness he could become a legitimate contender. He totally exposed Wilder up until the last minute. I can’t see Wilder beating any body opposite and above him in the various rankings. He will turn into a Cornish pastie if he ever gets to England.

  5. Wilder may have looked unimpressive but he still had one shot, took it perfectly and finished the fight.

  6. After seeing this fight, there is no doubt in my mind, the best HW in the world right now is Joshua, by a mile.

  7. Very entertaining fight coming from two giants. It was all Gerald’s fight until he was connected. It is bad because he is a pretty good boxer, with nice techniques but with limited power. Deontay is just effective because his extraordinary power but in term of techniques he still requires a lot of learning. Currently, if he goes for Joshua he will be an easy prey.

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