2013 MMA fight – Robert Burneika vs Dawid Ozdoba – full fight Video MMA Attack 3

1_star_mma_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2013-04-27, it is a waste of time watching this fight: Robert Burneika vs Dawid Ozdoba gets one star. The Lithuanian bodybuilder Robert ‘Koksu’ Burneika entered the fight with a record of 1-0-0 while Dawid Ozdoba is at his professional mma debut. Burneika vs Ozdoba is the main event of ‘MMA Attack 3’. Watch the video!



Event: MMA Attack 3

Date: 2013-04-27

Where: Spodek, Katowice, Poland

Division: heavyweight (265 lbs, 120 kg)

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Robert Burneika def. Dawid Ozdoba (disqualification at 2:40, round 3)


Burneika’s previous fight: Robert Burneika vs Marcin Najman



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  • crystal night

    what a 2 clowns in the ring ! ? !
    That steroidhead with his lack of brain and oxygen walking in the ring like Frankenstien after decent an*l s*x and that other clown running like b*tch even he got the chance to finish that freak in second round…
    OMG – WHAT A CLOWNS ! Both of them should be banned from any MMA events for good… even as a spectators…

  • That sucked pretty badly

  • Dawid O


  • Varok Saurfang

    The fight goes like a duel between a rogue and warrior in vanilla WoW