2014 MMA fight – Ben Askren vs Nobutatsu Suzuki – full fight Video ONE FC 19

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Fight rated 2 stars by AllTheBestFights.comReview: 2014-08-29, one sided fight between Ben Askren and Nobutatsu Suzuki, we can’t give more than two stars. The undefeated and former Bellator Ww champion Ben Askren entered this fight with a prefect record of 13-0-0 (54% finishing rate) and he is ranked as the No.7 welterweight in the world, he made his debut in the One Fc three months ago beating Bakhtiyar Abbasov in the first round (=Askren vs Abbasov).
His opponent, the black belt in kyokushin karate Nobutatsu Suzuki, has an official record of 11-1-2 (91% ko/tko victory rate – he has never won by submission) and he entered as the No.88 in the same weight class, he suffered his only defeat in 2012 when he faced Keita Nakamura; after that bout he has fought and won twice. Askren vs Suzuki is valid for the ONE FC welterweight title (Suzuki’s first defense); undercard of Shinya Aoki vs Kamal Shalorus – ONE FC 19. Watch the video and rate this fight!



Event: ONE FC 19: Reign of Champions

Date: 2014-08-29

Where: Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Division: welterweight (170 lbs, 77 kg)

Title: ONE FC Welterweight Championship title

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Ben Askren def. Nobutatsu Suzuki (TKO at 1:24, round 1)


Askren’s previous fight: Ben Askren vs Bakhtiyar Abbasov

Askren’s next fight: Ben Askren vs Luis Santos


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34 comments on “2014 MMA fight – Ben Askren vs Nobutatsu Suzuki – full fight Video ONE FC 19”

  1. I know most everyone out there is ignorant to the facts right in front of them but Askren is EASILY the best welterweight in MMA that ever was. Mark my words….

    • Easily the best that ever was?? And that adamant fact is based on what?? Oh yeah, because, some dude typed it on the internet. Then it must be true!!

      • Just that I’ve been following him since he was a teenager. I KNOW who this guy is. I was going to write that he’s just the best welterweight fighting today (which is obvious) but they i thought through the short history of MMA and am convinced no one in the past could have beat him either.

        • Good guy the only person that is obvious to is you . Now , I know your a big fan and I think he’s good too but, no offense here, you have to step back , look outside the bubble and realize he was in bellator and he is in a 2nd tier organization now and he has never been in the ufc . He may well be the best but until he’s in the ufc , I don’t believe it. I don’t think he’s throwing hendricks around like that . Hendricks can wrestle to even if not as well but certainly all American also is a very high level and he hits harder than any guy that askrens come close to seeing. Sorry can’t side with you yet! But, I respect your opinion and understand that it could happen where’s as though others can’t recognize it.

          • Just remember what I said. This guy is no average fighter. He will do the same thing he did to Suzuki to anyone he fights….always has…and he’s only getting better at it. Johny is very concerned with fighting Ben. He knows Ben well. He knows what a freak he is. Truth is, Ben is ALREADY in Johny’s head.

          • I agree he is a freak of wrestler but he does not hit like some of those guys or have bjj and so on so , I’m saying there is 3 trillion of us people on the earth and I will not just believe it because some fan wrote it on a site,and although I agree with his 1 dimensional style he can beat a ton of good guys I personally am not convinced that he will just run through the ufc and I am convinced that gsp would have beat his a*s that was a guy who time and time beat up on the best wrestlers in the world and he was a freak he never even wrestled at all. I know askren should be pissed at DW but, askren has been a complete douchbag to a lot of his fellow mma fighters for no reason. I jyst don’t like him that much but your thought is duly noted.

          • I see you been reading the obvious mma news articles or askren is your best friend or next door neighbor. How else can you get that inside info unless, it’s just a passionate statement from a fan. Could that be it?

          • Thousands of people know about it. Johny went to Oklahoma State Ben to Mizzou. When Ben was a freshman he was in the national finals with Chris Pendleton (Chris was a junior) the baddest wrestler on the OKS squad (maybe in the nation). Sometimes Ben would beat him. Johny saw every bit of that and knowing that for 4 years he couldn’t come close to that (since Johny spent every day in the wrestling room with Chris) Johny avoided Ben. Look, I love Johny he is a great guy. In some ways a nicer person than Ben but Ben is a freak. Just sayin…you’ll see.

          • No, it’s wrestling when you’re as good at it as Ben is. How many people claimed they’d punch holes in Ben…and…”they’d be different”? Who out there is such an effective puncher that he can knock Ben out before Ben takes him down WHILE being good enough to stuff Ben’s takedown?……NO ONE.

          • Dude , you keep saying the same thing and I keep agreeing with you to a point . I know he’s probobly the best wrestler and I know he could show the world but until he does the experts have him ranked I think 7 or 8th in the world for welterweights . I think he’s better than that but it’s just my opinion as it is yours that he is the greatest ever so, again, I heard the 1st time and the 6th time I don’t agree but I won’t forget if he becomes the greatest of all time that you said it , you have my word you plant your own flag like you owned but what happens if it doesn’t happen that way and please don’t come back and just say I know it will. What do I get ? Do I just get to say hey pal you made me waist 2 hours of my life arguing about a great wrestler that beat up on some has Beens in bellator and then beat a guy named Suzuki who was ranked like 145 out of all the welterweights in the world? He is an incredible wrestler I’m not arguing but you saying he’s the greatest mma fighter of all time makes me wonder if you are a little slow to make such a comment or maybe your his brother or something because you can’t base saying that off any proof at this time other than you really love this dude ( which of course means squat) and he is an incredible wrestler which I agree to that part but, dies not give anyone the chance to say as fact that he is the greatest mma fighter OF ALL TIME!!! I find that idiotic at this time but I understand your passion and like it and 1 more time, I agree with the wrestling and I will remember your statement if it ever happens so there is no reason to reply to me let’s just see what happens . Good luck

          • It has nothing to do with luck. I’m explaining reality to you. MMA Junkie has these guys ahead of Askren.

            1.) Johny Hendricks

            2.) Robbie Lawler

            3.) Rory MacDonald

            4.) Tyron Woodley

            5.) Georges St-Pierre

            6.) Matt Brown

            7.) Carlos Condit

            NONE of them can stop him from taking them down and holding them there while he pounds them. It won’t be pretty but they wouldn’t be any
            less BEAT.

          • Your a joke dude! I am giving your quote to everybody in the mma world because it is the dumbest thing I’ve heard and you have nothing to back it other than your opinion . Here it is ” ben askren is the best welterweight now and the best welterweight of all time ” the best that ever was ” is another one . Ahahahaaaaa everyone is laughing at you!!

          • You’re one of these dopey clowns on here that talk sh*t but don’t know sh*t about real fighting. Probably never had a pair of gloves on. Probably all the wrestling you did was in gym. I was just trying to school you. Like EVERY other time I put it to you, you can’t respond intelligently to my question. WHICH of those top 7 can beat Askren?…..chirp!…..simpleton….

  2. I know he will beat some a*s no doubt about it but you can’t act like because he rode that b*m like a Shetland pony and he went through everyone in bellator that he can do so in the most stacked organization for welterweights in the ufc . That statement is just an ignorant remark , just like me saying he would have no shot in the ufc which of course he does but, dana is already afraid of his boring style beating the ufcs best along with him trash mouthing DW . I don’t think we will ever see him in the ufc because of both of those facts.

  3. Breaking news good guys says that ben askren is the best 170 lb fighter that is and has ever been thT is a quote . A QUOTE!!! Everyone is laughing at you and all you can say is just wait we are waiting . Hiw old are you? Like 13 I think this is ridiculous . Let me pass this around .whT a stupid thing to say and your sticking to it

    • The bald-headed fat man can’t prove otherwise that Askren is the Best welterweight in MMA because he wouldn’t sign him up. Dana is protecting the UFC 170 lb division from Ben…PERIOD.

  4. People are high on Ben Saunders fast win in UFC! How about Ben vs. Ben! Or did they fight already in Bellator not sure?

    • Saunders didn’t even get through the Bellator tournament to fight Askren, but the bald-headed fat man signed Saunders because Saunders is better than Askren…NOT.

  5. Takedown defense. If you ain’t got it, Askren is whipping your butt. He’s called ‘Funky’ for a reason. He is the computer who wears wrestling shoes…google it.

    • Didn’t start out as trolling I was discussing how I thought calling him the greatest of all time was premature but the dude was being a child and kept giving me sh*t so we got into after a while but it seems like you may want to get into name calling. Ok, I love this stuff . I won’t stop no matter how long it takes . But plug

  6. I will not talk mma or debate that anymore because I’m just talking to a retard but if you want to get on each other’s nerves I’m ok with that until one of us drop dead .

  7. The referee should have stopped earlier the beating that Askren gave to Nobutatsu, because he was not answering to the piston like punches. He was just protecting his face…
    Bellator and UFC are waiting to react only when a fighter will die from head concussion…


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