2016 MMA fight – Anderson Silva vs Michael Bisping – full fight Video UFC FN 84

3 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2016-02-27, entertaining fight thanks to a good performance by both fighters: Anderson Silva vs Michael Bisping gets three stars (UFC Fight of the Night).

The black belt in Bjj, judo, tae-kwon-do and former Ufc Mw champion Anderson Silva entered this fight with a professional mma record of 33-6-0 (79% finishing rate) and he is ranked as the No.15 middleweight in the world. ‘The Spider’ is 40 years old (four years older than Bisping) and he suffered two consecutive losses in 2013 against Chris Weidman (=Silva vs Weidman I and Weidman vs Silva II – in this second fight Silva broke his left fibula and tibia); after this bout he came back to win in 2015, against Nick Diaz (=Silva vs Diaz) but then the result was overturned in a no-contest beacuase both fighters tested positive.
His opponent, the Tuf 3 light-Hw winner Michael Bisping, has an official record of 27-7-0 (70% finishing rate) and he entered as the No.9 in the same weight class. He lost to #1 Ufc Mw champion Luke Rockhold in 2014 (=Rockhold vs Bisping) but then he has won over CB Dollaway (=Bisping vs Dollaway) and Thales Leites (=Bisping vs Leites). ‘The Spider’ Silva vs Bisping is the main event of the UFC Fight Night 84. Watch the video and rate this fight!



Event: UFC Fight Night 84: Silva vs Bisping

Date: 2016-02-27

Where: O2 Arena, London, England, UK

Division: middleweight (185 lbs, 84 kg)

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Michael Bisping def. Anderson Silva (unanimous decision, 48-47, 48-47, 48-47)


UFC Fight Night 84 fight card (main card):
Anderson Silva vs Michael Bisping
Gegard Mousasi vs Thales Leites
Tom Breese vs Keita Nakamura
Francisco Rivera vs Brad Pickett

Silva’s previous fight: Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz

Bisping’s previous fight: Michael Bisping vs Thales Leites

Bisping’s next fight: Luke Rockhold vs Michael Bisping 2

Cormier’s next fight: Daniel Cormier vs Anderson Silva



Official video:

(Alternative free embeddable highlights video hosted on Youtube)

  • Felipe Viana

    Ufc is so mafia. Its obvious that Spider won. Bisping landed just a few, causing no damage. While spider lander much more with devastating damage.

    • danielsan23

      yes it’s true, Silva won this fight. Ufc wants just American or english champions….and even if Bazilians like Wanderly Silva, Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo, Vitor Belfort have build this sport and helped the Ufc to reach this popularity, when they get older, Ufc don’t give them respect, they “rob” fights/results and treat them like rubbish…
      I hope Aldo, Wanderly and The Spider will go to Bellator or to Japan or they will build their own promotion

      • David Keam

        I hope that next time I see Silva he does more fighting and less; whatever that was. Im a big fan of Silva he danced for 3 rounds and beat the face of Bisping for 2. He needed a knock out because he lost on points. The refs and the Judges got this one right. Even one or two takedowns in one of the dance rounds and Silva would have won. Its not about how much blood.

        • Felipe Viana

          I cant agree with that. Using a “boxing scoring” on a “MMA” fight, doesn’t fit.
          He won because they want silva out, and need fresh meat on the ufc, he won because he was in home soil.

    • James

      Not sure how you scored it but Bisping won rounds 1, 2 and 4 10-9. I had the same 48-47 score for Bisping. Aside from 3 shots by Silva in the final 30 seconds of round 4, Bisping was the more active fighter and landed more shots earlier in that round.

  • Mauser

    SCANDAL !!!

  • revelated

    Hmm. Here’s what I saw.

    If this had been a boxing match, people would be celebrating that decision. I don’t know about “unanimous”, that’s a bit of a joke.

    In my eyes, Bisping was way more aggressive, way more serious about the fight. All I saw from Silva was a bunch of hand movements and him getting caught with punches he shouldn’t have been.

    That said – THAT SAID – I feel Herb Dean screwed the pooch on the jumping knee. The fight should been stopped right then and there.

    • David Keam

      Sorry Herb was way right you can’t get knocked out after the bell. I dont know about at the bell? But the ref did his job; he let the fight go on unless someone needed to be protected. The fans got their moneys worth.

      • revelated

        He was knocked out BEFORE the bell. It was blatant. With no mouth guard Bisping could have been in serious trouble off that shot.

  • fredo

    100% Bisping win that fight

  • David Keam

    Anderson took 3 rounds off and did not finish. Im not a Bisping fan Im and Anderson Fan and Bisping won that fight on points.

  • Kamrul Kks

    Draw imo , other than that Silva has his self to blame

  • Diego Miranda

    Anderson lost because he didnt fight the 4º round. He was, clearly, more objective and devastating, but this is a point based sport.

  • robock

    Silva was robbed!