Boxing News – Canelo Alvarez vs Golovkin CompuBox Stats

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Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin has gone and it’s time to analyze the performance of the two boxers through the CompuBox Statistics: who has thrown more punches? Or how many jabs and power punches have they landed? Check out the Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez CompuBox Stats after the jump!


Canelo vs Golovkin CompuBox Stats

CompuBox Statistics
punches thrown 505 703
punches landed 169 (33.5%) 218 (31.0%)
jabs thrown 233 361
jabs landed 55 (23.6%) 108 (29.9%)
power punches thrown 272 342
power punches landed 114 (41.9%) 110 (32.1%)
punches thrown x round 42.1 58.6
punches landed x round 14.1 18.2


As you can see, Golovkin performed better than Saul Alvarez and he probably deserved the victory but the fight ended in a draw with one “blind” judge, Adalaide Byrd, scoring 118-110, while Dave Moretti scored 115-113 for GGG and Don Trella 114-114. With this result Golovkin retains all his titles but they will probably face again in a rematch at the end of 201 or at the beginning of 2018 and it will be a war again! Anyway, congratulations to both boxers for the great performance!


Check out also the Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez post-fight interview:


Link to the fight: Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin





Event: Canelo vs Golovkin

Date: 2017-09-16

Where: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Division: middleweight (160 lbs, 72.6 kg)

Title: IBF, IBO, WBA, WBC World Middleweight titles


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13 comments on “Boxing News – Canelo Alvarez vs Golovkin CompuBox Stats”

  1. Dear host, I don’t agree with the assessment that GGG performed better which is probably based on the higher number of punches he thrown during the fight.
    The only good ones are those punches that landed because clearly hit the target. The missing ones are a clear indication the rate of failure of the boxer throwing the punches.
    Canelo, with no doubts, was the best performer in this case (except by the jabs connected) in spite of being the less active boxer in this fight.
    Activity means nothing if it isn’t capable to hit the target in this sport, period.

    • excdept it shows that GGG connected more on everything except for 4 less power punches. while he threw abotu 70 less. you dont think maybe judges thought 5 of those 70 hit? The fact is again. Alvarez beat GGG when they both threw. Problem is Alvarex didnt throw enough, he slip around the ring without doing anything but taking punches by GGG weather they connected or not , Alvarez lost the fight because of inactivity, how you can try to give him a bendit by being less active is beyond me. I called it by 1 round for GGG or a draw wither was fine with me, Boxing is a round by round scoring not anything more. Alvarez win the rounds he won with more activity and more connect difference than the rounds GGG won. But the fact is The numbers dont lie, I actually thought they would be closer than what they were, How you can sit her and think someone won that threw 200 punches less, landed 50 less and by your admittance was less active? Its great to be a fan but come on how are you convincing yourself Alvarez won a boxing match. If you wnat to say it appeared alvarez was much faster and threw better combinations i agree. But He didnt win and the numbers prove it. I keep reading your post man, its not the punches you think landed the numerbs are right up there GGG landed more, he threw more, and he came forward that equals a win. I believe if alvarez fought (of course if he didnt get knocked out) he outboxed GGG pretty well and would of won. But you dont win by sliding around the ropes doing nothing for 6 out 12 rounds, especially against someone with the stature of GGG. Im sorry only byrd is incompetent or paid off, 1 of those is true . there is no doubt you decide which. But what it means in the end is maybe we get to see it again.

  2. GGG won it. Canelo had some good moments but he was fighting in spurts and running a lot. GGG was pushing the action and just landed more shots in most of the rounds.

  3. If a male judge did what Adalaide Byrd did he would be history. Indeed, no male as ignorant as Byrd would ever get the opportunity to make such a biased judgment.

    Actually, I do not beleive Byrd is ignorant – I believe she is a racist that hates white people. Restated, Byrd is a liberal. Liberals should not be allowed to be judges – they have no honor and a judge needs honor above all else.

    • Monty: I fully agree with you that Byrd’s fight assessment is outrageous but who knows which was her real intention. I’m pretty sure that racism wasn’t her motive for the simply fact that these two boxers are Caucasians.
      On the other hand, I do think that this forum was created just with the idea of interchanging our opinions/comments related to the activities displayed here but no for adding politic discussions.
      However, since you brought this offline issue to our plate my question is: How dare you can call her racist when presently your president is preaching racism in America and all over the world without taking any consideration to potential and further connotations ?
      For your info I’m Caucasian too.

      • You make a critical error – using logic. Liberals in the USA are bigots and never surrender an opportunity to abuse others to make them feel superior to others and logic is certainly not going to get into their way.

        Yes, to reasonable people BOTH boxers are Caucasian – but Canelo is Mexican and Golovkin is White European. White people, ones from the USA from Europe (or White people in Europe) (aka White People) are privileged to Liberals and such Liberals will miss no opportunity to take the employment and educational opportunities of such White people and give them to another the Liberal believes is more deserving.

        In the USA, to Liberals, never forget, EVERYTHING is about race and abusing White people for the benefits of “non-whites”.

        Do not care if you like the opinion or not but it is accurate. The judge is a Liberal, and thus, and anti-“white” (“white as described above) racist.

        At Bottom, I like Canelo – he just lost the fight by any reasonable measure for judging boxing matches. And unless Byrd is a true moron, there are two likely for here “judging”: (1) she is a criminal and was paid to give the match to Canelo or (2) she is a Liberal racist (and granted, (1) and (2) could both be true).

        • Monty: Sorry man but I’m not surprised due to the host must exercise his/her rights in order to control this forum created for all of us to get involved in a paceful interchange of opinions regarding the sports displayed here avoiding politics and heated discussions at all.
          I still insisting that Byrd’s judgment isn’t related to racism because Canelo and GGG are both Caucasians, the synonym used in USA to define people “white” or “of European ancestry. if you know what I mean :-). in this case none of them is less white than the other and in addition to, Canelo is “redhead” guy :-). So again, there isn’t motive to call this a racist judgment and to be honest with you I cannot still understand why she scored so wrong which in fact she should be punished to avoid repetitions.

          • Byrd Controversial Decisions (that I can find after a 10 minute search)

            Remember: Liberals hate White people and Asians and will take their educational and employment opportunities whenever they can and give it to non-whites and non-asians.

            (1) Golovkin v Canelo (118-110 Canelo)
            • Golovkin – Kazakhstan (White)
            • Canelo – Mexican
            Horrible Decision: Byrd picked Mexican

            (2) Garcia v. Nan Phan
            • Nan Phan – (Asian)
            • Lenard Garcia – Mexican
            Horrible Decision: Byrd picked Mexican

            (3) 2008: Calzaghe v. Hopkins
            • Joe Calzaghe – (white)
            • Bernard Hopkins – African American
            Byrd picked African American

            (4) Magdaleno over Nonito
            Jessie Magdaleno – Mexican
            Nonito Donaire – Asian

            Organizers were upset at her 118-110 scorecard favoring Jessie Magdaleno over Nonito Donaire.

            Point is, Byrd will make an “error” in favor of Mexicans over all others. The her “errors” will be in favor of Blacks over others, especially white and asian boxers.

          • MORE

            2012, Apr. 14 – Brandon Rios vs. Richar Abril for the WBA World Lightweight Title – Byrd was the only judge to score in favor of Abril who lost via split decision.
            mexican – cuban (hard choice for her)

            2011, May 7 – Kelly Pavlik vs. Alfonso Lopez – Byrd was the only judge to not score the bout for Pavlik,
            Mexican over white american (again)

            2009, Apr. 17 – Selcuk Aydin vs. Said Ouali – Byrd was the only judge to score in favor of Ouali.
            African (Morocco) over White (Turkish/Europe)

            2008, Sep. 5 – Antonio DeMarco vs. Jose Reyes – Byrd was the only judge to score the bout for Reyes.

            Dom. Rep over Mexican (shocker but both are Hispanic)

            2008, Apr. 19 – Bernard Hopkins vs. Joe Calzaghe for The Ring Magazine Light Heavyweight Title – Byrd was the only judge to score in favor of Hopkins.
            (Black over White)

            2006, Apr. 8 – Wes Ferguson vs. Josesito Lopez – Byrd was the only judge to score it for Lopez.
            (Mexican over Black) – so this confirms she will pick Hispanics over Africans and Africans over Whites or Asians.

            2003, Mar. 1 – Vonda Ward vs. Martha Salazar (1st meeting) – Byrd was the only judge to score it in favor of Salazar.

            (Mexican over White American)

            So it seems Byrd’s judging “errors” have a pattern. LOL.

          • Right, anytime someone calls a liberal out on their brand of hate such is not allowed.

            This forum is simply controlled by lowlife book burners along with the lowlife scum that report posts they do not like. No big deal to me, however, just pointing out the truth. Censor away if such is the only tool you have.

            Again, Canelo is Mexican and GGG is European – such is all an American Liberal needs to have a reason to discriminate in favor of the Mexican. Such is especially true for Liberal American females – there is not a more hateful, spiteful, discriminatory group in the USA.

            The sad thing is that Mexicans are great fighters on their own and do not need and probably do not want the help of Liberal racists like Byrd.

            By the way, the Canelo/GGG score is not the first time Byrd has turned in such a bad score. I would love to see a list of her most controversial scores with a list of how many times such happened when the two fighters were of a different race or nationality and see how many times the score went against the “White male” or European. That would be interesting.

          • Monty: I fully believe that your appreciation of facts is wrong because the things aren’t as bad as you think they are. Otherwise, your obsession is going to kill you, put it at rest and be happy.

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