Jose Aldo vs Chad Mendes full fight Video UFC 142 – 2012

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3_stars_mma_ranking_allthebestfightsReview: 2012-01-14, great fight between Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes especially for the impressive KO at the end of the first round. Jose Aldo (20-1-0) entered as the No.1 featherweight in the world while the undefeated Chad Mendes (11-0-0) entered as the No.5. Aldo vs Mendes is valid for the UFC Featherweight Championship (main event of the UFC 142); they also faced each other a second time on October 25, 2014 (=Aldo vs Mendes 2). Watch the video!



Event: UFC 142: Aldo vs Mendes

Date: 2012-01-14

Where: HSBC Arena, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Division: featherweight (145 lbs, 66 kg)

Title: UFC Featherweight Championship

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Jose Aldo def. Chad Mendes (KO at 4:59, round 1)


UFC 142 fight card (main card):
Jose Aldo vs Chad Mendes
Vitor Belfort vs Anthony Johnson
Rousimar Palhares vs Mike Massenzio
Erick Silva vs Carlo Prater
Edson Barboza vs Terry Etim

Aldo’s previous fight: Jose Aldo vs Kenny Florian

Mendes’ next fight: Chad Mendes vs Cody McKenzie

Aldo’s next fight: Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar



Official video:

Alternative highlights video

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20 comments on “Jose Aldo vs Chad Mendes full fight Video UFC 142 – 2012”

  1. I am sorry to say but 7:11 would have been a takedown had not ALdo held the fence. Mendes had him high and horizontal. But ya know it is the nature of the game sometimes.

  2. Thanks for sharing this and so many others. I have been a fan of mma since 93 and now a fan of yours.

  3. Disagree about the takedown @ 7:11. Mendes would have lifted him up and put him on the ground had Aldo not grabbed hold of the fence, but it would have been no different then what happened a few seconds after (Aldo didn’t grab the fence and Mendes was able to lift him and get him to the ground, but Aldo almost immediately stood back up.) He was far from putting him on the ground and holding him down. Mendes is not close to Aldo’s level and that had zero impact on the outcome of this fight.

  4. no one knows what coulda happened from one takedown to another for sure…..thats why grabbing the cage is not honorable…its against the rules and can change the results of a fight. not that i think it woulda….the guys badass…that knee was about to get turned over into a flyin shin if Mendes hadnt of ducked…either way….probably lights out.

  5. Aldo cheated though. Mendes was about to take him down for his trademark devastating ground and pound, but Aldo grabbed the fence which is against the rules. Mendes may have even finished him off given his pedigree and record.

    The funny part is, even standing up prior to that, Mendes was clearly the faster fighter and was getting off leg kicks at will. Aldo landed a few too as expected, but ate even more.

    Up until the KO, this was easily the best that anyone — including Hominick — has performed against Aldo since his early loss to Luciano Azevedo. A rematch is definitely in order and the Aldo camp should be very worried.

    It won’t get any easier going forward either. The new crop of fighters are closing the gap as they learn the importance of movement, footwork, speed, distance and feinting in the stand-up game. With fights against the likes of John Dodson probably in the near future, it’s perhaps only a matter of time before we see a new champ.

  6. Yes, that knockout was insane, but I do agree that Aldo did cheat a bit. I just hope that we get an Aldo vs Mendes rematch in the next year. However, I do think that Aldo would win anyways

  7. Unexpected knee by Jose Aldo! Actully, Chad were better at wrestling skills, but it’s MMA Sport n’ it requires accuracy, quickness n’ intelligence!

  8. Aldo cheated by grabbing the gate. The kick was wicked but its comes accross as a sucker punch because he cheated. Spiders kick was better because he didn’t cheat

  9. bill, you are full of sh*t, azevedo now is not even at half of the level of aldo, that fight would be a murder and i don’t even think azeveo would take it, do you have any idea how much aldo has (and keep) improving? also you talk about mendes landed more leg kicks than aldo… you don’t understand the difference and the damage that aldo kick make, it takes at least 3 or 4 from mendes to make the damage from only one from aldo, and seconds later after aldo grab the fance, mendes reply the exact same take down attempt and you can see how easily and quickly aldo get on his feet again, that shows you how far he was from taking aldo down ,it is clear if you see the whole round… in MMA there is no IF, thats for gays, so you cannot say mendes did a better job than homminick or better than florian or better than Urijah, because this guy last one round, avoiding getting hit is the most important aspect of a fighter (PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES) so your comment is was a waste of space here… can’t believe how bad judgement some people have.

  10. @Bill, what fight were you watching? I don’t beleive that he grabbed the fence on purpose and it is apparent when the second attemp failed. @Martin, Hoorah!!! you said it pal!Aldo is a Beast! and he knows it. The lesson learned here is that you don’t walk into another man’s backyard with the beleif that you are going to walk over him, also leave the Revenge up to the Almighty, because it is never a good reason to fight at all.

  11. acevedo is trash aldo lost that fight because he was not in good shape rematch would not last a round

  12. totally agree with Kettlepower. mendes should have gone flying in the air 7.11min . trying a similar take down is very tiring, you cant hold yourself, it’s not fair.


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