Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor 2 full fight Video UFC 202 – 2016

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3 Star RatingReview by 2016-08-20, close fight with some nice exchanges: Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2 gets three stars (UFC Fight of the Night).

The black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Tuf 5 Lw tournament winner Nate Diaz entered this fight with a professional mma record of 19-10-0 (84% finishing rate) and he is ranked as the No.3 lightweight in the world (currently the #1 in this division is Eddie Alvarez). He suffered his last loss when he faced Rafael dos Anjos in 2014 (=Dos Anjos vs Diaz), after this bout he beat Michael Johnson in 2015 (=Johnson vs Diaz) and Conor McGregor in 2016 (4-stars-fight, McGregor vs Diaz I).
His opponent, the current Ufc Fw champion Conor McGregor, has an official record of 19-3-0 (95% finishing rate) and he entered as the No.1 featherweight. Before the loss suffered against Diaz in March, ‘The Notorius’ had fought three times in 2015 winning over Dennis Siver (=McGregor vs Siver), Chad Mendes (=Mendes vs McGregor) and Jose Aldo (4-stars-fight, Aldo vs McGregor). Diaz vs McGregor 2 is the main event of the UFC 202. Watch the video and rate this fight!



Event: UFC 202: Diaz vs Mcgregor 2

Date: 2016-08-20

Where: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Division: welterweight (170 lbs, 77 kg)

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Conor McGregor def. Nate Diaz (majority decision, 48-47, 47-47, 48-47)


UFC 202 fight card (main fights):
Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor 2
Anthony Johnson vs Glover Teixeira
Donald Cerrone vs Rick Story
Hyun Gyu Lim vs Mike Perry
Tim Means vs Sabah Homasi
Cody Garbrandt vs Takeya Mizugaki
Neil Magny vs Lorenz Larkin

Their previous fight: Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz I

McGregor’s next fight: Eddie Alvarez vs Conor McGregor

Diaz’s next fight: Anthony Pettis vs Nate Diaz



Official video:

(Alternative free embeddable highlights video hosted on Youtube)


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32 comments on “Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor 2 full fight Video UFC 202 – 2016”

  1. Terrific fight! Should be a draw.

    Diaz will win the third fight if it is at this weight , he is overall better fighter.

    • How could it have been a draw? Connor won 3 rounds and Nate won 2, It is simple maths.

      That was Diaz’s weight you pleb, Connor will fight him again at 155 and Diaz will be destroyed.

  2. If Diaz tried more to take Conor down, he would have won easily. I agree with one of the judges, it was a draw. The aggressor is given points for it, Conor was walking away from the battle. It should have been a draw or a win by Diaz.

  3. Conner is the only fighter that can handle Nate in a striking match and beat him at it and thats what it came down too, Diaz got pummeled, Conners ground game is poor but makes up for it in exellent takedown defence better acurate powerful striking like u saw here, FLOORED him twice.. And once again leaves diaz in a mess. Those calling it a draw should be ashamed.

  4. Conor wins by majority, I think it was a draw, and Diaz won by stoppage. Diaz has it over Conor so far.

    • What a stupid comment. Diaz clearly got outgunned at striking hurt many times floored TWICE got his leg hammered and leves once again in a mess… Draw? my a*s..

      • Another pathetic McGregor fanboy. If you watched the fight (which I doubt) you could see Conor was gassing out and getting smashed by Nate in the 3rd round. One judge had it 10-8 for Diaz. Conor barely survived, he always struggled with stamina and this was the 1st time he went 5 rounds. He lost the last round as well.

        I am not a fan of either guy but simply expressed, watch the fight first.

        Nobody needs to read this biased pathetic bullsh*t.

        • Another Diaz a*s kisser.. 3rd round?? Ur telling me 1 rnd wins the fight? What is it with u st*pid yanks.. Conner clearly SMASHED Nate’s a*s outlanded him FLOORED him 3times left Nate’s leg black and blue and once again Nate’s face is a pulp from getting hammered… And so what if he turned his back for few SECONDS only to cm right bk striking the sh*t outta Diaz not once could Diaz do anything with his BJJ he clearly got OUTGUNNED u m*ron the facial features don’t lie see the post fight press Diaz got FKD Conner left without a SCRATCH

          • Without a scratch but WITH an injured shin. I am not “another Diaz as*kisser” and I already said I am not a fan of either guy. So read it FIRST and THEN reply.

            I never said 1 rnd wins the fight, Diaz also won the last round and when he got punched he was still coming in and trying to counter. So AGAIN: Read it FIRST and THEN reply.

            I’m not saying Diaz completely dominated Conor and outfought him, I think Conor was doing a great job with his leg kicks and takedown defense. This proves once again that my comments are not biased twaddle (unlike yours) written by a st*pid p*ick with zero knowledge on the sport.

          • If u wasn’t a fan of either guy then u wouldn’t be here u p*ick!! Sore shin?? Yes from kicking the sh*tte outta Nate u Muppet Nate clearly got OUTGUNNED and he didn’t win the last round just bcoz he managed to get on top of Conner for the last 5secs ur saying he won that round???u delusional sod.. again the stats don’t lie Conner out lamdedhim on a 10-5 ratio and the facial features don’t lie if u watch Conners face at the post fight press ull b laughing compared to Nate’s pizza face!!! Nate had his as* handed to him u diaz az* kisser

          • You don’t have to be a fan of either guy to watch MMA and express your opinion.
            You keep saying the same drivel, did you actually watch the FIGHT or only the post fight presser?
            Facial features? Who had “pizza face” in the first fight? And who actually WON? This proves once again how ridiculously silly you are judging the fight just by “facial features”.
            Nate didn’t win the 5th rnd because he scored the takedown but because he was outworking him and Conor was gassed, you brainless ch*mp! ALL judges gave that round to NATE!
            Stop making imbecile remarks, you clearly didn’t even look up fight stats that you always talk about, because if you did you would see that Diaz landed 55 more total strikes and 2 more significant strikes. So what “10-5 ratio” are you talking about?
            It’ a shame to call me Diaz as*kisser after I admitted Conor was efficient with his takedown defense and leg kicks whereas you haven’t said anything good about Nate so far. THIS is a*skissing.
            Again, WATCH THE FIGHT and WITHOUT bias!!!

          • The Diaz brothers a*s kisser just can’t accept it Nate got hammered FLOORED 3times Conner connected more and yes in both fights Nate came out the worst injury wise, ur pathetic if u think Nate won the last round. There’s a REASON WHY the judges who were closest to the action scored for Conner u imb*cile…

          • Pinhead, clearly know nothing about MMA, you keep saying the same BS, these reactions prove how ridiculous and childish you are, your English is pathetic, still the same words, if you want my answer to that BS, look at the comments I posted above. I feel sorry for a little boy who started watching MMA two weeks ago.

            You don’t need to say anything more, keyboard warrior, your idi*tic comments tell the story.

          • What a d*ckhead it’s simple the judges who were next to the fighters scored for Conner u b*mm. Typical Diaz brothers a** kisser. Deal with it he lost in his own country hahaha!!

          • I’m surprised you are still desperately trying to embarrass yourself with your pointless biased comments. You can’t even do it without insults, can you? This is quite common with 10 year old kids.
            You call me Diaz a*z kisser, even though I admitted Conor did some good stuff in this fight. And YOU TELL ME ONE GOOD THING YOU SAID ABOUT NATE!! ONE THING!!!!
            But I’m not surprised that a 10 year old doesn’t know what “a*z kissing” means.

            Btw, you would be a good judge sitting at the post fight presser and judging the fight by “facial features” hahahahahahaa

          • If don’t want to taste my back hander from hell I suggest u stop CRYING right this second..

  5. Conor has lost his appeal, not as compelling like before. He quit, got beat, came back with a majority decision. Conor was running with his back turn, . . . in a fight. . . .where he said he was going to take Diaz’s head off. I scored the fight for Diaz, the aggresser gets points according to the rules.

    Longer than usual, why? UFC wanted to protect their cash cow.

  7. If you burn down my entire house to the ground, for my revenge on you, I steal your bicycle, lawn mower, and hose. Did I get my revenge? lol I don’t think so, Conor! Diaz made Conor quit, we all can agree to that. Conor was running, turning his back away from the battle, and came out with a controversial majority win. SORRY, DIAZ GOT THE BETTER DEAL OUT OF THE TWO FIGHTS, CONOR!!!

  8. Stfu, you must be a real McGregor azzkisser, go lick his azz!! Nobody cares about your pointless words.

  9. Diaz won this fight. Who agrees with me?.. I’d say both the fighters do! Just look at their body language at the end of the fight and before the scorecards came in. McGregor knew he lost this fight. Only when the scorecards start coming in does Diaz resign to the fact when he realizes they are going to hand the fight to the golden boy and franchise money maker.


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