2016 best MMA fight – Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz – full fight Video UFC 196

4 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2016-03-05, entertaining fight thanks to a good pace, some nice shots and a spectacular finish: Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz is one of the best mma fights of the year 2016 and it gets four stars (UFC Fight of the Night and UFC Performance of the Night).

The Ufc Fw champion Conor McGregor entered this fight with a professional mma record of 19-2-0 (95% finishing rate) and he is ranked as the No.1 featherweight in the world but in this fight he moves up in weight class to the welterweight division. McGregor suffered his last defeat in 2010 when he faced Joseph Duffy, but since then he has won 15 fights (seven in the Ufc) beating, in 2015, Dennis Siver (=McGregor vs Siver), Chad Mendes (=Mendes vs McGregor) and Jose Aldo (4-stars-fight, Aldo vs McGregor).
His opponent, the black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Tuf 5 Lw tournament winner Nate Diaz, has an official record of 18-10-0 (83% finishing rate) and he entered as the No.9 lightweight. He lost to Rafael dos Anjos in 2014 (=dos Anjos vs Diaz) but he came back to win in 2015 defeating Michael Johnson (=Johnson vs Diaz). ‘The Notorius’ McGregor vs Diaz is the main event of the UFC 196 (on the original fight card Conor was expected to face Rafael dos Anjos but the Brazilian pulled out due to a broken foot). Watch the video and rate this fight!



Event: UFC 196: McGregor vs Diaz

Date: 2016-03-05

Where: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Division: welterweight (170 lbs, 77 kg)

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Nate Diaz def. Conor McGregor (Submission Rear-Naked Choke at 4:12, round 2)


UFC 196 fight card (main card):
Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz
Holly Holm vs Miesha Tate
Ilir Latifi vs Gian Villante
Corey Anderson vs Tom Lawlor
Amanda Nunes vs Valentina Shevchenko

McGregor’s previous fight: Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor

Diaz’s previous fight: Michael Johnson vs Nate Diaz

Their next fight: Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor 2



Official video:

(Free embeddable highlights video hosted on Youtube/Facebook)


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67 thoughts on “2016 best MMA fight – Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz – full fight Video UFC 196”

  1. Nate Kicked That SOB’s A!!

    Nate Is A Real Blood & Guts Warrior

    Nate Said At The Fight Conference “Its Kill Or Be Killed”

    Last Night, He Proved It Too

  2. I knew McGregor would have lost against Dos Anjos and he was lucky to face Nate Diaz. I can’t understand why Conor and all his fans believed he was unbeatable!! in the lightweight division the king is the undefeated khabib Nurmagomedov, so it’s better Mcgregor go back to the featherweight….but i would like to see a rematch with aldo….

    1. Disagree.
      Conor is too big for featherweight and would be fine at lightweight. He isn’t invincible but no real fan thought he was.

    2. McGregor could win against RDA or Diaz if he showed better fight IQ. He totally dominated Diaz in rd1, and only lost because he fought like a rookie with an idiotic strategy that should drop him out of the top 10 p4p.

      If McGregor put 60% of power in his strikes, threw half as many strikes, and conserved his energy, he would have beat Diaz in round 3. This is boxing 101.

  3. haha yeah rewatch the fight p*ssy mcgreggor is the one who shot in to take nate down.. then got choked out like the little b*tch he is… Connor was getting peaced up standing up anyhow.. Connor aint sh*t!!! 209 MOhterf*cker!

  4. while i dont watch alot of MMA because of the grappling, a friend told me about this fight so i watched it and fact is nate was kicking his a*s standing up also. its not like the holly fight where only the choke won the fight, mcgreagor got his a*s kicked period.

      1. blood doesnt mean anything, a bloody nose makes a lot of blood, a vut makes a lot of blood, doesnt mean that your hurt. I only saw mcgregor stumble repetitively stumble back after getting hit. he stepped up in weight and its obvious he cant take the harder power in the weight class.

        1. from this guys responses, it’s blatant that he’s clueless on this subject. Probably best to leave him be lol

  5. LMAOO u say that when ur idol Conor was the one that went into wrestling mendes mode and went for the takedown HAHAAA not once in the fight did Diaz wanted to grapple. And btw Nate ate all them punches yet Conor took a few and he gases out like a gazelle. Go back down to fighting midgets Kuz fighting someone ur own size u can’t win

      1. Diaz didn’t go in there as a real 170 pounder u idiot. The weight that he fights at is 155 so we walks around 170 pounds normally. Conor is the same thing. He was supposed to fight at 155 but he came in at 168 not needing to weight drain himself. At FW he is heavier than anyone on fight night. Fighting a real 170 pounder would be lawler, Rory Thompson etc who walks around 200 then drains down. Everyone knows 155 is Conors natural weight and same goes with Diaz. This is common sense in the fight game lol

        1. I’m talking about height and reach, silly. Diaz is 6ft and has a two inch reach advantage over McGregor. I wasn’t talking about weight. Calm down, relax.

          1. Clearly u don’t understand the fight game then because when someone says fighting their own size were talking about weight, that’s why there are weight classes and not height classes lol. If u weigh the same at weigh in, ur fighting someone ur own size buddy.

          2. The criticism of McGregor is that he always has more height & reach over his opponents. What do you think Diaz meant when he referred to McGregor fighting “midgets”? Hint – he’s not talking about weight, silly. Oh, and even YOU referred to McGregor fighting “midgets”. The term ‘midget’ is a reference to HEIGHT, not weight. You’re an armchair fan posing as an expert. Please stop.

          3. Lol I guess another thing u don’t understand about the fight game. Conor’s natural weight class is at 155, he kills himself to make it to 145 to fight smaller fighters, which he says it too. Dana himself also said if Conor won last night he would probably never go back down. Diaz has tried fighting at 170 before but his natural weight class is at 155. If Diaz was able to go down to 145 I would be saying the exact same thing about him. Weight is a big thing in combat sports buddy lol

          4. He kills himself to make 145 because he can. The KO of Aldo made it all worth it. If size is the only thing which matters to become champ, why aren’t Holloway (who McGregor beat), George Roop, Oliveira and other big fighters the best fighters in the FW division? Also, why are you under this bizarre impression that the only reason McGregor KO’d Aldo was because of his weight? You cannot surely be that dense?

            Weight is a big thing, but it isn’t as big a thing as you’re making it out to be. If it was, then the champs would all be different.

          5. Not once have I discredited his win wtf?? Lol he is still the champ at FW no matter what anybody says. All I’m saying is that fighting someone at ur natural weight is much different than fighting someone at a lower natural weight, especially when ur talking trash about a real 170 champ in the likes of lawler lol

          6. McGregor took the fight. That is all that matters, he has to live with the consequences of his choice. No one forced him to fight a bigger (more like taller) man.

          7. Why do you keep replying to people “U don`t understand the fight”..??
            That is one hell of a statement.

            And by the way. Conor DOES NOT fight at 155 pounds. He is in the 145 pounds.

            Correct, saturday night, against Dos Anjos, he were moving 10 pounds up, from 145 to 155.
            But were facing Diaz under the 170 pounds.

            By the way, even do, there clearly isn´t any “spoiler-rule” on this page. Please consider what is written. All the fun are going out the window, if you know “The winner” of the fight.
            I could imagine, I´m not the only one on this site, with that opinon.

    1. Yeah, he probably thought it was his only chance of survival, he was wobbly for like at least 30 seconds and taking punches after punches.

  6. shut up moron, your inner imbecile is showing. borrow your moms preparation h, it should help you with the butt pain.

    1. If u were next to me I’d slap u so hard ud start crying like a sissy! Now go lift ur mammas skirt wierdo

      1. if i were next to you, youd go back to your room and mewl and dry the lousy little 6itch you are after i stockton slap you a few times.

        1. Learn English 1st b4 u have a go at it btw “Stockton”? U nate diaz wanabe haha! I can make u cry 4 ur mamma right this very second by just stomping my foot u sissy keyboard warrior!

          1. go borrow your moms d!ldo after she pulls it from her butt and deep throat it you pathetic ff/agg0t………when youre done wash it before you give it back to her and share a glass a drano with her. then jump off the nearest bridge. troll dismissed

  7. irish b/tch tapped faster than holly holm! hell holly didnt even tap at all! but the irish hype was outta there! had he kept it standing diaz would have ko’ed him! as it is now you punks know that franke edgar, dos anjos and cerrone will kill this kid. tell him to give back the rented rolls and go back to the irish bog

      1. If you don’t want a spoiler don’t come and see the comments! People will comment on the fight and its result lol

    1. Blood & Guts

      Its UFC MMA You Get Bruised & Bloodied

      This Goes With The Territory

      Conor Got His A!! Submitted In Front Of The Free World

      He’s Been All Hype & He Made His Bones

      Beating Up Little Guys & He’s Running Back

      To That Little Guy-Midget Division To Feel Like A Big Man

      Dos Anos Would’ve Beaten Him Far Worse

  8. I’m far from being a MMA expert, but I think we should give respect to both these warriors, they put on a great fight. They talked a lot of BS before the fight, especially McGregor, but they fought with heart. They didn’t come to sissy around. Respect. Do you guys that know MMA more than me think there will be an immediate rematch? I’m more into boxing, and I am sure in boxing they would go to an immediate rematch in similar circumstance.

    1. What I think was impressive was that Diaz seemed so unphased by Conors pre fights antics. He just didn’t care!

      And Very brave of Connor to go to 170 and fiight from 145, brave but ultimatley stupid. Lets be honest here you can’t put on much muscle or adjust to a weight that fast anyone with half a brain would understand this but yeah.

      Entertaning fight for sure!

      1. I bet the money was too inviting for McGregor? It’s something you just never see in boxing, a 25 pound weight jump! That is huge, it’s like 3 or 4 weight classes (in boxing)! Certainly he must have had a great offer to fight this guy.

  9. Blood & Guts

    Its UFC MMA You Get Bruised & Bloodied

    This Goes With The Territory

    Conor Got His A!! Submitted In Front Of The Free World

    He’s Been All Hype & He Made His Bones

    Beating Up Little Guys & He’s Running Back

    To That Little Guy-Midget Division To Feel Like A Big Man

    Dos Anos Would’ve Beaten Him Far Worse

    Now Go Cry In Your Closet An [Cry Hard] For Conor

    1. Lol proving my point exactly … your so uneducated cursing is the only way you can communicate.How old are you 13?????

  10. turn the lights on! see the man in the dress? you been calling him mom for years! those werent enemas he was giving you! its been lgbt action since you were three. thats why youre so stupid now. must be hard be a walking d!ldo/abortion. frankstein must be proud!

  11. that is by far the most childish and weakest come back I’ve ever seen on the Internet. Well done.

      1. your a pathetic idiot. nice to know now all of us now know your just an idiot rather than just stupid.

  12. Reality, Conor McGregor

    Tapped Out Quicker Than [Holly Holms]

    Holms Had More Fight & Balls Than McGregor

  13. you’re never move up that much in weight unless you are a genius of fighting ! McGregor doesn’t have the skills to do that. He took so many free shots…. 0 defense , chin up, so many mistakes.
    Crazy that this guy is being so overrated . Nothing against the guy. He just has to learn so much to compete at this level and different weights . He can ko little kids but he is not what he believe he is. That’s the problem on getting too much hype .
    Good look next time.

      1. i mean that if he wants move up in class he has just to improve his defense big time. I hope he will . You can take shots from your actual weight class but if you move up no matter how good or bad is the opposition,you’re getting hurt.

  14. Have you ever studied History…..how many countries have been conquered at some point I the past.Better to be the country that was conquered and rose up to fight and win against our oppressors than to be the country most of the world can’t stand.Conquering other countries is nothing to be proud of and by the way it’s 100 years on the 24 th of April since our small country rose up and kicked ye’re as*es over the water. This is 2016 , Ireland and Britain and allies now . Grow up

  15. Conor is technically much better than Nate. However, he was too defiant and confident exposing himself more than required till he did a mistake and paid the price. However, He put a good combination of punches with several of them landing very well injuring Nate quite bad but couldn’t stop him.

      1. ikindaknow, You right since I didn’t complete my statement as required because I was thinking in terms of boxing only.
        Conor is much better as striker than Nate, no doubt about that. He is able to combine several kind of different punches (jabs, hooks, uppercuts, etc) with proficiency and showing extreme flexibility on his body when connecting such punches. Something that is quite far to be accomplished by Nate. The clear probe of that was the almost fully closed Nate’s right eye. As danielsan23 said below a Technic that he needs to improve is wrestling.

  16. Conor gassed out just like Mendez in his fight against him.
    Conor was made to look like an amateur, against a technically inferior fighter, by showing TERRIBLE FIGHT IQ.

    Conor is a joke and will need an amazing next fight to redeem himself. Unfortunately UFC did the unthinkable and gave him DIAZ again, a terrible mistake. I dont think Conor has the ability so soon to beat Diaz again.

    Should have given him a lower ranked lightweight or a featherweight (Aldo/Edgar), Diaz will destroy Conor again.

  17. I guess Conor was right, it is the stuck in the mud division. Nate swallowed him up like some damn quicksand.

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