MMA News – Roy Jones Jr vs Kimbo Slice? Are you kidding me?


I know, I know. You don’t believe it. But what was at first a joke, than a fantasy, an unbelievable rumor, now seems to become reality.
Roy Jones Jr vs Kimbo Slice will take place as part of festivities to celebrate Jamaica’s 50th anniversary in December. The match has an appropriate name: “Beauty and the Beast”; all the details for the fight are yet to be decided, but it’s expected a conclusion soon.
Roy Jones Jr (56-8, 40 KOs), 43, is a boxing legend. He went the first fourteen years of his professional career without a real loss (he was disqualified during his match against Montell Griffin in 1997, but defeated him when they re-matched five months later), won world titles in four weight classes and earned recognition as the best pound for pound boxer in the world. But since his last victory over a world class opponent (2008, Felix Trinidad) he has a 4-4 run, two of those losses being knockouts.
The 234-pound, six-footer Kimbo Slice was a very popular streetfigher since 2003. His YouTube were really famous in the underground fight movement. Despite his MMA career (soon bottomed out of both Elite XC and the UFC), Kimbo (real name Kevin Ferguson), has moved to professional boxing, more adapt to his strength and not great speed, and has built a 5-0 record (4KOs).
Jones said about Kimbo: “He’s a big street fighter with a lot of power, so early in the fight he can be very dangerous… but as the fight goes on, my mental experience should take over. But for the first five rounds he will be very deadly”.
Do you think all of this is only for money and it’s a pity for Jones’ golden career? Maybe you’re right.
But let us dream for a moment…


Video highlights Roy Jones Jr:


Video highlights Kimbo Slice:



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2 thoughts on “MMA News – Roy Jones Jr vs Kimbo Slice? Are you kidding me?”

  1. If Jones loses to this abomination well…its goodnight for Roys career.

    Heck I wouldn’t be surprised if he divorced before he hit the canvas!

    With that being said , i’ll be hoping Roy wins.

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