2015 best MMA fight – Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm – full fight Video UFC 193

4 Star RatingReview by AllTheBestFights.com: 2015-11-15, epic fight with some tough exchanges and a spectacular finish: Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm is one of the best mma fights of the year 2015 and it gets four stars (UFC Fight of the Night and UFC Performance of the Night).

Both undefeated, the black belt in judo and former Strikeforce Bw champion Ronda Rousey entered this fight with a perfect mma record of 12-0-0 (100% finishing rate) and she is ranked as the No.1 women’s bantamweight in the world while her opponent, the former Wbc, Wba, Wbf and Iba boxing champion Holly Holm, has an official record of 9-0-0 (67% ko/tko victory rate – she has never won via submission) and she entered as the No.8 in the same weight class. Both fighters have already fought twice in 2015: ‘Rowdy’ Rousey has beat Cat Zingano (4-stars-fight, Rousey vs Zingano) and Bethe Correia (=Rousey vs Correia) while Holm has won over Raquel Pennington (=Holm vs Pennington) and Marion Reneau (=Holm vs Reneau). Rousey vs Holm, main event of Ufc 193, is valid for the Ufc women’s bantamweight title (held by Rousey). Watch the video and rate this fight!



Event: UFC 193: Rousey vs Holm

Date: 2015-11-15

Where: Etihad Stadium, Melbourne, Australia

Division: bantamweight (135 lbs, 61 kg)

Title: UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship

Result: Click here to show the fight’s result
Holly Holm def. Ronda Rousey (KO at 0:59, round 2)


UFC 193 fight card (main card):
Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm
Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Valerie Letourneau
Mark Hunt vs Antonio Silva 2
Uriah Hall vs Robert Whittaker
Stefan Struve vs Jared Rosholt

Rousey’s previous fight: Ronda Rousey vs Bethe Correia

Holm’s previous fight: Holly Holm vs Marion Reneau

Holm’s next fight: Holly Holm vs Miesha Tate

Rousey’s next fight: Amanda Nunes vs Ronda Rousey



Official video:

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  • Barry

    Epic! Taught a lesson in humility!

    • danielsan23

      yeeessss! a dream comes true!!!

      • wooka

        She got beaten by a better fighter…..that’s it…Holmes dismantled her…

  • Total Sum Radio

    Rousey Got Beat By A Boxer [Holms]

    All The Other Fighters Beaten By Rousey Were Little & Scared

    Like Gina Carano, Who Was Beaten To A Pulp By Chris Cyborg

    Rousey Was Exposed As An Over-Hyped Media Doll

    Rousey Went Down Emphatically, Leaving No Doubts Who Won

    [Decisively] Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt, Holms Won

    • Havok

      wtf are you talking about? you trolling or something cus you sound st*pid as f*ck sir…

      Rousey never fought Carano or Cyborg…

      • Total Sum Radio

        Man Shut The F!!! Up

        I’ll Post What I Choose To Post, Live With It

        Like [Drowsy] Ronda Rousy

  • Droid 1967

    cant wait for mayweathers comment on this.

    • TheBigKing1

      Lol. IKR. Haha

  • Got kicked right in her loud mouth, lmao!

  • tango2042

    Total domination and terrible humiliation. Holy did the perfect fight keeping distance at her will and knocking out her opponent quite easy. I enjoyed the result since Ronda is too arrogant for my taste. Anyhow, not anymore. Hope she learned the lesson.

  • Elihu_Root

    The majority won’t feel sorry for Rousey. She turned out to be a tool. An ungracious winner that got caught up in her own hype.

  • rplende

    Justice has been served to the Brat! Magnificent victory to Humble Holly Holm! Wooooo!!!! Hoooooo!!!

  • davidstuckeyjr

    She moved just like Mayweather

    • TheBigKing1

      You mean Holly right?

      • Kat

        Well he can’t be referring to Ronda, she lumbered around like a drunk gorilla.

        • Stupes

          Very well put.

  • Beinreal91

    i think holmes vs meisha tate would be a good match due to the fact that theyre both strikers

    • Stupes

      Even RR beat Meisha with a striking fight!

  • Beinreal91

    i wanted rousey to retain her belt

    • Total Sum Radio

      All The Other Fighters Beaten By Rousey

      Were Little & Scared

      Rousey’s WWE & Hollywood Stock..

      Has Fallen As Of [Tonight]

      • Stupes

        Just look at the s**t Meisha presented to RR, then got kicked… RR, should have known better than to do the same.

        • Total Sum Radio

          Rousey Was Not Built For Long Marathon [Cardio]

          Rousey Was Built For Short 20-30 Short Sprints, If That

    • Stupes

      Should have told her she needed to do some preparation to beat the better HH. HH was just too good.

  • Beinreal91

    rousey has been dominate rousey was more marketable

    • Giroux Your Own Way

      who cares whos more marketable… I want the best person to win Fck who is better for the media

      • Beinreal91

        your right may the best woman win congrats to holly

  • Beinreal91

    ufc should of stood behind rousey and made sure she kept the belt ufc sucks

    • Giroux Your Own Way

      lol unfortunately the ufc doesn’t fight the fights

    • Stupes

      What? You mean deny the obvious, just so RR could keep the belt? Like FM v MP.

      • Rolf Steiner

        Except FM vs MP was nothing like this fight. MP didn’T even come close to knocking out Floyd, let alone out pointing him. But yeah, the OP is fucktard for suggesting RR should’ve kept the belt.

  • Beinreal91

    holly holmes seems like she will be hard to beat unless she goes up against a good wrestler

  • Anthony

    Beautiful Ha Ha Ha. The biggest hype train in ufc history has been wrecked, and she has the gall to say she could be man, mayweather would spin her like a top with his jab. Ronda couldn’t do her judo throw because holy was bigger and stronger, she just didn’t to small opponents. I was getting sick of ufc trying to push ronda on us. She got what she deserve.

    • TheBigKing1

      Mmm. I agree.

    • Stupes


  • Kylee

    Or maybe it’s all set up and rigged from the get go… Ronda sells … Ufc wasn’t as big as it was 5+ years until Ronda came around and brought it back to the limelight . Let’s face it ufc didn’t have as much hype till Ronda . They gotta keep their ratings going that’s why Ronda started so much controversy ( she got paid more ) brought ufc more attention … Ronda didn’t fight like usual she looked as if she didn’t even know what she was doing or never stepped in the ring before … Who knows but money talks … Just a thought !

    • JonJon

      You clearly don’t know anything about the UFC, let me guess you’really one of those that started watching UFC around the time Rondo came to the UFC. Rondo is nobody. She lost because she deserved it and thought she couldn’t be beat.

  • Julio Centeno

    Ru kidding me she got beat down by a trained boxer , kick boxer not no bullsh*t a*s browler a real fighter

  • Louisianimal

    F*ck I knew she shouldn’t have taken that fight. Ronda can’t beat a good striker who has a bigger reach. She never should have fought holly

    • fred

      Holly’s athleticism and intelligence won the fight Rhonda is just a brawler with a master armbar and no stamina. she reminds me of faber long win streak as champion years back due to lack of competition. Holly could be the new gsp of the womens division. Woohoo sure like the preachers daughter that should shut loud mouth rhonda up a little if not then something isnt right with that fight. I been a holly fan for about 2 years but am kind of skeptical guess it still has to sink in.

    • Stupes

      No way. RR would have looked even worse if she did not fight HH.

  • Tony10156

    Taking nothing away from Rousey, but she needed to loose at some point to bring her down a notch and become a bit more humble. The fight reminded me of the Ray vs Duran first fight. Like Rousey, Ray got suckered into fighting brawler’s fight and lost. If Rousey is to beat Holmes in a rematch, It will be done only if Rousey can clinch and take her down, other wise fighting Holmes again from the outside will result in a second loss.
    Holly went to touch gloves before the fight but Rousey refused and backed up. Holly looked concerned after the fight and stood near Rousey looking on. A sign of great sportsmanship and I praise Holly for being humble and respectful. May Rousey learn from this loss, become a better person and giving us a better Holmes vs Rousey II to view.

    • Stupes

      Well spoken… I noticed HH looking on too, it spoke volumes of good, clean, respectful and professional sportsmanship. And her almost loving hug of RR later… HH seems to only speak in full respect of RR. HH deserves a ‘Sports Person of 2015’ trophy.

  • Jordan Emerson

    ronda is just a fighter who happened to be the most talked about fighter at a time where the ufc was thriving, and mostly because of her popularity. People fall in love with her personality and her background. Anyone who is going to say that she deserved it is just tasteless, and has no moral background to speak of with those words. This is fighting, and it’s serious, and to say that she got what she deserved is wrong. Unfortunately, she got a little bit ahead of herself just one time, and it came back to bite her. She will be back, and she may even beat Holly Holm next time, and if she does, she will deserve it.

    • Arthur

      no amount of dicksucking will minimize how it felt good seeing her getting kicked on her big mouth.

    • Goku

      Jordan… what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this comment is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

      • Louisianimal

        What they said makes perfect sense. Your comment has embarrassed you. Are u illiterate?

    • Sperro

      ronda is a f*** bitch egocentric, has no fair-play and no respects for others. She considers herself as superior to all human being. She is not worth being in mma period nor in any other sport. i hope the kick she received on her neck has made permanent damage so we won’t see her again fighting like a bitch

      • harry

        your a bitch. you should of gotten the kick

      • Stupes

        That is sooo weak. RR did need to find the lower rungs, but your hate wish makes you like her. I hope she recovers fully. I have a damaged neck from a car accident, and it is living hell… Maybe some karma will soon help you out too. ATB.

    • MarkAnthony

      He says don’t say she got what she deserve but finishes the sentence with Holly will get what she deserves shut the f*** up

      • TRPY

        re-read the sentence bro, he means ronda will deserve the win if she gets it

    • Stupes

      S*** where have you been? who woke you up? RR was so up herself… it was her doing the talking. Which ‘one time’ are you talking about?

  • Serr Bronn

    This is actually probably the best thing that could happen for women’s mixed martial arts.

  • Geronimo


  • Anna

    Great fight, Holy was better in all aspects !! great on the floor, amazing job with knees, kicks and elbows! But the most important great personality and respect to her opponents, which Rosey does not have.

    • TheBigKing1


    • Stupes

      Very well said.

  • bandit va

    Holm just took Rousey to school in boxing.

    • Xennon Blackwell

      first boxing champ to become mma champ… love it!

    • Stupes

      Yeah, had to look twice to see if it really was RR in the cage with HH… HH made RR look like an MMA debut-tee, or a kind of stand-in act or something.

  • Imus

    I bet she want talk sh*t to mayweather again she can’t keep up with Holm’s to fast

  • w older

    Very dangerous long legs. Sadly Rousey did not have a good defense. Holm did not let her have her game. Wore Rousey down. She was in control the whole match. Not that I know a lot but I felt it would be a kick from that girl that would take Ronda out.

  • bob

    Check Holmes, her face an muscle composition points toward doping. Looks half a man!

    • willy

      same as Ronda.

      • butyoumad

        Yeah, but only in slomo as Holm punches her. LOL!!

    • Cyberdine

      STFU and accept the loss!

    • Stupes

      WT… You say she looks like a man? well, real men look like men because they work hard, just like Holm; nothing to do with doping. You might as well suggests that men who appear as soft as waterlogged marshmallows, don’t do anything or perhaps it points toward bilateral orchiectomy.

  • Wilfred Kesh

    I have been telling everyone that Holms will whoop ronda’s a*s but nobody believed me. People dismissed Holms as not even worthy of a title fight with Ronda and said only Cyborg was good enough to beat Ronda. If they had done there research they would have known that this shy sweet girl is the only person in the WORLD to have BEAT Cyborg, and won every single world championship belt in professional boxing. Holly Holms is the best female fighter in the world and the NEW UFC bantamweight CHAMPION..couldnt have happened to a classier and more deserving and humble person…

    • Stupes

      Couldn’t agree with your last 2 sentences more.

  • eldiariero

    Que pelea!!!exelente estrategia la del equipo de Holms,usando sus manos mas largas,y un muy buen sentido del ring,ya que ataco,llendo hacia atras.Conecto muy bien los rectos de zurda,que mucho daño hicieron en la humanidad de Ronda,que no encontro la pelea en toda la noche.Impresiona la caida de Ronda,dando la sensacion,que cuando caia,ya estaba KO.
    Muy buena pelea!!!.Saludos.

  • John L. Sullivan

    I seriously didn’t think that Holm would make it out of the first round without getting submitted. I’ve never been happier to have been wrong. She fought a great fight and exposed Rousey’s mediocre standup and footwork/foot speed. Now maybe we can finally stop being hammered over the head constantly about how “dominant” the over rated and over exposed Rousey is.

    • Om3ga_Blaq

      “…exposed Rousey’s mediocre standup and footwork/foot speed.”

      This is what I believe to be the REAL reason that she didn’t want to fight Cris Cyborg. I think she used the title and weight s an excuse. She was willing to move up to 145 to fight Meisha Tate but wouldn’t budge for Cyborg. Now she has no title to hide behind. She will still find a reason to avoid her. She knows she can’t go toe to toe with Cris and she knows Cris is an expert at brazilian jiujitsu should the fight go to the mat

      • joey joe

        Get real Cyborg is half man she had excessive tyme on Steroids if U know steroids it makes Transformation so now she is a DragEvicta and DON’T look like Dana is hurry to sign her just hope Holly Gets good fair fights but end of fight take look at last round 2 late punches did she punch her it looks like she didn’t hit her at all hope its real fights just look at it for urself and godbless all

  • butyoumad

    I said it before, and I will say it again. We got to be humble and somewhat be quiet with our opponents and our adversaries. I am the first to admit that I am a counter puncher in terms of being defensive when someone bears false witness against me, or when somebody purposely annoys me by creepily invading my space, or when a few people join some d-bag bandwagon against me because they are spineless to challenge me one on one. So, I am first to say that I got to gain more wisdom in ignoring people, letting go of their garbage, and exercising more wisdom in being slow to speak and quick to listen to those who hate me. It’s not impossible. As for RR, she did NOT effectively prepare herself for the very different opponent she faced in Holm. RR ought to have kept her mouth silent in the PRE-fight hoopla. RR was unsuccessful last night because she and her coach failed to lay the groundwork for a different kind of fighter than she had ever fought before. RR’s bragging in the PRE-fight hype kicked her ass.

    • CourtneyrrR

      Love your response because you are 100 percent right.

    • Stupes

      Very True

  • Mattsnow

    I think it’s the second MMA fight I see in my life lol. It was pretty good, they move pretty fast. Unbelievable kick to close the show.

    • Stupes

      Just would be sensible wouldn’t it.

      • Mattsnow

        Does she do that often? In boxing, it would be very badly perceived by the public.

        • Stupes

          Haven’t seen her do it before. Seems she kind of knew she was going get it.

  • toby

    UFC is full of pub fighters. It reminded me of the time when Chuck Lidell use to dominate the men light heavy division. When Dena decided to bring in half decent fighters who were really good in pride, Chuck Lidell got exsposed for the ameatur he was.

    • Shayan Khaliq

      Agree completely. Unfortunately he’s still entering the hall of fame.

  • harry

    so many Ronda haters were so called fans.

    • Stupes

      Not I said the pig! The more I heard RR speak the more I distained her. Now she’s had a taste of karma, I hope she recovers and keeps fighting. I’m not even a HH fan, but s*** she dominated that fight.

  • nancy

    to beat the ultimate american badass is something but i still am true to Ronda i just wish she would have bumped gloves she has more class than that. she is not rude. don’t know why she did that. she saved herself though with the hug at the end. she is # 1.

    • She’s done that before. She said to one of her opponents, “don’t cry.” She flipped the finger to another in a wall climbing contest…her motto is that she is not a DO NOTHING Bi___. Oh she’s so classy, LOL.

      • Xennon Blackwell

        I’m not denying that Ronda is arrogant, she certainly is, but that girl she said “don’t cry…” that girls was talking trash about Ronda’s dead father, and at the weight in said to Ronda “don’t cry…” because was actually crying about what she had said about her father, so actually, I think it was all class for her to say that after the fight. But I’m clueless as to what she had against Holm, HH has been respectful and professional all the way, and Ronda was being completely disrespectful for no reason, maybe she really was scared to fight her???

    • Om3ga_Blaq

      Apparently she doesn’t have more class than that or she would have touched em up. I used to be a fan of hers until she got arrogant and evil. The way she talked down to Cris Cyborg and her attitude in general is nothing like the Ronda I had respect for. The 2011 Ronda who was calm, cool, collected and humble. She changed and began to think she was bigger than the sport. She began to believe her own hype. Well…God has a way of exalting those who humble themselves and humbling those who exalt themselves. Ronda got humbled in a most humiliating fashion.

      • Emkay

        God has nothing to do with it….dumba$$…

    • Emkay

      you’re WRONG… not bumping gloves is why she LOST..no class at all..

  • Rhoda was done after the first round. She didn’t train, she was out of condition, she got her butt kicked, she deserved to lose. She has a big mouth that got filled with Holly’s fist.

  • Louisianimal

    Does anyone know if Ronda did a interview after the fight yet?

    • Om3ga_Blaq

      Nope. She went straight the hospital. The only statement she has made was her post on Instagram

    • Jay

      She hasn’t

  • Stupes

    point taken… ‘us’ people seem to be seeing some massive height difference; its only 1″ right? And only 1″ reach difference. And, RR is 6 years younger.

  • davidstuckeyjr


  • Om3ga_Blaq

    To be fair, she didn’t even initiate he hug. Holly did. Ronda was too busy looking at the mat and sulking from feeling sorry for herself. After getting the kind of beating that she got, she had no choice but to hug.

  • marquez

    Why the entire world was AROUSED by Ronda’s loss?

    • ReaganWasRacist

      Cause she’s an arrogant tw@t.

    • Total Sum Radio

      Because The Honey Baked Ham Known As..

      [Ronda Rousey] Is An Arrogant You Know What